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  1. Steven Moore, Student, UMass Amherst (business partner)
  2. was with another company when working with you
  3. “I have known Doug Lance in his capacity as editor-in-chief of eFiction. I am a full-time writer and have been tremendously impressed by his aplomb, drive, and enthusiasm for his job. He has turned eFiction into an interesting on-line magazine for readers and writers alike. Moreover, his energetic work in making the eFiction website a social-media home for readers and writers in such a short time is nothing but astonishing. His promotional and publishing skills have made this eZine a success in a relatively short time. I highly recommend him for most any position that will involve these same skills. Moreover, he is an upstanding young gentleman who deserves to go far in the publishing business. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.” April 15, 2012
  4. Request a new or revised recommendation from Steven Moore
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  7. Leila Gaskin, Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, MeadWestvaco (business partner)
  8. was with another company when working with you
  9. “Doug Lance is a creative and driven editor and entrepreneur. His development of eFiction Magazine into the top-notch fiction periodical is a prime example of his focus. Doug has a keen eye for what makes a submitted work successful. With that skill, he has been fearless in his approach to attract innovative and exciting authors. His knowledge of the digital publishing formats is exceptional. I truly believe that any publishing venue that has Doug join their team will ultimately be the better for it.” April 16, 2012
  10. Request a new or revised recommendation from Leila Gaskin
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  13. Patrick Cook (client)
  14. Patrick hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  15. Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative
  16. “Douglas edits the on-line magazine EFiction. I have submiitted a story to the magazine, and Douglas has cordinated a group of fellow writers and editors to make suggestions and corrections. He's done a fine job with this. His skills include riding herd on the writers to make sure we are actually helpful and not insulting. I think he'd be a real help on your staff.” April 14, 2012
  17. Request a new or revised recommendation from Patrick Cook
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  20. neil randall (client)
  21. neil hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  22. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
  23. “Douglas is a gifted editor, approachable and hard-working, striving to find and develop literary talent of the highest quality.” April 14, 2012
  24. Request a new or revised recommendation from neil randall
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  27. Paul Clayton (client)
  28. Paul hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  29. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
  30. “Doug took my story and did a fine job getting it up to the high standards he's put in place at eFiction. He has a passion for what he's doing and is a tireless and creative editor.” April 14, 2012
  31. Request a new or revised recommendation from Paul Clayton
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  34. Kali Amanda Browne, PUBLISHER, KB Consulting Services (business partner)
  35. was with another company when working with you
  36. “Douglas Lance is tireless in his efforts as editor and publisher of eFiction Magazine and he is at the forefront, way ahead of the curve, in setting trends in electronic publishing. Besides a good business sense, his most valuable asset is his eagerness to learn new skills and apply new technologies to move his product forward. Certainly one to watch.” April 15, 2012
  37. Request a new or revised recommendation from Kali Amanda Browne
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  40. John David Lionel Brooke, General Manager and Owner, Holysmoke and Mirrors (business partner)
  41. was with another company when working with you
  42. “I first became aware of Doug Lance through discovering a copy of eFiction Magazine a year or so ago. I was knocked out, by the crisp, intelligent, design. The innovative and unique stories, selected were a perfect match. Subsequently I have read every issue since, and the visual presentation and literary quality have remained consistently excellent under the enlightened editorship of Douglas Lance. A rare, and disciplined, creative talent that makes a real difference in our cookie-cutter corporate culture world.” April 15, 2012
  43. Request a new or revised recommendation from John David Lionel Brooke
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  46. Kitty Bullard, Owner/Operator, Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community (colleague)
  47. worked with you
  48. “Doug is a wonderful man that has created a phenomenal e-magazine. He is a hard worker dedicated to making E-Fiction the best online magazine there is for the literary world. I am grateful to know him and to have the chance to be a part of his online world!” April 16, 2012
  49. Request a new or revised recommendation from Kitty Bullard
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  52. Randy Attwood, President, Attwood Consulting, LLC (business partner)
  53. was with another company when working with you
  54. “Douglas Lance is producing a quality digital magazine and is judicious in his selection for story acceptance. He runs this in conjunction with a really quality website that is friendly and helpful. To do all this it is obvious that his organizational skills are excellent, as well as his people interaction skills over the internet. I haven't met him personally, but hope one day that may happen.” April 16, 2012
  55. Request a new or revised recommendation from Randy Attwood
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  58. Myra King, Writer, Writer Freelance (colleague)
  59. worked directly with you
  60. “When my short story, Little Sisters, was accepted for publication by eFiction, I was thrilled. Before submitting I had researched eFiction and found it to be a top magazine of good layout, intriguing content, and very clean copy. The quality and readability of a magazine, be it e-mag or paper, is not only dependent on the stories or poems chosen to fill its pages, but on how well formatted and edited it is. Doug Lance, as Editor-in-Chief, has done, and continues to do, a great job!” April 14, 2012
  61. Request a new or revised recommendation from Myra King
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  64. Sourav Roy, Creative Group Head - Copy, Quadrant Communications (business partner)
  65. was with another company when working with you
  66. “As the editor who e-published my first piece of surreal short fiction, I must say he is someone who is not afraid of risks. And on top of that he comes across as a person who is passionate, warm, committed and somebody who really knows his stuff, the stuff being some serious pioneering work in e-publishing of fiction.” April 14, 2012
  67. Request a new or revised recommendation from Sourav Roy
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  70. Caddy Rowland (client)
  71. Caddy hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011
  72. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
  73. “I have had my book cover in Doug's eFiction magazine and was really impressed with the quality of the publication. Doug works hard to make sure that he offers a quality product to his readers. He is professional and congenial.I would recommend Doug's editing talents and attention to detail.” April 14, 2012
  74. Request a new or revised recommendation from Caddy Rowland
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  77. John Grover, Brand account coordinator (project manager), Talbots, Inc (business partner)
  78. was with another company when working with you
  79. “Doug was a great editor to work with. I'm fiction author specializing in horror, fantasy and sci-fi and I submitted one of my short stories to Doug for his eFiction Magazine. He was very professional, his responses to my questions were quick, knowledgeable, and courteous. I gained a lot of feedback from his staff on the story and the editing that was done by Doug and his staff was precise, clean and helpful. In the end my story was accepted into the April issue of eFiction. I found Doug easy to work with and very understanding of his writers. I look forward to working with him in the future. John Grover” April 16, 2012
  80. Request a new or revised recommendation from John Grover
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  83. Steven Terrill, Manager, Scotty's Pizza (business partner)
  84. was with another company when working with you
  85. “Mr. Douglas Lance is a model of reliability and commitment. I have twice now published works with Doug in his literary journal eFiction, which has seen exponential growth since he started it. My experiences with him in these instances has shown me that Doug is a man committed to producing the best possible product he can in terms of both quality of writing published and quality of the relationship between author and editor. He has gone of of his way to work with authors, including myself, on editing a piece, work-shopping a piece, and giving personal opinions on how best to improve a piece. Tenacity alone in starting and maintaining his own journal would merit credibility, but coupled with the high standard of pride and commitment Doug takes in his work make him one in a million.” April 14, 2012
  86. Request a new or revised recommendation from Steven Terrill
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  89. Dan Marvin, Director of Quality and Technical Services, Florida Tile (business partner)
  90. was a consultant or contractor to you
  91. “I write for many different outlets, both professionally and personally. Doug Lance in his work with Efiction is one of my favorite editor/publishers. His magazine is routinely excellent, and he only accepts top-notch writing. At the same time, he's one of those rare individuals these days that will work with a writer to polish up a piece they've submitted so that it fits his vision for the magazine. I highly recommend Doug's work, he does things the right way.” April 16, 2012
  92. Request a new or revised recommendation from Dan Marvin
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  95. Robert Turner, Author, RATtales (business partner)
  96. was with another company when working with you
  97. “As has been true for many authors new to fiction writing, my first experience with short fiction publication came from Doug and the collegial team he assembled at eFiction. His nurturing of new authors has provided rare and valuable service to the literary community.” April 15, 2012
  98. Request a new or revised recommendation from Robert Turner
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  101. Lisa Vandiver (client)
  102. Lisa hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  103. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
  104. “I met Doug through eFiction magazine when he published one of my poems. He is personable both to readers and writers at eFiction and seems knowledgeable about the editing process at eFiction, and approachable. He works hard to host a comfortable community as well.” April 14, 2012
  105. Request a new or revised recommendation from Lisa Vandiver
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  108. Nate Granzow (client)
  109. Nate hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  110. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
  111. “When working on promoting a novel I'd written, Douglas was more than happy to provide me with a gratis advertisement in eFiction Magazine—a creative publication of which he is the editor-in-chief. Both courteous and professional, he kept me updated on the progress of the advertisement and when it was scheduled to run—a remarkable devotion to providing quality service, even when he stood to make no profit on the arrangement.” April 15, 2012
  112. Request a new or revised recommendation from Nate Granzow
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  115. Joe Flood, Writer, (business partner)
  116. was with another company when working with you
  117. “Douglas is a great marketer and promoter for eFiction. He's adept at the high tech world of marketing content online - not an easy feat! With eFiction he's created a top-quality literary magazine that is available online, plus on the Kindle and iPad. This experience has taught him hands-on skills at all facets of digital publishing. He'd be an asset for any organization that wants to market its story online.” April 14, 2012
  118. Request a new or revised recommendation from Joe Flood
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  121. Thomas Sullivan, Student, Vanderbilt University (colleague)
  122. worked directly with you
  123. “Douglas worked with me in my capacity as a freelance writer. His literary magazine Efiction accepted a story of mine for its third issue. Douglas did an excellent job editing my work, communicating with me on revisions, and notifying me of it appearance in the magazine. The end result was an issue that was professional and which I was very happy to be part of.” April 14, 2012
  124. Request a new or revised recommendation from Thomas Sullivan
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  127. Charity Parkerson (client)
  128. Charity hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011
  129. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
  130. “As Editor of efiction magazine, Douglas has produced a quality online monthly subscription for his customers.” April 16, 2012
  131. Request a new or revised recommendation from Charity Parkerson
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  134. Joshua Evans, Data Analyst, Accenture (business partner)
  135. was with another company when working with you
  136. “Doug is a fantastic editor with the passion and drive to make eFiction the best possible magazine. He is constantly looking for new ways to innovate in the online fiction market.” April 14, 2012
  137. Request a new or revised recommendation from Joshua Evans
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  140. Katherine Holmes, Writer, Manage Internet Used Bookstore, Couchgrass Books, katlazuli books & music (colleague)
  141. worked with you
  142. “Douglas Lance's work as Editor-in-Chief at eFiction shows in his professional attitude about writing, the opportunities for writers to improve their work at the site, and the writing published in the literary journal.” April 15, 2012
  143. Request a new or revised recommendation from Katherine Holmes
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  146. Aaron Barlow, Assistant Professor of English, New York City College of Technology (CUNY) (business partner)
  147. was with another company when working with you
  148. “As the founding editor of eFiction, Doug has been a tireless promoter of a new model for the promotion of fiction (and other writing) using new digital possibilities. eFiction isn't just an online fiction magazine, but a website where readers and authors and even editors can talk about published and unpublished work in a friendly environment. What Doug is working on developing through eFiction will be the model for reading and writing in the future.” April 14, 2012
  149. Request a new or revised recommendation from Aaron Barlow
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  152. Hank Brown, author, --Self employed (business partner)
  153. was with another company when working with you
  154. “Douglas is a proactive editor with a clear vision for his publication, an aggressive marketer (without being pushy) and oversees the collaboration in what is an ongoing quality creative project.” April 15, 2012
  155. Request a new or revised recommendation from Hank Brown
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  158. Nigel Sellars (client)
  159. Nigel hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  160. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
  161. “Doug is an extremely helpful editor. He is encouraging, makes excellent suggestions for your story, and the efiction workshop is a great forum for constructive criticism.” April 21, 2012
  162. Request a new or revised recommendation from Nigel Sellars
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  165. Ed Raso (client)
  166. Ed hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011
  167. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
  168. “Doug is one of the rising stars in this new paradigm of digital publishing. I've seen the readership and quality of his magazine, eFiction, grow by leaps an bounds in a short period of time. I am happy to know him in the publishing world.” May 21, 2012
  169. Request a new or revised recommendation from Ed Raso
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  172. Rick Freeland, Owner, Rick Freeland Landscape Architects (business partner)
  173. was with another company when working with you
  174. “I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Doug Lance of eFiction Magazine. I've found him to be a conscientious, thoughtful editor who has helped me polish my fiction to where the finished product was even better than I had envisioned. With his editorial, entrepreneurial and management skills, Doug has also raised eFiction magazine from a fledgling to a full-bodied, respected ezine that continues to soar to new heights with even better stories. I'm looking forward to continuing my association with Doug well into the future.” May 31, 2012
  175. Request a new or revised recommendation from Rick Freeland
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  178. Joseph Russell, Freelance Writer, Joe Russell (colleague)
  179. reported to you
  180. “Doug is a great guy and a great editor. Unlike so many editors that toss a writer's material in a slush pile and never really look at it, Doug spends the time to really read the stories his writers send to him and provide solid, useful feedback. Further, he has created and actively maintains a creative community of writers who work together and support each other in their creative endeavors. His efforts have culminated in E-Fiction Magazine, a journal on par with any of the established short fiction outlets. I am happy to be both a contributor and paid subscriber to E-fiction and to recommend Doug and his outstanding vision of the future of publication without reservation.” April 18, 2012
  181. Request a new or revised recommendation from Joseph Russell
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  184. Jen Knox, Author, All Things That Matter Press (colleague)
  185. worked with you
  186. “Douglas is a hard-working and innovative individual with a unique eye for talent in it's burgeoning stages. He has worked to create a community for aspiring writers and editors that benefits many, and I am confident he will go on to excel in any creative position he is given.” April 17, 2012
  187. Request a new or revised recommendation from Jen Knox
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  190. Surbhi Thukral, Student, British Council (business partner)
  191. was with another company when working with you
  192. “Douglas Lance brings out the best of writing capability in you. I had submitted a story to Efiction and as per Douglas’s feedback I had posted it afterwards to his workshop. The workshop has (really) helped me polish my story. Thanks Douglas for the feedback that has helped me tremendously improve my writing skills. You are truly a great person to be associated with. You are helping emerging writers like me accomplish our dreams. A big thank you!” April 17, 2012
  193. Request a new or revised recommendation from Surbhi Thukral
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  196. Kathy Kramer, Free lance writer, Self Employed (colleague)
  197. worked directly with you
  198. “Doug is passionate about making the best it can be. Because of this passion, he works very hard with those of us who submit work to the magazine. Not only does he work with us to ensure our submissions are the best possible they can be, but he provides opportunities for us to participate in the process and learn from him. is a hidden gem and it is all due to Doug's hard work and dedication. His passion is infectious.” April 17, 2012
  199. Request a new or revised recommendation from Kathy Kramer
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  202. Cliff Ball (client)
  203. Cliff hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011 and hired you more than once
  204. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
  205. “Douglas' eFiction magazine is a great product, and you can tell he works really hard at getting it right. He helps out independent authors by letting them post ads in his magazine, and he does all he can to promote the authors and his magazine. A company would not go wrong in hiring him.” April 18, 2012
  206. Request a new or revised recommendation from Cliff Ball
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  209. Alan W. Jankowski, Writer, Self-Employed Author (colleague)
  210. reported to you
  211. “I have to say I'm impressed with what Doug has done with e-pub, the colorful ads between the stories, for instance, give the feel that one is reading a traditional print magazine...and his royalty payments to the authors once again advance the state of the art...apparently others agree, as last I saw eFiction was listed among the Top Ten Magazines on Amazon...well done Doug, and may your success continue...” April 25, 2012
  212. Request a new or revised recommendation from Alan W. Jankowski
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  215. Chad Mullens (client)
  216. Chad hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012
  217. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
  218. “When I heard of eFiction Magazine, I was very enthusiastic and submitted a story I had in reserve. Before I knew it I received an e-mail reply from Doug stating that they appreciated my submission, but were not going to publish my story in it's existing state. I knew then that Doug was serious about his job. eFiction was willing to work with me on improving my writing and offered workshops and peer review. Needless to say, I submitted a different story and was thrilled when it was published. Doug's passion for his magazine is contagious. It is immediately evident that he is willing to go to extremes and make sacrifices to make his dream come true. He is self-motivating, hard working and very well versed in all aspects of writing, grammar, design and layout. Doug is constantly working toward his goals and his drive for success is inspirational.” April 23, 2012
  219. Request a new or revised recommendation from Chad Mullens
  221. show   
  222. Sarah Baethge, book reviewer, Sarah's Readings - online blog (colleague)
  223. reported to you
  224. “Doug efficiently, honestly read through each of my reviews and decided which were written well enough to be published again in eFiction. I believe that his comments on why he disliked some of them were fair and should help me to write better in the future. I would be happy to work again with Douglas in the future.” April 23, 2012
  225. Request a new or revised recommendation from Sarah Baethge
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  228. Tonya Moore, Speculative Fiction Writer, N/A (business partner)
  229. was with another company when working with you
  230. “Between April 2010 and September of 2011, I worked with Douglas Lance in the capacity of an author whose fiction was slated for publication in his digital publication, eFiction Magazine. Douglas has proven himself a capable individual who conducts his business affairs in a professional and conscientious manner. Douglas’ ability to cooperate with creative individuals of various backgrounds and temperaments, as well as follow through on goals has ushered his imprint eFiction Magazine from concept to a fairly established and increasingly successful publication. eFiction Magazine launched in April 2010. Each monthly issue features a mix of prose, poetry and reviews from various contributors. eFiction is a wonderful publication and I hope there will be some time in the future when I will have the opportunity to work with them again.” April 28, 2012
  231. Request a new or revised recommendation from Tonya Moore
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  234. Sonia O'Brien (client)
  235. Sonia hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011
  236. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
  237. “I have been an active subscriber to Douglas Lance's e-fiction magazine for almost a year now. I am a writer and I am about to publish my first novel. I was looking for publications to help inspire me and offer help in my field. I found e-fiction on Amazon and subscribed immediately. I have been highly impressed with every issue. They are well written and edited. The layout is always well done. And, it is formatted perfectly for my e-reader. Douglas also has a great knack for picking out exceptional stories to include in each issue. His work is always high caliber and well presented. I would highly recommend him for any future creative position he might pursue. Sincerely, Sonia O'Brien Author/Blogger” May 17, 2012
  238. Request a new or revised recommendation from Sonia O'Brien
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  241. Nikhil Sharda, Student, Huddersfield University UK (colleague)
  242. worked directly with you
  243. “Got my first article published on a international portal for writers founded by Douglas. Douglas has a keen eye on the editing table. Having a flair for writing helps him understand the writer's perspective while behind a reader's mask. Wish you all the success one can get. Keep up the good work. :)” May 24, 2012
  244. Request a new or revised recommendation from Nikhil Sharda
  246. show   
  247. James Darrow (client)
  248. James hired you as a Publisher in 2012 and hired you more than once
  249. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
  250. “Douglas is a true professional in the world of online publisher. He achieves high-quality results, has good judgement for the stories he chooses for publication, and has an easy to work with personality. He is also knowledgeable in online publication, and provides numerous resources for independent writers.” June 4, 2012
  251. Request a new or revised recommendation from James Darrow
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  254. Dean Nichols, Fantasy Writer, . (colleague)
  255. worked directly with you
  256. “Douglas, he is dedicated editor and publisher of the e-fiction magazine. He always takes pride on reviewing material submitted for publication, and constantly provides feedback, and suggestions. Great guy, down to earth editor and publisher. A true professional. Dean Steven Nichol” June 3, 2012
  257. Request a new or revised recommendation from Dean Nichols
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  260. Adam Curtis, Trustee, US Grant Homestead Association (colleague)
  261. worked directly with you
  262. “Mr. Lance is one of the most driven and dedicated individuals I've ever had the pleasure to work with in my career. He is a virtual dynamo of activity, Mr. Lance is as tireless as he is fearless in his position as Editor. He is an honest and open man, and I'm glad to have the experience of working with him.” June 4, 2012
  263. Request a new or revised recommendation from Adam Curtis
  265. show   
  266. Letitia Coyne, Author/journo, Various (colleague)
  267. worked directly with you
  268. “In the last few of years Doug has taken his raw ideas and turned them into a real-life going concern. He has achieved his goal - creating a respected market for short fiction - by gathering together a group of talented and like-minded people and keeping them focused on the product. Through his efforts Doug has provided a market for writers, often new names struggling to find an audience in a saturated marketplace, and brought their work before a large and growing audience. Along with the monthly publication of eFiction magazine, he has created a community to support and encourage writers, with workshopping groups, discussion forums, and opportunities to share a large and varied talent pool. eFicition magazine will go forward on its greatest strengths: a supportive community of writers, and Doug’s single minded optimism. Lxxx” June 7, 2012
  269. Request a new or revised recommendation from Letitia Coyne
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