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  1. {
  2.     "color":13632027,
  3.     "type":"rich",
  4.     "description":"\u2605 RULES: <https:\/\/\/rules>\n\u2605 CONNECT TO SERVER: Direct Connect,\n\u2605 WEBSITE: <https:\/\/\/>\n\u2605 WIKI: <https:\/\/\/>\n\u2605 DONATE: <https:\/\/\/redrumrp>\n\u2605 MERCH: <http:\/\/\/merch>\n\u2605 ROADMAP: <https:\/\/\/>\n\u2605 REPORT ABUSE: <#558746369817313292>\n\u2605 NEED HELP: <#603695318219096096> or <#558746369817313292>\n\u2605 FOUND BUG: <#558746369817313292>\n\u2605 GENERAL SUGGESTIONS: <https:\/\/\/>\n\u2605 CUSTOM CAR SUGGESTIONS: <http:\/\/\/bNirbfonERbbXIV2>",
  5.     "title":"Community Links"
  6. }
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