Kitten Kiboodle S07EP08 My Body

Sep 8th, 2018
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  1. She had watched Kitten Kiboodle a million times, but she had greatly misinterpretated her desire to be around her favorite cats. Turns out living in a forever young cartoon world kinda blew. This evening was like every other one. Carol didn't need to look outside to know the sky was shades of purple and the moon was full. It always was here.
  3. "Snowbell, you need to get lost before the lights come on." She glanced at the blank monitor in the corner before heading to her bathroom. She needed a change of clothes and dtill would feel weird doing it in front of Snowbell. Human habits die hard.
  5. "Got tons of time." Snowbell lay stretched on her bed with his fluffy tail flopping on her sheets. "I barely got a part in this one. It's about conquering fears or some dumb shit."
  7. Hearing him talk that way was no longer shocking. Snowbell made no secret of how sick he was of filming Kitten Kiboodle. Lucky for him his character was already a grump so Cinnamon just assumed he tried to stay in character all day. "If that light comes on, you gotta go whether you're in the shot or not. You should know how pissed everycat will be if you try and skip."
  9. "It's 'everyone' now that you're here."
  11. Once Carol was presentable enough she sat on the edge of her bed. Hard to resist petting Snow's fluffy white fur but he always shied away when she tried. "Don't get pc on me. I didn't ask to be here."
  13. "Fan fucking tastic, neither did I."
  15. There was no talking him out of his bitchy mood so she allowed the room to fill up with an uncomfortable silence. She talked to her old toys of Snowbell more than the real thing. Yet he kept coming over. She didn't get it. The guy went out of his way to avoid everycat but he kept coming to her? Probably because she wasn't a cat. Possibly because she wasn't on the show. She didn't mind, really. Made her dump of a place a little brighter.
  17. A scratch at her door. She could guess. "Snow, head out." He shrugged her off with a small growl before escaping through a window to the side. Carol wanted to wait and make sure Snowbell was long gone but the scratches persisted. She wasn't at all shocked to find Doodle rushing in as she opened the door but Chrysanthemum was there too. A mismatched pair.
  19. Doodle was rushing about spying under her sheets. The Siamese was too nosey for her own good. Chrysanthemum on the other hand hung by the door. The tabby looked thinner than last time, his ribs sticking out. She waved him over but he just shook his head.
  21. Doodle never respected her privacy and after rummaging through her sheets she dove under the bed. Carol leaned against her fridge with a sigh. There was no stopping Doodle when she was like this, just a ball of energy. By the time she finished, Doodle looked none too pleased. "Carol, sweets, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't put your nip in its usual spot."
  23. "Oh, that's what this is about? Didn't realize you liked the stuff enough to try stealing. Doodle 'sweets' we all get an allowance of nip a week. If you ran out, well I don't see how that's my problem." She gestured to the door. "Take it up with Cinnamon."
  25. Doodle strutted her way toward the human, trying to hide annoyance behind a girlish laugh. "S02EP12, dear. Doodle doesn't steal. Now, being that you're a human and a fan, I just thought you'd be more giving. Humans don't have use for catnip do they? Ah, but I do! I've got a big musical number and it always helps me hold my notes. If it wasn't important I certainly wouldn't come all the way here right before showtime."
  27. "I'm sure you'll do without. I threw mine out."
  29. "Oh?" Doodle stared her down, finding enjoyment in her interrogation. "Then what is that s m e l l?" She spelled out the word then turned to Chrysanthemum and flicked her tail at him. "Here," she ordered him.
  31. It was no secret that Mum had the best nose around, but he didn't want to be part of it even as he padded forward. He kept his head down, silent.
  33. "Don't you smell something?" Doodle used a sing-song voice. Her tail flicked this way and that, already knowing the answer.
  35. "I.. Don't," Mum's eyes darted between the two females. His tail poofed out. "No. U-uh, yes!"
  37. "Don't strain yourself, Chryssy. Poor dear. If you don't work on that, everycat will walk all over you. What he meant to say is obvious. He smells a cat just like I do. Who was it? Tabbytha? Lily? Oh.. Snowbell?" She tutted as if scolding Carol. "Naughty naughty. If Cinnamon knew-"
  39. She was interrupted. The monitor in the corner rapidly flashed pink followed by a white screen with the word 'SHOWTIME' in the same pink. Three quick beeps and the screen went dark.
  41. "Aw, no fun." Doodle paused to rub herself on the human's leg before heading to the door. "We'll confab later sweets, hopefully somewhere nicer. Chryssy, move it!"
  43. Doodle didn't wait for him, going off on her own.
  45. "Sorry." Mum's words were so quiet Carol could barely hear.
  47. She pet him behind the ears. He was one of the few to like that, even giving a weak purr. "It's not you. Listen, you have to eat. Lily thinks so too. I have some cans that I can -"
  49. He jerked away uttering a quick apology before heading to her door. Once he was gone Carol went through her weekly ritual. She locked her door and covered her window with a blanket before lying down in bed. Not to sleep, but to wait for it to be over.
  51. The monitor was dark but a gentle voice came from it. "It's time again, everycat. Extras need to gather now. Everycat else please stay home and remain still and silent until filming stops. No one likes Noisy Nelly.
  53. Tabbytha... Present
  54. Doodle ... Present
  55. Snowbell... Present
  56. Chrysanthemum... Present
  57. Lily... Present
  60. Cinnamon........ Present
  63. Ginger........ Not present.
  65. Filming will now start. Make them love you."
  67. The sheets felt cold.
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