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The Forgotten History of the Finno-Korean Hyper War

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Feb 5th, 2016
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  1. The Forgotten History of the Finno-Korean Hyperwar
  2. By Han Myung-soo
  4. Chapter 1: A History in Perspective
  6. History as it is taught today covers what are believed to be the most
  7. influential and world-changing events that have ever taken place. The
  8. French Revolution, the Second world war, the independence of the United
  9. States; various great wars, social policies, and catastrophes that have
  10. molded each and every society that we live in today.
  12. But there is one war that is not taught about in schools. Two great empires
  13. that have been forever lost due to the passage of time, human meddling,
  14. and simple bad luck. This book hopes to cover, catalog, and detail
  15. every facet of the greatest conflict to have ever taken place on our planet;
  16. the Finno-Korean Hyper War.
  18. The hyper war fought between the Finnish and Hwan empires brought about change
  19. that readers very often find difficult to believe. It is easy for us to think
  20. of the annihilation of a people when we are taught of the holocaust, or of the
  21. more successful battles between the Spanish Conquistadors and the Aztec empire.
  22. The difference between the Hwans and the Aztecs, though, is that we still remember
  23. the Aztecs. During and after the fall of the Hwan-guk, the Finnish empire set its
  24. sights on the complete destruction of any and all policies, relics, and other
  25. evidence that the Hwan empire had even existed at all. The bloodthirst of Hernando
  26. Cortez pales miserably in the face of the destruction campaign wrought by the use
  27. of the Finnish Empire's ultimate weapons of destruction.
  29. What the reader must understand is that the level at which the Finno-Korean hyper war
  30. changed and shaped the present day is unimaginably great. We are still discovering
  31. various elements of today's society that were left as mere imprints from the existence
  32. of the great empires and their various allies and enemies. Everything from governments to
  33. mere social interaction comes from our forefathers of a forgotten time. Would you
  34. believe that modern Finnish social etiquette is nothing more than the result of an
  35. extremely powerful biological weapon used against their ancestors by the Hwans? Most
  36. fall into doubt and suspicion long before they begin to believe the truth.
  38. So I hope you, the reader, are able to adequately let go of your perception and beliefs
  39. of the modern world, in order to fully understand these greatest of empires. I hope you,
  40. the reader, are among those who fail to accept the reality of this war due to
  41. preconceived notions of history and its evolution. I hope you are ready to learn of the
  42. greatest war to ever shape our every way of life.
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