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  1. [spoiler]Personally I don't know why it won't stop now even when I stopped paying attention to it and did nothing but played vidya instead. I really don't care for attention or drama or any of this really. I'm just an anon same as the rest of them, but in retrospect I handled that situation poorly with the influence of DUDE IRL LMAO[/spoiler]
  2. [spoiler]But you've got to stop living in the past. Things change. Maybe it'll be like that again some day but in the end that needs everyones efforts to make that a reality. People always come and go especially on 4chan of all places. Just by posting this i'm sure the discord will go DUDE AIIRO LMAO but I don't care for what you're saying. Why are you even paying attention to me?[/spoiler]
  3. [spoiler]But I don't have anything against any of you. i'll help you or play vidya with you if you ask or fuck off if you don't want to talk but like i've said you've got to sort it out yourselves. I'm just here to play vidya. I don't need any more problems[/spoiler]
  5. P.S: Leveling past 210 is aids please save me
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