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  8. MizuOkami: -picks her up and cuddles her-
  9. Kila: -Snuggles-
  10. Kila: So, before we put a new RP together should we see how many people we can get to join?
  11. Kila: To see if it's worth it.
  12. MizuOkami: I want to see if we can write first
  13. MizuOkami: Which is why I took back control of my group and invited you and Eddie so you can practice in a safe place without judgement and with more lax rules.
  14. MizuOkami: I'll need to rewrite my last post for my character there as i was.. not of my right mind when i wrote that last post.
  15. MizuOkami: Rules are under the concept and guidelines section.
  16. Kila: Sugar bear I can look at the forms and tell youfr writing is fine.
  17. Kila: Are you just being nice for me?
  18. Kila: Your*
  19. MizuOkami: I think you are being kind to me Princess.
  20. Kila: Now you know I'm not like that.
  21. Kila: I have no problem telling anybody they suck.
  22. MizuOkami: Well than you Princess
  23. Kila: <3
  24. MizuOkami: <3
  25. YuneEstraMorte: Bk
  26. MizuOkami: weba
  27. Kila: Wb
  28. Kila: Question
  29. MizuOkami: Shoot.
  30. Kila: What if someone wants to join and I hate them?
  31. MizuOkami: Everyone has a right to join this group so long as they treat their fellow members/writers with respect and decency.
  32. YuneEstraMorte: What group?
  33. Kila: Soooo
  34. MizuOkami: my group.
  35. Kila: Mean I get to have them killed and I meant the RP group.
  36. Kila: If we make it.
  37. MizuOkami: sure.
  38. Kila: I'm not sure you know what you're getting yourself into, Sugar bear.
  39. Kila: >:D
  40. MizuOkami: I'm not one to deny people a platform to tell their story even if i disagree with it.. so long as they remain adults and act properly.. internet or not i expect a level of decency from people.
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  43. Kila: Monster had a hell of a time keeping me in control.
  44. Kila: Hai Slay.
  45. YuneEstraMorte: lol people acting like adults may be a bridge to far for some folks on imvu
  46. MizuOkami: I don't look to control anyone Princess.
  47. YuneEstraMorte: Js
  48. Kila: Woot. I'm free to do what I want~
  49. GrandmasterSlayton: Howdy.
  50. MizuOkami: Then those people can find another group to join and be themselves in, for me and for my own group I have expectations that are not unrealistic.
  51. GrandmasterSlayton: You can't be anything other than yourself. >>
  52. YuneEstraMorte: So what kinda Group is it?
  53. MizuOkami: Treat people with decency and respect even if you don't agree with them for whatever reason. Be tolerant and be an adult. If it's too much for you. Excuse yourself and make a gracious exit.
  54. Kila: I should exit before it even starts.
  55. MizuOkamiMizuOkami WhisperAdd Friend: It's a older style rp, modern fantasy setting.
  56. MizuOkami: You should try Princess.
  57. MizuOkami: You may find the group more to your enjoyment than you think.
  58. Kila: I hate way too many peope in the RP world.
  59. MizuOkami: Which is fine. There are several I don't care for either.
  60. YuneEstraMorte: Older than T1?
  61. YuneEstraMorte: - head tilts-
  62. MizuOkami: Most rp'ers write off my group anyways because I refuse to adhere to the t-styles at all.
  63. MizuOkami: Yes.
  64. YuneEstraMorte: I'm curious.
  65. Kila: Wait
  66. Kila: What
  67. Kila: Older then T-1?
  68. MizuOkami: Why are people so shocked about that.
  69. GrandmasterSlaytonGrandmasterSlayton WhisperAdd Friend: It's a little unusual, considering the predominance of T1 on IMVU.
  70. MizuOkami: T-styles were not a thing in online rp until AIM became more dominant in the fall of the Yahoo User Created Rooms.
  71. YuneEstraMorte: I'm actually curious about this style
  72. Kila: I know you said all invited but I can't RP with people that does 1lines and shit.
  73. YuneEstraMorte: Whats it called
  74. YuneEstraMorte: o-o
  75. MizuOkami: Program chat rooms such as Excite, VPlaces, Halsoft, Voodoo, Lycos, ICQ and others never used the T-styles.
  76. GrandmasterSlayton: T1 by any other name is still T1 though. >>
  77. MizuOkami: There are no one lines.
  78. MizuOkami: That's a lie.
  79. YuneEstraMorte: I'm Genuinely Curious
  80. YuneEstraMorte: o-o
  81. GrandmasterSlayton: Not so much a lie as a half-truth. Functionally, they could be identical even if they aren't exactly the same.
  82. MizuOkami: T1 was a creation and bastardazation of RP meant for elitists to judge those they deemed less worthy for whatever reason.
  83. MizuOkami: The rules are simple Yune.
  84. GrandmasterSlayton: That seems like harsh criticism though, if you consider T1's popularity.
  85. MizuOkami: I can invite you to the group if you'd like to check it out.
  86. YuneEstraMorte: Well if its a style I'd like the name and sure go for it :D
  87. Kila: I still don't know if I can even post anything in. Last time I posted something Slay pretty much held my hand and listen to me cry while I was writing it. It's wasn't pretty at all.
  88. GrandmasterSlayton: You're not as bad at it as you seem to think. <<
  89. MizuOkami: Popularity is a rather.. generous term.
  90. GrandmasterSlayton: It just seems odd that a style tailored to elitists is also the style most people either follow or aspire to follow.
  91. MizuOkami: For years it's been shoved down people's throats that if they don't T1 they aren't real RP'ers and they are mocked and made fun of and belittled by the larger community.
  92. GrandmasterSlayton: But that's a strawman. >>
  93. Stanza: I think that sensible people that understand roleplay don't need rules of conduct, because they will respect one another's characters and rights as a writer.
  94. MizuOkami: That's the basic idea I have in my group Stanza.
  95. Stanza: I had an inkling. It sounds good.
  96. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: its really not a Strawman Grandmaster
  97. MizuOkami: I enjoy it.
  98. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: its partly why I left IMVU RP
  99. MizuOkami: Or at least the idea of it.
  100. Kila: I only know T-1.
  101. Kila: I like rules.
  102. MizuOkami: There's rules and there's laws.
  103. GrandmasterSlayton: Of course it is. You're not providing me with particular examples, expecting me to take it on faith that your assertion is true.
  104. GrandmasterSlayton: For starters, who is the "larger community"?
  105. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: I was bullied with T1, told that if I didnt follow the rules how they wanted and to the percise specifications that I later found to be untrue, I was tol I was inadiqaute and needed top quit
  106. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: to*
  107. MizuOkami: Rules can be bent and interpreted. Laws are ways to invalidate everything about a character.
  108. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: many times and under many groups
  109. Kila: Is this like Alera's shit?
  110. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: ^
  111. Stanza: There's a reason why most T1 spars end up as two lawyers bickering.
  112. MizuOkami: The larger community would be those who have already embraced and or lauded the supremecy of T-1.
  113. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: that was one of them
  114. Asaro: ALera?
  115. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: Alera was one
  116. MizuOkami: No this is not like the Fighter's Guild.
  117. GrandmasterSlayton: I would identify as that. Would you say I'm an elitist then?
  118. MizuOkami: This is a way to return creative freedom without the harsh limits of t-1.
  119. MizuOkami: Before I answer that Slay can I ask you a question?
  120. GrandmasterSlayton: Sure.
  121. Kila: He is one
  122. Kila: Lol.
  123. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: I dont know you so I cant call you anything
  124. MizuOkami: Have you ever belittled or demeaned someone for RP'ing in any other style but T-1.. have you invalidated someone for breaking a T-1 rule?
  125. Kila: I've done that.
  126. Kila: Lots of times.
  127. SaphiraAkio: Mizu, have we met before?
  128. GrandmasterSlayton: For the first point, I've done so defensively many times. For the second point, I have only done so if we're RPing with the T1 ruleset in mind.
  129. MizuOkami: It's possible.
  130. GrandmasterSlayton: Such is my right.
  131. MizuOkami: Agreed such is your right if the rules are agreed upon. And would you mind explaining defensively?
  132. Stanza: How do you demean defensively
  133. Kila: Haven't we all at some point in time?
  134. GrandmasterSlayton: If they choose to belittle me or T1, I'll react accordingly. If that means they want to call me names, I'll call them names right back.
  135. GrandmasterSlayton: I'm not the sort of guy to take things sitting down, for the most part.
  136. MizuOkami: If I were to accept a challenge right now in this arena for an old school styled speed fight.. a popular fighting style before T-1.. would you mock me and my opponent for it? Would you think less of us as RP'ers because we chose not to spar in T1?
  137. MizuOkami: Then no I would not consider you an elitist Slay.
  138. Kila: T2?
  139. GrandmasterSlayton: I would say that T1 is the superior of the two styles, although you're free to do as you please.
  140. MizuOkami: How is it superior?
  141. GrandmasterSlayton: If I got on your case about it, I can't imagine I'd be any more convincing.
  142. YuneEstraMorte: - Yawns-
  143. GrandmasterSlayton: As it relates to speed fighting, I'd say T1 posts are handled with significantly more care, attention to detail and more enjoyable to read.
  144. Kila: ^
  145. MizuOkami: Speed fighting is a very unique skill set for people to have. It's more difficult than most people would like to believe. True speed fighting that is.. 2 line minimums.. first you must make an attempt then you must type faster than your opponent to be able to land said hit.
  146. GrandmasterSlayton: Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is a major skill aspect for fighting like that but it sort of defeats the purpose of the underlying art.
  147. MizuOkami: that's a subjective view point though. In your eyes T1 is superior but it does not mean that it is abjectively superior.
  148. GrandmasterSlayton: Perhaps, but maybe you'll change your mind when you view it from the lens of an author.
  149. YuneEstraMorte: Yeah Honestly I can't RP like that.
  150. MizuOkami: Oh I can see the reasons why easily enough and in some regards yes T1 is abjectively superior.
  151. YuneEstraMorte: While I'm not the strongest t1 fighter I do enjoy T1 a lot more than other styles.
  152. MizuOkami: One such thing is the attention to detail and the flow of a story.. This is very much a provable fact.
  153. GrandmasterSlayton: Taste has a lot to do with where your preferences lie, no doubt. However, I would say T1 fighters pay more respect to writing as an artform.
  154. YuneEstraMorte: When I feel the urge to spar.
  155. YuneEstraMorte: Eh that depends... some people who do the t1 thing.. - cringe-
  156. MizuOkami: Original speed fighting was a way to demonstrate the skill and superiority of faster thought and reaction times.
  157. GrandmasterSlayton: Which is where I think people can become elitist. They see themselves as superior artists over those of us who experiment with different styles.
  158. MizuOkami: Exactly.
  159. MizuOkami: Just because my group doesn't adhere to T1 doesn't mean we won't respect or honor those who do. I refuse to be tied down by those rules.
  160. Kila: This isn't gonna work. If we start this RP and do get it going and I pull in my friends, which happens to be a bunch of T-1 fighters....They are gonna freak.
  161. YuneEstraMorte: I don't mind trying something new.... just more than like enjoy T1 alot more than anything else I've tried.
  162. GrandmasterSlayton: At the end of the day though, just let people do what they want. -Shrug-
  163. MizuOkami: I never said this group is what you had to do Princess
  164. GrandmasterSlayton: No sense in being so strict when it comes to expressing yourself.
  165. MizuOkami: I said you could use it to try and shake some rust off before you created your own group.
  166. YuneEstraMorte: But of course my Mate was the first person to teach me T1 so.... - shrugs- I don't mind lurking.
  167. Kila: I haven't been talking about the group page.
  168. YuneEstraMorte: Yah some folks... treat T1 like its the bible or some shit
  169. MizuOkami: Then make a T-1 group.
  170. MizuOkami: I won't adhere to it but I won't be a combatant so it won't matter as much for me.
  171. Kila: That's why I said I didn't want you as a fighter, hun.
  172. MizuOkami: I know.
  173. Kila: Otay.
  174. MizuOkami: I'd never press my group onto anyone who wasn't expressly looking for it or my beliefs.
  175. MizuOkami: It's why I just have this pretty sword for decoration and not jumping into that arena to slap some people around.
  176. MizuOkami: xD
  177. Kila: Who's in charge of this "Group" we're making? Us 3?
  178. GrandmasterSlayton: I wonder if I shouldn't get into sparring again.
  179. Kila: YOU SHOULD!
  180. GrandmasterSlayton: Show people why Slayton is a name to be feared. >>
  181. Kila: Please do~
  182. Kila: I'm begging you
  183. Kila: I'm my knees.
  184. Kila: Do it.
  185. GrandmasterSlayton: You're your knees?
  186. Kila: On*
  187. Kila: Shush.
  188. GrandmasterSlayton: Alright, uh...
  189. GrandmasterSlayton: Anyone wanna fight?
  190. GrandmasterSlayton: T1 MP?
  191. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: define MP and I may give you a warmup
  192. GrandmasterSlayton: Moderate Powers
  193. MizuOkami: I'll pass but should be an entertaining read no less.
  194. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: I knowm the literall meaning
  195. MizuOkami: I think you and Eddie will be primaries I'll back you two up as I can.
  196. Asaro: Bro come off DND
  197. Asaro: Jade wants to say Hi
  198. MizuOkami: what room?
  199. Asaro: Aveta
  200. MizuOkami: and I'll just go there
  201. Asaro: Her room
  202. MizuOkami: k
  203. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: I want to know what you feel intails MP
  204. GrandmasterSlayton: -Scratches chin- Let the crowd decide?
  205. Kila: The lag is real.
  206. SaphiraAkio: Lol.
  207. Kila: You'll kill him, Slay.
  208. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: the lack of confidence is assuring
  209. GrandmasterSlayton: We still need to figure out what "moderate" means though
  210. YuneEstraMorte: Seems interesting I may just stick around to Lurk I'm picky about who I write with now.
  211. Kila: Sorry, I just know how good he is.
  212. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: Ide say anything greater than the destruction of Manhattan Island is out
  213. MizuOkami: you're more than welcome to.
  214. GrandmasterSlayton: Granted, and I'd say that anything approaching that level of destruction requires some prep time
  215. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: likewise granted
  216. GrandmasterSlayton: I'm fine with the rules if you are. Want to go first, set the stage and all?
  217. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: any particiular genera? or pretty much anything that makes sense?
  218. GrandmasterSlayton: I'm open to whatever you've got. I'm sticking to high fantasy, personally.
  219. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: also pardons in advance, I am partly dyslexic and my keppad sometimes sticks, but I will do my best
  220. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: keypad*
  221. GrandmasterSlayton: You're good. I'll ask for clarification if I need it. -Nodnod-
  222. YuneEstraMorte: OOooooo this is gonna be good - munches on popcorn-
  223. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: likewise, referance on indoors or outdoors?
  224. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: preferance*
  225. GrandmasterSlayton: Whatever you feel like.
  226. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: ((alrighty, writting up a post now))
  227. Asaro: ((So who is fighting?))
  228. MizuOkami: ((Phantom v Slay Mid MP)
  229. SaphiraAkio: ((Awesome))
  230. Kila: ((Our son is on his way.))
  231. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: -A small village was just waking in the morning, birds chirping, men and women stirring themselves and their children in preparation for what was supposed to be a routine day. Chores would need to be done, all but a select few ignorant to what was to transpire this day. The few that had a small hint were a group of monks, standing in front of the doorway of their church, arms crossed in front of their chests in defiance of a cloaked and armoured man, one who also had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he spoke in almost mocking tones to them.- “Well? Will you still deny me entry to the Church?” -The men looked at each other for silent reassurance that non of the others were going to back down before looking back at the man, barking back defiantly.- “You will not be allowed to enter this place, your greed and lust for power taint the very ground you walk on an we will have none of this in our Church” -he stranger nodded slowly, then pointed a finger at them, a smirk in his voice as he replied simply.- “so be it, you made your choice, may God have mercy on your soul...FULGUR PERCUTIENS!!” -from his finger a bolt of lightning flew, chaining itself between the men and rendering few dead but most of them unconscious and barely alive, the armoured figure now free to enter the place should there not be another interruption or interference with his self appointed task.-
  232. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: ((always looks shroter on IMVU lol))
  233. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: shorter*))
  234. GrandmasterSlayton: (Hey, you actually gave me an idea for my post. >>)
  235. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: ((glad to be of help then lol))
  236. Gconai has joined the chat
  237. Kila: ((Hai hun))
  238. SaphiraAkio: (Welcome back Gconai))
  239. Gconai: ((Yo, spar going on?))
  240. Guest_PhantomMercsBrotherK: ((si))
  241. YuneEstraMorte: (( Yesh ))
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