A Dash of Allergies Part 1

Oct 23rd, 2013
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  1. Her eyes squinted and her nostrils wiggled back and forth. Her nose was trying to have the perfect orgasm by sneezing in full force. Just one thing was preventing the ultimate explosion of pleasure from erupting out of Rainbow Dash's nostrils, her stubbornness.
  3. Rainbow Dash didn't like having allergies, nor did she even try to acknowledge their very existence in her life. She was always on the go, being number one, the first one there, top of the heap, big cheese, head honcho, but during all those times she also had to battle her allergies. She had overcome them almost on a daily basis, but when out of public eye, she would sometimes break down and blow her nose, wipe her eyes, maybe even sneeze . . . once, twice, even more. She felt that if she showed any signs of her allergies, it was a weakness. After all, allergies were a weakness, a flaw, a vulnerability in her very being, and she couldn't accept that. As long as she had her will, she would make it so no pony knew her daily struggle with allergies.
  5. Rainbow Dash lowered her quivering snout and rubbed it intensely with both her hooves. The irritating tickle subsided and she wiped her leaking eye of it's water. It was only 9:40 in the morning and her allergies were already making things rough. By ten, Dash would have to report for duty in her cloud duties. It was going to be a big day, and a big day for Dash's will power. The training and meetings all led up to this day, the first day of spring, and with it would be a brash onslaught of pollen, just what Rainbow Dash hated.
  7. She looked at herself in the mirror and revealed her teeth, then brushed a bit of lettuce off her pearly whites. She sniffed and ran her hoof through her mane once, then blew a few strands off her face. She was ready to go, even though she would rather be sleeping. Anything before noon was too early for Rainbow Dash.
  9. She opened her front door, and already the spring pollen air was twirling around. It was a partly sunny day, and she was supposed to clear out the clouds for a pleasant few days ahead. She rushed to the Weather Center office in Cloudsdale and punched her name in the time clock. She saw her friend Raindrop and they exchanged morning giggles. The exchange was short because Dash knew she had to get to work, and her supervisor wasn't going to put up with her usual antics, not today.
  11. Her supervisor was a Pegasus colt by the name of Lightning Fire. He had a brilliant carbon black coat with a deep orange mane and golden eyes. He was fairly new at his position, and wanted to impress his superiors, so he gave fair warning to all the ponies under his supervision the day before that he would be extra vigilant today. Dash always had her eyes on him since they were co-workers a few years back, but she never had the guts to ask him out. They always played pranks on each others, but she wanted to do her job well today to help him out in front of the others.
  13. Dash stretched her wings out then took off towards Ponyville where she would begin clearing the skies. She could feel the itching and burning of pollen collect inside her nostrils as she flew at super fast speeds through the clouds. She kept rubbing her nose and forcefully blowing air out her nostrils as she flew. She couldn't keep that up to long because soon her nose would fill with too much gunk to blow out air.
  15. She came to her destination and looked down on the bustling farm town of Ponyville. She could see ponies going about their daily routines. Over by the library, Twilight was with Spike talking about something, and over there by the supermarket she could see Lyra and her coltfriend. Rarity was out and about by the pond reading a book while Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom played nearby. Far to the west end of town she could see Sweet Apple Acres, and assumed the Apple's were hard at work.
  17. Dash pressed her nose till it scrunched. The pollen was beginning to really irritate her nose. She had already held back a few sneezes on the fly over here, and she didn't want anyone below to see her sneezing. That was a weakness.
  19. She quickly began kicking away clouds to let the spring sunshine shine through to the earth below. It wasn't too long before her nostrils twitched and her expression froze in place. Her chest puffed outward and her breath hitched a few times. Dash was frozen in place, with her hooves pressed up against her puffed out chest. The sneeze subsided, she shook off the dazed feelings as she went back to work.
  21. Within a matter of minutes, the sneeze came back with vengeance, more powerful then ever. Dash couldn't even hold it back as she sneezed right into the air, her wings stretched out far, tail in the air, rump towards the sun, and snout towards the ground. “HeeeaaasssShooo!” But it persisted. “Haasshoo! Haaaaphhff!” Dash tried to stifle the third one with only partial success. Her eyes filled with water and her nose began to clog up.
  23. “For Pete's sake.” Dash mumbled under her breath knowing that her allergies were getting the best of her. She began to feel groggy and weak winged, but she persisted and continued to push clouds around.
  25. A good gust of wind moved in from the west picking up pollen from all the tree's in Sweet Apple Acres. Little did Dash know that this front of pollen was headed her way. As Dash continued working, the first dusting of pollen from the front teased her nose as it wiggled and twitched. Her nostrils opened wide then shrunk small, and continued in a repeating fashion as if an assembly line repeating a process over and over. Dash pressed her hoof over her nose, and pushed inward to increase pressure. The sensation of a sneeze was present, but as long as her hoof was in the way, she should be in the clear.
  27. Dash continued to kick clouds with one hoof on her nose. Her eyes were dripping like a leaky faucet, but at least she wasn't sneezing. A cool breeze took Dash by surprise and she quickly wrapped herself in her hooves to warm up. That was just enough time for her to suck in some pollen soaked air. The pollen shot right up her already irritated nostrils and quickly caused inflammation. She hitched her breath, swayed back and forth, chest puffed outward, and then, “Huuhhshoo!” She sneezed and shot backwards. Spray particles sprinkled down to the earth below.
  29. Dash grabbed her snout with both hooves as she felt the next sneeze slipping out. “Huh Huhhh Huhmmpft!” Her ears popped and face grew red as her cheeks expanded. “Huhhh Phhhew!” She sneezed again. “Huhhh...” She let go of her snout, trying to hold in the sneezes was too uncomfortable. “Eeesssscchoo!” Her back arched upward as she sneezed towards the ground.
  31. “Whew.” She wiped her brow, and looked around at the work she had done. She was almost done with the cloud work, and then she could be done with it. Despite the sneezes, everything was going rather smoothly. If she hurried, she might be done before her supervisor checked in, and she wouldn't have to worry about sneezing in front of him. Again, sneezing was a weakness after all. Allergies were her only flaw.
  33. The time raced by, and with the exception of a few minor allergy attacks, Dash got the clouds cleared in good time. A lot better then usual, since she would often take a break here, an extended break there, maybe a nap or two when needed.
  35. “There, done.” Dash said to herself satisfied. She smiled and whipped her tail at the clear skies, and flew back towards the office to clock out of work. She had done her duty for the day. As she opened the front door to the office, she saw her supervisor Lightning Fire standing by the punch clock talking into his cell phone.
  37. “I understand, but are you sure you can't continue?” Fire continued talking as he looked up nodding at Dash. Rainbow Dash nodded back, but really wanted to just clock out. She couldn't with her supervisor just standing there. “Okay, go ahead and go home. I don't want you hurting yourself . . . yes, yes, it will be fine. I will get it done for you. Okay, bye.” Fire hung up the phone and rubbed his left hoof behind his neck.
  39. “Well that is unfortunate.” Fire looked up at Dash. “How would you like some overtime?”
  41. Dash's pupils shrunk and her heart sank. She really just wanted to go home so she could fight her allergies in the peace and comfort of her room.
  43. “Don't worry, I'll go with you and help. Apparently one of the workers sprained their wing and couldn't finish their duties out east by the flower fields. That leaves me in kind of a bind, and I need somepony to come help me do it. I . . . I thought of you first.” Fire slightly blushed, but kept his composure well.
  45. “Uhmmm.” Rainbow Dash paused as she thought of an alternative answer to give to get out of this work. She didn't mind that she would be working with her inside crush, Lightning Fire, but she didn't like hearing it was over the flower fields. That would mess with allergies, in front of Lightning Fire! Sneezing was a weakness! He would think less of her surely.
  47. “Well, yah see . . .” Dash awkwardly rubbed her neck.
  49. “If you don't want too . . . “ Fire started.
  51. “No, no, no! I was just sayin' . . .” Dash retorted.
  53. “But if you have other plans I can . . . “ Fire continued.
  55. “I don't have plans.” Dash murmured.
  57. “So you can do it?” Lightning Dash's face lit up.
  59. “Sure.” Dash gave in.
  61. “That's awesome. Let's head out.” Lightning Fire smiled as he put he untied his tie and placed it on the table.
  63. Lightning Fire opened the front door for Dash. She slowly turned her head away from the open door, and back towards the punch clock. She was so close, but failed. The air from outside floated into the office, and pollen prickled into Dash's nose as she twitched her snout a few times. She lowered her head and walked defeated out the door.
  65. “Thanks.” She said as she walked by Lightning Fire. She was going to have a wild day.
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