Glitchless Gate Skip Route

dannyb21892 Jul 4th, 2017 80 Never
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  1. -Normal everything up to market, except buy shield now
  2. -Normal everything up to end of DC
  3. -After DC, up mountain to get magic
  4. -Owl down to Kak
  5. -Zora's River, then normal through the end of jabu
  6. -Get FW, the savewarp
  7. -Hyrule field, aim toward the left edge of lon lon and backwalk to gerudo
  8. -Cucco jump
  9. -Gate skip
  10. -Requiem
  11. -Child spirit (learn deku stick stuff because no dins fire)
  12. -Silver gauntlets, then savewarp
  13. -Castle, ocarina of time, dins fire, master sword
  14. -Hookshot, then up DMT to bolero
  15. -Ice cavern (remember, you dont need fw haha)
  16. -Play bolero, do fire, all normal through the end of water temple
  17. -After water, savewarp to ToT, go learn nocturne
  18. -After nocturne, play requiem, normal through to the end.
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