Oct 5th, 2019
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  1. page: Five Nights at Freddy's SB
  2. page: Agaro: 3ds [DEVELOPMENT ENDED]
  3. page: Perspective Starfield Test
  4. page: atmOS
  5. page: A2D official app
  6. page: AAdventureSB
  7. page: Faster ACLS
  8. page: DotMagics
  9. page: brick 3ds
  10. page: Gravity Lab (trans)
  11. page: Key Generator
  12. page: Paint Lab (feat. dat boi!!)
  13. page: Color Maze
  14. page: Drawing Recorder
  15. page: Easier to use FREEBGM_RWI
  16. page: Village SB
  17. page: DEFY3D Pseudo-Texture Test
  18. page: New NyanCat 3D
  19. page: Autz's 'Mode 7' implementation
  20. page: Nonograms
  21. page: Sprites 202 (Intermediate sprite control)
  22. page: Crystal Defenders
  23. page: Cancelled Game
  24. page: Random Terrain Generator
  25. page: PLAT
  26. page: Game of Life Simulator
  27. page: Elaysia Version 2
  28. page: GGLib
  29. page: QIX0
  30. page: DT_TOOL
  31. page: ASCIInaut - Momentum Tests
  32. page: (Paper) Airplane Simulator
  33. page: Special Halloween Demo
  34. page: Phoenix Fish't: Underwater Justice Pre-Demo
  35. page: Solitaire
  36. page: PONG 3D (3D Perspective)
  37. page: Protecting yourself from malicious *JS scripts
  38. page: Little Alchemy
  39. page: Basics of Multiplayer #1
  40. page: Improved Chip-8 Emulator
  41. page: Bee Movie Trailer
  42. page: Jewel Version
  43. page: Keywall OS
  44. page: WORM2B.BAT
  45. page: SB Virus Scanner PLUS
  46. page: BROWNFOX
  47. page: The Legend Of Color (working title) [DEMO 2: Electric Boogaloo]
  48. page: Text-Only Loading Bar
  49. page: Sorting Algorithms v0.2[Unfinished]
  50. page: Dithering
  51. page: AI that Learns!!!
  52. page: Chris!co Computer (6.8) (with games)
  53. page: CLS Command
  54. page: Minecraft Banner Designer
  55. page: Freddy Sim
  56. page: HAM
  57. page: Minecraft (April Fools)
  58. page: Multi-touch
  59. page: ETALK - english text to speech
  60. page: PetitMoviePlayer
  61. page: Range Finder v1.0
  62. page: Propulsion
  63. page: Realistic Raytracer
  64. page: entity
  65. page: Kork demo 1
  66. page: PetitWorld
  67. page: Saturation
  68. page: Perlin Noise
  69. page: Simplified Ping-Pong
  70. page: HOME of GAMER
  71. page: FidgetSpinner
  72. page: Platform 0
  73. page: SBS Screen
  74. page: Nellr Heighboo
  75. page: The Night
  76. page: Trick-or-Treat
  77. page: 3D Haunted House
  78. page: Shift (DEMO)
  79. page: Detect sleep mode or home menu
  80. page: Taking Screenshots [OLD]
  81. page: Mansion Mystery
  82. page: Tree Of Life [VER 1.1]
  83. page: eZSB Toolkit: SmileBASIC Made eZ
  84. page: BeatBOX
  85. page: MiiVerse Simulator
  86. page: Brizobst's MML Collection
  87. page: List of Functions
  88. page: BROWNKEYS.LIB
  89. page: Simple Bullet Tutorial
  90. page: 3D Model Maker
  91. page: Miscellaneous
  92. page: PictoBlitz
  93. page: Nomadic demo
  94. page: Perfectly Filled Circles
  95. page: 3DS OS Home Edition
  96. page: UBUNTU 17.04 ZESTY ZAPUS
  97. page: PetitCity2
  98. page: Elaysia Ultimate Version 1
  99. page: Particles/rain/cloud effects demo
  100. page: Lumage Dating Sim
  101. page: SmileBASIC Obfuscator
  102. page: Roll the dice
  103. page: Dashgame_ver2
  104. page: Walking Engine
  105. page: Cat Sim
  106. page: AfterWar Development test version.
  107. page: Mario 7
  108. page: FLIGHT-less
  109. page: Celestrium v.94
  110. page: Celestrium 0.93
  111. page: "Vanilla" SPSET
  112. page: a game about anime
  113. page: Spinning Cubes
  114. page: petitminer
  115. page: Program development phases (And where your project fits here)
  116. page: World Man
  117. page: Lights Out (QSP)
  118. page: the sun
  119. page: R-OS V, with no setup required and the fake "DRM" removed.
  120. page: Th. GRP Editor (trans)
  121. page: NihonQuest
  122. page: Windows 3DS Cracked
  123. page: SM64 Tick Tock Clock
  124. page: one small but very angry boyo
  125. page: How to make a simple notepad with saving and loading
  126. page: Full Hotel Mario intro cutscene in SmileBASIC
  127. page: Jumpball
  128. page: super search
  129. page: Pumpkin Swing
  130. page: I Hate Function Keys (a game)
  131. page: Petit Alchemy
  132. page: Ralsei's Alchemy
  133. page: FAKE BSoD
  134. page: File System
  135. page: 3D Parkour
  136. page: Simple Trigonometry for Game Programming (SmileBASIC edition)
  137. page: Globe
  138. page: Smilebasic Store VER 1.0.3 discontinued
  139. page: Village PTC
  140. page: VSYNC versus WAIT
  141. page: Cool Coding 101: OPTION STRICT
  142. page: SmileBASIC store ver 1.0.0
  143. page: Egg Clicker (proof of concept)
  144. page: Array Resize
  145. page: BASICTALE
  146. page: Baldi's BASICs
  147. page: How To Program #9 - Putting it all together (basic)
  148. page: Please, stop.
  149. page: PTC Editor
  150. page: Sketch (Beta Dev Version)
  151. page: A Persevering Holy Sophistry [OSP] [No Regrets Edition]
  152. page: GnoBoy - Game Boy (Color) Emulator
  153. page: Sonic The Hedgehog SmileBASIC (Demo)
  154. page: Flicker-less graphics without VSYNC/WAIT
  155. page: Math Defense
  156. page: Hello world
  157. page: Fast ellipse drawing
  158. page: How to use SPANIM
  159. page: Limit Variable to Range
  160. page: Yttria's Keyboard Adapter for Citra SmileBASIC
  161. page: SYS Files (SmileBASIC 3)
  162. page: INCARY
  163. page: Bees
  164. page: How to make a sprite from text!
  165. page: Dimension Viewer [SB4]
  166. page: SmileBASIC API
  167. page: AndroiDS
  168. page: Undertale Intro
  169. page: Virtual Buffalo
  170. thread: ShadowCoins
  171. thread: Chat is down (for me at least)
  172. thread: Builders 3D OFFICIAL THREAD (3D BUILDING GAME!)
  173. thread: Japanese Program Necromancy Showcase
  174. thread: why my snailBASIC code doesn't? work plox help
  175. thread: What would you think about unobtrusive advertisements?
  176. thread: Account Creation Disabled
  177. thread: Fnaf world 3D OFFICIAL THREAD
  178. thread: Possible Multitouch Input/Pressure sensitivity
  180. thread: EVAL() function?
  181. thread: Leaving the thread
  182. thread: Who else doesn't use a stylus that much when they're programming?
  183. thread: MEGAMON
  184. thread: SmileBoom Acquired by SEGA
  185. thread: So what do we know about SmileBASIC 3.3?
  186. thread: I made a hamburger recipe
  187. thread: Grand Theft Mayhem-GTA type game on the 3DS
  188. thread: SBS App?
  189. thread: SmileOS Suggestions/Bug reports
  190. thread: Recruiting Site Administrators
  191. thread: NNID worth it? Any cons?
  192. thread: A2D
  193. thread: Editing the sprite sheet?
  194. thread: Need help with touch screen.
  195. thread: How do I make a task-management game?
  196. thread: Hiring devs for SMILEtale
  197. thread: Why are you here?
  198. thread: Button input from guest sent after program is stopped?
  199. thread: Official SmileBASIC Source Programming Contest (July 6-August 5)
  200. thread: How Much Time Have You All Put In To SmileBASIC?
  201. thread: PEOM Tournament
  202. thread: Randomizer?
  203. thread: Bye for now
  204. thread: What does SBS think constitutes a fun game that you could play for Hours Days, Weeks, Months.
  205. thread: Good news and bad news
  206. thread: what are variables?
  207. thread: In The Dark SB Thread
  208. thread: Help this poor Miiverse child
  209. thread: Suggestion - Command to force users out of hiding
  210. thread: Partnership for Super mario world remake
  211. thread: GPAINT is broken
  212. thread: How do when i detect a sprite (using spcol and sphitsp) how do when thay collide the moving sprite stops moving?
  213. thread: Official SmileBASIC Source Programming Contest (November 15-December 15)
  214. thread: SB <-> PC transfer
  215. thread: TinySB Interpreter in the works
  216. thread: SBRadio Sponsor?
  217. thread: Happy New Years!
  218. thread: How to check for certain phrases within a string?
  219. thread: A2D apps returning with a bang
  220. thread: The bee movie script except its translated by Gizoogle
  221. thread: PRINT "Hello, forums!"
  222. thread: 16 Bits
  223. thread: Rename "SmileBASIC" tab to "Programming"
  224. thread: About local play...
  225. thread: Jump thing dealy whizz
  226. thread: DBOX: Share programs between 4-2 3ds
  227. thread: Impostor
  228. thread: How to know if a DAT file is a GRP before load it?
  229. thread: Kaliber Project for SmileBASIC
  230. thread: Yonder Con Day
  231. thread: Magic Powers Get
  232. thread: How do I check the size of my game?
  233. thread: Can someone tell me how I can make SPHITSP() Work on the touch screen? Thanks :D
  234. thread: SmilePiano Collaboration Project! :D
  235. thread: Personal Theme Song
  236. thread: How to stop a sprite
  237. thread: Ultra Short April Fool's 2017 Programming Contest
  238. thread: Which view do you choose on the SmileBASIC Source Website?
  239. thread: favicon suggestion
  240. thread: Unnecessary polls go here!
  241. thread: Smile World Project Thread
  242. thread: SBS Character Types
  243. thread: how do i turn data strings into sprites?
  244. thread: Custom Theme Sharing Thread
  245. thread: 7 Petit Words
  246. thread: TouchOS
  247. thread: Stickers on a 3DS.
  248. thread: SmileBOY development update
  249. thread: Testing version of my game coming later today or sooner
  250. thread: SmileBASIC for Wii U - "Official" Megathread
  251. thread: Summer Programming Contest 2017
  252. thread: How to load files without confirmation dialog
  253. thread: Game Blocks Kickstarter PC(/Mac)
  254. thread: Announcing SmileCraft
  255. thread: YABFW. A development framework for SB
  256. thread: Halloween / Horror Programming Contest 2017
  257. thread: Poll
  258. thread: Miiverse will be closing on November 8th, 2017
  260. thread: I’m leaving SBS
  261. thread: You know you program too much if...
  262. thread: Questions???
  263. thread: GOTO???
  264. thread: XSCREEN and Touchscreen Questions?
  265. thread: Scaling text
  266. thread: 2017 Winter Pictures Thread
  267. thread: How to use ">" when creating maps. Help please
  268. thread: Potential for SmileNet, a smilebasic based net service. (using sound analysis)
  269. thread: New Years Resolutions Thread 2018
  270. thread: SmileBasic style C++
  271. thread: ORBYTE! [Dev thread?]
  272. thread: Now hiring mmml writer for my games
  273. thread: Chest On Open Map
  274. thread: The Legend of BASIC
  275. thread: Could a SmileBASIC program ever be malicious?
  276. thread: Escape Games.
  277. thread: CONTROLLER 0 crashes
  278. thread: MML instrument samples for music making software
  279. thread: My updates
  280. thread: Light effect in darkness.
  281. thread: Obfuscation discussion
  282. thread: How to put 3DS photos into SmileBASIC???
  283. thread: random production
  284. thread: Duplicating Sprites
  285. thread: Games/Game developers that inspire you
  286. thread: Temp discord SBS chat
  287. thread: Community Project - SBS Anime
  288. thread: End of 2017 Programming Contest
  289. thread: do you want a site similar to "Miiverse"? (at 20 yes, I create it)
  290. thread: Taking "Screenshots" For Your Submissions
  291. thread: Frictionless Ice.
  292. thread: Another Study Attempt
  293. thread: I got a Pasocom Mini
  294. thread: Update?
  295. thread: Nearly Broken o3DS
  296. thread: Fundraiser for a contest?
  297. thread: Text stuff
  298. thread: I'm Lövely Now.
  299. thread: Save Files
  300. thread: I wanna create a game like dead by daylight
  301. thread: Gamejam SB thread
  302. thread: Minecraft 3ds
  303. thread: OSP Code Golfing Tips Sharing Thread
  304. thread: Screenshots without Miiverse
  305. thread: Pi STARTER, a version of SmileBASIC for the Raspberry Pi
  306. thread: Speeding up every 10 points
  307. thread: Summer Programming Contest 2018
  308. thread: Anti-Goto Sentiment Considered Harmful
  309. thread: The latest contest wasn't terrible lol
  310. thread: Poll thread: How old are you and what programming languages do you have experience with?
  311. thread: Good Nintendo Games?
  312. thread: reddit r/place SBS favicon
  313. thread: Celeste
  314. thread: SmileBASIC Source Movile App (Android)
  315. thread: I Have a Petit Computer .nds and .cia Rom
  316. thread: Notepad++ SmileBASIC highlighting
  317. thread: How do you get the screen mode from XSCREEN?
  318. thread: I will read your fortune from your keys
  319. thread: I miss miwa
  320. thread: SBNITE Development Thread
  321. thread: Has opening the 3DS Eshop been slow for anyone else?
  322. thread: Spooky Scary Programming Contest 2018
  323. thread: DELTARUNE stuff
  324. thread: Is there any way to get a unique number?
  325. thread: notable kland images
  326. thread: Need some help with the SmileBASIC Wikipedia page!
  327. thread: I'm making a new racing game
  328. thread: help touch screen broke
  329. thread: Idk some kinda ENDIF syntax error problem
  330. thread: Epid Official Thread
  331. thread: [Help Wanted] SmileBASIC Documentation Project
  332. thread: Add to the best PS1 games list
  333. thread: Pokémon Yellow with YOUR Names!
  334. thread: Using CALL SPRITE over 1000 times faster than FOR loops
  335. thread: Bomberman 3DS Ambition Thread
  336. thread: Old DSi PTC Rom .nds File
  337. thread: Translator for hire
  338. thread: MILLISEC overflow
  339. thread: Photoshop + Original Art Thread
  340. thread: Add to the reading playlist on youtube
  341. thread: Circles and For Loops
  342. thread: Now intruducing a new OS: S-OS
  343. thread: Ruebled wanted features and notes
  344. thread: some neat little light thing idk
  345. thread: SmileBASIC Magazine Copy of Solid Gunner
  346. thread: Touchscreen Graphic Button
  347. thread: Game Ideas
  348. thread: Nintendo Switch Discussion
  349. thread: Feature Requests
  350. thread: So something weird just happened.
  351. thread: Spring 2019 Mini Programming Contest
  352. thread: Bad news for Ez-Launcher.
  353. thread: How to SPSCALE Shrink sprites
  354. thread: Homebrew Thread
  355. thread: Help with a code snippet
  356. thread: CSS snippets for SBS
  357. thread: Create maps using data. Help!!!
  358. thread: Anime Fusions Thread + Original Anime Character Thread (Off-Topic)
  359. thread: 🅱️ode 🅱️ritique
  360. thread: Ruebled Official Thread
  361. thread: Touch controls eh?
  362. thread: What is your proud accomplishment of today
  363. thread: the final hour of my hair approaches
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