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  1. When did you join this discord? - It’s been at least a year, I recently rejoined after taking a break from the Minecraft/Discord. I’m sure some people could vouch for me that it’s true as well.
  3. How active can you be (throughout school days/work days and weekends)? - I can be on discord every single day of the week. I normally check discord when I wake up and whenever I get back onto my phone or computer.
  5. Why did you decide to apply? - I decided to apply because I wanted to help out the server obviously. But also because I know this server has lots of potential. I also like helping others a lot! I’ve also got a lot of plugin experience and I know you guys get a lot of people asking questions about Minecraft servers. As someone like me with high experience in that, I could remove some work off of Diamond since I know a lot of people @ him about it.
  7. Why should we choose you over other applicants? - You should choose me over other applicants because I’ve got experience with running servers as a whole. I’ve ran over 20+ Minecraft servers in the past and been staff on many more. I’ve also been staff on my own discord servers and some other Minecraft ones with about 500-1000 members in the past.
  9. **Scenarios**
  11. If a guy would be spamming in all chats (using macro or spam bots), what will you do? - Well if they were constantly spamming in every channel, I would mute them right away. If it wasn’t a macro or spam bot and just some random guy spamming some words, I would just warn them.
  13. If you mute/warn/ban someone and their friends aren't happy of your recent actions, what will you say? - I would say that the punishment is deserved. I would also show them some sort of evidence that their friend was in fact deserving that punishment. Ex: if they were spamming or advertising or something with bots, I would show them some logs of that. (without releasing any other private info of course)
  15. Any additional information? - I like playing overwatch as another game! And there isn’t much more lol
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