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  3. Hello I'm curious besides looking like an immitation of TuneWiki, what does this App do? I tried every feature listed. I tried this on my Motorola Droid using Android OS 2.1 I found my TuneWiki login and tried to post to FaceBook. I clicked "Liked It" I was using My Music. Then the App asked me how I wanted to send "Liked It" Well my choice was SMS or Google Voice. There is no address to send the "Liked It" in the TO: Box. With TuneWiki its instant, I click loved it or hated it and the message went to Facebook when I clicked "Send" Yours doesn't work. I tried a custom message and permanant share code to FaceBook. Code went through, but each time I was asked to generate a NEW CODE?  Tried the Email feature thinking I can e,mail if I loved my song or hated it to Facebook. The App, again won't go to Facebook it wants me to enter someone else's E.mail address. My friends already know MY MUSIC.
  4. Next Problem: Song ID. I tried for an Hour while I played back My Music, some is ID'd some isn't. Just clicking "song ID" Causes App to Force Close 20/20 times or 100%. Song ID is a FAIL
  5. Problem 3- FM Radio. Does NOT work. It says No Information
  6. Problem 4- ShoutCast found my Stations, which was ok BUT..When I played one 64kbyte Station and even with a solid 3G connection, I heard what sounded like a record, skipping, or a bad radio signal. Static and skips, I tried to stop playback, THERE ARE NO Controls found on Shoutcast Player to stop, pause or exit. I tried 5 more popular channels, same poor skipping and static.
  7. Problem-5 Downloads, I found a well known Artist, entered him then his song title. I get an ERROR, NO Connection, yet again I check JuiceDefender, and SeePU, I've got excellent 3G connection, so Downloads Fail.
  8. PROBLEM 6- There is ONE Feature that works. My Music. But.. If I start the Playback In Landscape Mode, Lyrics begin loading if they exist. About 20 to 30 seconds into MY Songs, the Lyrics show up in one long text of the full MP3. When I close the Slider and turn the Droid to PORTRAIT MODE, Lyrics Dissappear, begin to load, another 20 to 30 seconds later they show on current verse, but by now there is only perhaps 40 seconds of remaining song.
  9. Also TV and Video say NO INFO and also F/Close.
  10. Does TuneWiki know you have copied their software? Do they know its inferior and my records were transferred to your App?
  11. What features do work besides My Music? I drive for a living and need a good player, I don't care for maps or lyrics really, just ShoutCast an My Downloaded Songs. So, an explanation as to what works, why Shoutcast doesn't? I had to rate very bad, a 2 because well you do have album art...that works. Thanks, some answers please about the TuneWiki Butchering attempt? Ann Michele
  13. iWhat.? Droiddoes. Sent via an Android Powered Smartphone.
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  18. I'll wait until you have it where the fm radio work on the cliq with out going through all those steps or when you put the download on the android market where I can download straight to the phone plus I see most people can't get fm from the comment on the market until that's fix it not worth me using its just like the other players.
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