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  1. hi
  2. whats up trip!!!
  3. glad to see u back
  4. sup guy
  5. trippy is crazy
  6. that setup doe
  7. pubg anymore?
  8. what it do baby boo
  9. you soloing today?
  10. hows work?
  11. oh how has your leg been?
  12. pubg
  13. RocketLeague!
  14. i hate this
  15. why do u make me smile so much :)
  16. wheres your redbulls? lol
  17. you back to streaming?
  18. i miss the old trippykitty stream days with all the boys
  19. so when are we gonna play together?
  20. i wish i could sub to you but im broke and dont have prime
  21. they black wheels are my fav
  22. how many BM skins do u have now lol
  23. are you doing any giveaways soon??
  24. i really enjoy the vibe here, guess ill stick around
  25. omg i have to tell my friend youre back on!!!
  26. yay trippy is back!
  27. ive missed my old friend
  28. any new games?
  29. idk what im gonna do today
  30. !commands
  31. sit back and watch the stream lol
  32. i love how i can come here and chill or talk about anything or even play with the best person ever! TRIPPY!!!
  33. TRIPPPYYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. what it do boy
  35. missed u man
  36. youre a god
  37. i hate i cant stay long
  38. !shoot
  39. wanna play later?
  40. are you back on some schedule?
  41. what work do u do again?
  42. millennium falcon
  43. !plant
  44. rocket cars and a giant "futbol" looks fun
  45. i can help u if you want some training
  46. ill catch ya later trip
  47. bye i gtg
  48. much love for you
  49. i missed that beautiful face!
  50. so are you accepting girlfriend apps???
  51. !snapchat
  52. Go get em boy!
  53. WOW
  54. Goal!
  55. what a save
  56. holy cow
  57. how do u do that
  58. i wannna become a streamer like you
  59. tripster
  60. who's that?
  61. theyre good
  62. let me get some BM's lol
  63. how many crates you got now?
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