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Dec 22nd, 2019
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  1. Intrepid Sword:
  3. Aesf/Funbot/Jrdn: See Paste from gorilla tactics rationale for intrepid sword as well.
  5. Geerat: As aesf said and from my experience of a limited set of games, while again this is very strong, superior to adapt definitely, but both dauntless shield and intimidate are capable of keeping it in check and +1 boost being visible definitely makes it way easier to play around. Then again its just from a limited set of games, so I am just providing it with the benefit of doubt
  7. Racool: I understand the points about how its counterplay deffo exists, but my issue with this ability again is just how much it overshadows a lot of other abilities, and id look at it from a different angle too, in that id ask the question: "what do we even gain from keeping it in the meta"? Like we already have a good pool of varying offensive abilities, some better than others, and it worked well for the most part in gen 7, these new abilities are quite different in the fact that they have little downside so therefore just overshadow a lot in my opinion.
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