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Nov 30th, 2012
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  1. 13:04:12 <jeremias> upvotes plz :)
  2. 13:07:17 <jgarzik> jeremias: no
  3. 13:07:19 <ThomasV_> jeremias: what is the volume of btc exchanged in iran over your site?
  4. 13:07:26 <jgarzik> jeremias: That is precisely what does NOT need upvotes
  5. 13:08:09 <jeremias> ThomasV_: zero
  6. 13:08:14 <jeremias> only contacts
  7. 13:08:29 <jgarzik> jeremias: If you want bitcoin to survive in the long term, don't do stupid stuff like this that waves a red flag in front of big governments
  8. 13:08:32 <ThomasV_> jgarzik: you think btc will be illegal first in us or in iran ?
  9. 13:08:59 <jgarzik> I don't want it to be illegal anywhere
  10. 13:09:04 <ThomasV_> it can't be illegal in both, you know
  11. 13:09:21 <jeremias> well, my company is registered in Finland
  12. 13:09:21 <ThomasV_> these countries don't want to look like they copy eachother
  13. 13:09:35 <jgarzik> But in particular, it is the height of stupidity to encourage bitcoin use in (a) countries under sanction by the US and Europe
  14. 13:09:38 <jgarzik> and yes, even Finland
  15. 13:09:39 <jeremias> although Finland is pretty socialist country, I think that they will tolerate bitcoin here
  16. 13:09:50 <jeremias> but we'll see
  17. 13:10:06 <jeremias> and no, I won't listen to your advice, but thanks anyway
  18. 13:10:08 <ThomasV_> jeremias: I am not concerned at all, unlike jgarzik
  19. 13:10:21 <jgarzik> jeremias: The creator of bitcoins would disagree with you two:
  20. 13:11:19 <jeremias> well, maybe you should start a bitcoin goverment and regulate us young and foolish people
  21. 13:11:32 <jgarzik> It's also an embarrassing article, hyping a single idiot on the forums as a representative sample
  22. 13:11:36 <ThomasV_> omg.. the Creator?
  23. 13:12:56 <ThomasV_> what would the Creator say today? it's like monks interpreting the messiah's words
  24. 13:13:02 <jeremias> lol
  25. 13:14:07 <ThomasV_> imo bitcoin can be made illegal in iran. but in democratic countries, it might be too late
  26. 13:14:29 <ThomasV_> it will need a public debate
  27. 13:14:43 <ThomasV_> and such a debate can only make it stronger
  28. 13:15:17 <jeremias> in Finland officials have stated couple of times that bitcoin is legal
  29. 13:15:23 <jeremias> or that it is legal to use bitcoin
  30. 13:15:28 <jeremias> so I'm not too concerned
  31. 13:15:35 <ThomasV_> of course it is legal. but it could be made illegal
  32. 13:15:45 <jeremias> yep, true
  33. 13:15:45 <ThomasV_> laws do change sometimes
  34. 13:15:57 <ThomasV_> I guess that's jgarzik 's concern
  35. 13:16:10 <ThomasV_> it was my concern to, 2 years ago
  36. 13:16:19 <ThomasV_> but much less today
  37. 13:16:25 <jeremias> the same
  38. 13:16:35 <ThomasV_> *too*
  39. 13:17:02 <jgarzik> If you market bitcoin directly to people who are _already_ being targeted -- Taliban, Iran -- you put bitcoin right into the crosshairs
  40. 13:17:19 <ThomasV_> I don't market bitcoin to anyone
  41. 13:17:30 <jeremias> I market it to Iran, Venezuela, Argentina
  42. 13:17:34 <ThomasV_> it does not need to be marketed
  43. 13:17:35 <jeremias> great tarket market
  44. 13:17:39 <jeremias> target
  45. 13:18:07 <jeremias> people are in favor of inviduals in those countries
  46. 13:18:07 <jgarzik> jeremias: well go market somewhere else
  47. 13:18:10 * jeremias was kicked by jgarzik (jeremias)
  48. 13:18:40 <ThomasV_> jgarzik: I don't think it's fair to kick a user for that
  49. 13:19:01 <ThomasV_> this channel is not #btcst, I hope
  50. 13:19:18 <jgarzik> ThomasV: it is offtopic and potentially legally endangering. /ban is close.
  51. 13:19:55 <ThomasV_> jgarzik: you were not doing this because it is offtopic. you were just as offtopic, sorry
  52. 13:20:08 <ThomasV_> anyway
  53. 13:20:12 <jgarzik> This channel is not for encouraging illegal activity, and sanctions busting is illegal, even in Finland.
  54. 13:20:17 <jgarzik> You have been warned.
  55. 13:20:23 <jeremias> it's offtopic I agree and I will shut up, but it doesn't put anyone else in legal danger than me, that is way overstatement
  56. 13:20:55 <jeremias> and I were not encouraging illegal activity
  57. 13:21:13 <jeremias> I'm pretty sure that there isn't anywhere laws against bitcoin yet
  58. 13:21:35 * jeremias was kicked by jgarzik ("I will shut up" ... and then you continued offtopic)
  59. 13:21:57 * ThomasV_ popcorn
  60. 13:22:34 <jgarzik> On topic or /ban.
  61. 13:23:00 <ThomasV_> jeremias: let us discuss how to translate bitcoin-qt in farsi
  62. 13:23:05 * Joric votes for topic
  63. 13:23:38 <jeremias> ThomasV_: yes, I've got couple of guys who would be probably willing to do it
  64. 13:23:49 <jeremias> multibit is probably already translated to Farsi, any other clients?
  65. 13:24:03 * jeremias was kicked by jgarzik (encouraging illegal activity)
  66. 13:26:07 * jgarzik sets mode: +b *!*@*.fi
  67. 13:26:21 * jeremias was kicked by jgarzik (encouraging illegal activity)
  68. 13:26:30 * jgarzik sets mode: -b *!*@*.fi
  69. 13:26:39 * jgarzik sets mode: +b *!*
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