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How to fight the watermelons??

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Dec 29th, 2011
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  1. How to fight the global warming watermelons??
  3. Boycotts don't work (even according to Marxists).
  6. Propaganda (true or false) and astroturfing does work (again according to Marxists).
  9. Co-opting politicians is more effective than "direct action" (domestic terrorism).
  12. The carbon eco-fascists in Australia's cryptoecotheocracy have already claimed a victim, Peter Spencer.
  15. Dangerous man-made global waring is presently based on pseudoscience.
  18. The rich developed nations mostly absorb more CO2 than they emit, or so says a Japanese satellite.
  21. The last attempt by the Australian public to highlight the complete moral indefensibility and contradictory evidence of the global warming argument was summarily dismissed by the "Gillard" government (run principally by Greens senator Bob Brown) and the Joint Select Committee on The Clean Energy Future run by Greens MP Anna Burke (who is also a director of Climate Works Australia whose main aim is "slashing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that prevents dangerous climate change").
  24. It would seem from the above articles that the techniques which are ethical typically have less efficacy than the unethical techniques. That is in spite of much evidence being available to the public to disprove climate alarmism. There are no easy answers here. To win against the watermelons requires the use of completely ethical techniques applied in very large numbers for a protracted time to advertise the true state of climate science.
  26. Bypass the media, go into the street with flyers and public lectures, take the real science to the people.
  28. Real science must be given the opportunity to disprove the claims of catastrophists by showing the existing evidence of a lack of catastrophe in previous climates of greater CO2 concentration and warming rates.
  29. A panel of unbiased judges should similarly be able to establish from available evidence that the IPCC and their allies generate politically pre-determined advice, indulge in pseudoscience, and work to protect their unethical minions from proper justice. Any government which will not permit climate science to get a fair hearing should be removed from power and replaced with representatives with genuine concern for individual wellbeing and the blindness of lady justice, or else we will all end up like Peter Spencer: denied the quiet enjoyment of our own property and bereft of any control over our own lives.
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