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  1. Ming is strolling through the cave when he comes upon the sight of what looked to be some sort of robbery with, Stepping with caution he'd firstly take a whiff towards the charred area though his sense of smell wasn't the greatest he was sure anything strong enough such as recent singed and smoking objects could be smelled.
  3. *Sniff, Sniff* <Some kind of fire usage, I'm guessing.>
  4. Now looking around he'd drop down to the floor rubbing the ground as he brought his hand up and rubbed the burnt cave dirt against his hands. <I was right, Though with the path of the marks it seems to have been a jutsu rather than just a fire...How strange.>> Rising up he'd look around taking in the sight of the minerals scattered throughout the cave he'd say to himself
  5. "And they didn't bother to remove the evidence. Interesting" thinking <Either they were in a rush, or...their just downright cocky>
  7. Ming would rub his chin after the singed dirt from his hand dissipated as he said
  8. "Hm, well this doesn't really give me any clues. Just that theirs a fire ninjutsu user I suppose."
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