Run Line commands-Crazy Programmer

Jun 16th, 2015
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  1. access.cpl Accessibility Controls
  2. accwiz Accessibility Wizard
  3. appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs
  4. ciadv.msc Indexing Service
  5. control admintools Administrative Tools
  6. cleanmgr Disk Cleanup Utility
  7. control color Display Properties
  8. compmgmt.msc Computer Management Console
  9. control folders Folder Options
  10. cliconfg SQL Client Configuration
  11. certmgr.msc Certificate Manager
  12. charmap Character Map
  13. chkdsk Check Disk Utility
  14. clipbrd Clipboard Viewer
  15. calc Opens calculator
  16. cmd Opens command prompt
  17. devmgmt.msc Device Manager
  18. dfrg.msc Disk Defragmenter
  19. diskmgmt.msc Disk Management
  20. dcomcnfg Component Services
  21. ddeshare DDE Shares
  22. diskpart Disk Partition Manager
  23. desk.cpl Display Properties
  24. drwtsn32 Dr. Watson
  25. directx.cpl Direct X Control Panel
  26. dxdiag Direct X Troubleshooter
  27. eudcedit Private Character Editor
  28. eventvwr.msc Event Viewer ( Maintaining System Logs )
  29. explorer Opens My Documents
  30. freecell FreeCell Game
  31. fsquirt Bluetooth Transfer Wizard
  32. fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders
  33. gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor
  34. hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard
  35. iexpress Iexpress Wizard (Package creator)
  36. iexplore Internet Explorer
  37. inetcpl.cpl Internet Explorer Properties
  38. ipconfig Windows IP Configuration
  39. intl.cpl Regional Settings
  40. joy.cpl Game Controllers
  41. lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups
  42. logoff Logs out current user
  43. magnify Open Magnifier
  44. makecab Cabinet Maker, file compressor.
  45. msconfig Open System Configuration Utility
  46. mshearts Opens Hearts game
  47. msinfo32 System Information
  48. mspaint Opens Mspaint
  49. msmsgs Windows Messenger
  50. mstsc Remote Desktop
  51. mmsys.cpl Sounds and Audio
  52. mqbkup Message Queue Backup\Restore Utility
  53. notepad Opens a New Notepad
  54. ntmsmgr.msc Removable Storage
  55. ntmsoprq.msc Removable Storage Operator Requests
  56. ncpa.cpl Network Connections
  57. netsetup.cpl Network Setup Wizard
  58. openfiles Used to view Files Opened Remotely via local
  59. share points
  60. odbccp32.cpl ODBC Data Source Administrator
  61. osk On Screen Keyboard
  62. proxycfg Proxy configuration
  63. packager Object Packager
  64. perfmon.msc Performance Monitor
  65. powercfg.cpl Power Options
  66. pentnt Checks for Floating point error in Intel based
  67. processors
  68. qappsrv Displays the available application terminal servers
  69. on the network.
  70. qprocess Displays information about processes
  71. qwinsta Display information about Terminal Sessions
  72. rcp Copies files to and from computer running the RCP service
  73. recover Recovers readable information from a bad or
  74. defective disk.
  75. relog Used for Logging.
  76. replace Replaces files
  77. rexec Runs commands on remote hosts running the REXEC service
  78. route Manipulates network routing tables
  79. rsh Runs commands on remote hosts running the RSH service
  80. rsm Manages media resources using Removable Storage
  81. runas Allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user’s current logon provides.
  82. regedit Opens Registry Editor
  83. rsop.msc Resultant Set of Policy
  84. rwinsta Reset the session
  85. rasphone Remote Access Phonebook
  86. services.msc Used for Managing all the services on the computer.
  87. sigverif File Signature Verification Tool
  88. secpol.msc Local Security Settings
  89. shutdown Shutdown Windows
  90. syskey Windows System Security Tool
  91. sc Communicates with the service controller and
  92. installed services.
  93. schtasks Replaced with at.
  94. setver Sets the version number that MS-DOS reports to a program
  95. shadow Helps in remote connection & network used to
  96. monitor another Terminal Services session
  97. shrpubw Shared Folder Wizard
  98. sndvol32 Volume Control
  99. sysedit Windows.ini, system.ini, config.sys, autoexec.bat
  100. sol Opens up Solitaire Game
  101. timedate.cpl Date and Time Properties
  102. telephon.cpl Phone and Modem Options
  103. telnet Telnet Client
  104. tftp Transfers files to and from a remote computer running the TFTP service
  105. tlntadmn Telnet Administration. Used to start, stop, and send msg to a terminal session connected to via telnet.
  106. tscon Attaches a user session to a terminal session.
  107. tsdiscon Disconnects a session from a terminal server.
  108. tskill Ends a process. Even can terminate a process running on a remote session.
  109. tourstart Windows XP Tour Wizard
  110. tsshutdn shutdown in 60 sec
  111. typeperf Very useful in login events. Used to monitor Processor threads and writes into a specified log file.
  112. userinit My Documents
  113. verifier Driver Verifier Utility
  114. winchat Microsoft Chat
  115. winmine Minesweeper Game
  116. wuaucpl.cpl Automatic Updates
  117. wscui.cpl Security Center
  118. wmplayer Windows Media Player
  119. wmimgmt.msc Windows Management Infrastructure
  120. w32tm Tool used to diagnose problems occurring with
  121. Windows Time. register to run as a service and add
  122. default configuration to the registry
  123. winmsd System Information.
  124. wupdmgr Windows Update Launches
  125. winver Displays Windows Version
  126. write Opens WordPad
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