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Dec 12th, 2019
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  1. Which of the following is true? The entire part is missing from the package.
  2. How would you like us to proceed? A replacement would be shipped using International Economy (2 to 3 business days) to the shipping address above. If you would like a different shipping method, or shipping to another address, please choose "Issue me a refund for this part," and then if the missing item is not found, place a new order. Issue me a refund for this part.
  4. Would you like a REFUND back to your original form of payment, or STORE CREDIT (good for 5 years)? Refund
  6. This part should have arrived with the following parts: MEVOTECH Control Arm CMS101106 (1); MEVOTECH Control Arm CMS101107 (1). Did you receive any of those parts? Yes
  8. Sometimes parts can be hidden by packaging material. Did you look through all of the packaging material? Yes, it is not there.
  9. Sometimes warehouses will package one part inside another's box for added protection. Did you look inside all of the boxes? Yes, it is not there.
  10. Is the shipping box damaged? Yes
  12. Please describe the condition of the shipping box. Tape rips and minor side damage to wall.
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