kunori - Episode 10 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 25th, 2014
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  3. Following the last scene of the previous episode, here's Sinon with a Type 54 Black Star pointed at her by Death Gun who finally appeared.
  4. The star mark on its grip was on the original Tokarev too, I think it originated from the《Red Star》that symbolizes Leninism.
  6. There was a click when Death Gun held the Black Star, but the actual gun's assembled tightly, so it apparently wouldn't make that sound.
  7. But a visual work for TV needs its sounds, so I beg for your pardon if it ticks you off!
  9. Death Gun's lively movement as he retreats into a pillar's shadow and readies his L115 after getting shot at looks good, doesn't it…!
  10. Likewise for the firing noise from the rifle with a suppressor attached.
  12. As expected, the one who shot Death Gun and threw that smoke grenade was Kirito!
  13. He could only run while holding the paralyzed Sinon and even the burden of Hecate II thanks to his high STR and the light photon sword.
  15. The familiar 3-wheeled buggy and even a robot horse! There're three, but two are unusable without a handle or tires if you look carefully.
  16. Good thing Sinon gave her advice before Kirito wavered between the horse and buggy, lol.
  18. Kirito asks to destroy the robot horse Sinon said was "hard to control".
  19. He considered the possibility of Death Gun learning how to handle a horse in Aincrad if he was a ex-SAO player.
  21. SAO's VR space was completed with merely the brain and the full-dive machine.
  22. If that could grant the power to repel bullets, it could rob one of the power to move one's avatar too.
  23. I included the《Zero Fill Phenomenon》into "Accel World" when inspired by this scene later on, but that's a different story…
  25. Sinon's scared of Death Gun and panicking, but that's different from a panic attack in the real world. She might have automatically logged out
  26. through the AmuSphere's safety feature and escaped from Death Gun if she had an attack and vomited for real in the reality, though…
  28. The relief lasts only an instant! As expected of the horse! It's as though it belonged exclusively to him… It's so fast, after all!
  30. Death Gun's so scary as he chases them on… lol. Seeing this face stare at you would scare anyone, not just Sinon.
  32. Kirito, looking back as he fixes the throttle in place with his left hand. That's certainly dangerous, lol.
  33. High-tech bikes lately have that cruise control functionality, but it doesn't seem like this buggy has it… Well, yeah…
  35. Cars and drums are always ready to explode! The explosion's art is amazing…! And farewell, horse…
  37. This desert area is in the north of the stage for BoB,《ISL Ragnarok》. So Kirito and Sinon cut across the map from the south mountains.
  39. The《Metamaterial Optical Distortion Camouflage》Sinon mentioned was in kanji and read as《Optical Camo》in the books,
  40. but it wasn't clear by sound alone, so we had it read out as it was in the anime.
  42. Kirito: "She was definitely a woman." Sinon: "Yeah?"; I liked that exchange, lol.
  43. Actually, I was at Anime Expo and absent from this recording, so I first heard the voices on the workprint too.
  45. 《Jyuushi X》, AKA Musketeer X whose illustration wasn't used in the books! It's her first visual…! What character power… It's breathtaking…
  47. Or so I thought, but she's a corpse in the next cut…Σ(;´Д`) You're horrible, Kirito…! And he even said he borrowed her gun…
  48. Big Sis X's rifle is the《M14EBR》. Seeing as he held his shoulder, he must have gotten hit by it once.
  50. As you can't choose to log out during BoB and your corpse remains after death, there's no guarantee of escaping Death Gun even on suicide.
  52. Feels like Kirito's HP fell ever so slightly when Sinon hit him loudly. The camera will come if it judges that as combat, though…!
  54. I'm so glad Sawashiro Miyuki got the role in the scene where Sinon's emotions finally exploded! Not that I haven't thought that before.
  55. It's like her sobs are stabbing into me…
  57. I wrote this before, but Shino went to fight in GGO with the belief that she herself will get stronger if Sinon does.
  58. She thought so because she didn't have an attack when she saw or touched guns in GGO, but that was simply because the AmuSphere, a BMI,
  59. had severed her actual body senses, rather than some phenomenon in Shino's mind.
  60. As such, Shino's anxiety that she faintly guessed, that her PTSD won't recover even if Sinon gets stronger, is on the mark.
  62. Kirito reveals his sins from Aincrad upon Sinon's confession. Realizing their identical scars, could the pair stand up against Death Gun…?
  63. And thus, it'll continue next time! Thank you for following along!
  65. I received several questions, but the rifle Kirito borrowed from Jyuushi X will return to her inventory upon the tournament's end.
  66. It doesn't belong to Kirito as a dropped item.
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