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Aug 24th, 2018
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  1. Free .edu email address tutorial leak:
  2. Alright, here is the method (it is a lengthy guide, make sure to read it thoroughly):
  3. Go to
  4. Click "Create Account" and "Begin Creating My Account"
  5. Go to and log in with Google.
  6. Enter the data from there into the Account Creation (Don’t put the dashes in the SSN in the form, just the numers). Also select Social Security Number and I don’t have a middle name. Also choose I don’t have a previous name and I don’t have an other referred name. Pick a random birthday (YEAR SHOULD BE 1995) Get yourself a trash email address (YOU NEED ACCESS TO IT). I recommend
  7. Enter that email in the email and email confirmation field.
  8. Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator WITH THE DASHES into the first phone number field and check the box underneath it. Leave the second phone number field empty
  9. Go to,+California,+USA/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x809ac672b28397f9:0x921f6aaa74197fdb?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjohtvDidTRAhVcGsAKHYh_BBQQ8gEIiQEwDw
  10. Zoom in and click on a house
  11. Click on the little box with the street address that is shown on the bottom of the page
  12. Enter the address shown on the left side of the page into the account creation form.
  13. Click continue
  14. Enter some random username. You don’t have to remember it.
  15. Do the same thing for the password and PIN
  16. Choose and answer security questions randomly. You don’t need these but the ones you will select later.
  17. Solve the captcha and click "Create my account"
  18. Click continue
  19. Click Start Application
  20. Select a random term
  21. Select Undecided on both goal and major
  22. Select "My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above"
  23. Click Continue
  24. Select the gender of the name you used
  25. Choose not transgender and heterosexual
  26. Select random education levels
  27. Choose not Latino
  29. *Click Continue
  30. Select First-time student in college (after leaving high school)
  31. Select Received high school diploma from U.S. school
  32. Select 21th of June <Year before you are doing this>
  33. Select yes for both check boxes
  34. Select I attended high school, California and Sacramento High.
  35. Select No degree
  36. Click continue
  37. Select U.S. citizen and No military status applies to me.
  38. Select No for everything but the California Residence where you select yes
  39. Click continue
  40. Give the following answers (ordered by checkbox order): yes, no, no, not interested.
  41. Select some random programs
  42. Click continue
  43. Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator as cell phone number (this time don’t include the dashes).
  44. Select 3.50 as GPA
  45. Select 0 as number of college units.
  46. Select random household income, individuals and expected hours of employment (best is none, not searching for employment).
  47. Choose no for all
  48. Choose no for learning disabilities and yes for work experience
  49. Choose and answer security questions (YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THEM)
  50. Click continue
  51. Click I consent
  52. Click continue
  53. Click "I have reviewed this application and confirm it is complete and accurate"
  54. *Check both checkboxes and click Submit My Application.
  55. *Click continue
  56. You should now get an email saying they have received your application.
  57. Wait until they accept it (on work hours of the admissions office usually around 20 minutes).
  58. Copy the student ID from the email saying they accepted you and click the set password link in it.
  59. Paste the student ID on the form there
  60. Enter the security questions
  61. Enter the new password
  62. Go to
  63. Login
  64. Click Los Rios Gmail
  65. You are in your email account. Your email address is W<studentID>
  66. Leaked by! If you want more visit us!
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