Message to world Gov and who can listen BTW " The time is 11:27 AM ART" 10/8/2020

Oct 8th, 2020
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  1. And isn't it weird that most organizations used anubis as the logo of the thing anubis is god of death 😰 ,
  3. and also is it weird that pan is a goat figure in the greek myth and the satanic 2pointed upwards star with writing " Lilith and Samuel " also got a goat headed figure ?
  5. You know the has been silently took over by satanic elite and no one knows since they never studied and believe there gov since of the repetition pattern of the worker type like you know the 9 to 5 rat race that 90% of the world does so they work you all up give take all your energy
  7. yes it been all planned from 2014 already if you got the time check this ig profile that loaded a video explain it all so people can get more informed by the matter or if you in a pc here is the link or type in Google " harry vox 2014 " you will see it been all planned from 2014 much love greeting from the
  9. truth hurts my friend dont be a agent Smith try educate yourself i will write in caplock so you can see it better  " FACE MASKS CAUSE SENSORY DEPRIVATION. A FORM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE "
  10. Truth be told, the virus is a scam but they wont admit it since of their big egos they in it to deep
  11. And also did you know " FACE Masksss
  12. USED BY THE CIA IN GUANTANAMO TO BREAK SELF IDENTITY AND DIMINISH COGNITIVE FUNCTION " the system is broken my friend but all those President have a big ego and don't want to admit they wrong so they just go with it i feel sorry
  14. Like for example A theory I propose is that the Nazi's were serpent seed rh- and that was what the Aryan thing was all about. They wanted pure blood Dracos to rule and dominate the planet. The vaccines are genetically tailored to kill off the rh+ and leave only the rh- behind for adrenochrome, blood, organ harvesting, slavery, and sexual trafficking. The neuralink chip that Elon Musk is pushing will be installed into all the rh- people's brains to create a hivemind. That is what all that transhumanism stuff is about..  they want an ai/human fusion to occur, so they can harvest and enslave at leisure.. this will also not allow souls to ascend to 5d.
  16. The swastika symbol was a symbol of the serpent bloodline. It was originally two serpents crossing each other. The Icelandic, European, German, and Slavic people have the biggest numbers of green eyes. That's one of the more prominent genetic markers of the serpent race. That is also why many of these cultures feature sun symbolism (sun/snake). Now I know the eyes and red hair are not the only markers of the Draco, and this bloodline comes in all races and phenotypes.. so please don't come for me.. lol!
  18. In my opinion it all to set order
  20. but for the so called can be healed naturally with plant medicine or plant base diet like if you want to fight it take turmeric , and ginger and ginseng it heals you and
  23. And if people are concerned about radiation from the 5g cell towers they should try buy and
  24. also wear " black tourmaline " and orgonite for protection against radiation or E.M.F it rebounds freq since we are made of energy, freq and vibration , like remember Jericho ect and the horns they used it all vibration and freq like the battle of 440hz and 432 hz ect they use certain wave to deceive and control people and certain age group hear differently
  26. so it all one big spiritual , invisible freq war and people are getting spoon feed gmo or products with some much chemical , fetus and few other weird stuff and its decalcified those pineal glands so they can't connect to nature and only be a worker in a system who get spoon feed and programs by a tv cdc and all are in it
  29. They profit of fear and propaganda , and with the pineal gland being rock hard people dont think for themselves and also with the music freq , and dogma out there people are pretty much in a loop like for example
  31. This is based of true event and places i can link but you can type those keywords to Google and find them i guessed
  33. and the little bit of energy you have left you home , make dinner relax in your couch and with the last bit of energy you turn on your Tele-lie-vision set and " Programme "  yourself or get spoon feed any news from there " Channels " they have provided which you pay a subscription to have so basically you pay for your own poison
  35. And you see all those keywords i used in magic we practice all those things we channel spells so the remote is your digital wand and you channel it thru certain rays of light that is invisible its a spirtual war 😌 ww3 is not physical is a spiritual war but 90 are blinded to it the 9 % is trying to warn them while the 1% is controlling them how sad hey
  37. And you program yourself with your tv so been spoofed all those stuff you believe whatever the tv station tell you .. We live in a world that you pay any one you give them a fancy suit and cash and they dance like a puppet or robotic turn wheel toy those are the tv host / reporter the elite give them scripts to read they " Cast " a spell " on you without you know cast in tv cast are many
  39. they do that and you believe all they say and then live in fear also fun fact did you know
  41. 11 = 23 pm  and 23 =5 o 14 = 77 and 23 = 2x3= 6 = 33...  11:11  = 23:11 = 7 = 7 = 19hs o corona = 7 is the chakra the crown chakra = coronnnna 19 = 7 / 7 o 14 o 23 o 6 covid19 👌
  43. but yeah so sad seen all with those mask the gov sell fear and make profit for example i buy 20 million mask for 0.2usd for my country im the president / royals  or any gov and then from buying the mask for 0.2 usd i re sell it 2usd hahaha or 3 and make 2.8 or 1.8 profit 😁 that what the gov is doing the 1 % is tricking the 90% and the 9% is trying to tell the 90%
  45. but they so stuck in they believe anything the %1 say haha so the one who benefit is the %1 and become millionaires or billionaire over night for selling fear aka a cloth material for your mouth lol
  47. And also the alcohol gel haha you buy that for 0.1 usd and sell it 1.1 or 2 usd xD its a big profit it says if you stupid you stuff so those 90% got to suffer
  49. I feel sorry for them but they got no chose since they got no time to educate themselves since of the 9 to 5 rat race but yeah haah don't believe most hospital , gov event the who is in it , since its a easy farming money from the needy people then the rich since the rich most are well educated about it but poor don't go time
  51. and only method for some are getting spoon feed by the news fear so yeah i feel sorry for the world but hey what can i say sex sells and also buying people are a thing selling organs in the black market is also and buying kids
  53. and also tons more but yeah hope you learned a thing or two but hey no offense but it simple like this " Arguing with stupid people is like trying to kill the mosquito on your cheek. You may or may not kill it, but you will
  55. slap yourself. " and side note All Presidents except 1 since Eisenhower have been Rh negative along with the entire Royal family. I don't believe that's a coincidence.
  57. But heyyyy  well  hey i was working on a new project on my twitch account since i finished my other project called the Sync project
  59. To align people to certain sync and to show them at certain time you get messages from the universe be more conscious and record what happen at certain time so later you can go like aaah ,   i was working on to help people with certain disorder so now im going to do season 2 will send you a link if you want to see what im talking about  
  61. It's a new project called " Music therapy" and im combining certain freq and location , with nature sounds ,   And i know i wouldn't get any income from any of my projects since that now how the world works but it's a grand thing making stuff to help or improve people way of thinking or lives even  And the goal for that is to help people who suffer with ptsd and anxiety and stress and panic attacks to help them calm down with certain freq music and all those if you want to see what im talking about link is
  63.  just thought i had to paint a picture since i was telling you about it, maybe you wanted to know what i meant since some people if i tell im doing a project with certain freq and hz like 111hz cures cancer ect people would funny to me so i made those playlist with that freq inside it and combined it with nature sounds And location in the background or educational videos with it ,
  65. Also
  67. did you know 13 is a great number 😏 they just don't want you for know it ^^ it is a 4 = 13 or 4 = 22 or 11:11 or 10 and is a infinite loop 22. the Infinite
  70. And to a infinite you need one 8 and one 8 = two 3s and two 3s is a 6 Also you can have double 8 = 16. Or you can say 7  = 3301 = 33 = 1 = 7 😏 and  33 = 9 cause if  15:30 is 6 and 3 then 3:30 = 33 and 1 is the next so one 3 dies to birth a 4th that make it a balance of order out of chaos to make it a 7. 😏 Cause 4 means death in Mandarin but 5 is the next one and 5 = 14 that also = 23 and 14 = GG cause G in the alphabet is 7th.
  72. So 7 = G and then 14 = 5 so 5 = 23 correct 😎👌 now 23 = 2 3's so 2 three's = 33 and also 14 = G G and GG = great genes or great ganesha and ganesh = intelligence and also intellgence = 33 since 33 is the higest level those peep believe in 😄 so 14 = 33 also 33 = 6 and also 15:00 = 6 so if 15 = 6 then 15:30 = 9 cause 15 = 6 + 3 and also 15:30 = 33 ;) so you can make 33 out of 9 or 14 and 9 + 14 = 23 😎 and 23 is everywhere those 2 number = a constant ying yang of order out of choas 😝 and 23 = 5
  75. And GG = intelligent cause in the "Hindu" religion/mythology ect.
  78. Shiva = 7 and Shiva son is Ganesha so Ganesha is 14th so Ganesh = intelligent and also they chose a elephant for Ganesha it got the biggest
  81. Heads/Brain "E' and E = 5 and 5 =,23 as well and 23 is everywhere, like every movie/ shows talks about it check it out and 14 = 5 also so GG Great genes   .
  84. So the Elephant is the biggest in the Midgard kindgom , like you know the Chant Aum or OM ?
  86. A = asgard = Heaven
  87. U = you or innergod self
  88. M = Midgard = Earth
  91. So if 8 = 2 3's and that is 6 or 16 = 7 cause 8+8 = 16 so = 11:11 cause 22 also add up to 4 or 13 cause 1+3= 4 👌
  94. 432 = 9 16:32 = 12 / 9+12= 21 / 7x3=21 / 5+7=12 = 3
  97. And as Tesla said the key to the universe lays in the numbers 369 , 108 and 432 .
  100. The if he knew that the number 3,6,9 could change the world also 7, 432 ?
  103. 666 =
  106. 666 = 18 = 9  432hz = 9 420 = 6 16:20 = 7 + 2 = 9
  111. Well tbh music was not meant for entertainment but to heal and repair people/ DNA thru certain freq/Hz like 432,528,963 hz ect
  114. And some know about it today from manipulating the freq to make kids dumb down since sheep's are easy to manage like for example 😜
  117. That laurel, Yanny think. certain age group hear certain freq so it's a
  120. Battle of the mind with out knowing, anyways stay educated
  123. Since you get the 180 degree, 360 degree and the 540 degree haha also if you have some 144,000/432=333. 333333
  126. The key to solving all lays in the number 432 ^^ also the pyramids in the dollar bill is 13steps so 13x33. 3 = 432. 9 as  Tesla said once
  129. If you wish to understand  the universe,  think of energy,  frequency and vibration 😌👌
  130. 3,6,9 because of nikola Tesla and Vortex math 🎓🤔 and 432 because of 432hz and that sound is the sound of the universe not 440hz that is some MK ultra stuff , and the pyramid 482.7575ft x 43,200 = 20,855,124 ft or 3,949834 miles and world grid survey 72 earth polar radius = 3,9498934 miles also 🤔 like the Kali yuga
  133. And the sun also  and 720 mins x 60 sec = 43,200  and 108 since that is what the the  solar distant 93,312,000 and 864,000 solar diameter = lunar distant 233,280 And 2,160 lunar diameter to 108 and radius of the moon is 1,080 miles , on earth bekheng, Cambodia, 108 towers , homer used 108  in Odysseus with the suitors and China 108 stars of destiny, it's the ratio of the earth, moon and the sun  to trive in earth 🎓✊
  136. It was know from the ancients til today and bow you know and side note the Pentagon also got 108 degrees 🕉🤔 I don't think it's to fit the roads around it but  ✌😌 the more you know
  139. sacred geometry 🙇✌ ^^   India was the birth place of alot of stuff,  
  142. And also most religion it's all buried is some good esoteric teaching if you time to dig in ^^
  145. And also we in the 6th root race atm or getting to it ^^ so it's good know about certain occult  = hidden knowledge 😜 also.
  147. Well as Teacher of the truth i actually made a playlist to build roots in the youth of today , and to teach them about the ancient times and ways to live ;) well the playlist i made is
  149. sow you know i also been doing that for the past 7 years 😏 but everyone like silencing me cause i do stuff differently and not the like the normies but you shall see one day all will know my name 👏 and i will change the world for a better and then i want to move to a other planet and teach those folks good values also after 😚👽🐬🐳 you wont believe how much way i was silenced for 7 years from people stealing all my info to people hacking my acc to people wiping my sdd and erasing all my saving i converted to btc ect to losing all 20 btc and starting from 0 and then beginning 2017 and starting my sync project ect haha ooh i can write a book of my life its really a trip but i can tell you one thing i will always try educate people no matter how silenced i get haha but these days so many people are jealous and also i been single my whole life
  151. I basically dedicated my whole life to educate and teach others but you will never hear of me anywhere since thats how the world is i guess but heey most call me a nutjob a weird sync freak ect haha its funny but hey i don't get offended quickly ^^ but yeah
  153. So its good what you doing trying to help those folk we need more people like you  👏 who uses there exposure for good to bring up other people like that we will reach the stars
  155. i also love time and numbers for the past year and a half i been working on some project called 10000 hours of sync , were for 10k hours or a year and a half +- i would post every day in iG in certain sync moment's like for example , 11:11 22:22 ect haha so i been going on now for the past year and 8 month now ^^ and i share them in my story since in dec i shall do a video with all those snaps and it will be next level ^^ i believe people can get align with numbers haha well thanks for viewing my story 👌🙌
  162. I'm also a R-h negative with Basque decent so it all comes to me naturally a god giving gift  and
  163. i mean by god my inner self . as well I'm a infj  Leo of 22nd August so that's a 4 and 4 =13 = 11:11 = 10 and I'm 29 ✊✌👌 And my ancestors arrived from the Palatines in 1732.  Their names were Daniel Shuey (Schwe, Schuy, Jouy back then) and his wife, Margareta Schilling, and their son Ludwig Heinrich Shuey (Schwe) who was my 8th generation great grandfather.  They came to Philadelphia on the Johnson, via Rotterdam.  Although they came from what is now Germany, my understanding is that the Jouys were originally from Moselle, France, in the Alsace-Lorraine, and were Huguenots.  As more generations evolved, some appear to have become Luterans rather than Calvinists, but all were Protestant, which was why they left France when they did.anyways  Here are all my Social Media Platforms
  165. Instagram =
  167. Twitter =
  169. Youtube =
  171. Facebook =
  173. Linkedin =
  175. Btc =
  176. 134bJz8srKaTiSZbqzwvZbbVWrcxqPCiBS
  178. Best Regards
  180. Carlos Verbelen
  182. stay great  Ram ram
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