Secret Lesson - 21

Jun 15th, 2020
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Secret Lesson

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Daeho / 대호 MC
Eun-Ae (Anna) / 은애 Mom
Mia / 미아 Blonde sister
Sua / 수아 Short haired sister
Yoo-Hee (Yuhi) / 유희 Ko-Bong's elder sister
Ko-Bong / 고봉 MC's best friend
Yeong-Ku / 영구 Dad

Don't forget to add these two to the credit

왕강철: Author (Wang Kang Cheol)

미나짱: Artist (Mina Jjang)

Script Information:

Daeho D
Eun-Ae E
Mia M
Sua S
Yuhi Y
Ko-Bong KB
Yeong-Ku YK

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 21

E: {.....}

E: {Aaah...}

E: {Only Daeho and I are left at home...}

D: .....

E: Nmmmah!!!

E: Sigh..

E: Da-Daeho...

E: St... Stop... Stop...

E: Haaaha!!

Title Drops

E: ... [Vertical / Bold / Brush style]


E: Da.. Daeho | St... Stop it!!


D: !

E: Alright...

E: Auntie will take care of it...

E: So Daeho...

D: !!

E: Don't act like this with your auntie ever again... [White stroke]

E: !!!

E: Eh!!

E: *Da... Daeho, what're you doing?!

E: Calm down Daeho...


E: Because your auntie will take care of everything...

E: Nmmm!!!

E: {No... No...}

E: {Now Daeho is more interested in my caressing body than...}

E: Hmm!!!!!

E: {Oh no...}

E: {Daeho is once again touching this place...}

E: {No, I must make him stop..!}

E: {I'll be sure to make Daeho come before things become unbearable...}

D: Ugh.. Auntie...

E: {It's... He's reaching his limit..}

D: Hahaa!!

D: {I can't stand it anymore!!}

E: Kuuk

D: AUNTIE!!! (Vertical / Bold / White Stroke / Blur)

E: {Gu-gulp..!} [Bold / Brush style / #AFEEEE (font) + #20B2AA (stroke)]

E: {Aah... What a relief...}

E: Daeho, now that I took care of this,

E: Shouldn't you go out to play?

D: !!

D: Yes...

D: You're right... Auntie...

E: {Sigh... It's already the third time we did this today...}

E: {If I take in account what we did during last night, it's four time a day...}

E: ..........

E: {The energy of a 20-year-old boy... It's such a scary thing...}

E: {Wow...}

E: {Will I be able to handle his sexual urge all by myself in the future..?}

M: .....

M: {Surprisingly Daeho... This boy, he listened to what I told him...}

M: {Knowing Daeho's appetite... He must have a hard time since he isn't satisfied before doing it several times a day...}

M: {}

M: {It's not my problem anymore...}

M: {I should let him care to his problem all by himself...}

M: YAWN- [Bold / Brush style / white (font) + black (stroke)]

YK: Sigh... I need a day of rest after coming back from my business trip.

YK: My body really isn't the same than during my youth.

E: Yes, take a rest at home.

E: I'll cook something delicious for you later.

S: Mom, can we eat anything other than meat like vegetables for once?

S: I don't want to get fat.

M: ?

M: You're sick, meat is the best.

M: Mom, let's cook some sirloin steak*
(The sirloin steak is cut from the sirloin, the sub-primal posterior to the short loin where the T-bone, porterhouse, and club steaks are cut)

S: Unnie, aren't you worried?

S: Won't it'll be a problem if your ass is getting bigger?

Haha ignorant. [White font, black shadow effect, white stroke]

M: What..? Do you really think my ass is considered big?

M: South American women's ass are twice as big as mine, am I wrong?

E: Eh...

E: Hey girls, shouldn't you stop talking about ass during the meal and focus on eating, uh?

D: {......}

D: ......



D: ?

D: {Ko-Bong's door is locked today... Where did you go?}

Y: Daeho.

D: ?!

D: Ah...

Y: PANT [Bold / Black / Brush style]

Y: GASP [Bold / Black / Brush style]

Y : ......

D: Yoo...

or Yu...

D: Yoo-Hee Noona..!

or Yu-Hi Noona..!

(I'll use Yu-Hi since it looks better and sounds the same but... Yoo-Hee looks more like a Korean and less like a Japanese name So pick the on you want and tell me afterward)

D: Ah... Ko-Bong is at your maternal grandmother's house...

D: Then I'l come back later when he'll be here...

Y: Hmm..

Y: He'll stay overnight at grandma's place.

D: Aah... Okay I'll leave the drone here.

D: Noona could you give it to him once he's back? Please.

Y: Daeho, hold on.

D: Oh, what is it Noona..?

Y: ......

Y: Daeho, you...

Y: You... Did...

Y: Did you already have sex?

D: What?

D: Oh, yeah...

D: Well.. I've already done it...

Y: .......

Y: So... You...

Y: With your Noona...

Y: Would you like to have sex with me?

D: Eh...

To be continued...
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