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  1. <LonelyNess> i'm getting your retainers
  2. <LonelyNess> are you actually ok with playing for me
  3. <LonelyNess> if not i'm not going to trade for them
  4. <LonelyNess> doido
  5. <LonelyNess> sogeking
  6. * LonelyNess slap
  7. <LonelyNess> AHEM
  8. <LonelyNess> SOGEKING
  9. <LonelyNess> ANSWER ME
  10. <doido> too much pressure
  11. <doido> what to do
  12. <doido> oO
  13. <LonelyNess> too late
  14. <LonelyNess> I already got your retainers
  15. <LonelyNess> and I am 100% retaining you
  16. * LonelyNess throws doido a jesey
  17. <LonelyNess> *jersey
  18. <LonelyNess> you're a frog now, son
  19. <doido> REMINDER: Players can refuse to be retained, which means if they sign up, they will be a free agent for Season 4. When conducting trades that involve retainer rights MAKE SURE BEFOREHAND that the player will play for your team.
  20. <doido> uhu
  21. <doido> i don't think i'm a frog yet
  22. <LonelyNess> don't refuse, I have an excellent team
  23. <LonelyNess> that, and refusing to be retained is a dick move
  24. <LonelyNess> and will likely cause me to buy you
  25. <LonelyNess> just to return the favor of being a dick
  26. <doido> well that's what i do
  27. <doido> i dick around
  28. <doido> so i should refuse
  29. <doido> y\n
  30. <LonelyNess> no, because I already traded for your retainer rights
  31. <doido> LonelyNess
  32. <doido> i have to say
  33. <doido> as a manager, you're a good tcger
  34. <doido> i think i'll refuse oO
  35. <doido> y\n
  36. <LonelyNess> no, because I already traded for your retainer rights
  37. <doido> LonelyNess
  38. <doido> i have to say
  39. <doido> as a manager, you're a good tcger
  40. <doido> i think i'll refuse oO
  41. <LonelyNess> then I'm going to fuck with whoever tries to retain you
  42. <LonelyNess> *to buy you
  43. <doido> why should why do not refuse? mhm
  44. <doido> i'm so confused
  45. <LonelyNess> you should not refuse because I bought your retainer rights, andy ou should play for whoever purchases you
  46. <doido> but i can refuse with the hope to get picked by a better team
  47. <LonelyNess> "better team"
  48. <LonelyNess> dude
  49. <doido> and the odds are high
  50. <doido> i hear
  51. <LonelyNess> none of the teams are even decided yet
  52. <doido> 9/10 team on spl are better than frogs
  53. <doido> mhm
  54. <LonelyNess> welp
  55. <LonelyNess> if you do refuse
  56. <LonelyNess> I'm going to run your price up
  57. <LonelyNess> so whatever team does end up getting you
  58. <LonelyNess> is going to have to pay out the ass for you
  59. <doido> know what would be cool
  60. <LonelyNess> if you didn't refuse to be retained like a douche
  61. <doido> if you end up buying me by a high price
  62. <doido> xD
  63. <doido> so go ahead and try to do that
  64. <LonelyNess> I know how to play chicken
  65. <LonelyNess> I won't be stuck with you
  66. <doido> <LonelyNess> I know how to play chicken
  67. <doido> uh
  68. <LonelyNess> and if I do end up with you "oh well"
  69. <doido> you bought the rights of retain a player that don't want to be on your team
  70. <doido> i c
  71. <doido> u know how to play
  72. <doido> xD
  73. <LonelyNess> didn't realize you were an asshat, and it's not like I was getting anything else for heist
  74. <doido> rude :(
  75. <doido> u shoulda treat me well if u want me on your team
  76. <doido> what kind of manager are u man
  77. <doido> !
  78. <LonelyNess> I'm not going to kiss ass to you to get you on my team
  79. <doido> a good manager would do that imo
  80. <doido> cmon ln
  81. <LonelyNess> why so you can pastebin the convo in #bigs to mock me?
  82. <doido> kiss my ass :(
  83. <LonelyNess> fuck that
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