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  1. Jackie0322: So Andromischus...
  2. Andromischus: yes Jackie ?
  3. Jackie0322: If I decided to work here would I have to go through a trial period again?
  4. Andromischus: you 1st need to ask for permission from Thao and Ladyee
  5. Andromischus: but may i ask why you want to change clubs ?
  6. Jackie0322: If you noticed I changed my name  form Jacob to Jackie
  7. Xori: oh yeah
  8. Xori: sorry I liked it too and was like
  9. Xori: /me throws it
  10. Andromischus: yes hun, i wasn't seeing who you were before >.<
  11. Xori: xD
  12. Andromischus: but what is the reason for the change of clubs ?
  13. Jackie0322: I am trans and feel like I can't work at feminin boys
  14. Andromischus: but you applied for feminin correct ?
  15. Jackie0322: Yes originaly
  16. Jackie0322: Then I figured out I was trans
  17. CloverBear: Isn’t that what that club is kinda for
  18. Jackie0322: BOYS!
  19. Jackie0322: Not Girls
  20. Jackie0322: and I am a girl
  21. CloverBear: ok jacki
  22. Jackie0322: Sorry didn't mean to yell there ><
  23. Jackie0322: I just hate when pepole call me a boy
  24. Andromischus: But you have to ask always Thao and Ladyee about it , and talk with the manager of your club
  25. CloverBear: It’s fine idc, I like being yelled at
  26. Jackie0322: No I would perferably work both here and feminin boys
  27. Andromischus: i dont think they are allowing you to do that now hun
  28. Jackie0322: I know
  29. Jackie0322: I will think about it
  30. CloverBear: Jackie my friend, I think the overall conclusion is that you just have to talk to thao or ladyee
  31. Jackie0322: I know
  32. Andromischus: yes exactly, talk with them and your manager, Avio about it ^^
  33. Jackie0322: Im sorry for bothering you guys ><
  34. CloverBear: You’re not a bother
  35. Andromischus: you aren't bothering, im trying to help ^^
  36. Jackie0322: Ok
  37. Jackie0322: Thanks
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