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  1. "Hey Liz. Hey Chris."
  2. Neither of the girls looked at me, but they none the less answered "Hey Victor." in unison. As I dropped my bag by the door, I could see they were playing my old copy of Breath of the Wild. Chris, my sister, had her own save she never had beaten, but ever since our parents died, she hadn't had much else to keep her entertained, other than her friends, her drawings, and my old games. I dropped off my shoes, and entered the living room, accompanied by the sounds of clashing swords and shields from the television. It was hot outside, and I could see Christine was sitting in her plain panties and a loose striped shirt. Elizabeth was wearing a pair of blue sports shorts and a white camisole, with her discarded, more moderate shirt laying on my bed. Or, well, me and my sister's two-man bed. We lived in a small apartment, a common room with a bed, a kitchen with a table for two, and a bathroom with a shower. Every room was packed to the brim with our stuff, leaving only a small walkable path through every room, but it was the best I could afford while still having a life on the side, while not living too far from my work. I laid down on my back behind the two girls, who were continuing the conversation that I had interrupted.
  3. "I just liked Raven's character. I really wish they'd more episodes like the old ones.."
  4. Chris shrugged in response. "Maybe if the movie does well, they'll make more episodes like the old?"
  5. "I don't think so."
  6. There's a brief silence in the air, as a cutscene starts playing on the TV. Liz reaches forwards and grabs a pocky out of the opened package.
  7. "Want one?" she asks, holding it over her shoulder. I lift my arm, and grab out, uttering a silent "Thanks.", before putting it in my mouth, adding some crunches to the soundscape.
  8. "Tired?"
  9. The cutscene ended, and Chris started focusing on the game again.
  10. "A little. No more than usual, but the heat..."
  11. "Yeah, it's terrible. Imagine living a place like this all year 'round." she said, as she started turning around. I couldn't help but smile as we made eyecontact. Silently, we smile to each other, and she starts gently stroking my cheek, her hand not much larger than my chin
  12. "Want some Koolaid?"
  13. "Yes."
  14. I remained still, continuing to look her in the eyes. This young girl, the first girl who ever loved me. A part of me feared that I was just taking advantage of her inexperience, a part of me feared that she only did this to compensate for some childhood trauma caused by her parents, and another part still just wished for time to stand still, so I could spend more time with her. She lightly double tapped my chin, and broke my trance-like state of infatuation.
  15. "Chop chop."
  16. He words were mean, but her tone was endearing. She was only teasing me. Like a slumbering giant I awoke, shaking the bed underneath me as I returned to two feet.
  17. "SHIT!"
  18. I had to stifle a laugh, as Chris died while I was leaving the room. Chris handed over the gamepad, and started watching her friend play.
  19. We didn't have many things in the kitchen, but it was always enough for a decent, homecooked meal. Not always with meat, but no one ever went hungry to bed. I noticed we were running out of Koolaid, and made a mental note to fix that next time I was shopping. Would probably be tomorrow, or this evening if we were missing something important. I used a 1.5 litre bottle that had been standing in the refrigerator, poured away some of the water, added the Koolaid, and quickly shook it up. The tap water usually took a while to get cold, so I always kept two 1.5 litre bottles in the fridge with fresh water, occasionally replaced so that the plastic wouldn't contaminate the water from old age. I stacked three glasses from the closet, and returned to the living room.
  20. "Having trouble?"
  21. The look on Liz' face was unmistakable. Whatever fight she was doing, it was hard, and she was concentrating to her fullest extent.
  22. "It's our fifth attempt." Chris responded, much less agitated than her erlier outburst. I quickly poured two glasses for them, and placed them on the ground in front of the bed, pouring myself a glass, then leaving the bottle besides them. I crawled onto the bed behind them, leaning my back against the wall, sitting right behind Liz.
  23. Eventually, after we've all emptied our Koolaid, she too bites the dust. Her response is much less vocal than that of my sister, but she still made a snarling noise as she died. As she handed over the gamepad, I pulled her backwards into my lap. Hugging her belly, I plant a kiss on top of her head.
  24. "How fast did you do it?"
  25. Liz was quick to calm, especially when I was around.
  26. "So?"
  27. I had to spend a moment thinking, before I could respond.
  28. "I think it was two tries. Maybe three. It's been a few years."
  29. "How did you get so good?"
  30. Chris remained quiet on the sideline, her concentration was on the game.
  31. "Uhh, practice. Playing many different games, doing speedruns, getting achievements. It's just like how Chris is so good at drawing."
  32. Chris was by no means a childhood wonder at drawing, but she was the best among the people we knew. She had learned a lot by reading some of my mangas, but her style carried a very distinct western look that she probably adapted from the cartoons she grew up with before we moved. Liz, on the other hand, had no special talent that I knew of. She was a good singer, but most kids tend to be, and would need actual tutelage to become a professional, something I don't think I could provide for. Yet, anyways.
  33. "Hmm... Nothing's ever easy, huh."
  34. "Mm, pretty much."
  35. The cries of the Hyrulean warrior fills the room, as Chris launches a devastating attack.
  36. "You shouldn't forget my lips."
  37. Even with her back turned, I could sense her pout. She didn't like it if I kissed her, and didn't kiss her lips. I turned her halfway around, and lifted her up to giver her a light kiss.
  38. "Not good enough."
  39. I was just teasing her, and she knew it. She turned around entirely, planting her knees in my lap, and pressing her lips against mine. My tongue was like a monster compared to hers, and though she did her best at kissing back, the size difference made it hard for her to do anything but passively receive my tongue. Whenever we kissed, I remembered my... Our first kiss. The three of us were just fooling around, tickling each other, when the two of them ganged up on me. Chris tickled my feet, Liz tickled my armpits, but at some moment, the laughter turned to silence, and I was left with her staring at my face, and could do nothing but stare back. I was paralyzed as she moved in closer, and I locked up entirely when her lips met mine, but eventually, I started kissing back. Chris noticed, and had just stared along, unsure of what she just witnessed. Nowadays, however, she would completely ignore me and Liz' shenanigans. She had no interest in boys, and hadn't had a sexual awakening yet, so she didn't care about what we did. At least, as far as I could tell.
  40. We broke our kiss, and Liz placed her hands on my chest before leaning into me, and turning her head towards the TV. I hugged her around her lower back, and she slung her arms from my chest to around my neck.
  41. "Can I stay for dinner again?"
  42. "Of course you can, if your parents let you."
  43. She never liked talking about her parents, but her silence was usually a yes, and she had actually said no in the past when she didn't have their permission. As I felt her grip around my neck tighten, my heart grew heavy for a moment. But as heavy as my worry had been, she could make me forget all my fears by just opening her mouth.
  44. "I love you Victor."
  45. "I love you Liz."
  46. I rearranged my grip, and started embracing her tightly. Sounds of combat once again filled the silence, but I was more concerned with listening to her breathing. Slow, long inhales, and quiet, vocal exhales. Even just being close to me had this effect on her, and I could feel her chest pressing lightly against me with every breath. Her breasts were small, barely protruding at all if you looked at her from the side. I gently slid my left hand down her spine, reaching her shorts, and gently snuck my fingers underneath. I pushed my hand downwards, untill I held her left buttock in my grip, giving it a light squeeze. Her breathing stopped for a moment as she figured what I was doing, but she acted like nothing was happening.
  47. "Come ooon... Come oooon."
  48. Chris was deep in concentration still, and whatever was going on, it sounded like it was close. I was more concerned with the girl that I loved. I took a deep whiff of her hair, before turning her face upwards with my right hand. I don't know what shampoo she was using, but her hair always smelled like this. Well, untill she started sweating too much.
  49. "L-...let me lead. I want to try."
  50. Her voice was shivering, despite how long we had been together now, she still wasn't comfortable talking about sex. Talking during sex, however, was a different matter entirely.
  51. "Go on."
  52. I removed my hands from her body, and started resting them on the bed besides me. She left my lap, and made quick work of my zipper. She had grown impressively skilled in a very short period of time, and though she hadn't learn to suppress her gag reflex, she made up for her small mouth with lively tonguework. laying down on the bed before me, she rested her upper torso on my shins, putting her just close enough that her mouth could touch my belly. She tried freeing my dick from its clothy prison, but with how I was seated, it was almost impossible. Without asking for her approval, I quickly lowered my pants down to my thighs, and pulled my boxers along in the process. Liz looked me in the eyes for a moment before thanking me, and then proceeded to get to work. Her hand was just big enough to envelop my flaccid dick, which she lifted up to her lips. She pulled back the foreskin, and kissed the head, repeatedly, before finally swallowing the tip. There was something amusing about watching from above, seeing how this little meatrod grew into a mighty monster between her lips, forcing her head further and further backwards. Since she could use her throat, her chin bulged wide as she pressed it as deep inside of her as she could, her lips sealed around my cock, gently sucking on me. She could barely fit half of it inside of her, and her jaw was opened wide so that her teeth wouldn't touch, something I taught her the importance of the very first time we did this.
  53. "You're... Getting really good at this."
  54. Although she didn't respond, I could tell she appreciated the compliment by how she increased her effort, her tongue pressing harder against my rod, and she even grabbed my testicles with her left hand. I wanted to teach her about prostate massaging, but I thought her fingers were too short, so I saved it for the future.
  56. I noticed Chris fist-pumping the air, and turned my gaze towards her, just in time to respond to the high five she threw my way.
  57. "Nice!"
  58. As always, she paid absolutely no attention to what we were doing. I really wonder what she actually thinks of this, but I've always been too afraid to ask. I feel like that as long as we're on good terms with each other, she won't hold it against me, but I am not looking forward to hearing her berate me for doing these things in front of her as she was 'just an innocent child', or whatever she'll say. I felt Liz' lips leaving my cock.
  59. "Good job Chris!"
  60. She remained just in front of my cock, her breathing heavy, but before she could resume, I stopped her.
  61. "Your turn?"
  62. She nodded, and raised herself into my lap once more. I turned her around, and gently pulled her camisole over her head, tossing it on her shirt. Each of my hands found their own breast to play around with, even though most of my attention went to her nipples. The more I touched her, the more her chest started heaving, and the more she melted between my arms. I moved my hands to her shorts, found the panties underneath, and pulled off both at once, with a bit of help from Liz. I pressed my right middle finger between her pussylips, and was greeted by her juices sticking to me. It would still take more to make penetration comfortable for the both of us, but we no longer needed to use lube if I worked her up enough. I wiggled the finger in to the second joint, before finding a comfortable fingering rhythm. I could easily squeeze my finger down to the knuckle, but it would be uncomfortable for me in this position. With my left hand, I resumed twisting her left nipple. Liz finally couldn't keep her voice down, her voice leaking out moan after delicious moan. The sound alone was enough to make my slimy cock throb against her back.
  63. "Your moans are so cute, Liz."
  64. She lifted a hand over her mouth, trying to keep it down, but it was of no use. Although she was a quieter now, her moans were still fully audible to anyone in the room, as long as Chris wasn't in the middle of a fight. As I added another finger, she had to stifle a scream. She began moving her waist, practically using my fingers as if they were a dildo. I stopped moving my hand, letting her set the pace, while my thumb found her clitoris, and started gently rubbing. The sheets grew more stained with her every thrust upon my fingers, and there was a fire in my loins telling me to use my cock instead.
  65. "Do you think you are ready?"
  66. She stopped moving, and I pulled my fingers from her pussy to her mouth. As she opened her lips, I noticed her right hand going between her legs. My eyes, however, remained on my fingers, and observed as she started treating them like she did my cock, licking and sucking as if a pro. When I pulled my fingers away, she finally responded.
  67. "Yes... Haa... Haa... Take me."
  68. I lifted her off my lap and put her down on the bed on her back. Awkwardly, but quickly, I removed my shirt and pants, and positioned myself between her legs. Even know, I still didn't understand how my thing could fit inside of her. And yet, as I pressed the tip against her, the lips parted further and further the more I pressed, until finally, my cock was captured in her fleshy prison. Her tightness was unbelievable, and the first time, I only lasted two minutes inside of her with barely any movement. I leaned over her, gave her a kiss on the lips, before finding a position for my legs that would work. I gently lowered myself, leaving most of my body pressed on top of her, with my weight supported by my arms and legs around her, and her head just beneath my shoulder.
  69. "Is this okay?"
  70. "Y-yes."
  71. A bomb went off from the television, but that fazed no one. I started moving, slowly, only a few inches back and forth by moving my hips.
  72. "Please, I can... Hah, take it."
  73. "You sure?"
  74. Our eyes met, and she nodded. I always held back a little with her, because of our size difference, but today, I decided to be a bit rougher than usual. My gentle wiggling quickly turned to bestial thrusting, and as her nails dug into the flesh on my back, and her legs folded around mine, I lost control. Her screams of joy filled the room, drowning out the television, as I gave in to my primal desire to breed. She hadn't had her first period yet, but not like I could tell that to my body. Her screams grew out of control, and her pussy clamping and tightening even harder, as her orgasm caused havoc in her body, her entire body writhing under me, struggling to hang on for dear life underneath my forceful movements. Her sudden newfound tightness was enough to push me over the edge, and I felt the pressure building inside of me. Somehow, I managed to soldier on, and maintain the dam holding back my semen. Thrust after thrust, as her juices splashed from her slit, the dam budged ever more, before finally, I thrust into her one final time.
  75. I practically collapsed on top of her, as my cock started throbbing furiously, kissing her womb. Every gush of semen that left my body gave me another natural high. I join Liz in her moaning, as wave after wave of pure ecstacy washes over my body. I let my cock rest inside her slimy sheath, as we both spent several minutes recovering from the ordeal.
  76. "I've... Never felt so good before."
  77. She gently stroked my back, but as I move in for a kiss, she holds me by my cheeks. Finally, I pull myself away, and pull my now flaccid cock out of her. The sight is a mess, semen and girl-juices forming a large pool on the fabric where it's been unable to absorb it all, to not even mention all of the semen still leaking from her hole. My primal instinct tells me to get back in there, my brother instincts tells me that I have more important things to attend to.
  78. "I think you should take a shower while I start on dinner. I'll clean up here."
  79. Seeing her like this was always something else. Sweaty, glistening, dripping, like a pornstar after a long shoot, except I was the one who had caused it. A perverted form of pride swelled within me, as I observed the strength of my sexual prowess. I helped her to her feet, before finally going to the kitchen to fetch some paper. We didn't own a washing machine, so we'd have to sleep with the smell and mess I'd made. Not like that was anything new. As I returned, Chris is still fully focused on the game, well on her way to beating another shrine. I wonder when her art will reflect what me and Liz are doing...?
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