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  1. Dear Tesia
  2. This is Elliot on a throw-away account, i hope you're doing well. First of all, I want to say sorry, and i know I've said that a million times. I have issues Tesia, drugs and my mental health, no not even my mental health, my own selfish decisions, my incompetence, my lies. Well, I won't lie anymore, I still struggle everyday fighting drug addiction, and I may struggle for the rest of my life, but drugs, mental health, or my behavior in general, is no excuse for the way I treated you, if I could only begin to fathom my stupidity i displayed while we were friends, I would never show my face to the world again. Tesia I miss when we were friends when we all were friends, but in this world, you cannot turn back time, you cannot forget. When I think back to how inappropriate, cruel, ignorant, selfish I was, I wish nothing more to tear through the roaring wave that is time, which pulls all of our friends and loved ones apart and, just for once, be the good person that I am, the Elliot you hung out with at Ryan martins fires who was a little bit quiet, funny, sociable, kind and considerate. I like to think he is still in here, but sometimes I don't know, sometimes I don't know if the is just a front I'm putting up to get people closer to me, which then my bad side takes hold. What do you think Tesia? I just want to let you know I'm in therapy, and I'm seeing a psychologist to address my behavioral and drug issues. I have come to realize how unfair I was to all my friends and you. Regardless if we become friends again, or not, you played an important role in my realizing I need help Tesia, I don't know if you hate me or would ever be interested in being friends again but I do miss you. anyways, I hope you can accept my apology.
  3. Sincerely, Elliot.
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