Flat Earthers Use Fiber Optic Gyro to Prove Rotation

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  1. Globebusters Bob - Cami - Karen B - Rick Zimmerman & Friends Debunk Flat Earth But Try to Excuse the Results Away
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  7. [14/08/2017 23:56:01] Bob Knodel: Hello Everyone and welcome to the FOG Discussion Group.
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  9. [15/08/2017 00:01:28] GLOBEBUSTERS: OK
  10. [15/08/2017 07:40:54] Richard Blades: Hello everyone. I assume Rick has his Skype sorted now? πŸ‘
  11. [15/08/2017 07:41:29] Bob Knodel: Not sure Rik. I did get an email from him earlier though...
  12. [15/08/2017 07:46:31] Richard Blades: πŸ‘
  13. [15/08/2017 10:27:38] Richard Blades: Well, I'll try not to hijack the tread too much. I see Ken Wheeler is making some interesting videos. I have to question the Volts/sec that gets thrown around regards scaler... time is a 0 so forms no part of the equation IMO. I know conversations use time in electronics 'differently' I'm thinking more along the lines of Volts/meter but not in a conventional model sense...Volts has to be redefined correctly as does the distance reference. Unfortunately Kens not bringing anything new, but interesting topic and I think quite relevant to our Think Tank...anyway, chores to do....
  14. [15/08/2017 12:24:56] *** Rob Durham joined. ***
  15. [16/08/2017 03:23:32] Rick Zimmerman: variac arrived...but no I was saying: I got this great deal!
  16. [16/08/2017 03:24:53] Bob Knodel: So do you have to change out some parts to make it work Rick?
  17. [16/08/2017 03:27:13] Bob Knodel: I saw the video but wasn't sure if you were indicating you needed to perform that maintenance or if it was just to show the variac in the video as the one you bought.
  18. [16/08/2017 03:29:35] Bob Knodel: Rick, did you want me to add Wian to this group or would you rather discuss privately with him what sort of code you need written for the FOG?
  19. [16/08/2017 03:33:25] Bob Knodel: He has been asking about what code you need written for the FOG. Also, did you get any additional technical information from KVH for the FOG you have?
  20. [16/08/2017 03:37:43 | Edited 03:43:52] Bob Knodel: I have been thinking about how certain celestial events such as meteor showers might change the dielectric characteristics of the sky and how they might affect the FOG. Also wondering about lightning storms and how they would affect it.  Planetary/Star alignments?  The list goes on...
  21. [16/08/2017 03:43:35] Bob Knodel: Even if your rotational tests are inconclusive, there is no way IMHO that the FOG is going to read any drift as a result of a flight or extended driving trip.  Proving no curvature alone would be huge (and very doable) but I think that even if we are unable to shield away the effects of dielectric rotation, we should be able to build a decent preponderance of evidence that shows the motion picked up by the FOG is not caused by Earth rotation.
  22. [16/08/2017 03:48:24] Bob Knodel: Richard, I don't think I have seen the Ken Wheeler video you are talking about. Do you have a link?
  23. [16/08/2017 04:04:20] Cami Knodel: May I suggest adding Adam -  Ajaycee_1844 to the group. He works with an ephemeris and would have all of the planetary alignment data along with his years of research into the  Flat Earth models
  24. [16/08/2017 11:13:08] Rick Zimmerman: This variac was supposed to work as sent.  The video was from the supplier and was just to show the unit.  This was likely a broken return that was not benched and was just sent on to me.  I will get a replacement one way or another.
  25. [16/08/2017 11:13:51] Rick Zimmerman: After I get through the ZGC test, I will have a clearer mind how to proceed.
  26. [16/08/2017 11:37:34] Rick Zimmerman: The evidence I have observed point to the angle, direction and intensity of the earth's magnetic field being the cause of the FOG's "earth rate" behavior.  This was Sean McCrary's contention from the start, and all evidence I have gathered support this.  The ZGC test will easily prove this, one way or the other.
  27. [16/08/2017 11:38:23] Rick Zimmerman: There is no programming to do or needed with the FOG I have in hand.
  28. [16/08/2017 11:52:21] Rick Zimmerman: I wish to do some mobile tests with inexpensive MEMS, both with and without magnetometers in the sensor fusion.  I am gearing up for those tests.  The FOG I have does not do mobile tests.  At this point I do not know how to proceed, exactly what gear or programming is needed...and do not wish to waste huge funds or the programmers time and efforts.  When things are more clear, I will be happy to commit the funds and reach out to the programmer.
  29. [16/08/2017 11:56:49] Rick Zimmerman: Tests will tell if the inexpensive MEMS are adequate for the mobile tests.  If so...this could be become a tool in the hands of hundreds of flat earthers....
  30. [16/08/2017 13:00:54] Richard Blades: I've no objections to adding anyone who thinks they may be an asset to the research...however, this ultimately is Rick Decision. Confidentiality is obviously paramount. I'd like to bring in Karen b as an observer. She has IMO a real grasp of the current sun tracking data, demonstrates understanding of the developing Magnetic modelling, and I just feel she's an asset. I'm sure she can be trusted with confidentiality (unless people know otherwise?)...I'll just leave it out there for consideration....
  32. Bob here's the link to Ken wheelers video I was talking about
  36. [16/08/2017 13:09:30] Richard Blades: Well, as far as the programming, again ricks call, bob...what are the terms of wians contributions? If he can provide code to run on Arduino to simply dump all serial data from the 9 pin to SD...for free? We'd be mad not to take it...I foresee the need to enclose the unit and the degaussing canisters have too many holes in them for my liking 😜 there's a nice gap separating the cans I noticed, how much did it cost Rick? I'd be tempted (if it was my money) to pour molten bismuth in that gap. Hopefully there's no need to consider that yet πŸ˜‚
  37. [16/08/2017 13:13:47] Richard Blades: Bad news on the Variac, hope they replace that sucker quickly...would be fun to fix though πŸ™„ I live in the wrong country...'how do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?' (Hudson -Aliens) 😜
  38. [16/08/2017 16:13:32] Bob Knodel: OK Rick, I will let Wian know that we don't need any programming right now but might in the future.  Also, sorry for the misunderstanding about the mobile tests. I just re-read the email chain and realized that you had already stated this. (This is why I like Skype better for this group communication. You don't have to sift the through the redundant replies.)  :-)
  39. [16/08/2017 16:14:23] Bob Knodel: Thank you Richard for the link. I notice it is brand new and I hadn't caught up with Ken's latest yet but I will check it out today.
  40. [16/08/2017 16:17:54] Bob Knodel: As far as Karen B and Ajaycee1844, I also believe they can be assets to this discussion and can be trusted to keep the findings confidential until we are ready to release them.
  41. [16/08/2017 16:19:44] Bob Knodel: Oh, and just FYI, Wian is willing to provide any programming services at no cost and is quite adept at Arduino interface and programming so when and if we need him, he is there...
  42. [16/08/2017 16:22:38] Bob Knodel: So Rick, if you have no objections to Karen B and Adam, Ajaycee 1844 being brought in to collaborate on this discussion, I will add them to the group. Just let me know...
  43. [16/08/2017 17:32:17] Richard Blades: Lol...Just noticed the discussion thumbnail πŸ‘ nice
  44. [16/08/2017 17:56:08] Cami Knodel: Dream team imho.  I have so much respect for all included.
  45. [16/08/2017 18:05:18] Richard Blades:
  46. [16/08/2017 18:07:01] Richard Blades:
  47. [16/08/2017 18:07:40] Richard Blades: Oh, for sure Cami 😊
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  49. [16/08/2017 20:55:00] Rick Zimmerman: A new variac is being sent.  The likely problem was the box was shipped upside down...this placed weight on the top dial and crushed the carbon brush (that rides the windings) beneath it.  Carbon powder was seen in the box.
  50. [16/08/2017 20:56:43] Bob Knodel: Wow! That's the reason I was wondering if you had to replace the brushes (per the video) before it would work. LOL!  Funny how that played out!  :-)
  51. [16/08/2017 20:58:00] Rick Zimmerman: I received a belated shipment notice for the ZGC today.  The unit was shipped Monday (8/14).  It is coming from I hope to have it before the weekend.
  52. [16/08/2017 20:59:07] Bob Knodel: I hope so. Lots of tests to do especially with the eclipse coming.  I wish I was there to help you...
  53. [16/08/2017 20:59:45] Rick Zimmerman: I almost told the fellow to just ship the brush assembly...but, I don't think I would have received it any sooner than the replacement.
  54. [16/08/2017 21:00:26] Bob Knodel: I agree. Plus there may have been some other damage to the unit besides the brush.
  55. [16/08/2017 21:00:59] Bob Knodel: Also, while you are here, do you have any objections to me adding the people listed above to this group?
  56. [16/08/2017 21:01:07] Rick Zimmerman: There was...the gauge lens was cracked.
  57. [16/08/2017 21:01:19] Bob Knodel: Well there you go....
  58. [16/08/2017 21:03:32] Bob Knodel: Hopefully they will pack the new variac a little better.  I am excited to hear the results.
  59. [16/08/2017 21:03:45] Rick Zimmerman: Sorry, I forgot about that...please do add anyone you wish to.  No need to run that by me.  I trust your judgment (or anyone already in the group) on anyone else you wish to add.
  60. [16/08/2017 21:05:16] Bob Knodel: OK, Thanks Rick. I think we definitely all have the best intentions for the outcome of this research.  We have a group of great heads on this and I am quite optimistic!  :-)
  61. [16/08/2017 21:08:22] *** Bob Knodel added Adam Carter, Karen B ***
  62. [16/08/2017 21:09:35] Bob Knodel: Hello Adam and Karen. Welcome to the group.
  63. [16/08/2017 21:09:48] Adam Carter: Hello Bob, hello people . . .
  64. [16/08/2017 21:10:03] Karen B: Hello. Thanks for letting me join :)
  65. [16/08/2017 21:10:22] Adam Carter: At the risk of sounding like a dumb-Brit . . . what's FOG ?
  66. [16/08/2017 21:11:15] Cami Knodel: Good to hear Rick,. I had been discussing with Adam and I realized I should have asked. Best wishes, Cami
  67. [16/08/2017 21:11:35] Bob Knodel: Hi guys. If you aren't already familiar, Rick, 7th Day Truth Seeker, is the gentleman doing the FOG tests.
  68. [16/08/2017 21:13:09] Cami Knodel: Karen BπŸ’œ So good to have you here !
  69. [16/08/2017 21:13:25] Bob Knodel: You may want to familiarize yourself with electrical dielectrics, dielectric rotation, and dielectric/ether fields. I know, homework already...  ;-)
  70. [16/08/2017 21:13:46] Cami Knodel: Fiber optic gyro
  71. [16/08/2017 21:14:11] Adam Carter: I can live with that; Karen, Rob, Rick it's good to make your acquaintance . . .
  72. [16/08/2017 21:14:21] Adam Carter: Thanks Cami . . .
  73. [16/08/2017 21:14:36] Karen B: Hi Cami ❀️ and Bob. I've been looking into those things a bit already but I'm still learning.
  74. [16/08/2017 21:14:58] Karen B: Hi Adam good to meet you
  75. [16/08/2017 21:15:56] Karen B: Hello Rick :)
  76. [16/08/2017 21:17:59] Cami Knodel: I am too Karen, and learning so much more as I've been following along the conversation.  Big thank you to the guys
  77. [16/08/2017 21:20:33] Bob Knodel: Rick is on to some fascinating findings. We have had a few surprises with what the FOG's have shown. In short, the FOG IS detecting a rotational motion.  We believe that what is being detected is the energetic rotation of the SKY, which is being detected by the FOG via the dielectric rotational field of the heavens. We have a few ideas on how to shield the FOG from this field and Rick has been working to implement these ideas. That is pretty much where we are but so far the gathered evidence looks promising.
  78. [16/08/2017 21:23:24] Bob Knodel: Rick is also trying to generate fields to see how the FOG responds to other influences at different angles. Again, some interesting findings...
  79. [16/08/2017 21:23:38] Adam Carter: How close is FOG to Ring-Lazer-Gyro, are they the same thing ?
  80. [16/08/2017 21:23:39] Rob Durham: Hi Karen and Adam. Still following with great interest. I'm about to upload a new video that I've been working on for 8 months now! Rushing to make the final edit before a 4 day kayaking trip! Good luck to all expeimentees on the forthcoming eclipse!
  81. [16/08/2017 21:24:12] Adam Carter: Looking forward to your next video Rob . . .
  82. [16/08/2017 21:25:52 | Edited 21:26:30] Bob Knodel: Adam, they are pretty close with the difference of a ring laser gyro uses lasers in free space to compare the laser phase differences and the Fiber Optic Gyro actually routes the light around the circuit via fiber optic cable.
  83. [16/08/2017 21:26:19] Adam Carter: Got it . . .
  84. [16/08/2017 21:29:46] Cami Knodel: I'm looking forward to Adam"s next video.  He has just made a planisphere that extends out to include entire sky :)
  85. [16/08/2017 21:31:13] Cami Knodel: Happy kayaking Rob!
  86. [16/08/2017 21:33:59] Bob Knodel: Thanks Rob! We are hoping we will be able to recover this balloon after the eclipse and if we're really lucky, we might even catch some interesting black bodies during the eclipse.  There are several people launching balloons with this explicit purpose. :-)
  87. [16/08/2017 21:36:22] Richard Blades: Welcome Karen and Adam
  88. [16/08/2017 21:36:35] Adam Carter: I'm really looking forward to seeing what's up there and I think we have the numbers on our side, there's gonna be quite a few up there.
  89. [16/08/2017 21:36:43] Adam Carter: Hello Richard . . .
  90. [16/08/2017 21:43:16] Rob Durham: I am keen to see the trajectory of "the moon" as it eclipses the sun. The predicted animation on TimeandDate is very oddπŸ€”
  91. [16/08/2017 21:46:31] Adam Carter: I think the information that comes in about actual shadows that are cast by the Moon will give us something to work with too.
  92. [16/08/2017 21:47:34] Adam Carter: Time-and-Date has the distinct air of la-la land.
  93. [16/08/2017 21:54:17] Bob Knodel: We will also have a solar telescope and a couple of P900's with solar filters all shooting from the ground.  It's gonna be a busy day...  ;-)  Chris Van Matre ( and Bo - bmslb ( will be with me in Alliance, Nebraska in the path of totality.  This will be the first solar eclipse I have ever witnessed.  Awesomeness!  :-)
  94. [16/08/2017 22:01:38] Bob Knodel: Yes Adam, I agree.  Rick will be running FOG experiments during the eclipse.  The idea is that if the Sun is actually a highly charged orb in the sky then it should have quite an influence in the behavior of the dielectric field. When it is eclipsed, there should be some very anomalous behavior in that field which in turn we think might influence the FOG. Just a theory but I definitely think it is worth investigating.
  95. [16/08/2017 22:03:29] Bob Knodel: This could also explain the anomalous behavior in the Foucault's Pendulum during eclipses and significant celestial alignments.
  96. [16/08/2017 22:04:12] Adam Carter: FOG is a new one for me, I'm checking it out as we speak and it seems pretty straightforward; I'll be interested to see what Rick does with it during the eclipse.
  97. [16/08/2017 22:08:54] Adam Carter: It's interesting that a number of people have zeroed in on the links between the eclipse and how it coincides with a number of things on the ground.
  98. [16/08/2017 22:11:56] Bob Knodel: Yeah we thought it was pretty straightforward too and I for one never expected the FOG to pick up a rotational reading roughly commensurate with the rotation of the Earth.  Fortunately, Richard saw it coming and correctly predicted that rotation would indeed be registered.  After we all got our stomachs out of our throats, we started thinking of ways to negate or influence the dielectric rotational field and that led to Richard suggesting we encase the FOG in casted Bismuth.  From there Rick went to work with a Helmholtz coil. The variac he ordered was intended for use in changing the field intensity generated by that coil.  I think that sums it up but I am sure that Rick, Richard, or Rob will add in if I forgot or misinterpreted anything.
  99. [16/08/2017 22:16:12] Adam Carter: Is any of this stuff going up with the balloon ?
  100. [16/08/2017 22:19:16] Bob Knodel: No, the only things the balloon is going up with is 3 cameras, 2 tracker units, a flight computer, and our hopes for a safe return.  :-)  Besides, I don't think Rick would want to launch his new very expensive FOG into near space, and I can't say I'd blame him. :-)
  101. [16/08/2017 22:26:25] Adam Carter: It's a lot of money to send up there, just mildly curious. I'm still getting to grips with the electro-magnetic universe and it gives shed-loads to think about.
  102. [16/08/2017 22:27:18] Adam Carter: On wonders exactly what the powers-that-be have been measuring for the last umpteen years.
  103. [16/08/2017 22:31:05] Richard Blades: Thats pretty much the story Bob.
  104. [16/08/2017 22:33:29] Richard Blades: I saw Karen had posted in facebook regarding observations of the moon, suggests a confirmation the moon is a crystal like object...seems Cami was probably right all along
  105. [16/08/2017 22:33:34] Bob Knodel: Yes Adam, one wonders indeed...
  106. [16/08/2017 22:34:33] Adam Carter: Out-of-context Bob, next time we speak, bring up Ceres and the next Lunar Eclipse.
  107. [16/08/2017 22:34:59] Cami Knodel: I have always watched "space weather". They are measuring such things as electron flux and solar wind ..which is just charged particle density and speed ....they pay special attention to the magnetic readings....
  108. [16/08/2017 22:38:35] Cami Knodel: Fun side note to Adam, red shift and blue shift are magnetic properties that can be duplicated and shown under a ferrocell.
  109. [16/08/2017 22:39:52] Richard Blades: ...and during the eclipse
  110. [16/08/2017 22:40:28] Richard Blades: ...whilst looking for shadow bands
  111. [16/08/2017 22:40:51] Adam Carter: Yeah I think the eclipse has closer ties to what's happening down here than we are led to believe . . .
  112. [16/08/2017 22:41:12] Rob Durham: I think you pretty much covered it Bob. Has anybody seen the mainstream articles covering animal behaviour during a solar eclipse? Ken Wheeler believes that birds have sensitive magnetic receptors in their eyes that aid in navigation whilst migrating. I won't see the eclipse but those who do, please observe if possible? Dogs are also supposed to be sensitive. Our animal friends have much more heightened senses than us ignorant humans so it makes a lot of sense really!
  113. [16/08/2017 22:43:12] Adam Carter: Yeah, I've got one eye on the dog at the moment too although I don't expect anything significant over here, his behaviour can seem remarkably well tuned to the weather.
  114. [16/08/2017 22:56:01] Bob Knodel: Absolutely Rob! It is supposed to have profound personal and societal effects as well. Humans have a crystal of magnetite in the ethmoid bone, located between your eyes, just behind the nose. This magnetic sensor could very well be affected by the eclipse so be on the lookout for crazy people!  ;-)  Since we are all part of the electric construct, there is no doubt in my mind we will definitely sense 'a disturbance in the Force'.  :-)
  115. [16/08/2017 23:02:11] Rob Durham: Lol. I sense darkness is afoot!
  116. [16/08/2017 23:02:13] Bob Knodel: Here is something interesting.  Look at the design and complexity of the ethmoid bone.  Hmmm...
  117. [17/08/2017 01:55:02 | Removed 01:55:17] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  118. [17/08/2017 01:56:21 | Removed 01:56:26] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  119. [17/08/2017 02:02:36 | Removed 02:02:41] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  120. [17/08/2017 02:03:17 | Removed 02:03:23] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  121. [17/08/2017 02:06:42] Rick Zimmerman: The relative permeability of bismuth is very close to air.  The relative permeability of bismuth is 0.99983 and the relative permeability of air is 1.  The relative permeability of Mumetal is 100,000.
  122. [17/08/2017 02:11:29] Rick Zimmerman: The purpose of the variac is to power the degauss coil in the zero gauss chamber when you are degaussing it.   The variac produces AC voltage to degauss the zero gauss chamber.  The Helmholtz coil is powered by DC Voltage to produce a directional field.
  123. [17/08/2017 02:16:25] Rick Zimmerman: I do not know what the dielectric field is or the dielectric rotational field.  I don't know how it is measured or quantified.  I don't know how bismuth differs from air, other than to provide a solid "spacer" of sorts.
  124. [17/08/2017 02:30:20] Rick Zimmerman: Since a magnetic field cannot be blocked...the high permeability mumetal zero gauss chamber is used to attract the magnetic flux lines and route them around an object and create a zero gauss space inside the chamber.  This is the test I will be doing.  The earth's magnetic field is measurable and quantifiable.  Magnetic fields have a known (Faraday) effect on laser gyros.  The ZGC will remove the influence of the earth's magnetic field from the gyro by a factor of 1000 to 1500 times in order to test the output of the gyro during its absence.
  125. [17/08/2017 02:33:53] Rick Zimmerman: I have already proven that by opposing the direction of the earth's magnetic field with an artificial Helmholtz field, I can reverse the direction of yaw rotation registered by the gyro.
  126. [17/08/2017 02:39:56] Rick Zimmerman: I welcome Karen and Adam to this skype group...thank you so very much for your interest in these experiments.  Sorry I wasn't online earlier...I was in bed as I've been whipped by my day job, which unfortunately takes too much time and energy from my more important pursuits.
  127. [17/08/2017 03:06:47] Rick Zimmerman: A little Ohio history...the Michelson-Morely experiment, I was surprised to find out, was performed in Cleveland OH...about 70 miles from here.  It was done at what is Case Western Reserve University.  The FOG I have demonstrated can measure earth rotation rate.  I've spun it on a 24 hour rotor and it can measure 15Β° per hour with ease.   If the stationary gyro can be nulled out (or its output significantly altered) while inside the ZGC, it will be shown that the gyro's "earth rate" rotation is actually induced by the earth's magnetic field and is not true spinning globe rotation being registered by the gyro.  The next step will be to rotate the gyro while inside the zero gauss chamber and show that it can register true rotation while in that condition.
  128. [17/08/2017 03:07:27 | Edited 03:28:47] Bob Knodel: Hi Rick!  Well, I guess it would help if we were on the same page.  Sometimes we can have different concepts of something which make us look at the same thing in totally different ways.  Allow me to explain.  A dielectric field is sort of an antithesis of a magnetic field or the electrostatic. This counterspatial field exists within the ether.  Here is a clip from Eric Dollard that may help you with the concept.  I have time indexed it at the 'introductory part' but after you watch it for a while, go back and watch the 39 minutes preceding it for a little better overall context. After you see this I will try to relate it to what I believe is a dielectric field emanating from the stars and why Bismuth may be helpful in shielding it.  Also, here is another source on Bismuth's diamagnetic properties that may help you.  Please check out the 'Notable Diamagnetic Materials' chart.
  129. [17/08/2017 03:13:13] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you for trying to help me understand what you are talking about...I will look at this material.  I was just this weekend viewing a Dollard lecture...
  130. [17/08/2017 03:21:17] Bob Knodel: No problem Rick. This is not generally taught as mainstream knowledge because the mainstream is pushing the false Einstein model of the universe. Special Relativity called for the abolition of the ether so clearly it is not taken seriously by most educational institutions. The reality is that Heaviside, Maxwell, Thompson, Tesla, etc. were all very much behind the existence of the ether and I believe they were correct and Einstein was just a disinformation puppet.  I find it almost comical that your FOG as well as RLG's operate on the Sagnac effect.  Anyway, I will do my best to introduce you to the 'conspiratorial' side of electrical engineering perpetrated by Tesla and his notorious gang of heretics.  ;-)
  131. [17/08/2017 05:44:43] Bob Knodel:
  132. [18/08/2017 00:35:25] Rick Zimmerman: On earth (and over the earth) there is something (whatever "it" is) that moves a compass needle, (or that a compass needle moves in response to).   What is "it," and what is "it" correctly called?  Where does "it" originate?  Thank you.
  133. [18/08/2017 00:56:49] Bob Knodel: I am a little confused by your questions, Rick. The North Pole is likely a magnetic mountain (Meru) just like Mercator described in the midst of the 4 rivers.  It certainly isn't picking up a magnetized molten iron stream that has far surpassed the curie point and is located 3500 miles underground.  Even though it is called the North Pole, magnetically is has to be a Southern pole of a magnet to draw the N needle of a compass towards it.  As far as where or how it originated, we don't know because traveling there would be exceedingly difficult for a number of reasons. Only God could answer that question.  I hope that answers at least part of your question because the questions themselves seem a little puzzling to me.
  134. [18/08/2017 01:05:58] Rick Zimmerman: I meant where does the "force?"  that moves the compass needle originate.  Magnetic mountain works for me.  Is this "force?" a magnetic field or a dielectric field or both...both, meaning a combination of counter-spatial magnetic and dielectric lines.  Thank you.  I agreed with everything  you typed.
  135. [18/08/2017 01:08:06] Rick Zimmerman:  I received the ZGC tonight.  Unfortunately they have me doubling back to work again at midnight tonight...  So, long awaited tests will wait a little while longer...  Signing off for now.  Thank you, Bob.
  136. [18/08/2017 01:15:16] Rick Zimmerman: Okay...the magnetic lines circle Meru and the dielectric lines are counter-spatial to those circles?   I used to call the dielectric lines...lines of flux....   Is this wrong terminology?
  137. [18/08/2017 01:35:25] Bob Knodel: The force that moves the compass needle is a combination of the attractive properties of both the compass needle and the magnetic source at the North Pole (Meru). It is purely a magnetic attraction and dielectric fields have little or nothing to do with it.  Dielectric lines are not magnetic flux lines. They are counterspatial lines that run perpendicular to ALL points of the magnetic flux lines, so yes that is the wrong terminology.
  138. [18/08/2017 01:40:19] Bob Knodel: I look forward to your test results and I understand that it is a bummer to have to go to work especially when you have a bunch of new toys to play with and experiments to do.  I hope you enjoy the Eric Dollard video I linked above. I just get a good vibe from him so I tend to watch a lot of his stuff.  Theoria Apophasis is also a fantastic source of information on magnetic and dielectric fields - and field theory in general.  If you haven't seen it yet, Ken Wheeler has written a book called 'Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism' and can be downloaded for free here:
  139. [18/08/2017 01:41:53] Bob Knodel: Please feel free to keep asking questions Rick. I want to help you understand what we are looking for as best as I can. I am always more than happy to be of help to you because I feel you have done so much for me and the community.  You are greatly appreciated sir!  :-)
  140. [18/08/2017 01:58:18] Bob Knodel: I am going to re-check a few facts about the magnetic field attraction and see if I can define the attractive and repulsive 'forces' of a magnet a little more clearly for you.  Most terminology surrounding magnetism is kind of haphazardly thrown around by people (myself included) so I will endeavor to give you a more technically accurate description of the attractive and repulsive properties.
  141. [18/08/2017 01:59:04] Bob Knodel: Rob, Richard, anyone - feel free to chime in here...  ;-)
  142. [18/08/2017 02:25:05 | Edited 02:33:49] Karen B: The dielectric is the magnetic field reaching equilibrium. I think of it as the Goldie locks zone in a magnetic field. The magnetic field is a spherical and the dialectic is the center. It is where the field converges. I think of compasses as pointing to the convergence at the center of the magnetic field and the outside is divergence. The dielectric acts like the insulator keeping the electrical charge in a state of equilibrium with in the field. I hope I'm saying this right, lol. This is how I understand it. This is Ken wheelers long winded explanation.
  143. [18/08/2017 02:28:29 | Edited 02:32:54] Karen B: I think of our stationary plane as the dielectric plane of inertia. If we go too high or too low our chance of survival diminishes. But here on the plane in the state of equilibrium we thrive. The "north" pole is the center or the point of convergence. The center of the toroid and the center point in the hyperboloid.
  144. [18/08/2017 02:34:16] Karen B: Anyone feel free to correct me :)
  145. [18/08/2017 03:00:46] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you Karen...  My observations of the behavior of the gyro, is that it is responding (in all three axes) to the angle of incidence of the toroid you describe so well.  When I saw Ken Wheeler demonstrate the toroid slinky, I felt that was it, (with the center at 90Β° and flat over the equator).  I hope to forward all the prior (email) thread and have you look at all the data gathered and my conclusions through the process.  I totally resonate with what you have written.  Thank you...(off to work).
  146. [18/08/2017 03:54:16] Karen B: :) great, thank you
  147. [18/08/2017 04:10:55 | Edited 04:16:31] Bob Knodel: Actually Karen, the compass will align itself with the magnetic flux lines of the field. Depending on where you are in relation to the toroidal field, the compass needle could have quite a margin of error to it. You guys are right though, the center cross section of the toroid 'slinky' at 90 degrees does represent the dielectric inertial plane. The dielectric energies are where we get our 'ley lines' that take the flower of life form. It is all very fascinating and quite an exercise in spacial perception to kind of visualize these fields and patterns of energy surrounding us.  :)
  148. [18/08/2017 04:12:22] Karen B: Yes, thats right. Magnetic declination…. been thinking on that a lot lately too
  149. [18/08/2017 04:14:54] Bob Knodel: Magnetic declination - sort of. Magnetic declination is more required in a globe model - especially with the magnetic north being offset from the so called 'true north'. That is why we get some insane declination figures in the globe model. On a flat earth, the compass points much truer...
  150. [18/08/2017 09:33:57] Richard Blades: Don't worry, I'll chime in when I get a minute to clear my mind properly. Time zones make it awkward πŸ™„but loving the discussion, I could see the thread was warming up just as I was going to bed lol
  151. [18/08/2017 09:36:27] Richard Blades: This is going to be interesting. The problem with the 'dielectric' part of the Magnetic model is people tend to have an opinion on it and bringing forward practical demonstrations of what it is and how it works is somewhat difficult.
  152. [18/08/2017 09:43:56] Richard Blades: Most people's understanding of magnetism' is based purely on the 'ferro' aspect (by far the most powerful of the 3 known Magnetic forces) By that I mean the way magnets 'align' with each other, 'attraction', 'repulsion' Compass direction, etc
  153. [18/08/2017 09:48:39] Richard Blades: In this thread, we will bring forward our theories and hopefully bash them around a bit. Some aspects will be demonstrable, others not so easy...however, I feel by the end we will all be in a much better position to build the ultimate theory and model...this is going to be great πŸ‘
  154. [18/08/2017 10:19:15] Richard Blades: I've much more to add. I'll pop in and out in between chores/caring for Marylea.
  156. We will be referencing Ken Wheeler and Dollard quite a bit, however, I'm not yet convinced that either of these people have it all done and dusted and to be regarded as 'gods'...both of these guys believe they live on a ball don't forget...and neither of them go to work in an antigravity craft (well, as far as we know 😜)
  157. [18/08/2017 10:26:59] Richard Blades: The compass (magnet) on the far right demonstrates how you can be fooled into thinking you are traveling 'directly' towards the North Pole, when in fact, it would be much more 'direct' if you ignored it and dead reckoned instead...this is Declination, and a great little trick if you are an elite and want to hide land and generally confuse people
  158. [18/08/2017 10:27:48] Richard Blades: ....And is 'Ferromagnetic'
  159. [18/08/2017 10:48:43] Richard Blades: I'll probably will using the (proper) right hand rule quite a bit (and the left hand rule), so please familiarise yourselves if you don't know it...
  160. [18/08/2017 10:49:57] Richard Blades: ...and doing this with it to explain what I think is happening in the sky (and here on the ground)
  161. [18/08/2017 10:52:28] Richard Blades: Feel free to tear me to pieces at anytime...😜
  162. [18/08/2017 11:01:25] Richard Blades: For those that haven't seen, this is Ricks setup for his Helmholtz coils. If I remember correctly, each coil is 3000 feet of wire...the FOG is in the middle
  163. [18/08/2017 11:02:05] Richard Blades: The idea is to remove/manipulation of the Earths Magnetic field
  164. [18/08/2017 11:02:52] Richard Blades: Rick will also be using one of these...Zero Gauss chamber....
  165. [18/08/2017 11:05:52] Richard Blades:'s what the big boys with big budgets use...
  166. [18/08/2017 11:06:42] Richard Blades: ...right, stuff to do...catch up later πŸ‘
  167. [18/08/2017 12:58:30] Karen B: Yes declination is interesting because they don't really tell us how find our declination they just tell what it is for our area and I am sure they don't give us the true declination.
  168. [18/08/2017 14:53:51] Adam Carter: Hello Karen; as far as it has crossed my radar, specifically relating to the lights in the sky, Declination seems to be the sky-high equivalent of Latitude; although 'Latitude' in the sky seems to have a completely different interpretation to our common use of it on the ground . . . What say you ?
  169. [18/08/2017 16:23:31 | Removed 16:24:11] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  170. [18/08/2017 16:36:09] Rick Zimmerman: Karen...if you have an okay email address to forward the old email threads...please let me know.  I think Skype has a character count limit...having trouble pasting here.  My email is
  171. [18/08/2017 16:37:15] Karen B: Yes,
  172. [18/08/2017 16:56:13] Karen B: Adam, I don’t quite get the association with latitude to be honest. But after the sun tracking sessions I’ve done I have noticed what they tell us and what is is totally different. The problem is its hard to prove because the only way I know how to find declination with out the help of a declination calculator is to track the suns movement during solar noon and the angle of midpoint of the shortest shadow should be true north. Example, in my location USGS says my declination is 7 degrees West.  I measure 12 degrees. I measured this on a globe model in Autocad first, then confirmed it with a sun track. At first glance its like i confirmed the globe model, but WHY is it different?
  173. [18/08/2017 16:59:41] Karen B: Its like the north pole is bigger than they say it is, but I cant confirm that unless I get this info for multiple locations.
  174. [18/08/2017 17:15:32] Rick Zimmerman: They will have me back in work this afternoon.  I promise to do the test tonight if they don't keep me too late.   ...or, early tomorrow, if not then.
  175. [18/08/2017 17:17:10 | Edited 17:17:45] Bob Knodel: Wow! I feel as though I have just been schooled on something that I had a totally different concept of.  I have always visualized declination as a correction from magnetic to true North. I asked Cami about what Richard said above re the declination being the difference of the flux orientation with respect to the actual position of the magnetic North pole. What Richard said is in stark contrast to what I thought I understood about it. I had visualized declination being the difference between magnetic and true North but was under the impression that it was distorted more and more because as you moved around the globe, the distortion between the two grew greater - thus the reason for my statement that the declination would not be as severe on a flat earth model.  Cami just showed me the magnetic declination map where the lines of flux were shown in sort of a Yin-Yang pattern and colored red and blue for positive and negative declination. Needless to say, this map has given me a whole new concept of Richards explanation of dead reckoning.  :)  I guess the main difference between these two concepts would be the orientation of the flux lines over the earth. We are led to believe that in the ball earth the flux lines run mostly N-S parallel to the surface - which would be commensurate with a bar magnet inside the Earth running parallel to the longitudinal axis.  The FE model, using the center of the toroid as the dielectric inertial plane changes the flux lines to a different layout over the plane.  As if I didn't already have enough spacial perception problems, you guys just blew my head off my shoulders!  (rofl)
  176. Cami Knodel
  177. [18/08/2017 17:18:45] Cami Knodel: It was a bit premature in the previous thread lol
  178. Karen B
  179. [18/08/2017 17:20:30 | Edited 17:25:16] Cami Knodel: Karen ❀. Thanks!
  180. [18/08/2017 17:22:22] Karen B: :)
  181. [18/08/2017 17:22:26] Rick Zimmerman: Bob...I was just thinking the same thing this morning...the toroidal layout of the declination map.  I also had the misconception of the straight lines... and was finally seeing the light this morning.  Awesome stuff!
  182. [18/08/2017 17:23:04] Bob Knodel: I do agree with Richard about the dead reckoning part but we seem to have arrived at the thought about it in very different ways. There was a Globebusters show where I discussed this in depth.  Funny how the orientation differences between flat earth and ball earth continue to disorient the thought process.
  183. [18/08/2017 17:23:56] Bob Knodel: Well I am glad to see we made it to the same page as the rest of the group Rick.  This is gonna be a very enlightening group for us all.  :-)
  184. [18/08/2017 17:25:32] Rick Zimmerman: The Wheeler link Karen sent was very helpful.  That was the key, for me.
  185. [18/08/2017 17:27:06] Karen B: This really is great because I have been looking into this subject on my own with no one else really to discuss it with so I am grateful to be included :)
  186. [18/08/2017 17:28:53 | Edited 17:29:13] Bob Knodel: Ken Wheeler has been very helpful to me as well - even though he used many terms I was totally unfamiliar with when I first started watching him.  Once you pick up his vocabulary his message starts clearing up.  :)
  187. [18/08/2017 17:33:38] Bob Knodel: Awesome Karen!  It is best we get our magnetic field orientation perceptions straight before we try to extrapolate the dielectric field behavior.  :-)  It is my contention that it is the dielectric counterspace forces that are actually being picked up by the FOG - and I am pretty sure Richard agrees.  This is the reason for all the shielding and attempts to influence the fields surrounding the FOG are being attempted.  We are on some uncharted territory here.  Ain't it exciting?  ;-)
  188. [18/08/2017 17:35:39] Karen B: Yes very. I agree, this is why my magnetic declination video hasn't been finished yet. (nerd)
  189. [18/08/2017 17:43:48] Rick Zimmerman: I had been unhappily thinking that the toroid model failed (to an extent)...because the lines were crossing and not straight as they should be.  Then I saw the Wheeler ferrocell lines as they really are...and realized that the  earth's field must be the same.
  190. [18/08/2017 17:44:01 | Edited 17:53:16] Bob Knodel: I feel compelled to elaborate on my statement above. IMHO, the stars above are part of a complimentary energy system and they are of course rotating above us.  This would imply that the magnetic and dielectric fields associated with the heavens are rotating as well.  It is this field and its dielectric counterspace energies that I believe the FOG is picking up.  If we can shield and manipulate this field then we have a good explanation against the argument that the FOG is actually picking up the motion of the rotation of the Earth.  EM and dielectric shielding should have nothing to do with the theoretical operation of how the FOG registers motion - but a rotating counterspacial field could explain what we are seeing perfectly...
  191. [18/08/2017 17:45:28] Bob Knodel: Yes Rick. The ferrocell is quite an educational little tool. It goes far beyond the iron filings on paper above a magnet experiment we all did in school...
  192. [18/08/2017 17:47:20] Rick Zimmerman: A static magnetic field changed the "rotation" (both the direction and rate of rotation) registered by the gyro.  (off to work, now)
  193. [18/08/2017 17:48:16] Bob Knodel: Indeed Rick - and by the theory that the FOG operates on, that never should have happened.  :-)
  194. [18/08/2017 17:49:16] Bob Knodel: ....unless of course the aether is real...
  195. [18/08/2017 17:49:56] Bob Knodel: Have a great day at work Rick!  :-)
  196. [18/08/2017 18:18:03] Bob Knodel: So to carry out the train of thought on the FOG, if we are able to shield the FOG from any external EM or dielectric influence, then in our theory the motion picked up by the FOG would cease to exist. This is the reason Rick purchased the zero gauss chamber. If all goes well, when rick places the FOG inside the ZGC and runs his tests for rotational motion, there should no longer be motion detected by the FOG. If that happens, it is game over for the heliocentric model.  The fact that Rick has been able to influence the registered rotational motion with the Helmholtz coils is a good sign for team flat. According to the FOG operational theory, it is the MOTION of the FOG (presumably from Earth's rotation) that physically changes the propagation time of the light going around the circuit.  If we influence or shield the EM/CS field around the FOG, that should have nothing to do with the operational theory on which it works, but if it does then that tells us that the actual mechanics of operation of the FOG are not as we have been led to understand.  Again, if I have something wrong on this, somebody please correct me.  :-)
  197. [18/08/2017 18:45:33] Richard Blades: Nope. Sounds good to me Bob πŸ‘
  198. [18/08/2017 18:50:43] Richard Blades: Easy to see how they can hide land huh
  199. [18/08/2017 18:55:24] Richard Blades: Just to add...once you get above the 80th parallel, no useable ferromagnetics for navigation. in fact, a compass will simply point to the nearest ferromagnetic object...cabin window 'north' could be much bigger than we think
  200. [18/08/2017 19:26:27 | Edited 19:29:31] Bob Knodel: This kind of makes me wonder why Sagnac didn't pick up any aether drift on his turntable apparatus while it was at rest.  Hmmm...
  201. [18/08/2017 19:28:20] Bob Knodel:
  202. [18/08/2017 19:39:03 | Edited 19:41:09] Bob Knodel: Actually upon further reflection of that question, there was no detector sensitive enough to measure that slow of a rotation (15 degrees per hour) (as far as it was being detected by phase change or interference pattern) back in Sagnac's time. That is why he rotated the turntable at the speed he did.  There's my answer. Derp!  :)
  203. [18/08/2017 21:28:43] Adam Carter: Hello again, Karen; apologies for my delay - I suspect we may be at cross-purposes; the 'Declination' to which I refer is nothing more than the astronomical reference system . . . Longitudinal references in the sky are replaced by Right-Ascension, expressed in Hours/Minutes/Seconds and Latitudinal references are expressed as Degrees, working from a zero-point at the celestial equator. I suspect the terminology is simply allied to the notion of a celestial-sphere.
  204. [18/08/2017 22:20:49] Karen B: Oh ok. Yes in that case what you said makes sense. Sorry about the confusion.
  205. [19/08/2017 02:36:49] Rick Zimmerman: Wanted to keep everyone informed...  I did some preliminary tests tonight, and unfortunately, the results were not encouraging.  I did not do any timed or filmed tests to look for subtleties at this point.  The broken variac I had received will be replaced on Tuesday.  I do not consider these experiments valid until the ZGC is degaussed, as Ashland University Prof said should happen prior to all tests.  As far as shielding is concerned, the ZGC seems to be functioning as advertised, as a blast of the Helmholtz coils outside the unit caused no discernable effects inside.  It's been a long work week, and my bed and pillow seem pretty inviting right now...  I hope everyone is doing well this evening...  Love ya all...  rick
  206. [19/08/2017 04:26:24] Cami Knodel: :) Love to you too Rick.  Sweet Dreams and thank you for everything. I've been packing camp for Nebraska, but listening through Bob and quick breaks :)  What a great discussion by all! I hope to join in soon :)  Warmest wishes,  Cami
  207. [19/08/2017 12:04:19] Richard Blades: Cheers Rick. Stiff upper lip πŸ‘
  208. [20/08/2017 01:10:43] Richard Blades: In case we don't chat before the eclipse...a reminder that sensor Kinetics is free from the App Store and will log Magnetic x,y,z readings...changes might be small...but worth a look πŸ‘
  209. [22/08/2017 09:50:52] Richard Blades: Everyone okay? Gone a bit quiet. Is it time to commission the Arduino and cast some bismuth yet? πŸ¦„
  210. [22/08/2017 21:46:21] Adam Carter: Waiting for 'Eclipse Fever' to die down Richard.
  211. Cami Knodel
  212. [22/08/2017 22:05:16] Cami Knodel: Just getting back into Denver now and getting some signal
  213. [22/08/2017 22:16:53 | Removed 22:17:44] Cami Knodel: This message has been removed.
  214. [22/08/2017 22:17:37] Cami Knodel: Eclipse was breathtaking and beautiful.  Fever well justified imho :)
  215. [22/08/2017 22:19:18] Cami Knodel: Just a glimpse of what it was like.  Pulling in driveway now.  We're home :)
  216. [22/08/2017 22:19:47] Adam Carter: Excellent, I'm so pleased you got to see it; it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. The fever I'm thinking of is the hotels a businesses who whacked up their prices and the NASA bods they trotted-out who appeared to know nothings.
  217. [22/08/2017 22:33:55] Cami Knodel: Magical lifetime experience...  of course they're going to try and damper it.
  218. [22/08/2017 22:34:40] Adam Carter: Pay them no-never-mind . . .
  219. [22/08/2017 23:09:58] Rick Zimmerman: The stars are visible in the total eclipse photo Cami posted...   Heliocentric model would have them be a different (180Β°) view than the night sky... This would be a rare instance where the day-side stars and "planets" would be visible to compare with the night sky.  Was wondering if anyone made an experiment of that?  Thank you.
  220. [22/08/2017 23:23:24] Cami Knodel: Damn, I just verified time taken with Satid,  who took that particular shot, and it was taken night before..... We did totally have stars during the eclipse though, and are still going through the footage.  It's an excellent idea Rick, something I hadn't thought of.  He texted me with the three shots so I assumed (wrong) it was during.
  221. [22/08/2017 23:41:59] Cami Knodel:
  223. We all saw stars during the eclipse, and someone had to have an exposure level set that picked them up on camera... even if it's not a flat earther,   it's such a smart thought
  224. [23/08/2017 00:04:51] Rick Zimmerman: The replacement variac arrived today...and this model is functional.  I ended up getting a brand new one for the price of the refurbished unit...and it works great.   I hope to do the proper degaussed ZGC tests this Saturday, and do some filmed (timed) tests then.
  225. [23/08/2017 00:10:00] Rick Zimmerman: I did test the gyro before, during and after the eclipse.  Looking at the data last night, I did not see Allais type effects.  Data rate and direction seemed consistent throughout the collected 5+ hour time frame.  I also did a Sensor Kinetics magnetometer test without notable results.  I was far from the path of totality, about 85-86%.
  226. [23/08/2017 00:26:26] Rick Zimmerman: I tried to film the eclipse.  I had a P900 which was purchased this April, and a nice Kenko solar filter on it.  I was doing my final setup moments before start of the eclipse, when the camera made a ominous clunk sound... and died.  All attempts to revive it were unsuccessful, and it was shipped to Nikon today.  I've been told the next eclipse comes straight over, I will look forward to another (even better) chance then.
  227. [23/08/2017 00:26:28] Richard Blades: πŸ‘
  228. [23/08/2017 01:00:20 | Edited 01:05:02] Cami Knodel: Sounds good Rick.  I learned yesterday that that being in the path of totality is where it is all at.  The sky was still lit at even 99 %.   It wasn't the same energy as it going night and seeing the stars.  Something everyone should experience.  I'm sorry about your camera Rick.  We've all had so many of those days.  I bit of good news.  Balloon stayed down center path entire flight and all three cameras returned excellent footage.  Also, as you can see by the pics above, we had several excellent photographers in our group with multiple cameras and a drone.  we have over 200 gigs of images and video to go through....and what I have see so far is spectacular imho.
  229. [23/08/2017 01:01:44] Adam Carter: I can't wait to see what you guys saw from the balloon camera .
  230. Cami Knodel
  231. [23/08/2017 01:06:33] Cami Knodel: Our tent has never looked better :)
  232. [23/08/2017 01:08:14] Rick Zimmerman: Thanks for the wonderful balloon news.  Was anxious to hear the results.  Congratulations to the  team.
  233. [23/08/2017 01:08:30] Cami Knodel: Chris Van Matre is going through Ballon footage now....and is pleased.  He has very high standards so I'm feeling good
  234. [23/08/2017 01:10:58] Cami Knodel: Balloon launch has its moments...all captured on video...   we launched during high wind.  Pretty comical in footage, a little stressful at the time...
  235. [23/08/2017 01:13:53 | Edited 01:33:27] Cami Knodel: Hard landing, the frame broke, one of the cameras, the cell tracker and some other equipment broke away and we thought most was lost,  but we found them all (scattered, more than 300 yards away and in very rough terrain.  it was pretty much a miracle.
  236. [23/08/2017 17:46:27] Richard Blades: Sounds like you guys had a real blast...can't wait to see what you got. All we had was thick chemtrails πŸ™„
  237. [23/08/2017 18:01:52] Adam Carter: It's British Summer-Time Richard.
  238. [23/08/2017 18:26:25] Richard Blades: ...tell me about it πŸ˜‚the climate in my fridge is more summer like
  239. [23/08/2017 18:27:26] Adam Carter: Yeah, I'm thinking of spending next Summer in the second drawer down.
  240. [26/08/2017 16:34:43] Rick Zimmerman: I have not yet completed my planned experiments for today, but I wanted to say in advance that no one has to wait for instructions from "headquarters" to pursue other avenues of research than those I am pursuing.  As I completed the requested (Sensor Kinetics magnetometer and gyro) tests on eclipse day, I will be happy to perform data collection tests with the gyro placed in supplied containers to test those shielding environments.  I see no harm in multiple lines of experiment proceeding simultaneously, or with those who possess other areas of expertise being brought in - without delay - to help solve this problem.  Unfortunately, I have zero aptitude in software creation or metal casting, and will be unable to perform in those areas...but, please don't wait to pursue those areas until I have exhausted all of my paths of thought.  Others can surely conceive and understand a "what, why and how" that is lost on me and my knowledge base, so, please don't waste time on me, as I may never be able to catch up.
  241. [26/08/2017 16:46:19] Rick Zimmerman: Links to supplied software and manufacturer manuals, data sheets and FAQs are here:  ...  and here:  They have not supplied me with information regarding the mechanics, software or electronics of the DSP-1760 3-axis gyro beyond those documents.
  242. [26/08/2017 16:53:04] Bob Knodel: Take your time Rick and please don't feel pressured for your results. I can't speak for the others but I am W A Y busy sorting out all the data we collected on the eclipse. I would say a conservative estimate of the data collected by Me, Chris Van Matre, Bo (bmlsb69), and all the other photographers in our group would be right around 1 Terabyte. Needless to say I am sifting through mountains of data and we got some SPECTACULAR footage!  :-)  :-)  :-)  !  I am still considering ways to help improve the data you have collected as well.  Anyway Rick, take your time and please do not get discouraged.  We are with you brother and we are doing a good thing here.  That is all that matters.  Cheers!
  243. [26/08/2017 19:39:24] Richard Blades: Message received and understood Rick. Everyone is overwhelmed in one way or another at the moment. It will come together when it's meant to πŸ‘
  244. [27/08/2017 02:18:47] Rick Zimmerman:   American Elements specializes in supplying seamless Bismuth tubing with a variety of dimensions including round, rectangular, square, and oval in numerous standard diameters from 0.02 to 6.0 inches and wall thicknesses from 0.003 to 0.500 inches. Tubing can be further processed to produce rings, washers, sleeves and sheaths. Custom configurations are also available.  Materials include most metals including the rare earth metals and other advanced materials. Tubes can also be produced from custom alloys for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies. Other available shapes include bar or plate form, as well as custom machined shapes and through other processes such as nanoparticles and in the form of solutions and organometallics. We also produce Bismuth as rod, pellets, powder, pieces, granules, ingot, wire, and in compound forms, such as oxide. Other shapes are available by request.
  245. [27/08/2017 02:37:16] Rick Zimmerman: Prior sent file is about 7.5 minutes of gyro data logging.
  246. [27/08/2017 23:11:09] Richard Blades: Thanks for all the info Rick
  247. [30/08/2017 18:19:44] Rob Durham: Hey Rick, How much bismuth do you need? I can't really picture in my head what your experiment looks like as to comprehend the amount you would need.
  248. [30/08/2017 19:23:26] Richard Blades: Rob, imagine a 'flask' which is deep enough to contain the FOG, Battery and Arduino board. It would need a lid that fits pretty tight or overlap adequately. I'm hoping that it wouldn't need to be 'sealed' as such, that would be problematic. It's difficult to estimate the amount required until a design is drawn up. It's going to be quite an involved process as it will probably will need 'programming' with a Magnetic field as the bismuth cools. This will align the bismuth crystals and allow more of a shielding effect for the FOG. I might have a go at drawing something up tonight if I get a chance. The biggest obstacle is getting someone to build it...I'd happily have a go myself, but im broke/time limited/in the wrong country πŸ™„
  249. [30/08/2017 20:49:40 | Edited 20:58:55] Rob Durham: Rich I watched a video a couple of years ago now of ken wheeler experimenting with huge blocks of bismuth, so much was there in fact that he was worried about the weight of the stuff compromising the structural integrity of the wooden floor in his house. He was able to stack the blocks such that he formed a small cavity in to which he placed a magnet that levitated. I'm just wondering how important the "programming" is as I'm not sure kens blocks were programmed but then again he wasn't trying to measure (or disprove) the spin of the Earth!
  250. [30/08/2017 21:04:50] Cami Knodel: an interesting quote in the material im reading right now .....  Richard,  any thoughts?  "Strontium carbonate was used in faceplate glass to block X-ray emissions from color cathode ray tubes (CRTs)"   .....    Strontium carbonite raw material is celestite
  251. [30/08/2017 21:09:29] Richard Blades: Now that is VERY interesting Cami ;)
  252. [30/08/2017 21:13:38] Richard Blades: Im not expecting the experiment to totally eleimate the readings on the FOG, rather that we might be able to alter the vector of the incoming Dielectricity, just a little would be enough to dedunk the principle upon which they claim the FOG operates. If it even slighty works, that would open a whole can of cool stuff
  253. [30/08/2017 21:14:52] Cami Knodel:
  254. [30/08/2017 21:17:38] Richard Blades: Not sure what ken was planning with all that bismuth...i saw that too. I commented on one of his videos how his Bismuth coffin was working out and he replied something like 'not so good'...hmmmm
  255. [30/08/2017 21:32:58 | Removed 21:33:27] Richard Blades: This message has been removed.
  256. [30/08/2017 21:33:44] Richard Blades: Perhaps i should rename that to something useful...
  257. [30/08/2017 21:36:03] Richard Blades: Bob...this PDF. pages 15-20 detail the serial output for the FOG
  258. [30/08/2017 22:40:13] Cami Knodel:
  259. [30/08/2017 22:41:53] Cami Knodel: Richard ?  :)
  260. [30/08/2017 22:58:13] Richard Blades: One momemt
  261. [30/08/2017 22:58:24] Richard Blades: *moment
  262. [30/08/2017 22:58:30] Cami Knodel: Lol
  263. [30/08/2017 22:59:42] Richard Blades: Blue: Arduino and SD capture Purple: FOG Green: Battery
  264. [30/08/2017 23:00:33] Richard Blades: SD Module for Arduino**********************
  266. Data Logger Module Logging Recorder Shield V1.0 for Arduino UNO SD Card
  270. Arduino Board******************************
  272. Arduino UNO R3 ATMEGA328 CH340G Development board Microcontroller + Data Cable
  274. An Arduino Uno uses about 45 mA current.
  279. Battery for the FOG @9V/8W = 0.888 mA
  281. PP9 BATTERY 9V 4000mAh
  284. [30/08/2017 23:02:04] Richard Blades: Thanks Cami...will give it a good look ;)
  285. [30/08/2017 23:04:31 | Edited 31/08/2017 00:21:13] Richard Blades: so...enough bismuth to cast a shell 300mm x 100 with 10mm walls plus lid
  286. [30/08/2017 23:04:59] Richard Blades: of course, Bismuth EXPANDS as it cools...
  287. [30/08/2017 23:26:24] Richard Blades: That battery would run for (in theory) 4 hours
  288. [30/08/2017 23:41:10] Richard Blades: Its a rough design. I'm thinking of improvements already, and i can present it as a proper tech drawing with a few more's late here πŸ™„
  289. [31/08/2017 00:01:55] Cami Knodel: Whoa...  nice
  290. [31/08/2017 07:33:07] Rob Durham: Cami, are you thinking there may be an ulterior motive for the spraying of strontium in the atmosplane?
  291. [31/08/2017 08:18:01] Richard Blades: Strontium has been used in holographic projections. The trouble here is that the manipulation of magnetism in the atmosplane could have many nefarious applications. Projections, light inhibitors, EMF signal manipulation...EMP Reflection...
  292. [31/08/2017 08:45:03] Richard Blades: It's the combination of this and machines like CERN that conCERNs me (thanks bob 😜) and it ties in with the night terrors that I used to have as a child...without sounding like a complete nut job, I think the target is the Moon
  293. [01/09/2017 07:07:15] Richard Blades: Slightly longer, added Bismuth spacers to create chambers. Sorted wall thickness out...a couple of things I was to add still. A work in progress...
  294. [04/09/2017 19:02:26] Cami Knodel: Rob,  it's certainly an idea worth pondering imho
  295. [04/09/2017 19:10:57 | Edited 19:14:29] Cami Knodel: ..but I was more wondering if adding in some simple shielding to what Rick is building would benefit in any way.  It is more a learning question for me and might not be relevant :)
  296. [06/09/2017 13:42:58] Richard Blades: Hi Cami 😊 sorry for the slow reply, I'm away from home and I'm out of mobile data 😜 I think it most definitely has a lot of merit and I'll have a good think about that. I'll try and incorporate it in. Not too sure how, I'll research the method used in the CRT application and go from there. I'll contact American Elements when something near finalisation, I have a few questions for them regarding construction possibilities and a few other things.
  297. [06/09/2017 13:43:38] Richard Blades: If anyone feels that something should be considered or added, by all means say so πŸ‘
  298. [06/09/2017 15:28:39] Cami Knodel: My line of thought... and it's just a thought...  is that the emissions (xrays,etc) that crt screens block are in motion and are (a small) portion of the aether.  By adding a simple old tv screen over your might work as a filter that screens out some of the field (kinda like a. polaroid filter or sunglasses does with light)  to give you a little less to correct for.    This would work as an augmentive element only if it has any merit
  299. [06/09/2017 15:30:03] Cami Knodel: Just a thought
  300. [08/09/2017 19:41:46] Cami Knodel: Has the gyro been running at all during the strong/severe level geomagnetic storms that we have been experiencing?   :)  I'm curious if there is a measurable effect or not.  I see how much you are doing Rick and am in no way trying to add more to it. β™‘  I was just asking in case it was happened to be in a test mode β™‘
  301. [09/09/2017 01:40:50] Rick Zimmerman: I was not aware of the geomagnetic storm.   No tests were conducted.
  303. It was a normal week for me, enduring the slings and arrows of my day job, which started with an all-nighter midnight call-out on β€œlabor day.”
  307. The above video is not entirely accurate with the cable assembly shown.  
  309. The cord that plugs into the unit sticks straight up from the gyro’s plug as high again as the unit itself.  It is a solid plastic tube filled with glue.
  311. Also, the plug that goes into the Serial to USB converter is a regular looking plastic 9 pin Serial plug...not a side mounted metal contraption like they show.
  313. Other than that it is accurate.  The chamber has to have room to stuff all that cord.
  315. The connector at the gyro is difficult to order...I tried to order one from a 3rd party, but you have to know the pin size used...and order the individual pins!  I gave up.  I’m sure KVH will sell one (for a price).
  317. The wall wart is 12 volts.  The only mod needed is to chop off the wall wart (minding the polarity) and attach the battery.
  319. -------------------------------------------------------------
  321. Here are some studies on the effect of high frequency radiation on FOGs.  Seems like they are talking about gyros used in β€œspace,” where such radiation exists.
  329. I see bismuth coated objects are used as shielding for CT scans.
  331. They use lead aprons to shield medical x-rays.  (high frequency radiation)
  333. I’ve thought of trying to bury the unit in a pile of lead aprons.  Lead is rated lower than bismuth...but greater thickness equalizes things?  Here is a 6 by 8 inch, one inch thick lead box that weighs 175 pounds:  
  337. I have fruitlessly searched many times for a similar (off the shelf) bismuth container.
  339. Is it high frequency radiation that we are trying to block?  My understanding is that lead and bismuth are transparent to magnetic fields.
  341. ----------------------------------------------------------
  343. Here is an old 80’s article on the effect of natural magnetic fields on FOGs:
  347. Here is a more recent article on magnetic fields and FOGs:
  351. I did not purchase any of the articles linked.
  353. The mu-metal (magnetic field) shield I acquired, even with a proper degauss procedure before testing, had no effect on the gyro output.  
  355. The inside diameter of the chamber is 6 inches.  If the outside of the bismuth chamber is smaller than could slide inside the mu-metal cylinder to try both shields together.  I'm not sure what that would accomplish, though.  
  357. What we block must vary by latitude. The natural toroidal magnetic field changes angle of incidence with latitude.  The FOG is maximum effected if the angle of the magnetic field is 90 degrees to the plane of the fiber optic coil.  The natural magnetic field perfectly fit this bill with its angle of incidence by latitude.. Unfortunately, the earth’s magnetic field is not the cause of the FOG earth rate though.
  359. --------------------------------------------------------------
  361. Dollard says β€œmagnetism is aether in motion.”
  363. Is the reverse true?  Is aether in motion magnetism?
  365. When blocking a magnetic field, is that the same as blocking aether in motion?
  367. -------------------------------------------------------------
  368. [09/09/2017 01:45:44] Rick Zimmerman: I have not tested the gyro at various latitudes, but I have no reason to doubt the latitude yaw formula.  That is something that could be done, though, just to be sure.
  369. [09/09/2017 04:36:02] Rick Zimmerman: Would the gyro function change in a deep cave?  There are lead bricks that form a thick shield.
  370. [09/09/2017 15:03:52] Rick Zimmerman: An old experiment that used lead shielding...seems to say that one cannot block aether with matter?
  374. The aether drag hypothesis dealt with the question whether the luminiferous aether is dragged by or entrained within moving matter.
  378. In the Hammar experiment, conducted by Gustaf Wilhelm Hammar in 1935, a common path interferometer was used. Massive lead blocks were installed on both sides of only one leg of the interferometer. This arrangement should cause different amounts of aether drag and therefore produce a positive result. However, the result was again negative.[13]
  379. [09/09/2017 15:31:27] Rick Zimmerman: Does the earth experience an aether wind (that travels in concert with the rotation of the stars, or in concert with the earth's magnetic field lines) and varies (its angle of incidence, and possibly intensity) with latitude?  Unfortunately there is no way to create an artificial aether wind to test this hypothesis...and there is no way to measure this proposed aether wind besides saying (without an available procedure to falsify) that this is what the optical gyro is doing when it registers "earth rate."
  380. [10/09/2017 23:14:31] Richard Blades: No need to worry about the data lead for the FOG, that's easily sorted
  381. [10/09/2017 23:15:12] Cami Knodel: :)
  382. [10/09/2017 23:16:11] Richard Blades: Some great questions there Rick. Wish there was an easy answer. It seems that aether is a substance that can be what ever it needs to be 😜
  383. [10/09/2017 23:16:49] GLOBEBUSTERS: Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been around but I will now get active in the chat again.  I talked to Chris Monk and Mike Cavanaugh about our little dielectric problem and they don't think we will be able to shield it.  We were tossing some ideas around on how to proceed and I will elaborate on that shortly...
  384. [10/09/2017 23:18:02] Richard Blades: I guess, like I said before, were only looking to effect the readings from the FOG in a 'passive' manner, rather than a 'brute force' method
  385. [10/09/2017 23:18:16 | Edited 23:20:57] GLOBEBUSTERS: They both agreed that because we were able to influence it with the Helmholtz coil that was a good sign.
  386. [10/09/2017 23:18:28] GLOBEBUSTERS: Agreed Richard
  387. [10/09/2017 23:19:25] GLOBEBUSTERS: I don't know about you guys but I LOVED today's show.  I am sure we were probably over a lot of people's heads though but oh well...  ;-)
  388. [10/09/2017 23:19:57] Richard Blades: We already know that a 'huge' external Magnetic field messes it up quite nicely, but is too aggressive a move to use as an argument against the globe
  389. [10/09/2017 23:20:51] Richard Blades: Today's show was awesome πŸ‘ from what I could gauge from the chat, it was well received 😊
  390. [10/09/2017 23:21:53] Richard Blades: I agree, completely eliminating the effect is a big ask
  391. [10/09/2017 23:21:56] Karen B: Today's show was great. A lot of people will be watching it again including me. :)
  392. [10/09/2017 23:22:31] Richard Blades: ...but, just maybe a would be enough to run with
  393. [10/09/2017 23:22:59] Richard Blades: Indeed Karen πŸ‘
  394. [10/09/2017 23:23:23] GLOBEBUSTERS: There is a possibility that we might be able to attenuate it below the FOG's detection level - whatever that is...
  395. [10/09/2017 23:23:42] GLOBEBUSTERS: But I doubt we will be able to eliminate it
  396. [10/09/2017 23:24:15] Rob Durham: For clarity, what exactly do we know for sure influences the FOG ? Is it just the Helmholtz coil so far?
  397. [10/09/2017 23:25:11] Rob Durham: Great show BTW Bob
  398. [10/09/2017 23:25:17] GLOBEBUSTERS: We could also possible cancel it by feeding the dielectric field 180 degrees in opposition to it but I am not really sure how to go about that.
  399. [10/09/2017 23:25:53] GLOBEBUSTERS: Thanks Rob!  Yes, the field from the Helmholtz coil effects it but the ZGC I am guessing had no effect
  400. [10/09/2017 23:28:21] Richard Blades: I still find the fact that when inverted, the FOG doesn't run correctly πŸ€” unless I'm mistaken, I'm sure Rick said the rates were wrong when inverted?
  401. [10/09/2017 23:28:31] GLOBEBUSTERS: Chris Monk wasn't surprised we were able to interfere with the dielectric field but he seemed pretty adamant that we would never be able to block it.  I tend to agree with him but we certainly don't know for sure...
  402. [10/09/2017 23:29:12] Rob Durham: So is bismuth still a possibility? Seems to me it would be akin to the ZGC??
  403. [10/09/2017 23:30:47 | Edited 23:31:12] GLOBEBUSTERS: It is a possibility Rob but it would likely be akin to the ZGC. The problem here is we are effectively trying to block a field that exists in counterspace or essentially within the aetheric relm.  This is WAY uncharted territory...
  404. [10/09/2017 23:32:30] GLOBEBUSTERS: Interesting Richard.  I think I missed that part.  I will have to re-read Rick's notes...
  405. [10/09/2017 23:33:53] Richard Blades: To eliminate it completely would suggest to me an anti gravity like state (gwabbity he he)
  406. [10/09/2017 23:34:46] GLOBEBUSTERS: Yes, that is what conCERN's me about what they are doing with the colliders...
  407. [10/09/2017 23:34:53] Richard Blades: In the absence of ether motion, would electricity still exist? πŸ€”
  408. [10/09/2017 23:35:19] GLOBEBUSTERS: I don't think anything would exist...
  409. [10/09/2017 23:35:46] Cami Knodel: No is my thought Richard
  410. [10/09/2017 23:36:32] Richard Blades: Me too
  411. [10/09/2017 23:37:51] Rob Durham: Perhaps rick shouldn't try to eliminate the aether then as his expensive FOG may just disappear πŸ˜‰
  412. [10/09/2017 23:37:54] Richard Blades: It was early in ricks tests that he mentioned the inversion phenomenon, I can't remember if he was having teething problems in interpreting the data...
  413. [10/09/2017 23:38:05] GLOBEBUSTERS: lol
  414. [10/09/2017 23:38:14] Richard Blades: Haha
  415. [10/09/2017 23:39:21] Richard Blades: I've often wondered if the whole problem of getting above the Earths Magnetic field was one of no electronics...
  416. [10/09/2017 23:40:11] Richard Blades: ...that's why we can never leave...unless you use fossil fuels and clockworks 😜
  417. [10/09/2017 23:40:33] GLOBEBUSTERS: I don't think we can leave the magnetic field because we are integral with it.  God enclosed the structure for a reason...
  418. [10/09/2017 23:41:30] Richard Blades: ...that's why Booze Aldrin loves his circuit breakers so much...he knows they are pointless
  419. [10/09/2017 23:41:40] GLOBEBUSTERS: lol
  420. [10/09/2017 23:43:38] Richard Blades: Perhaps the elites are planning a collapse of the Magnetic field, no power for anyone...except those with fossil fuels to burn. That's why they don't want us having them...
  421. [10/09/2017 23:45:14 | Edited 23:47:11] GLOBEBUSTERS: I think they are going to try to interfere with the motion of the Sun and make Revelations prophecy come true.  I know, sounds crazy but it seems like the end times prophecies are a script to follow rather than a prophecy...
  422. [10/09/2017 23:47:21] Richard Blades: I guess messing with the field would achieve that quite nicely. CERN could be a Magnetic plughole...equally a sudden uncontrolled requisition of all that inertia could be quite spectacular too 😜
  423. [10/09/2017 23:47:39] GLOBEBUSTERS: Yeah buddy!
  424. [10/09/2017 23:48:26] Richard Blades: Anyway...sleep night 😜 late here, gonna catch some zzzzzzz πŸ‘
  425. [10/09/2017 23:48:53] Rob Durham: If the field can't be blocked, there may be merit in further experimentation with the Helmholtz coil. Was it established that it was the local "aether" being manipulated and not the inner workings of the FOG?
  426. [10/09/2017 23:49:17] GLOBEBUSTERS: Of course the prophecies in Revelations could be just that and are accurately predicting the outcome of men messing with God's creation.  Who knows?  CERN still really bothers me in any event...
  427. [10/09/2017 23:50:48] Rick Zimmerman: When I put the gyro upside registered a slightly higher rate of rotation than when right side up.
  429. But both rates were close to the latitude formula and they actually closely straddled the formula rate.
  431. Right side up registered counterclockwise rotation and upside down registered clockwise rotation.
  432. [10/09/2017 23:52:40 | Edited 23:53:12] GLOBEBUSTERS: Rob, every magnetic or electric field has a dielectric field at 90 degrees to it at every point in counterspace. What the Helmholtz coil was doing was interfering with the FOG's detection of the dielectric field by introducing a stronger dielectric field thereby overriding the orderly 15 degrees per hour of the dielectric rotational field produced as a result of the rotation of the heavens.
  433. [10/09/2017 23:53:23] GLOBEBUSTERS: Corrected above sentence.... whoops
  434. [10/09/2017 23:54:14] GLOBEBUSTERS: That would make sense Rick...
  435. [10/09/2017 23:54:44] GLOBEBUSTERS: Except for the part of it being a slightly higher rotation when right side up...
  436. [10/09/2017 23:54:54] GLOBEBUSTERS: Hmmm...
  437. [10/09/2017 23:58:05] Rick Zimmerman: My problem is the ZGC blocks the helmholz field...but not the natural field.
  439. Is it that the natural field has an aetheric (or some other) component that my artificial helmholtz field does not possess?
  440. [11/09/2017 00:00:26] Rick Zimmerman: The gyro yaw earth rate is always a little drifty.  If I re-did the tests and let the gyro warm up longer...the results might be a little different...but still close.
  441. [11/09/2017 00:01:48] GLOBEBUSTERS: Perhaps it is an issue of how the natural field is modulated, Rick.  I will think about that for a bit but that is an interesting problem...
  442. [11/09/2017 00:02:36] Richard Blades: Damn...I live in the wrong time zone (shakes fist)
  443. [11/09/2017 00:07:09] Rick Zimmerman: The digger is the gyro is affected by something we can’t generate artificially or block with material.
  444. [11/09/2017 00:08:07] Richard Blades: The ZGC blocks ferromagnetic modality, not diamagnetic or Paramagnetic (the weaker of the forces)
  445. [11/09/2017 00:10:37] Richard Blades: Perhaps unwise to lump paramagnetic in there πŸ€”
  446. [11/09/2017 00:11:10] Rob Durham: Good point Richard, perhaps the bismuth could work. Anyways is way past my bed time!
  447. [11/09/2017 00:11:58] GLOBEBUSTERS: Agreed!  Good night Rob! Good to see you around again...
  448. [11/09/2017 00:11:58] Richard Blades: That's why I was thinking bismuth specifically
  449. [11/09/2017 00:12:34] Richard Blades: Cheers Rob πŸ‘
  450. [11/09/2017 00:12:53] Cami Knodel: Good night across the pond :)
  451. [11/09/2017 00:14:11] Richard Blades: Night 😜
  452. [11/09/2017 00:18:48] GLOBEBUSTERS: Night Richard
  453. [11/09/2017 00:20:31] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you for running this past Mike and Chris.  Awesome guests today.
  454. [11/09/2017 00:23:56] GLOBEBUSTERS: You're welcome Rick!  They are both excellent engineers and I am sure they will have some valuable input for us.  Thank you for doing all the work behind the scenes.  You are a godsend to this community and I can't express that enough.  :-)
  455. [11/09/2017 00:47:31] Rick Zimmerman: I’m still planning on trying the MEMS IMU on a land distance test.  I think I have the simple setup I need constructed.  I’m due for some vacation days pretty soon and will perform then.  This slow, flat test should be accelerometer dominant, so I’m hoping the deficiencies of the gyro component of the MEMS IMU will not harm the test.  Thanks for all your efforts! I know your steady leadership has inspired many.
  456. [12/09/2017 18:53:40] *** Bob Knodel added Mike Cavanaugh ***
  457. [12/09/2017 18:55:22] Bob Knodel: Welcome Mike!
  458. [12/09/2017 18:55:23] Mike Cavanaugh: Hey everybody.
  459. [12/09/2017 18:56:26] Bob Knodel: Mike, I have this group set up so that you should be able to read all previous correspondence.  Let me know if you have any trouble searching back.
  460. [12/09/2017 18:56:58] Mike Cavanaugh: I was just reading some 😁
  461. [12/09/2017 18:57:26] Bob Knodel: Cool. I guess it works then!  Welcome to the group sir!
  462. [12/09/2017 18:57:28] Cami Knodel: Hi Mike :)
  463. [12/09/2017 18:57:28] Richard Blades: Welcome Mike 😊
  464. [12/09/2017 18:58:04] Mike Cavanaugh: Thx for i hope i can be of some help
  465. [12/09/2017 18:58:26] Cami Knodel: Richard 🍡🍩
  466. [12/09/2017 18:59:00] Richard Blades: Cami 😜 β˜•οΈπŸ©πŸ’Ž
  467. [12/09/2017 19:00:16] Mike Cavanaugh: Is it just a chat or do you guys have conference calls also to discuss projects ?
  468. [12/09/2017 19:01:09] Bob Knodel: We haven't conference called on anything yet but it is certainly an option.  So far just text...
  469. [12/09/2017 19:01:25] Mike Cavanaugh: Ok πŸ‘
  470. [12/09/2017 19:02:27] Cami Knodel: Some of us have been known to do Skype call on the side :)
  471. [12/09/2017 19:05:36] Bob Knodel: Oh, also Mike - This discussion started out a few months ago on an email chain so if you would like to be provided that at some point, let me know.  Otherwise feel free to ask about any gaping details in this thread...  :-)
  472. [12/09/2017 19:08:59] Mike Cavanaugh: Ok bob thank you
  473. [12/09/2017 19:14:15] Mike Cavanaugh: Can i see the setup of the gyro ?
  474. [12/09/2017 19:14:47] Bob Knodel: Physical or programming?
  475. [12/09/2017 19:14:47] Mike Cavanaugh: Or better yet send me the manual
  476. [12/09/2017 19:15:19] Bob Knodel: That I can do.  In fact I think Richard may have linked it above.  Let me check...
  477. [12/09/2017 19:15:44] Mike Cavanaugh: Its hooked up to a software platform for readings ?
  478. Bob Knodel
  479. [12/09/2017 19:20:01] Bob Knodel: Richard, can you confirm that is the same model as what Rick has?
  480. [12/09/2017 19:21:19] Richard Blades: Yes mike, it uses a GUI. An idea is to program an Arduino board with SD card to capture the serial data in a text file or similar. The output of the FOG is very simple
  481. [12/09/2017 19:21:39] Mike Cavanaugh: Im curious how precise the readings for rotation are.
  482. [12/09/2017 19:21:48] Richard Blades: Yes Bob...that's the correct data sheet
  483. [12/09/2017 19:23:14] Richard Blades: It's not very revealing I'm afraid (as a tech looking at the hardware). They (conveniently) left out the system block diagram πŸ€”
  484. [12/09/2017 19:24:01] Mike Cavanaugh: Its not like you can narrow it down to micro seconds
  485. [12/09/2017 19:24:35] Richard Blades: I'd like to know what the discreet components are...
  486. [12/09/2017 19:25:40] Mike Cavanaugh: If it registers rotation and that rotation is constant we can narrow down whats causing it
  487. [12/09/2017 19:27:25] Richard Blades: I'll have to re-read, but I think you can set an external clock to mess with sample rates, it has a config mode also
  488. [12/09/2017 19:27:53] Bob Knodel: The rotation is fairly constant unless we hit it with the Helmholtz coil field. That tends to throw it off.  One problem is that Rick says the Zero Gauss Chamber will shield the Helmholtz field but not our assumed dielectric field.
  489. [12/09/2017 19:28:18] Mike Cavanaugh: You only have to measure 1 degree to ger a 360 timeframe
  490. [12/09/2017 19:28:54] Mike Cavanaugh: And do that 10 times to see if that is constant
  491. [12/09/2017 19:31:00] Mike Cavanaugh: Ill bet you 100 euros it will be 360 24 hours
  492. [12/09/2017 19:31:24] Mike Cavanaugh: πŸ˜‚
  493. [12/09/2017 19:31:29] Richard Blades: Gotta run daughters boyfriend home and then jump in the bath...brb
  494. [12/09/2017 19:31:37] Bob Knodel: I think Rick has done something similar to that, Mike but I can't recall the specifics.  It is in here somewhere or it may just be more efficient to have Rick tell you when he gets on.  Rick has been amazing on this project and could really use some suggestions.  That's why I am glad you are here! :-)
  495. [12/09/2017 19:31:56] Bob Knodel: See ya later Richard
  496. [12/09/2017 19:32:57] Bob Knodel: I'll bet you're right about that Mike.  :-)
  497. [12/09/2017 19:33:05] Mike Cavanaugh: Ok. What i would like to test is rotation registration  during high noon and midnight to see if there is a difference
  498. [12/09/2017 19:33:37] Bob Knodel: There is some drift to that rate, however...
  499. [12/09/2017 19:37:30] Bob Knodel: Great idea!  I think Rick has taken rotational tests at different times and dates, but I am not sure if he has done them specifically at Noon and Midnight.  He will read this though.  Rick - FYI, Mike is in the Netherlands.
  500. [12/09/2017 19:38:07] Mike Cavanaugh: And just 1 degree 10 times
  501. [12/09/2017 19:39:37] Mike Cavanaugh: Its goimg to be slower just a tiny bit but enough to prove its either the em fields frequency or the suns(real)
  502. [12/09/2017 19:40:55] Mike Cavanaugh: And not a spinning ball
  503. [12/09/2017 19:43:55] Mike Cavanaugh: All you need is to register a slower rate to disprove its a ball spinning at a constant rate of speed
  504. [12/09/2017 19:48:02] Bob Knodel: It seems to me that any deviation from the expected would be written off as being within tolerance.  Maybe I am wrong.  But at the very least it might be helpful in assisting you with your mapping of the field.  I doubt you can call any variance from the expected norm conclusive though...
  505. [12/09/2017 19:52:13] Mike Cavanaugh: I agree. Thats why im curious how precise it is and what purpose it can serve
  506. [12/09/2017 19:52:27] Bob Knodel: Gotcha
  507. [12/09/2017 19:53:59] Mike Cavanaugh: If you get 10 different readings every 10 times its useless imo. But by judging by its price i think it could be of use
  508. [12/09/2017 19:57:47 | Edited 20:19:55] Bob Knodel: Honeywell claims that the Fiber Optic Gyro is their most precise gyro.  This isn't a Honeywell but I would imagine the fiber optic component vs. the freespace setup of the ring laser is what's considered to make it better, is why they say that. Yeah, it definitely wasn't cheap but Rick is dedicated to finding the truth.
  509. [12/09/2017 19:59:15] Mike Cavanaugh: Good tp hear. I look forward in doing some  tests with him 😁
  510. [12/09/2017 20:14:58] Richard Blades: Rick has posted some data files to look at. The Expected Rotation rates are calculated using the 15 x (sine of your latitude) and this is what Rick reports for his location. The unit needs to go on holiday...a lot 😜
  511. [12/09/2017 20:22:51] Richard Blades: On a side note. I find it interesting that the Mainstream don't use the FOG to fight off the flat earth movement. I've seen it discussed in forums, but for some reason we don't see Neil the Grass snake Tyson or Lying Cox use one on stage and say 'take that bitches!' Instead we get Corriolis and  Foucault thinks they don't want us concentrating on it too much
  512. [12/09/2017 20:24:37] Richard Blades: Mems and Mechanical gyros operate differently, they DONT use light...and in there I think is a clue
  513. [12/09/2017 20:56:38] Bob Knodel: Good point Rick.  I guarantee you though if we went public with our current findings, the claims that we debunked our own model would be rampant because we clearly detected rotation.  Still, it is strange that they haven't hit us with that yet.  Perhaps there is 'a weakness in the Force'.  ;-)  I would like to think there should be a legitimate way to interpret what we are seeing.  If we fail it just means that there is something we have not considered.  I agree about the MEMS/Mechanical gyros vs. the FOG/RLG.  I always wonder just exactly which modern day mechanical gyroscope would be good enough for the ballers to accept that there is no drift and therefore no motion to the earth.  After all, Foucault allegedly had a gyro 175 years ago that was precise enough to measure drift and prove the world spinning, right? ;-)  One would think that we should be able to get a suitable mechanical gyro to convince the skeptics.  But alas, like NASA losing the technology to go to the Moon, so we seem to have also lost the knowledge of how to machine a precise gyroscope capable of measuring drift like Foucault did.  Yeah right!  :-)
  514. [12/09/2017 21:26:39] Rob Durham: And Foucaults gyro was devised prior to the advent of the first ball bearing. πŸ˜‚ I've still not seen a Foucault pendulum with my own eyes let alone studied one over a given time span to verify that it actually moves as it is said to, and from what I understand they use electro-mechanical assistance to keep them moving nowadays. What a joke!
  515. [12/09/2017 21:27:40] Rob Durham: PS. Welcome Mike. I admire your work!
  516. [12/09/2017 23:06:29] Richard Blades: So true Bob...
  517. [12/09/2017 23:08:36] Richard Blades: Ive just emailed American Elements regardng their manufacturing abilities...Lets see if they think they can produce a tube with a screw lid and cool it in a magnetic field for us...should be interesting lol
  518. Rick Zimmerman
  519. [12/09/2017 23:29:32] GLOBEBUSTERS: Whoa!  I am reading that right, Rick???  Is that saying the mechanical is more precise than the RLG, FOG, AND MEMS?
  520. [12/09/2017 23:31:20] GLOBEBUSTERS: ...but at a higher cost????  I MUST be reading this thing wrong...
  521. Rick Zimmerman
  522. [12/09/2017 23:49:04] Richard Blades: What's that Rick?
  523. [12/09/2017 23:51:17] Rick Zimmerman: I think they are all MK 19 Series mechanical ship gyro compass pictures.
  524. [12/09/2017 23:52:27] GLOBEBUSTERS: So these are the high priced, high accuracy mechanical gyros the chart was referring to?
  525. [12/09/2017 23:53:31] Rick Zimmerman: I think so...  to get an idea of the size of the gyro and control bay....
  526. [12/09/2017 23:53:52] GLOBEBUSTERS: Yikes!
  527. Rick Zimmerman
  528. [12/09/2017 23:57:17] Richard Blades: Wow! make sure those have had time to spin down before attempting to move πŸ˜‚
  529. [12/09/2017 23:59:39] Richard Blades: So, looking at that chart, do we know what kind of crystal is utilised in the MEMS that can measure earth rate? Clearly, the material used is different to the ones that can't ?
  530. [13/09/2017 00:02:28 | Edited 00:06:00] GLOBEBUSTERS: Somehow I don't think Foucault's gyro ever looked like that...  ;)
  531. [13/09/2017 00:03:36] Rick Zimmerman: test number 1 (6 to 7 pm, thursday, july 20, 2017)
  533. data at time 8:11:11
  535. 1) x –1.559 y –0.327  z +0.943  y axis E
  536. 2) x –1.237  y +0.889 z +0.976  y axis NE
  537. 3) x –0.132  y +1.463  z +0.989  y axis N
  538. 4) x +1.084  y +1.182  z +1.000  y axis NW
  539. 5) x +1.507  y –0.128  z +0.969  y axis W
  540. 6) x +1.257  y –1.103  z +0.977  y axis SW
  541. 7) x +0.366  y –1.641  z +0.980  y axis S
  542. 8) x –0.848  y –1.265  z +0.896  y axis SE
  544. all data at z = 1.000Β°
  546. 1) x –1.651  y –0.346  z +1.000
  547. 2) x –1.269  y +0.912  z +1.000
  548. 3) x –0.132  y +1.478  z +1.000
  549. 4) x +1.084  y +1.182  z +1.000
  550. 5) x +1.558  y –0.130  z +1.000
  551. 6) x +1.264  y –1.152  z +1.000
  552. 7) x +0.377  y –1.678  z +1.000
  553. 8) x –0.951  y –1.412  z +1.000
  556. time  0 to 1 degree
  558. 1) 8:40:12  520 sec
  559. 2) 8:23:19  503 sec
  560. 3) 8:16:21  496 sec
  561. 4) 8:11:11  491 sec
  562. 5) 8:26:29  506 sec
  563. 6) 8:26:28  506 sec
  564. 7) 8:22:02  502 sec
  565. 8) 9:10:05  550 sec
  567. average 509 sec
  569. ----------------------------------------------------------
  571. test number 2 (9 to 10 am, sun, july 23, 2017)
  573. data at time = 8:39:18
  575. 1) x –1.804  y –0.501  z +1.000  y axis E
  576. 2) x –1.375  y +0.729  z +0.981  y axis NE
  577. 3) x –0.428  y +1.479  z +0.987  y axis N
  578. 4) x +1.028  y +1.260  z +0.973  y axis NW
  579. 5) x +1.815  y +0.233  z +0.932  y axis W
  580. 6) x +1.695  y –0.908  z +0.909  y axis SW
  581. 7) x +0.661  y –1.635  z +0.903  y axis S
  582. 8) x –0.675  y –1.464  z +0.898  y axis SE
  584. all data at z = 1.000Β°
  586. 1) x –1.804  y –0.501  z +1.000
  587. 2) x –1.400  y +0.741  z +1.000
  588. 3) x –0.435  y +1.500  z +1.000
  589. 4) x +1.058  y +1.296  z +1.000
  590. 5) x +1.948  y  +0.253  z +1.000
  591. 6) x +1.868  y – 0.999  z +1.000
  592. 7) x +0.721  y –1.821  z +1.000
  593. 8) x –0.773  y –1.606  z +1.000
  595. time 0 to 1 degree
  597. 1) 8:39:18  519 sec
  598. 2) 8:49:04  529 sec
  599. 3) 8:46:12  526 sec
  600. 4) 8:55:28  535 sec
  601. 5) 9:17:06  557 sec
  602. 6) 9:31:09  571 sec
  603. 7) 9:36:11  576 sec
  604. 8) 9:39:08  579 sec
  606. average 549 sec
  607. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  609. test number 3 (7 to 8 pm, sun, july 23, 2017)
  611. 1) x –1.731  y –0.305  z +1.000  y axis E
  612. 2) x –1,463  y +0.879  z +1.000  y axis NE
  613. 3) x –0.266  y +1.579  z +1.000  y axis N
  614. 4) x +1.175  y +1.422  z +1.000  y axis NW
  615. 5) x +2.152  y +0.179  z +1.000  y axis W
  616. 6) x +1.775  y –1.083  z +1.000  y axis SW
  617. 7) x +0.776  y –1.957  z +1.000  y axis S
  618. 8) x –0.756  y –1.750  z +1.000  y axis SE
  620. yaw, time 0 to 1 degree
  622. 1) 8:01:21
  623. 2) 8:51:29
  624. 3) 8:40:22
  625. 4) 9:25:20
  626. 5) 9:48:27
  627. 6) 9:22:16
  628. 7) 9:54:03
  629. 8) 10:06:18
  630. [13/09/2017 00:03:42] Cami Knodel: Single crystal silicon
  631. [13/09/2017 00:04:32] Cami Knodel: ....upgrade from "old" quartz mems....
  632. [13/09/2017 00:12:57] Cami Knodel: Richard, here is crystal information
  633. [13/09/2017 00:16:36] Richard Blades: Thanks Cami πŸ‘
  634. [13/09/2017 00:16:58] Rick Zimmerman: There would be zero yaw on a globe at the equator.
  635. The β€œearth rate” yaw formula for the globe:
  636. 15 times (sine of latitude)= yaw "earth rate"
  637.  15 times (sine of 40.8687) = 9.81Β° per hour.  (Ashland, Ohio)
  638. one hour test was +7.394Β° (counter-clockwise rotation)
  639. With the gyro up-side down the unit measured -10.469Β° (clockwise) in one hour.
  640. So...we are measuring something close to expected globe rotation.
  641. 15 degrees (yaw) per hour is only at the globe’s poles.
  642. [13/09/2017 00:18:52] Richard Blades: Understand Rick πŸ‘
  643. [13/09/2017 00:19:13] Rick Zimmerman: There is zero yaw at the equator, because the motion is 100% transferred to pitch or roll, (depending on the orientation of the gyro).
  645.  At the poles the motion would be 100% yaw, and zero pitch and zero roll.
  647.  If you look at my test results...the respective x and y axes null out when the gyro is in E/W or N/S orientation.  I obviously never had the gyro perfectly oriented...but it was close enough to see the null points.
  649.  At the equator, the gyro would indicate zero the poles it would indicate 100% yaw.
  651.  At the equator, pitch and/or roll would register the motion...depending on the orientation of the device.  It could be a combination of both pitch and roll, if the device is not strictly oriented either E/W or N/S.
  652. [13/09/2017 00:20:39] Richard Blades: Yes, that makes sense
  653. [13/09/2017 00:20:52] Rick Zimmerman: Concerning x and y rotation:
  655.  When the y axis is parallel with the direction of motion...the rotation is all in the x axis.
  657.  When the x axis is parallel with the direction of the motion...the rotation is all in the y axis.
  659.  The test results illustrate this.
  660. [13/09/2017 00:21:35] Richard Blades: Seems clear to me πŸ‘
  661. [13/09/2017 00:22:26] Richard Blades: The FOG is more accurate upside down at your location currently
  662. [13/09/2017 00:22:53] Rick Zimmerman: When the y axis is pointed in the direction of the motion (towards the East),  the x axis would be pointed down (South) and would be thus rotating clockwise, indicated by a negative (clockwise) rotation.
  664.  When the x axis is pointed East, the y axis would be pointed North and would be rotating counterclockwise, indicated by a plus sign.
  666.  Axes follow a right hand rule with a plus sign indicating counter-clockwise rotation.
  667. [13/09/2017 00:23:02] GLOBEBUSTERS: That's cuz the whole world is upside-down, Richard...  ;-)
  668. [13/09/2017 00:24:41] Richard Blades: Lol Bob
  669. [13/09/2017 00:25:50] Richard Blades: So, inaccurate placement of the x and y shouldn't affect the yaw? πŸ€”
  670. [13/09/2017 00:26:54] Rick Zimmerman: Yes...yaw should never change based on orientation of device.
  671. [13/09/2017 00:27:08] Richard Blades: πŸ‘
  672. [13/09/2017 00:27:55] Richard Blades: Right, going to bed...I wonder what I'll be thinking about as I drift off πŸ€”πŸ˜œ night
  673. Rick Zimmerman
  674. [13/09/2017 00:30:42] Rick Zimmerman: This pic is using MEMS...but it is the same for every IMU.
  676.  Note the +/- direction of the axes....and, the right hand rule with the direction of rotation of the axes.
  678.  A positive rotation reading is counterclockwise.
  680.  With this, everything should fall in place with the test results.
  681. [13/09/2017 00:43:36] Rick Zimmerman: If you take the x, y and z readings from any point in time (and from ANY orientation of the gyro) and use proper vector analysis...the resulting total rotation should equal 15Β° per hour.
  683. I tried an example using the results from the 5th experiment of test number two.
  685. (To simplify, I ignored the y axis result, as it is close to null.)
  687.  Time to 1Β° was at 557 seconds.
  689.  I extrapolated x (1.948) to 60 minutes and got 12.5
  691.  I extrapolated z (1) to 60 minutes and got 6.46
  693.  12.5Β² + 6.46Β² = 15.48Β²
  695. 15.48 = √239.754
  697.  I got 15.48 degrees total rotation at 60 minutes, (which is close to the expected 15Β°).
  698. [13/09/2017 00:49:57] Rick Zimmerman: I can show that the Pythagorean Theorem is the correct way to resolve two axes (yaw, & x or y max) of rotation.
  700.  The sine of 90Β° (North Pole) is 1.
  702.  The sine of 0Β° (Equator) is 0.
  704.  Yaw is max at poles (15Β°) and zero at equator.
  706.  x (or y) is max (15Β°) at equator and zero at poles.
  708.  My latitude is 40.8687Β°
  710.  Yaw at my latitude is: 15 x sine of 40.8687Β° = 15 x .654 = 9.81Β°
  712.  Maximum x or y at my latitude would be:  15 x sine of (90Β° – 40.8687Β°) = 15 x sine of 49.1313Β° = 15 x .756 = 11.34Β°
  714.  yaw < x or y max at my latitude.
  716.  x or y max is further from its zero point and is closer to its 15Β° point than yaw at my latitude, thus it is a higher magnitude than yaw.
  718.  Yaw is closer to its zero point and further from its 15Β° point than x or y at my latitude, thus it is a smaller magnitude than x or y max.
  720.  Now apply the Pythagorean Theorem to resolve the two vectors, (yaw, & x or y max).
  722.  9.81Β² + 11.34Β² = 15Β²
  724.  Thus, the Pythagorean Theorem perfectly resolves the two axes, when x or y is at maximum.
  726.  --------------------------------
  728.  Now, I will take more stabs at my own measured data:
  730.  Experiment 3, test 5...  I pick this test because I was very close to having the device oriented perfectly.  x was relatively close to max.  y was relatively close to zero.
  732.  x = 2.152Β° and yaw = 1Β° at 588.5 seconds.
  734.  Extrapolating to 60 minutes:
  736.  x = 13.16Β°
  738.  yaw = 6.12Β°
  740.  Using Pythagorean’s:
  742.  13.16Β² + 6.12Β² = 14.51Β²
  744.  Notes:
  746. The extrapolation of yaw to 60 minutes was much lower than expected, (6.12Β° vs. 9.81Β°)
  748.  The extrapolation of x to 60 minutes was higher than expected, (13.16Β° vs. 11.34Β°).
  750.  --------------------------------
  752.  Experiment 1, test 3...
  754.  y = 1.478Β°  and yaw = 1Β° at 496 seconds.
  756.  Extrapolating to 60 minutes:
  758.  y = 10.72Β°
  760.  yaw = 7.26Β°
  762.  Using Pythagorean’s:
  764.  10.72Β² + 7.26Β² = 12.9Β²
  766.  Notes:
  768.  Both extrapolation of yaw and y to 60 minutes are lower than expected.
  770.  This is either the inaccuracy of the device, or the β€œrotation” measured is similar to but not exactly β€œearth rate.”  As none of us believe the earth is moving, this consistent inaccuracy lends credence that some other phenomenon is influencing the device?
  771. [13/09/2017 00:52:51] Rick Zimmerman: Important note from Rob:
  773. All of my apparent drift and topple calculations for gyros were derived from this pilot forum.
  777.  You simply use 15 x cosine of 40.8687Β° to compute Maximum x or y. Same result but one less step!
  778. [13/09/2017 00:58:38] Rick Zimmerman: Unit stationary with y axis facing SW for all tests.
  779. x axis is 45Β° to right coil.
  780. y axis is 45Β° to left coil.
  782. Current flows in same direction in both coils.
  783. Each coil is 3000 feet of 22 gauge twisted pair, with pairs tied together.
  785. Combined resistance of coils = 48.5 Ohms.
  786. Voltage applied = 53.6 VDC
  787. Current = 1.1 Amps
  789. test 1 (Helmholtz on)
  790. at time 7:07:20
  791. x + 6.359
  792. y –14.819
  793. z +1.000
  795. test 2 (no field)
  796. at time 9:01:04
  797. x +1.754
  798. y –1.102
  799. z +1.000
  801. test 3 (no field)
  802. at time 7:39:00
  803. x +1.375
  804. y –0.961
  805. z+ 1.000
  807. -----------------------------------
  809. all readings at time 7:07:20
  811. test 1 (Helmholz on)
  812. x + 6.359
  813. y –14.819
  814. z +1.000
  816. test 2 (no field)
  817. x +1.383
  818. y –0.875
  819. z +0.779
  821. test 3 (no field)
  822. x +1.274
  823. y –0.889
  824. z +0.930
  826. ----------------------
  828. test notes:
  830. With Helmholtz field applied parallel to the plane of the z axis fiber optic coil, the yaw degree change over time remains within the normal time frame.  No change in yaw.
  832. The x and y readings, on the other hand, are radically altered.  
  834. Yaw time to 1Β° is inconsistent, as always.
  835. [13/09/2017 01:00:31] Richard Blades: Just got up to say this. How much glass is in the RLG? Little? None? Silicon (In the mems AND in the fibre optic glass in the FOG) is having a type of current induced in it (piezo) πŸ€” going back to bed...
  836. Rick Zimmerman
  837. [13/09/2017 01:08:33] Rick Zimmerman: I redid the test with the field applied vertically instead of horizontally.
  839.  With this, the yaw output was altered, (which was not in the prior test).  The field has to be applied perpendicular to the given gyro fiber optic coil to affect the gyro’s output.
  841.  With the field applied in the proper direction...the rotation is reversed.  I got CW rotation instead of the normal CCW β€œearth rate” rotation.
  842. [13/09/2017 01:09:40] Rick Zimmerman: To reverse the β€œearth rate” drift...a field must be directed up through the bottom of the gyro unit.
  843. [13/09/2017 01:13:34] Rick Zimmerman: Y axis facing SW for all tests,
  845.  test 1  (Helmholtz vertical field directed down through top of unit)
  847.  time 35:08 (seconds) to 1Β°
  849. x +0.108
  851. y +0.027
  853. z +1.000 CCW rotation
  855.  test 2 (no field applied)
  857.  time 07:12:23 (minutes) to 1Β°
  859. x +0.889
  861. y –1.138
  863. z +1.000
  865.  test 3 (Helmholtz vertical field directed up through bottom of unit)
  867.  time 40.05 (seconds) to 1Β°
  869. x +0.042
  871. y –0.285
  873. z –1.000 CW rotation
  875.  test notes:
  877.  1) The Helmholtz field is of such strength that yaw time to 1Β° is approximately 15 times faster than normal.
  879. 2) Test 3 reverses current flow through the coils, thus reversing the direction of the field, and yielding gyro output indicating CW rotation.
  881. 3) With the correct Helmholtz apparatus to fine tune the applied field, there should be the ability to zero the yaw output.
  882. [13/09/2017 01:15:16] Rick Zimmerman: FAQ blurb from KVH:
  883. Strong magnetic fields have the ability to cause apparent drift in the gyro bias. This is due to the Faraday effect on the laser light in the sensing coil resulting in non-reciprocal light paths. While this effect can be observed in gyros designed for precision inertial navigation systems (drift rates of less than 1 degree per hour), and can be mitigated by the use of mu-metal shielding, there have been no reported problems with KVH FOGs. If your application results in mounting a FOG near a very strong magnetic field (>50 gauss), a practical test to determine sensitivity is suggested.
  884. [13/09/2017 01:19:31] Rick Zimmerman: The zero gauss chamber is designed to be kept perpendicular to the magnetic field.
  886. The idea is to keep the magnetic flux lines parallel to the end caps...flux lines should β€œsquarely” hit the round edge.
  888. The perfect zero gauss chamber would be a sphere!  But that would be costly to fabricate and difficult to access.
  890. A degauss insert is placed outside the inner cylinder for periodic degaussing.
  892. Smaller chambers are more efficient and thus require thinner mu-metal, and so, are less costly to manufacture, but still command a princely sum.
  894. Units are factory tested with the Helmholtz coil.
  896. Holes in lids are 7/8 inches...
  898. A smaller inner cylinder insert, (or larger outer cylinder), can be fabricated later if more attenuation is needed.
  900. The three deck unit is supposed to reduce field strength by 1000 to 1500 times.
  901. [13/09/2017 01:25:01] Rick Zimmerman: Diameter of inner cylinder is 6 inches.  
  903. Dents in mu metal destroy shielding ability.
  904. [13/09/2017 01:32:13] Rick Zimmerman: Sealed cavity (RLG) versus solid-state (FOG)
  905. An RLG is based on a sealed cavity filled with a mixture of helium and neon gases. Since the cavity cannot be perfectly hermetically sealed, there is some residual gas leak that limits the lifetime of the RLG. There is also a wearing-out problem of the high-voltage discharge electrodes that excite the amplifying gas. As a result, RLGs require expensive retrofits every five to seven years.  A FOG is a pure solid-state device without any problem of leakage nor wearing-out mechanism. The lifetime of optical fibers has been proven to be several tens of years by the Telecom industry, and even active components such as the light laser diode are in the twenty-year range.
  906. [13/09/2017 02:25:08 | Removed 02:32:25] Rick Zimmerman: This message has been removed.
  907. [14/09/2017 21:38:06] Rick Zimmerman: Awesome news guys...Sean McCrary will be joining the group...
  908. [14/09/2017 21:39:57] Bob Knodel: Sweet! Glad to hear it Rick!  Mike Cavanaugh is looking over your data and will be commenting on it soon.  He is busy trying to work out the vector equations for his model.  I really like Sean and plan to have him on Globebusters sometime soon...
  909. [14/09/2017 21:45:46] Rick Zimmerman: That is so awesome to hear.  I just enjoyed a lengthy conversation with Sean...always a huge blessing.  I have tried to keep him posted on a separate Facebook thread...but having him here will be much better.
  910. [14/09/2017 21:46:25 | Edited 21:46:55] Bob Knodel: Rick, I thought I had Sean as a contact on Skype but I can't seem to find it.  Do you have his Skype info?
  911. [14/09/2017 21:48:03] Bob Knodel: Never mind. I just found it.
  912. [14/09/2017 21:49:55] Bob Knodel: I will add him to the group as soon as he responds.
  913. [14/09/2017 21:50:40] Rick Zimmerman: Sean will be viewing the edit I made of last week's program...he's already on track with the  material (of course)...looking forward to his comments...
  914. [14/09/2017 21:51:32] Bob Knodel: Great!  BTW - Fantastic job on the edit.  You made us sound like we actually knew what we were talking about...  ;-)
  915. [14/09/2017 21:53:36] Bob Knodel: You can also just send Sean this link and he will be in the group:
  916. [14/09/2017 21:56:06] Rick Zimmerman: I missed a couple of glitches...but overall, I think it flows better...if even just for my own benefit and review...   I sent Sean the link...
  917. [14/09/2017 21:58:35] Bob Knodel: I agree. Although I have been a Ham radio operator for over 40 years, I never in a million years thought I would be hosting a radio (You Tube) broadcast so I am not the most polished person in the world but I do what I can.  ;-)   Funny how God calls people for doing certain jobs.  :-)
  918. [14/09/2017 22:02:51 | Edited 22:03:14] Rick Zimmerman: I'm glad you answered the call!
  919. [14/09/2017 23:17:29] *** Sean McCrary joined. ***
  920. [14/09/2017 23:19:56] Sean McCrary: Hi everyone!
  921. [14/09/2017 23:20:27] GLOBEBUSTERS: Hi Sean! Glad to have you with us!  :-)
  922. [14/09/2017 23:22:29] Rick Zimmerman: Hi Sean.  Thank you for joining us!
  923. [14/09/2017 23:23:02] Rob Durham: Hi Sean!
  924. Sean McCrary
  925. [14/09/2017 23:25:01] Richard Blades: Greetings Sean πŸ‘
  926. [14/09/2017 23:25:19] Adam Carter: Welcome Sean . . .
  927. [14/09/2017 23:27:11] GLOBEBUSTERS: Thank you Sean! I am sure we will be calling upon you for some of your expertise.  I would also like to get you on the show at some point in the future.  Loved your interviews with Mark and am really glad you are here.  I just realized I am on the Globebusters account but this is Bob.  Cheers!
  928. [14/09/2017 23:27:32] Sean McCrary: Thanks brother!
  929. [14/09/2017 23:37:08] Rick Zimmerman: Sean...Mike Canvanaugh is the prior latest addition to the group.  He is with the FE CORE that produced the Magnetic Flat Earth 1.0 video, and was with the group interviewed on GLOBEBUSTERS last Sunday.  His channel is FE Astronomy.  He’s from the Netherlands.  Great to have you both with us!
  930. [15/09/2017 00:04:16] Richard Blades: Awesome πŸ‘ talk about a dream team 😊
  931. [15/09/2017 07:53:41] Mike Cavanaugh: About time we started putting our heads together.....with all these pros collaborating the sky is trully the limit...
  932. [15/09/2017 08:51:51] Rob Durham: Rick, where are you with the procurement of bismuth? I'd be willing to make a financial contribution if necessary. I know you have already made a substantial financial commitment yourself of which we are all truly thankful! I'd have a go at casting it myself however since bismuth is heavier than lead, the postage cost to the States would be prohibitive, and I don't own a gas mask πŸ€”
  933. [15/09/2017 09:27:31] Richard Blades: Rob. I can't speak for Rick, but I'm waiting on a response from American Elements regards the Bismuth Flask. I emailed them Tuesday...So far...nothing πŸ™„give them a week and I'll start chasing them. The construction will need a Magnetic field application whilst it cools. I'm currently looking into what Cami suggested, possibly adding a percentage of Strontium to the Bismuth. Difficult to say if there's any benefit. Here's what I'd do...find an old colour CRT TV tube and knock the neck off the tube where the Guns live, a hole large enough to drop the FOG (place the FOG inside a bag so it doesn't get scratched) inside and run a test, see if there's an detectable change. Dumpster and fun 😜
  936. [15/09/2017 09:37:43] Rob Durham: Richard, is that based on the design drawing you posted a while back?
  937. [15/09/2017 09:39:19] Richard Blades: The more I look at this, it seems clear to me the FOG is susceptible to a piezo electric effect. The type of Silica, and layering used in the fibre optics is my next direction of investigation. It would also explain why not all MEMS are created equally. I've also been hassling a well known magnet manufacturer/supplier recently regards certain configurations on radially magnetised ring magnets...very interesting. A bit like pulling teeth though, but can elaborate more on that later. Needless to say, my opinion at the moment is that the Earths Magnetic field is created from MULTIPLE sources (I'm looking at 3 ATM) but there could be more. The radially magnetised Antarctic 'wall' which most Flat Earthers like to imagine is dead in the water.
  938. [15/09/2017 09:40:15] Richard Blades: Yes, Rob...that's correct. I'm just trying to establish a rough cost and the companies capabilities
  939. [15/09/2017 09:43:58] Richard Blades: I'd like to see the difference in FOG readings taken at the solstices. Shame that's going to take a year. πŸ™„ but we should plan to take the readings...I think it's very important and shouldn't be missed
  940. [15/09/2017 09:54:47] Rob Durham: Agreed Richard. Another cheap test that would be worth trying is to place the FOG inside a faraday cage. I know that these are said to not shield from earths magnetic field as apparently a compass will still work inside the cage but this is uncharted territory (that's what's so cool about all this) and we should at least rule it out for the cost of a simple DIY faraday cage!
  941. [15/09/2017 10:00:25] Mike Cavanaugh: I dont think its earths magnetic field necessarily. I think its the firmaments oscilating em field which causes the fog and pendulums to rotate 360 in 24 hours
  942. [15/09/2017 10:03:23] Mike Cavanaugh: As far as i know there is no oscilation in earths magnetic field but i could be wrong there
  943. [15/09/2017 10:38:08] Rob Durham: Following my gyro experiments and prior to Ricks Experiments I was of the opinion that the rotation of any device (gyro or pendulum) being location dependent was a fallacy but......the FOG seems to indicate that the 15 x sine of latitude calculation is actually applicable in certain circumstances! What I do know for sure is that Leon Foucault was a liar πŸ€₯ and perhaps regretted it towards the end of his life!
  944. [15/09/2017 10:42:06] Mike Cavanaugh: What im curious about if the rotation is 24 hours 360 or based of the sidereal day meaning it follows the star field aka the entire em sky.
  945. [15/09/2017 10:43:32] Mike Cavanaugh: There is a 2minute plus difference there which should be easy to see on the fog imo
  946. [15/09/2017 10:50:17] Rob Durham: Mike, the experiments thus far seem to show it follows the star field at your particular location on earth. It is this link that we are trying to eliminate thereby prove a stationary earth, at least that's what I understand!
  947. [15/09/2017 11:07:34] Mike Cavanaugh: But is there a shielding to eliminate that force ?
  948. [15/09/2017 13:56:26] Richard Blades: That's the 64 million dollar question Mike. Agreed, it's not the Earths Magnetic field in the conventional sense i.e. The Ferromagnetic aspect that we are used to seeing. What do we really know about the Earths Magnetic field when all we use is Ferromagnetism to study it? We forget that there are other forces associated with magnetism that as far as I'm aware, not mapped or studied.
  949. [15/09/2017 13:58:01] Richard Blades: I'd like to see a diamagnetic compass for example. Perhaps we can borrow Jack Sparrows 😜
  950. [15/09/2017 14:04:42] Rob Durham: πŸ˜‚
  951. [15/09/2017 14:16:48] Mike Cavanaugh: :D
  952. [15/09/2017 14:18:47] Richard Blades: ...that moment when you realise Pirates of the Caribbean might not be that stupid πŸ™„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
  953. [15/09/2017 14:19:25] Richard Blades: Russian Vids would say 'it's all a mockery!'
  954. [15/09/2017 14:19:45] Mike Cavanaugh: Hahaha
  955. [15/09/2017 14:20:27] Mike Cavanaugh: Ill bet jack sparrow is 33 in numerology to πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  956. [15/09/2017 14:21:53] Richard Blades: Lol...I'd be too scared to work it out
  957. [15/09/2017 15:17:29] Sean McCrary: Savage
  958. [15/09/2017 15:34:22] Rob Durham: There are a lot of uncanny parallels in Pirates of the Caribbean to real life, like admiralty law etc. Crrow777 often talks about it πŸ€”
  959. [24/09/2017 15:17:58 | Edited 15:48:53] Rick Zimmerman: I completed the lake curvature over distance experiment, as promised, using the Invensense MPU-6050 MEMS IMU (accelerometer and gyro with embedded Kalman sensor fusion).  The first reading was on the Lake Eire shore in Huron OH, and the second reading was on the lake's shore in Buffalo NY.  The IMU was center mounted on a square board with the ability to level it.  I did two readings in Huron:  x=-1.64, y=-0.60;  x=-1.60, y=-0.63.  I did three readings in Buffalo: x=-1.67, y=-0.65; x=-1.57 y=-0.60; x=-1.63, y=-0.61.  I then returned to Huron and did one reading: x=-1.75, y=-0.69.  The straight distance across the lake was 213.47 miles.  The ball curve drop would be 5,77 miles.  The ball pitch change would be 3.086Β°.  The road drive was close to 250 miles.  The unit was kept in the back of my VW GTI hatch.  I have to finish the video script and record the voice, yet.  I would like to have the crew check this before posting.  I'm racking my brain to see if I'm missing something?  I used a droid bubble level app to balance the board.  Airplane videos have shown those apps behave the same as spirit levels do.  In any case...there you have it.  The (Amazon priced) $15.90 IMU registered a flat earth.  No need for an $18,000.00 FOG for this test.  The FOG IMU would incorporate a similar gyro/accelerometer arrangement with sensor fusion, just as the MEMS, the FOG would suffer the same objections as the MEMS device is likely to suffer.  When I get an early draft of the video completed, I will post here.  Hope everyone is doing well today...
  960. [24/09/2017 15:20:17] GLOBEBUSTERS: Excellent Rick! Looking forward to seeing the video. Thank you!
  961. [24/09/2017 17:32:04] Richard Blades: Nice one Rick πŸ‘ I've got man flu I'm afraid, so not quite the end of the world...but close 😜
  962. [24/09/2017 17:45:27] Rick Zimmerman: Hope you feel better soon Richard.  I've been sick/borderline sick all year...and feeling a little bad myself right now.  Good call on keeping the FOG that we have.  The cheapo MEMS did a stellar job with the mobile experiment, being the accelerometer weighted test that it is.  I had a feeling this would be the case...and, have anticipated running this test for weeks.  This is a 16 dollar FE test that multitudes could replicate.
  963. [24/09/2017 20:07:31] Richard Blades: No problem Rick. Sorry to hear you are not feeling your best. I must admit, my Health has taken a dive this last year, started when I got into FE funny enough. It's very taxing, I've stopped working out...I had my deadlift over 400 pounds and was benching 250...since then I've lost around 20 pounds and an inch from my arms πŸ˜‚ I need to get a grip and sort myself out soon
  964. [24/09/2017 20:08:17] Richard Blades: ...although I can see my abs now as a bonus πŸ‘
  965. [25/09/2017 02:44:55] Rick Zimmerman:  This is still loading...pls give it a half hour or so.  Still needs a lot of edit work...
  966. [25/09/2017 03:12:35] Rick Zimmerman: YouTube load completed.
  967. [25/09/2017 16:44:40] Karen B: That was great, Rick. Thank you for sharing that.
  968. [25/09/2017 18:08:03] Richard Blades: An awesome trip, with science thrown in...what could be better. Great job Rick πŸ‘
  969. [27/09/2017 10:34:13] Richard Blades: Morning all. Well, not a peep or squeak from American Elements πŸ™„. So...I'll try again. In the meantime I'm thinking about alternatives. It seems a lot of effort is made in regards to dialling out stability bias. I think a lengthy study of the bias stability should be made. I'm not too savvy with the maths, so maybe some else here is. Could it be that they hide the fact the bias changes depending on the position of the sun or moon between the equinoxes? A temperature controlled run on the Gyro for at least a month would be needed. See attached images...
  970. [07/10/2017 00:54:13 | Removed 01:51:05] Bob Knodel: This message has been removed.
  971. [07/10/2017 14:19:08] Rick Zimmerman: I completed a MEMs IMU sensitivity test overnight with the exact unit I used for the Lake Erie distance test.  I used the 7 day rotor.  The test ran 8 hours.  Resultant angle measured was 98.9% of expected result.  It shouldn't take me too long to make the video.  This answers both the charge that the IMU resets periodically, and the charge that it is not precise enough to measure detailed, slow, small angle change.   Hope everyone is doing well this morning.
  972. [07/10/2017 19:10:21] Richard Blades: Looking forward to seeing the video Rick. Getting by as usual here...meteor shower expected here tonight, that's if the sky is clear enough.
  973. [07/10/2017 19:18:25] Bob Knodel: Great to hear Rick!  I want to run something by the group and you specifically about the FOG results.  I would like to cover this on Globebusters tomorrow but I would like to know if it is OK with you that I share some of your results obtained during the FOG tests.  I believe I have an explanation for the results as well as I can extend those results into an explanation that proves the earth is not turning.
  974. I have to do an interview with Sean Caron on Truth Frequency Radio in about 1 1/2 hours but perhaps we can talk after that.  I believe we have been looking right at the solution all along and the proof that we are motionless as well - all by your results with the FOG.
  975. [07/10/2017 19:19:09] Bob Knodel: ...and hello Richard...  :-)
  976. [07/10/2017 19:20:01] Richard Blades: Hi Bob πŸ‘ sounds cool.
  977. [07/10/2017 19:23:14] Bob Knodel: Indeed. It is really quite simple and goes right back to the results of Michelson-Gale, Michelson-Morley, Sagnac, and Aireys's Failure experiments.
  978. [07/10/2017 19:23:56] Richard Blades: Will you be live on TFR?
  979. [07/10/2017 19:29:31] Richard Blades: Interesting πŸ€“ I'll be on the edge of my seat in the chat room 😊
  980. [07/10/2017 19:30:03] Bob Knodel: Rick was able to measure a rotational change that corresponded to a roughly 24 hour cycle but the FOG gave no indication of the other rotational velocities that are allegedly happening i.e. the 67,000 MPH rotation around the Sun, or the velocities of the solar system going around the milky way, or the milky way going around the great attractor, etc.  These velocities are considerably higher than the mere 1038 MPH rotational velocity and should have greatly skewed any readout from that - but it didn't.  Just like the Michelson-Gale experiment proved a century ago, so has Rick proven with the FOG.  We seem to have been entirely focused on the 1038 rotational value but never factored in any other alleged much greater velocities into our results.  Likewise, during Rick's MEMS tests, we should be seeing FANTASTIC accelerations and decelerations in the MEMS simply by the fact that the Earth is having an overall change in angular velocity of 132,000 Miles Per Day.
  981. And Yes, it will be live on TFR
  982. [07/10/2017 19:31:22] Bob Knodel: Actually let me re-phrase - 132,000 MPH change over the span of 1 day.  Do you understand what I mean?
  983. [07/10/2017 19:32:50] Bob Knodel: In other words, we go from the earth pushing up at our feet at 66,000 MPH through 1/2 rotation to the earth pulling us at 66,000 MPH.  This should absolutely be registered by the accelerometers.
  984. [07/10/2017 19:35:06] Richard Blades: Well, it did cross my mind a while back to be honest, but like you just said, narrowed vision often distracts from the much larger picture...starting small and working outwards from there was a mistake
  985. [07/10/2017 19:36:59] Bob Knodel: The fact that the FOG got such a perfect rotational velocity of 15 degrees per hour is proof positive in and of itself that it is the dielectric rotation from the heavens that is being registered.  Also note that the FOG and the RLG essentially are identical to the rigs used in the Sagnac experiment as well as the Michelson-Gale experiments.
  986. [07/10/2017 19:38:23] Bob Knodel: But the FOG and RLG have a much greater sensitivity than what was used a century ago so we should have absolutely seen evidence of these greater velocities encompassing the 1028 MPH rotation
  987. [07/10/2017 19:38:35] Bob Knodel: 1038
  988. [07/10/2017 19:39:03] Richard Blades: Globers will want (as usual) to have it both ways...πŸ˜‚
  989. [07/10/2017 19:39:06] Rob Durham: Hi all, looking forward to new video Rick. Bob, this idea crossed my mind when I was experimenting with the gyro. I was always wondering why it is that it β€œshould” align only with the spin of the earth on its own axis and not the other alleged motions!
  990. [07/10/2017 19:40:10] Rob Durham: Same goes for the Foucaults pendulum
  991. [07/10/2017 19:40:29] Bob Knodel: Exactly Rob!  And the fact that the FOG did not register any evidence of those velocities is simply impossible in the HC model.  1038 MPH is miniscule compared to the other fantastic alleged velocities.
  992. [07/10/2017 19:40:40] Bob Knodel: Exactly Rob!
  993. [07/10/2017 19:40:42] Richard Blades: It's increasingly becoming a point of standing up now and stating our case. Time for the debate to come forward
  994. [07/10/2017 19:41:22] Bob Knodel: We can further accentuate this point by running much longer tests with the FOG.  Agreed?
  995. [07/10/2017 19:43:45] Bob Knodel: I agree Richard.  I think we have pretty solid ground to stand on.  It also occurs to me that a redo of Airey's failure experiment is called for.
  996. [07/10/2017 19:45:13] Richard Blades: Yes. The rebuke will probably come from the Random Walk Angle and Noise side of things. Better check the maths and implications carefully, but sounds right over the target to me πŸ‘
  997. [07/10/2017 19:47:20 | Edited 19:48:00] Bob Knodel: Agreed.  What do you think of my thoughts about the MEMS accelerometer in that it should have registered a dramatic change in acceleration/deceleration resultant from the earth pushing at our feet at 66,000 MPH and then over 12 hours it would be puling at our feet at 66,000 MPH?  That seems like even a bigger smoking gun to me...
  998. [07/10/2017 19:48:35] Bob Knodel: How could the accelerometer EVER show a null motion??? It just seems impossiball to me...
  999. [07/10/2017 19:51:29] Rob Durham: They will probably argue that it all just cancels out overall, or something else nonsensical. Remember they believe people are standing upside on the bottom of a ball so logic and reason will be hard to get across!
  1000. [07/10/2017 19:55:22] Bob Knodel: Yeah I know but regardless of what they say, I think these things should be brought to people's attention to contemplate.  It defies logic and device specifications to say that the MEMS/FOG/RLG devices are incapable of detecting such fantastic changes in both velocity and angular velocity.  If the ballers are claiming enough sensitivity to register a 1038 MPH rotational velocity (and we know that is true from the FOG results) then it would be illogical to assert that these devices were incapable of detecting velocities and angular momentum changes of exponentially higher orders...
  1001. [07/10/2017 20:00:16] Rob Durham: Absolutely Bob, just pre-empting the responses. TBH though I no longer care about those globers views that are obsessed with watching FE videos. Very insecure in their beliefs if you ask me! It’s about the β€œpreponderance of evidence” for the FE and we are breaking new ground every dayπŸ‘πŸ»
  1002. [07/10/2017 20:03:37] Bob Knodel: Sooo true Rob.  I have been preaching the 'preponderance of evidence' idea for 2 years now and at this point that preponderance is so overwhelming that it would result in a conviction of the ball in any court in the land.  This is why my presentation at the FEIC 2017 conference is going to focus on the best of the best evidential points both for FE and against the ball.  I am going to hit hard on the common sense points as well as the test results you and others have gotten from your experiments.
  1003. [07/10/2017 20:13:54] Rob Durham: Interested in the aireys failure re-creation Bob. Often wondered if I would be up to the task but I don’t have a telescope and even if I did, I wouldn’t fancy filling it with water😬
  1004. [07/10/2017 20:51:31] Bob Knodel: Yeah but there are lots of cheap telescopes we could get to do that.  Gotta go for now. I am on TFR in 10 minutes...
  1005. [07/10/2017 21:59:37] Rick Zimmerman: Sorry...I was out riding bike.   No need to ask permission to use any test data I've posted by email, or by Skype... The limitation with the FOG has been the only way to evaluate the output results is to film the provided APP screen.   I place the camera work in a video editor to "time" the results.   It's hard to do long term studies when everything has to be filmed.  ...  I have to do voice work on the MEMS video yet...but there's not much to do, really.  I will be including the GLOBEBUSTERS coverage of the Erie test, which sets up the objections nicely.  The Buffalo end of the test was performed not far from Gleason's residence (now a parking lot, of course), on Niagara St, the road I took to the lake side.  I hope to do a little video on that at some point, and maybe read a bit from his book.  He's one guy I want to meet in heaven!
  1006. [07/10/2017 22:01:34] Cami Knodel: Btw Bob is currently on Truth Frequency Radio on Awakening Liberty show :).
  1007. [07/10/2017 22:04:20] Cami Knodel:
  1008. [07/10/2017 22:12:19] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you Cami.
  1009. [08/10/2017 18:45:00] Rick Zimmerman:  Finally posted.  Test results start at 11:15 and go to 13:30.
  1010. [08/10/2017 18:47:14] GLOBEBUSTERS: Thanks Rick!
  1011. [08/10/2017 18:47:49] Rick Zimmerman: Sorry for the delay!
  1012. [08/10/2017 18:48:09] GLOBEBUSTERS: No worries. I will watch after the show...
  1013. [08/10/2017 18:55:18] Richard Blades: Good luck Bob πŸ‘ this is going to be interesting
  1014. [08/10/2017 18:55:34] Richard Blades: Thanks for the link Rick
  1015. [08/10/2017 18:56:01] Cami Knodel: Good afternoon Tesla's ;)
  1016. [08/10/2017 18:56:34] Richard Blades: Cami πŸ’Ž
  1017. [08/10/2017 18:57:00] Cami Knodel: Almost showtime
  1018. [08/10/2017 18:57:26] Rob Durham: Hi all, looking forward to another instalment of globebusters
  1019. [08/10/2017 18:57:52] Rob Durham: The only scheduled show I watch 😁
  1020. [08/10/2017 18:58:19] Cami Knodel: Forecast for Denver   77 degree high today, 4 to 7 inches of snow tonight lol
  1021. [08/10/2017 18:58:57] Cami Knodel: Fire and Ice forecast :)
  1022. [12/10/2017 19:20:49] Rob Durham: Hey guys, has anybody seen Jon McIntyre’s latest video? His experiment seems to suggest a globe. Could he be a disinfo agent? I have communicated with him a number of times and he has always appeared to be on the level...(pun intended) at least to me anyway!
  1023. [12/10/2017 19:24:39] Cami Knodel: Yes Rob and the funny thing about him is one day he will post all his globe 'proof' videos and then he will take them all down leaving only the 'Mountain of Evidence' video up.  He has stated on several occasions that he is going back and forth between the models but then every time he watches Globebusters he is convinced it's flat.  LOL!  Perhaps my Aether spin lecture this weekend didn't convince him and now he thinks we are on a globe again...  ;-)
  1024. [12/10/2017 19:25:46] Cami Knodel: Oh crap Rob!  I just realized I was on Cami's Skype login!  LOL!  This is Bob.  :-)
  1025. [12/10/2017 19:26:41] Bob Knodel: OK, now I am on the right Skype account... ;-)
  1026. [12/10/2017 19:28:47] Rob Durham: Yeah I asked him why he took them down and his reason was that β€œthere is so much evidence for the FE and he is convinced that NASA is a deception machine” that he doesn’t want to lead people away from FE! He then put all the vids back up lol!
  1027. [12/10/2017 19:28:50] Bob Knodel: BTW Rob, we sent an invitation to your FB page to join the FE Core research group...
  1028. [12/10/2017 19:29:21] Bob Knodel: Yeah he is a wishy-washy one...  ;-)
  1029. [12/10/2017 19:33:26] Rob Durham: But what about the experiment? Why is he seeing what he’s seeing, unless he’s lying about the identity of the mountain ranges, I can’t fathom it? I hate FB Bob and never usually use it. I turned off all notifications too however I’ll go look now and accept the invite.
  1030. [12/10/2017 19:35:13] Bob Knodel: Not sure Rob.  I also sent you a friend request as well as Cami.  I hate FB too but the good news is that we have our own website now that has its own chat, etc.  The website is:  http://FECore.Org
  1031. [24/10/2017 23:03:35] Rick Zimmerman: I was in a solo high speed bike crash Sunday before last. I lost consciousness with pavement strike, though I was wearing a helmet.  I have a clavical fracture (right side) and have soft tissue damage in legs.  I am walking with much pain.  I walked a mile back home from the crash site and drove self to ER that Sunday.  ER missed clavical fracture till return visit Wednesday!  My work is going to be slow and sloppy for a while.  Still dealing with some post concussion issues.  Hope everyone is doing well.
  1032. [24/10/2017 23:04:56] Karen B: OMG Rick, thats awful! I wish you a speedy recovery! and you must be tough as nails…wow
  1033. [24/10/2017 23:08:07] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you, Karen...  The helmet really saved me from much worse...  Hope all my loved ones here ride with one...
  1034. [24/10/2017 23:46:08] Richard Blades: Sad news Rick, but be thankful you lived to tell the tale. My best friend has been taken off his bike a couple of times and it's one of those things that ultimately seems to come with riding bikes...speedy recovery my friend πŸ‘β€οΈ
  1035. [24/10/2017 23:55:06] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you, Richard.  I "came to" knowing what town I was in...but, didn't know why I was there, or where I lived!  At age 60, I need to stop riding so aggressively!
  1036. [25/10/2017 00:02:53] Richard Blades: was one of those 'I don't normally do this' situations...πŸ˜‰
  1037. [25/10/2017 00:06:36] Richard Blades: I had a bike accident once, combined stuck throttle and brake wasn't my bike. I went over an embankment and left the I got off the bike 'mid air' and landed safely. The bike ended up in the branches of a tree some 10ft in the air...engine still running πŸ™„
  1038. [25/10/2017 00:57:32] Bob Knodel: Wow Rick, that sounds painful!  I am glad you are OK but I also know that things are going to be slow going for a while.  I dropped my Harley several years ago while in my late 40's and I was only going about 35 MPH.  Although I was scraped up pretty good at first and I definitely felt the pain, the worst part of it came in the days afterwards.  I moved around like I was 100 years old for a while.  Here's to a speedy recovery, Rick!  :-)
  1039. [25/10/2017 00:58:37] Bob Knodel: And Richard, you are a wild man!  I have never heard of anyone crashing and winding up with the bike in the branches of a tree.  Yikes!
  1040. [25/10/2017 00:58:38] Rick Zimmerman: Wow...what an experience, Richard! Should bike was the mountain bike, "pedal" variety.  The crash was on pavement though, on a wet downhill curve.
  1041. [25/10/2017 01:02:20] Cami Knodel: ....I fell off my unicycle a few months ago while showing off.  Landed on my face, lol.  I was going slower then any of you could imagine so it was just a small bruise.   This is why I don't ride the fast bikes ;).  Take good care of you Rick :)
  1042. [25/10/2017 01:02:35] Rick Zimmerman: I am moving slower than my mid 80' father...
  1043. [25/10/2017 01:03:42] Bob Knodel: lol! I'll bet, Rick.  It's times like this when you really miss your youth...  ;-)
  1044. [25/10/2017 01:06:36] Rick Zimmerman: I want everyone to know I was listening to GLOBEBUSTERS on my cell when it happened!  My first recollection was a female voice asking me if I was going to be okay.  She was handing me some Chipotle napkins!  I never saw her face...  
  1045. [25/10/2017 01:08:29] Bob Knodel: Oh Man!  That's terrible Rick!  I hope at least it was Morgile talking when it happened...  ;-)  :-)  I feel bad now!  :-(
  1046. [25/10/2017 01:12:20] Rick Zimmerman: It was a great show...I made several segments the next day...before I even knew my clavical was broken... GB may have scared the girl off though! was still playing strong....
  1047. [25/10/2017 01:14:21] Bob Knodel: LOL! Well perhaps she is looking into flat earth now.  Thanks for the kudos though.  That episode will now be forever remembered as the crash catastrophe episode...  ;-)
  1048. [25/10/2017 01:15:04] Rick Zimmerman: I'm glad you came out healthy Cami!!...  Everyone on two wheels (or one) should look into a helmet!!!  (I'm preachy now!)
  1049. [25/10/2017 01:16:32] Bob Knodel: Yeah Rick, I was thinking of making Cami trade in her unicycle on a trike.  ;-)  Clumsy girl sometimes...
  1050. [25/10/2017 01:17:58] Rick Zimmerman: Whatever keeps our Cami safe!  Life is fragile!  
  1051. [25/10/2017 01:18:26] Bob Knodel: Indeed!  Hope you feel better soon Rick!  :-)
  1052. [25/10/2017 01:19:40] Rick Zimmerman: Thank you...appreciate all the well wishes!
  1053. [25/10/2017 08:46:44] Rick Zimmerman:  Bob,,,Life is illusion commented below provided video link...he may be seeking some interaction...or a possible guest??
  1054. [25/10/2017 18:02:32 | Removed 29/10/2017 15:07:01] Rob Durham: This message has been removed.
  1055. [04/11/2017 00:37:48] Richard Blades: How things going Rick? Hope you are healing πŸ‘ just watched Jerans video re: Lie Sparkane and the hilarious crap he's being saying about the FOG. πŸ˜‚ I had no idea people thought Globebusters scammed subs to pay for the FOG...just WOW!!!
  1056. [04/11/2017 00:40:03] Bob Knodel: Yes, pretty pathetic indeed Richard!  I laughed my rear end off when I heard that...
  1057. [04/11/2017 00:42:06] Richard Blades: Anyhoo...I wondered if you knew off hand how many Kilometres of Optical Fibre are in this model? Can't seem to locate it in the data sheets? I might be a bit blind though...I understand they can have up to 5km of fibre...??
  1058. [04/11/2017 00:43:36] Richard Blades: Yeah Bob,  a mix of disbelief and amusement πŸ˜‚πŸ™„
  1059. [04/11/2017 22:03:36] Rob Durham: Hey everyone, I just got back from a holiday with the family in menorca. A beautiful island with some wonderous ancient stone henge type stone work! Sorry to hear about your accident Rick. I wish you a speedy recovery! Has anybody seen any of the videos of the sun β€œblinking”. I just saw this one in Nigeria where there are thousands of witnesses and then found lots of other videos of it occurring all over the world. Has anyone seen this?
  1060. [05/11/2017 11:29:09] Richard Blades: Yes Rob, I've seen this. Looks like a gain/aperture issue with the camera to be fair. Could be a firmware issue with the phone.The crowd doesn't seem that concerned in my opinion. I repair phones and have seen many odd camera problems, usually because of repeatedly dropping the phone or a trip around the toilet bowl
  1061. [05/11/2017 19:24:12] Rob Durham: Maybe so Richard, but what then is everybody looking at? There doesn’t seem to be an eclipse occurring and they are definitely facing toward the sun.
  1062. There have been a lot of anomalies with the sun lately, namely the red sun which I witnessed myself last month, never seen anything like it before. Apparently it was due to dust blown up from the Sahara desert πŸ€” there’s also the black sun that people have caught on camera in Russia and if you really want a laugh, listen to this explanation by NASA of why there were big chunks of the sun missing back in 2013
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