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Jingle Jumble - Changelog - 7 Jan 2023

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Jan 7th, 2023
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  1. Changes unrelated to reviews:
  2. - Boss carrot (Easy difficulty) respawns faster.
  3. - Made small changes to some areas.
  4. - Improved lighting transition from overworld to boss.
  5. - Dialogue text was scaled to better fit 640x480. Also fixed a typo.
  6. - Collectible gifts no longer drop down when shot.
  8. Changes based on reviews:
  9. (abgrenv, Trey) - "Not enough checkpoints"
  10. - Done, added more, reusable checkpoints.
  12. (Trey) - "Give the Bilsy boss fight more spice"
  13. - Now, during the battle, there are no invincibility frames while initiating a buttstomp and the iframes you get from buttstomping an enemy have been more than halved. No more buttstomp cheesing!
  15. (Trey, Faw) - "OR an arrow that points to the next missing present"
  16. - Added arrows pointing towards the last 3 gifts if you collected 17 of them.
  18. (Trey) - "it’s probably better to put the boss checkpoint just after the hole to avoid the long falling sequence"
  19. - Didn't do that. Instead, I made the falling sequence shorter for repeat fights.
  21. (Trey) - "This is really minor, maybe a trigger scenery tile that changes in clear sight when you destroy the trigger crate?"
  22. - Done-ish, replaced the spring left of the crate with trigger scenery, so whichever way you choose to go, you'll need the triggered platforms.
  24. (Trey, Faw) - "As you descend into hell, the surrounding environment would slowly transform into a firey hellscape, setting the mood and realization that something is off."
  25. - Done! I think the end results looks good enough. Shoutouts to FawFul for making the Hellfire tileset.
  27. (Trey) - "You can get stuck between the tiles etc."
  28. - Added One Way events for those kinds of tiles and it seems to have fixed the issue. If it didn't, please let me know.
  30. (Faw) - "(When picking up a gift) maybe a temporary text size or colour change would really help."
  31. - Done, the text now flashes red for a brief time after you pick up a gift.
  33. (Faw) - "I’m pretty sure that jumping from tiny hook to hook in succession (mainly in the bottom area) is too hard for casual players" - Added a Fly Carrot in the bottom area, only for Easy difficulty.
  35. (Faw) - "(For a specific tile) maybe collapse scenery is a better option here."
  36. - Done.
  38. (Faw) - "I also noticed the stomp scenery at 222,175 in MLLE, which is even more vague"
  39. - In hindsight, that stomp scenery had no reason to be hidden. It's fully exposed now.
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