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  1. **tl;dr**
  2. I noticed similiar but opposite features in the big bang (BB) and black holes (BH), the following:
  4. *Mass goes in (BH) -> mass come out (BB)
  5. *Time (space-time) stops (BH) -> Time starts (BB)
  6. *?Space-time? goes in (BH) -> ?Space-time? comes out (dark energy/expansion)
  7. *Singularaties
  9. So could the big bang be explained as the opposite end of a black hole and is the universe in a black hole (possibly a higher dimensional black hole) ?
  12. **Long version**
  15. I got this "theory" about black holes and the big bang.
  16. It comes forth out of the (to me) similar but opposite features of black holes and the big bang.
  18. It bassicly states that the universe is in a black hole (in the singularaty) and the big bang (the other singularaty) would be the where the mass that falls into a black hole comes into the universe.
  20. **Mass goes in (BH) -> mass come out (BB)**
  21. In my theory all the mass that falls into a black hole over it's "lifetime" is the mass that "comes into existance" when a big bang happends.
  22. As far as i know time stops(/fails) at the singularaty of the black hole. There for it would not matter *when* the mass falls into the black hole, all the mass would be (coming out) at the same time in the universe that is inside the black hole (time of the big bang).
  24. **Time (space-time) stops (BH) -> Time starts (BB)**
  25. It is my understanding that at the singularaty in the black hole space-time 'breaks'. My assumption is that inside the singularity (BH) you would still have a valid [frame of refrence](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_of_reference) for doing physics. But how do you do physics when space-time is broken? I assume that the laws of physics would some how create a new space-time(Space-time continuum) to do physics in:). This would be the big bang. How this new space-time is created or if it's even "new" or maybe just derived from the space-time in which the black hole is, i have no ideas for.
  27. **?Space-time? goes in (BH) -> ?Space-time? comes out**
  28. I'm not to sure if space-time is even a "entity" which would fall into a black hole so this one is hard to explain.
  31. Space-time falling in to a black hole works different form mass falling into it (in my theory). It would not all come out at the big bang of the universe inside the black hole, instead it would come out at every point in the universe over time (dark energy).
  32. The two assumptions i've made for this is:
  34. *The singularity in the black hole has the same position on some dimansional axes (plural axis), assuming there a more axes than X,Y,Z and time. Therefor the singularity of the black hole is in the same "position" as every point in the universe (and vice-versa every point in the universe is in the singularity).
  35. *Space-time would not "forget" the time it fell into the black hole as mass does, so it would come into the universe at a time related to the time it fell into the black hole.
  37. **Possible ways i think this theory could be tested**
  39. *If space-time is a "entity" which falls into black holes the expansion rate(s) of the universe could be equal to the amount of space-time that would be expected to fall into a blackhole with the mass of the universe.
  41. *Due to Hawking radiation the mass of the universe should decline. (*i'm not so happy about this :P*)
  43. *Doing some mathematics which i don't have the skills to do
  45. **I also know that in quantum physics more than three spacial dimansions are sometimes used, maybe a universe inside a black hole would have fewer spacial dimansions than the universe in which the black hole is. Maybe some quantum stuff still interacts with these dimansions outside the black hole*
  47. **Please comment to with simple ways to poke holes in this theory or for clarifications**
  49. *My limited skills with language might impare my abbility to explain this right, so if you see big holes in the theory please reply and i'll try to clarify*
  51. *I've also noticed there are black holes in this universe inside a black hole so yeah: "Yo dawg"*
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