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  3. I am calling on the moderators of this discord to take action against the moderator known as "luc".
  5. Luc, aka lucao_psellus, has routinely shown himself to be a mean spirited, unfunny, obstinate, hostile, and unproductive moderator.
  7. Very rarely will luc ever earnestly, in good faith, participate in conversation with the rest of the users of the discord. Even in instances where he will link a twitter thread or article to start a discussion, he often doesn't engage much past the initial link, and when he does he is spiteful and demeaning. Indeed, the large majority of his posts on the discord are complaints about the other users, insults on their character, calls to permaban for vague indiscernible reasons. He seems to not enjoy his time in the discord very much, or perhaps, he only enjoys the discord through the bitter lens of a school yard bully, as though he were burning ants with a magnifying glass, or pelting a stray cat with pebbles.
  9. In the short time that the voice chat has been active, luc has so far demonstrated a complete unwillingness to join the other users in casual conversation. Opting rather to sit by his lonesome, sneering at the others, mocking us for using the music bot. Even the very act of our laughing over mics seems to be enough to gain lucs ire.
  11. Luc has chosen to treat me, all_the_way_through, with a particular viciousness. A level of spite otherwise unseen in the discord. Despite my open heart and friendly demeanor, luc refuses to engage in conversation with me. In truth I cannot say we've ever had an interaction that didn't begin or end with an luc banning me, or making an unfounded insult on my character. Im honestly not sure luc has *ever* logged into the discord without banning me at least once. Luc will often ban me even when Im not directly interacting with him, but rather conversing with the other users of the discord. Imagine sitting in a room with a trusted friend, making casual, friendly conversation with eachother. When suddenly a strange man bursts into the room and punches you in the face, and drags you out of the room by your heels, locking the door behind him. This has become, in essence, a daily occurance for me. Minding my own business in voice chat, which luc isnt even listening in on, when I make some offhanded remark in text chat and out of nowhere- silence. What happened? Of course, luc has banned me again. Why? Its anybodys guess.
  13. Each time luc chooses to ban me, more work is created for the other moderators. Due to the nature of discord bans, I have no way of knowing whether these bans are 10 minutes, an hour, or permanent. Do I just sit it out, check back in a few minutes to see if Im unbanned? What if 10 minutes pass and I check, only to still be banned? Am I just not allowed back into the discord for the night? Therefore I am forced to PM one of the other, comparitvely much friendlier, moderators. Bothering them, and wasting their precious time. Time that could otherwise be spent making very funny and well loved themes for the discord, or making a new batch of original and very creative emotes. Its easy to see, these bannings are an inefficeny that the discord can no longer afford to put up with.
  15. In addition to bans, luc has made it a habit, indeed, even a ritual to change my display name. What does he change my name to? Some light hearted, topical joke? Perhaps a playful teasing reference to a friendly conversation we've had in the past? No. Always, without fail, my name is changed to "child rapist". I can only speak for myself, but in my humble opinion, raping children is bad. And certainly not the sort of topic to be joked about so carelessly, completely devoid of any context to justify it as a joke. Whatever origin this bit may have had, whatever former humor could be found, has been destroyed. Systematically dismantled by lucs almost obsessive repition. The bit is at this point a zombie, a horrific frankenstein-esque monster, shambling along in the night. Kept alive only by the cruel compulsions of a broken man.
  17. Not only has luc proven to be a negative presence to the discord, with his disruptful, obstinate behavior, he has never once made a positive contribution to the sub. I do not have access to the moderation logs of the discord, but I am extremely confident that you would have a tough time finding even *one* instance that luc has used his moderater powers for anything except pointless spiteful bans, or distasteful and insulting display name changes.
  19. It is for these reasons that I am calling on the rest of the moderation staff to take action. I present you with three options.
  21. 1. Leave luc as a moderator in name only, stripping him of his ability to kick, ban, mute, or change users nicknames.
  23. 2. Strip luc of his moderator status entirely, demoting him to the rank of a white name as if he had only just joined the server today.
  25. 3. Strip luc of his moderator status entirely, and then permanently ban him from the server. Exiling him forever for his crimes against his fellow posters.
  27. These are my demands. You have 48 hours to deliver your response before we, the humble oppressed posters, take actions into our own hand.
  29. Thank you, and god bless.
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