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Sep 25th, 2016
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  2. full name : Angelina Jeung-Guzman
  3. nickname(s) : Lina, Cactus
  5. birthdate : July 3, 1998
  6. age : 18
  8. nationality : American
  9. ethnicity : Korean-Hispanic
  11. hometown : Los Angeles, California
  13. family : mother/jackie guzman/38/8 out of 10/nurse ; father/eric jeung/40/4 out of 10/waiter ; sister/isabelle jeung/15/10 out of 10/student ; step-mother/claire jeung/38/1 out of 10/office worker
  15. background : Lina grew up as an only child, in her mother's household, growing up learning how to clean and be useful in every way possible. She didn't grow with her father, only visiting him a few times in the week, but she was okay with the fact- as long as she saw her little sister she was alright. Though she's really energetic and mostly positive, she doesn't trust people easily and she can't help but want to punch her step-mother in the face- at least once. Lina was an amazing student, always receiving amazing grades and was practically the teachers pet because she's easily liked. She grew up in Los Angeles, used to heat and the different types of people. Though, Lina seems like she has gotten everything in her life, she works alongside her mother. Taking anything as a job positively because she doesn't want to be a drag, putting her whole heart into everything. She has had many jobs, but only choosing them due to her likings and ho good she is at the task.
  17. personality : Lina is the person you'll be hoping to see in the morning or any type of the day, because of her easy and free-spirited personality. She isn't a huge fan of disrespect or just anything irrelevant, she doesn't see the point in starting aa fight or an argument because she finds it pretty noisy and chaotic. Lina is pretty loud herself, she jokes around, knowing what's funny and she can easily make friends, but sometimes she chooses not to, depending on the other person. She knows whn is it the time to be loud, outrages, adorable, and knows when it's time to be serious, respectful, and in place. Some would call her introverted and others would call her extroverted, because she can easily act both ways. She can ignore someone as easily as she can break into a fit of giggles, she can punch someone because of their rudness or disrespect as fast as she can run up and jump onto someones back because she misses them dearly. Lina is someone who uses words such as 'dank' or 'lit' or 'fam' and many things that she thinks are 'in', she has a lot of memes in her camera roll and will casually point out that someone looks like a meeme she saw not too long ago. Always on the internet, it be Instgram, Facbook, V App, Twitter, Tumblr, or Snapchat... she's just always taking hold of her life, it either be taking pictures or recording. Verry social person, on web and real life but can be equally awkward in both as well.
  20. habits :
  21. +pulling at the ends of her hair
  22. +cracking her fingers at any time
  23. +puffing her cheeks
  24. +'relating' to everything
  25. +saving pictures / videos she won't really need...ever
  27. hobbies :
  28. +taking 'aesthetic' pictures
  29. +writing
  30. +working to her hearts content
  31. +eating sweets
  34. +strawberry candies
  35. +hot pockets
  36. +being on her laptop for long periods of time
  37. +listening to her personalized playlist
  38. +winter / cold
  39. +friends
  40. +being helpful / knowing she's doing something right
  41. +anime / mangas
  42. +Peter Evans
  43. +neutral colors
  45. dislikes :
  46. +ignorant / rude people
  47. +being disrespected
  48. +those she cares for getting hurt physically or emotionally
  49. +seeming annoying / irritating / bothersome / needy
  50. +anything bitter or too spicy
  51. +touching her food
  52. +when her otp's take long to get together
  53. +summer / heat
  54. +any kind of judging
  55. +sunlight
  57. basic trivia :
  58. +she actually really likes reading yaoi
  59. +ships anyone that seems cute together
  60. +actually adores sleep but can't seem to catch it
  61. +has hard time trusting people / acting like herself around them till she's sure of them
  62. +likes a Mexican drink called sangria senorial
  63. +believes she will be reincarnated as a cactus
  64. +enjoys the word 'smol'
  65. +low-key likes the color cotton candy pink
  68. how do they handle fear? :She handles fear the same way she handles her work, seriously. She doesn't let anyone notice or see that she's actually afraid, taking hold onto anything near that seems like it'll keep her and those around her safe. She doesn't care what is the thing that just bumped loudly into the wall or dropped something rather loudly and rudely. The only thing she cares about is keeping those around her safe. Highly believes in justice, already telling someone to call the cops if it seems too serious.
  70. why did they apply for this job? : she liked the idea of working at a place that seems safe and how it's for little children. She loves pizza as much as she loves children, as well as games and meeting others. Also, she had currently lost her job, finding this job on the web and hurriedly applying, wanting to help out with her mother and show her father's side of thee family she isn't a child any longer.
  72. do they have prior work experience? : of course does, she's worked in multiple places. From children's daycare to a waitress at a restaurant. Though she's not completely amazing at cooking, she can make a few things and she can easily discipline a child with her friendly charms.
  74. do they believe the rumors of the workplace? : Lina isn't easy to believe in such stuff like that, she finds it kind of ridiculous too. She'd loudly laugh and clap her hands while wiping a face tear away when she was told stories of the place, all being odd and bizarre but all different, having a turn in each story. If she would have believed, she wouldn't have applied but probably gave a look at the place, trying to figure out what's up with the crowd these days.
  76. which animatronic scares them the most? : To be widly honest, Lina is actually a huge fan of the animatronics, she likes the original ones, but she can't but be highly cautious around Bonnie. Something so normal about the purple bunny scares her a lot, making her want to high-kick the thing the floor.
  79. slot : chika
  80. backup slot : springtrap
  82. face claim : Hani (exid)
  83. backup face claim : Lisa (blackpink)
  85. love interest : Yuta
  86. backup love interest : Chittaphon (Ten)
  88. initial reaction between them :He thought she was very calming, serious, quiet, and all around a sweet person. He wasn't sure how to go up to a person like her, for he was afraid his bold looks would scare her off. Lina was confused, because she thought he was a pretty serious person, because his looks gave a bold feeling. She thought he was pretty mature-like and that he was just one of those people that were ignorant and had a big ego. Though his aura gave off a cute and friendly vibe, making her wanting to do a beeline towards him, but she fought the feeling.
  90. how your character acts around them : Confused. She's very awkward, and isn't sure of what she should do first. Lina would be clumsy at times, because she wants to show how great she is at what she does and applied for, but she can't help but almost trip- earning a cute smirk from the boy. Though she does act like that 70% of the time, the other 30% she's actually working and being completely serious about her job and getting things done- forgetting about the boy just for short specific number of time, till she notices him and bumps into something or someone.
  92. how they act around your character : He acts even cooler than usual, sticking his hands into his pockets and resting his back on the cool wall behind him as he coolly watches her cleaning tables or telling a child that he/she shouldn't be climbing Freddy Frazbear. He'll usually forget what he's doing, leaving it there because he can't help but put his full attention on the odd girl that was just loudly telling a child to back off but now dancing along with them. He smiles a lo around her, when he hears her cracking a joke or just her giggle in general. He's protective around her, swiftly taking the plate she almost dropped or pulling her into his arms when she's about to walk into a crown of small and short kids, explaining to her how she should be more careful, how he'd hate it if she lost her job.
  95. suggested scenes :
  96. +in which Lina is trying to grab a kid who is trying to climb one of the animatronics, only for her to be pushed back because the freaking thing decided to make a huge movement, making her loose her balance. The love interest pops out of no where and takes her into his hold, it being drama-ish
  97. +she get's into a small childish fight / argument with a kid who is around the ages of 9-12
  98. +okay, but, it'd be hella cool if one of the animatronics were to disappear and shit happen and escalates
  100. password : golden freddy
  102. notes for me : fAM DON'T GET DISCOURAGED BECAUSE OF THE CONCEPT OR THE PEOPLE APPLYING!!!! I want yous to do ur best and be positive but also real healthy while all of this because it'd be a huge shame if ur practically dying and u r updating. no, this should be fun not actual work, think of it like that!! I think this concept is really lit and i think- no believe, ur gonna b real successful with this piece of cool but angsty art. love u!!!~~~
  104. additional comments for your character : nothing really, pint is in her, make her weird but SLIGHTLY normal, other than that NOTHING ELSE !!!
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