Dirt on Dan Pages Military record

Aug 11th, 2015
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  1. our team began looking into Dan Page.  Due to some very cool connections and sources, we were first able to confirm that Page IS NOT a Green Beret.  Page worked in Civil Affairs.  This was the easiest to assume because Page has posted several photographs of himself in uniform.   A Civil Affairs patch is what appears on his uniform.  Now, how does that support the fact that Page is not SF?  You tell me one person who is SF qualified who does not wear that long tab on his uniform.  Hell, I know a 65 year old Colonel who came out of retirement to serve one last tour in Afghanistan with an SFAT team and HE still wore the SF tab he earned when he was a much younger man.  Also, Page wears the same CA patch as his Shoulder Sleeve Insignia – Former Wartime Service patch.  That’s a “Combat Patch” for you guys who never read a regulation.  That tells me one thing – that the CA patch was the only combat patch he ever earned.  If, as he says, he was an SF super soldier who served in combat in every war between Vietnam and Iraq, at some point he would have earned a Special Forces or SOC combat patch.  Soldiers HATE wearing their current unit patch as their combat patch.  The uniform looks much better with contrasting, or conflicting patches.  When they have the option, they don’t do it.  Now, a Sergeant Major may do it to show pride in their current unit and to serve as an example to the underlings, but, truthfully, my battalion XO still wore his SF combat patch.  Those who earned a Ranger Regiment scroll combat patch basically never take it off.  I think they sleep in those things.
  3. Aside from that, another contact confirmed that Page never went through selection or attended the SF Q-Course.  He’s a fraud.  He is a stolen valor jackass.
  5. Since he likes to portray himself as an accomplished soldier who has, “Killed a lot of people” (his words) he would have also earned a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.  At a minimum, a Combat Action Badge.  The absence of this CIB tells me he never actually served in combat with any Infantry or SF unit.  He also does not wear airborne wings, which a career Special Forces soldier would have.
  7. Do regulations require that you wear all of these things if you earned them?  No.  It does not.  It is optional.  But, you show me one Sergeant Major in his uniform and I guarantee you he will be wearing at least something that indicates his wartime accomplishments.  Hell, even the ones who received their awards under fraudulent circumstances wear them.  No, I will not name names.  But, I could.
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