Tongs - [Nameless] [Goldie/Anon/development]

Jun 8th, 2019
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  1. Full tags: Anonymous, Golden Corral, Squeak, character development, slightly silly
  3. Inspiration:
  4. I think the most developed characters we have so far are Hexferry, Virgo, Golden Corral, Flower Tart and Moon Dust
  6. Response:
  7. >GC
  8. >Well developed
  9. I bloody well wish. Lately, she's just been flanderized to the point of just being considered someone that's horny all the time, or always likes to make sexual jokes, or will always jump at the chance to tease someone.
  12. ...Storytime?
  13. >Oh god why
  14. >Squeak just rushed by and stole your pants
  15. >How she managed that, you're still uncertain
  16. >Your mind reels at the thought of what could possibly come next
  17. >Of all the days to go out to the Cafe with Golden Corral, it had to be the one that you lose your pants to a hyperactive ball of dust
  18. >One minute, you were just standing there at the table, chatting with the yellow mare
  19. >The next, you're in your heart-spotted undergarments
  20. >It also doesn't really help the fact that you're at full mast right now
  21. >Neither does the fact that you're in a VERY public situation right now
  22. >Nobody's really looking at you now, but once GC gets the ball rolling, it'll be all downhill from here
  23. >Fuck
  24. >This is the end
  25. >Corral, damn her, you just know she's going to tease you in the worst possible way
  26. >But how?
  27. >Will she incorporate her tongue in her belittlement of you?
  28. >Will she speak in a deep, huskier voice than usual, making innuendos at you?
  29. >Will she make fun of your choice of underwear
  30. >You don't know
  32. >You look up at Golden, a grimace starting to form
  33. >Maybe she'll go easy on you
  34. >From what you've heard of her from stories, she probably won't
  35. >Fuck
  36. >She stares at you from across the table, eyes wide, probably trying to discern what the fuck just happened
  37. >You wait
  38. >You wait for the end of your social life
  39. >...
  40. >......
  41. >You check your watch
  42. >Two minutes since you last checked it
  43. >.........
  44. >Nothing happened?
  45. >No teasing?
  46. >No innuendos?
  47. >No brutally murdered social standings?
  48. >What the fuck?
  50. "Aren't you going to, uh, make fun of me or something, GC?"
  51. >The mare blinks
  52. >"What?"
  53. "Well, I thought..."
  54. >A confused look falls over the supposedly infamously lewd pony's face
  55. >"Well, I can't say you have the best taste in underwear, but it's cool. I know how you feel about that sort of thing."
  56. >"Being naked in public, I mean. I wouldn't tease you about something like that."
  57. >...
  58. "What? You're not going to tease me in some sort of, y'know, lewd way?"
  59. >"Why would I do that?"
  60. "I'm half naked in public with a boner."
  61. >"Why, thank you, Captain Obvious."
  62. "...But you're really not going to tease me?"
  63. >"Anon. Please. It's as if you think of me as nothing more than, I dunno, some sort of sexual machine. I'm not ALWAYS in the mood for that sort of thing, you know."
  64. "O-oh."
  65. "Come on, man."
  66. >You sit awkwardly there for a few seconds, guilty that you just assumed she's always that way
  67. >...
  68. >......
  69. >"Look, I'll buy you a smoothie, alright? Don't draw too much attention to yourself while I'm gone. We're gonna have a talk about this..."
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