Surprise! You're a Mare now. (2 incomplete Stories)

Apr 3rd, 2015
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  3. (Similar to Anonpone thread. See )
  5. OP:
  6. >You wake up and against the black of a computer monitor somewhere you can see you're just the most adorable little thing.
  7. >You have somehow become a pony, you kinda look like that Japancon mascot pony.
  8. >Something is amiss though.
  9. >You feel the cheeto dust covered hands come up and grabs you from behind picking you up.
  10. >Some hulking mammoth is grabbing you and squeezing the life out of you.
  11. >He smells like mansweat and you wanna vom big time.
  12. "Hey, let me go!"
  13. >Your voice is the opposite of threatening and comes out as squeaky and adorable.
  14. >"HEHE, Daww, you're so cuteeee!"
  15. >His voice sounds as lame as you'd expect it to.
  16. >Being pawwed down by this mammoth you get a good look at him.
  17. >Hes some sort of mutant hybrid cross between something like chris-chan and the fedora meme guy.
  18. >He is not small either, he is like fat orcish quasimodo status with hella retard strength.
  19. >You struggle against him but your flabby pony arms might as well be sticks of butter.
  20. "Can you at least tell me why I'm a pony and why I'm here you fat autist?"
  21. >"Silly pony you're so cute!!"
  22. >He rubs his dirty fingers through your mane you wince feeling yourself become unclean.
  23. >With you under his arm he hulks over to his computer where he has open his deviant art page.
  24. >On it you get a glance at anthro pony shipping pairings, and other shitty art.
  25. >"H-hold on, *inhales* lemmie see if I can find it here."
  26. >He pulls up a screencap of some site he found and made a wish that he had a cute little pony to cuddle with.
  27. "Ah fuck, are you serious!? You don't really expect me to believe I'm here cause of a wish right?"
  28. >He sniffs sucking mucus back up into his congested sounding nostrils.
  29. >"You are! And now we're gonna be best friends! And I'm gonna love you and hold you and cuddle you every night forever! I'll introduce you to my parents and I'll include you in all my art and videos I make. I have a webseries b tee double u."
  31. What do?
  33. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  34. Autism hurts. Physically. By Anon
  36. >Your strugles are only interpreted as an attempt to hug him back.
  37. >You certainly won't win with reason or strength over this guy.
  38. >Guess you had only one choice left.
  39. >Fake stockholms.
  40. "What kind of web series?"
  41. >Like a miracle, he falls for it.
  42. >"Wait, I'll show you!"
  43. >His disgusting fingers slide out of your coat and mane to grab mouse and keyboard.
  44. >Freedom.
  45. >You bolt.
  46. >However you have no idea where to, and only manage to slip on his mousepad, well lubricated with greasy, and fall of the desk.
  47. >You land head first in a garbage bin.
  48. >The tissues...
  49. >The musk...
  50. >OHMYNOPE!
  51. >Thankfully as a defense mechanism your brain shuts down to not bear... THAT... anymore.
  52. >Or because you hit your head pretty hard.
  54. >You wake up
  55. "Ugh..."
  56. >You have had the worst dream in... forever.
  57. >Suits you right for >greentexting to be a mare for a fellow anon.
  58. >Anonpony Thread "I want to be the little mare" edition.
  59. >What were you thinking?
  60. >The dub gods commanded you, that's what you were thinking.
  61. >Curse you and your overactive imagination.
  62. >You strech yourself and crack the joints in your neck.
  63. >Shifting around on the surface you lay on you realize that this wasn't your bed.
  64. >"Oh, you're awake again!"
  65. >Your eyes shoot open in terror.
  66. >You recognize the voice.
  67. >It was Brony McFatty's voice.
  68. >Slowly you turn your head toward the voice.
  69. >You could see the white fur (and orange dust on them from cheetos) of your coat instead of your regularly arms
  70. >Then your eyes focus what lies beyond your... hooves.
  71. "It was no dream..."
  72. >You mumble.
  73. >Your mind still trying to make heads and tails of the situation.
  74. >"It sure feels like a dream~"
  75. >You get the urge to throw up.
  77. >Having to throw up on an empty stomache isn't fun.
  78. >Something gave you a pony body.
  79. >Couldn't they have, like, stuffed your stomache?
  80. >Because right now you are gagging, and the only thing moving up your throat was your stomach acid.
  81. >And at the same time your stomache rebelled against you and demanded filling.
  82. >Your new body plays that trick on you, where it hightens your sense of smell to make it easier to find some food.
  83. >This only make you more aware about how filthy your surroundings are.
  84. >You had to get out of here.
  85. >Your throat is burning from stomach acid, and whenever you weren't gagging you coughed.
  86. >Face meets floor.
  87. >You had managed to get out of bed, but were still not completely sure how to use all of your muscles yet.
  88. >"W-What's wrong, Twilight Shimmer?"
  89. >He hops of from his computer and waddles over to you at full fatty speed.
  90. >No, you don't need his hands on you aga-
  91. >Your internal organs were squashed.
  92. >As a positive side effect you are able to throw up now.
  93. >Take that fatty, acid rain!
  94. >"No, Twilight Shimmer. Are you sick?"
  95. >He's unimpressed by the additional filth on his shirt.
  96. >He did, however, gave you back the permission to breath.
  97. "B-bathroom?"
  98. >Bathroom was always your first stop when throwing up.
  99. >Access to a target to throw onto and tools to clean you up, as well as water to thin down your stomach acid.
  100. >"Of course, my'lady."
  101. >One of his hands goes up.
  102. >Then he realized he lacked the appropriate headgear.
  104. >You are removed from the floor, and he had you firmly in his grasp now.
  105. >That's not how you hold a living thing!
  106. >Would you be a cat, you'd bite him!
  107. >Would you have the strength, you'd bite him.
  108. >On second thought... you don't want any of that mess nearer to your taste buds than it already is.
  109. >Your front sacks off as he grabs for the doorhandle.
  110. >Did he forget he was holding you?
  111. >You had no time to think about his reasoning, not in your state of sickness, or upside-down.
  112. >Once the door was open he grapps you again and repositions you so you were now cradled by him.
  113. >Laying on your back was more comfortable, you give him that, but you wish it had happened without you spinning around like a lifeless toy.
  114. >"My Name is Dark Secret Love, and I'll take good care of you Twilight Shimmer."
  115. >The autism is strong with this one.
  116. >You don't honor him with a reply, and eventually you reach the bathroom of his house.
  117. >He sats you down in the tub.
  118. >"I'll nurse you to full health, feed you, brush your mane, and then you'll fall in-"
  119. "No!"
  120. >He frowns. "Twili-?"
  121. "No."
  122. >You cut him of again, and he takes a step back, confused by your exclamation.
  123. >What were you going to say to him?
  124. >Your hazy mind raced for a solution...
  125. >Anything.
  126. "T-This is kinda embaressing. Can I- Can I have some privacy?"
  127. >You blush and do the best impression of puppy dog eyes you were able to give.
  129. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  130. Bronon, By Anon
  132. >Already have pseudo-neet brother I've been trying to get to open up and help for a while anyway.
  133. >Carefully walk up to the bed.
  134. "Hey. Hey, bronon."
  135. >Prod his side a bit.
  136. "Take me to your college class today, we're going to get you some chicks."
  137. >Bronon rolls over and opens his eyes to a sparkly-eyed unicorn, standing a few short inches from his face.
  138. >"What."
  139. "It is I, the ghost of Biggie Smalls!"
  141. >"What the fuck?!"
  142. >He looks at his clock, more specifically, the date.
  143. >"Oh, April fools, I get it. How'd you put the speaker in the pony's mouth? Jenson's gonna be pissed once he finds out you stole one of his ponies."
  144. "No, no, really, it's me."
  145. >"Me who?"
  146. "Anon, you know."
  147. >"Bullshit."
  148. "Ask me anything, come at me, bro."
  149. >The pony sits back on her haunches and puts up her dukes, mock-punching the air like a boxer.
  150. >"How'd you train the pony so well?"
  151. >If she had heard him, she didn't show it, suddenly stamping a forehoof on the tile.
  152. "Oh, wait, even better!"
  153. >She reached forward and put a hoof to his nose, one that had a distinct smell.
  154. "Boop! There, faggot, believe me now?"
  155. >"Eugh."
  156. "What?"
  157. >"You're like, sweating garlic."
  158. "And we had Italian for dinner, so don't you sass me!"
  159. >Before any protest could be made by his brain still trying to process what was happening, the pony jumps up on the bed, albeit clumsily.
  160. "Bronooon," she whined and jumped up and down on his bed.
  161. >"Alright, alright, just make sure we get Jenson's pony back on his farm before we get arres-"
  162. >Suddenly, the pony had yanked his head right up to her, big, sparkling eyes.
  163. "Does this look like the face of a non-magical pony?"
  164. >He sputtered for a second, groggy tiredness replaced with a very, very alert, mind, sharpened with the verge of panic.
  165. >"Wha-fu, how- I-wha, a-anon?"
  166. >His only response was a lick across his face.
  167. "Holy shit, I taste everything!"
  168. >She relents, shaking her head around before leaping off the bed and dashing down the hall, a distant cry soon coming from the kitchen.
  169. >Bronon was left wiping the sleep from his eyes as the overtly-enthusiastic, girlish voice called again from across the house.
  170. "Yo, get up and help me make a salad; I don't have hands and magic is really hard right now!"
  171. >Finding his voice, he hollered, "You don't eat salad, Anon."
  172. "I'm a horse!"
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