Derpy and The Doctor

Oct 13th, 2014
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  3. >"So, you sure now is your safe period?"
  4. >"Yeah, I'm a girl, I think I'd know more about it than you."
  5. >"How on Earth did you get me to agree on this anyways?
  6. >"What's an earth?"
  7. >"Oh for fu-... *sigh* just don't worry about it."
  8. >A few weeks have passed, with Derpy beginning to feel sick
  9. >"No not on the floor! I told you you shouldn't have ate the whole basket full."
  10. >"Well sorry, I was hungry and it looked so good."
  11. >After the months go by, The Doctor finally got the courage to speak up about something. What a terrible mistake it was, though.
  12. >"So, uh, Derpy, I think you might want to lay off a few muffins."
  13. >"Excuse me? What are you trying to say? I've had plenty of muffins."
  14. >"Oh well, I mean, you should, p-probably save some for desert?"
  15. >"Hey, great idea!"
  16. >"Years and years of time travel and you still can't try to tell a woman she's fat."
  17. >"You say something?"
  18. Finally, it was getting a bit too obvious to tell she had "gained some weight" so Derpy had gone to her local doctor for some diet options, except she wasn't walking out with diet plans.
  20. >"Please, tell me this is your idea of a practical joke."
  21. >"It's not a joke."
  22. >"It's just a little fake test, right? Right?
  23. >"You think a pregnancy test from a real doctor is fake?"
  24. >" You said you were safe though!"
  25. >"I was, uh, I think."
  26. >"Well I think it's safe to say you were wrong about that."
  27. >"In my defense, it's hard to tell what day it is anymore."
  28. >"I don't think it matters what day it is, you've been time traveling with me all this time."
  29. >"Well there, that explains it."
  30. >"Of all creatures, and equine! Of all the assistants I've had."
  31. >"You seem to like talking to yourself don't you?"
  32. >Month after month, and Derpy is reacting perfectly normal, too bad the Doctor is now a frantic mess.
  33. >"Well, I'm pretty sure you're not going to be going on any dangerous adventures anymore."
  34. >"No more time travel?"
  35. >"There's no way I'm risking something this big. I mean, I've saved entire galaxies, but never have I had to take a child, let alone my own son and daughter to places that I don't even know have oxygen."
  36. >"Well, you can't just leave us."
  37. >"You won't have to worry about that, I could travel 5 billion light years and save 3 major icons in the world and still be home for supper."
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