Dragon Warrior II - Seed Lock + Metal Slime manipulation

Apr 22nd, 2016
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  1. I first learned about this when Vaxherd made a new NES DW3 TAS (, and brought to light seed locking in both Dragon Warrior 2 and Dragon Warrior 3.
  3. In DW2, all it takes is to simply put in a specific name and message speed (in this case I am using 'uHkd' and Fast speed) to lock the seed at 0xAFF5. Originally Vaxherd had mentioned using 'TUT', which locks the seed at 0x5FEA.
  5. The effects of locking the seed (among other things) are no random encounters, chest gold drops are always a fixed value, and all the townspeople walk in the same direction. The downside to this is if you get into a forced battle, the first one being the 2x Gremlin fight to get the Ship, the game softlocks.
  7. Many months ago, after testing out the initial manipulation with the name 'TUT' I stumbled across Catklaw who beat me to the punch and already did a run with a the new seed lock. He also mapped out a way to manipulate a Metal Slime encounter that drops an Iron Helmet 100% of the time ( This is huge in that the Iron Helmet sells for 2363g, which makes getting enough gold for the Jailor's Key a non-issue.
  9. Since finding Catklaw's video, I've been playing with this and found that I could manipulate additional Metal Slimes (3 more, 4 total). My current route manipulates exactly enough enemies to get levels up to 7/6/4, the most important being Moonbrooke level 4 for Infernos.
  11. So, for now, the route basically goes like this:
  12. -collect items, Cannock, Moonbrook
  13. -while doing this, I am arranging inventory to a very specific setup
  14. -save the game to unlock the RNG - manipulation of the inventory as well as gold, etc... allows me to unlock from a known RNG value
  15. -manipulate steps to kill a Metal Slime and get Iron Helmet drop
  16. -continue manipulation to kill 3 more Metal Slimes + 1 Ghost Rat + 1 Carnivog
  17. -this gets levels up to 7/6/4
  18. -Heal and continue on to Lianport
  20. -EvilAsh25
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