Journal Entry Six

Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Six
  2. >After everyone's gotten up and readied, we head into the cave, Silver leading the group
  3. >We reach the old camp, and Recon uses a broken table to leave a trail
  4. >As we continue, the air grows stale, and a putrid fills the air
  5. >to conserve oxygen, we put out a few torches
  6. >we reach a chasm, filled with various kinds of fungus
  7. >Could be related to the "Fungoids" the shade mentioned
  8. >Silver takes some samples (using an extinguished torch) for Able
  9. >Bottom of the chasm is filled with fungus, the air a sickly yellow color
  10. >Bottom of chasm is probably full of CO2 released by the fungus, making venturing down impossible
  11. >I notice a narrow ledge leading to the other side of the chasm wide enough for single-file travel
  12. >I go first, Silver following
  13. >Silver slips and falls, I manage to catch him
  14. >Cherenkov notices a large mushroom fall of the wall, four tentacles sprout
  15. >must've been a Fungoid
  16. >Monster swipes at me, no tentacles hit
  17. > Recon runs back in, having run off earlier
  18. >Try to pull silver up, but I can't
  19. >Lucyne manages to levitate him up
  20. >thank god the spell worked
  21. >Silver scrabbles up onto the path, thanks both me and Lucyne
  22. >Cherenkov pierces it with an arrow, Strong bucks a rock at it, both hitting
  23. >Hidden attempts magic, backfires and disables her magic
  24. >Fungoid swings at me, hits me twice
  25. >Someone says it's poisonous, luckily i'm not affected
  26. >Hidden nails it with a bucked rock
  27. >Try to stab it with my spear, no affect
  28. >Cherenkov tries to hit with another arrow, magic backfired
  29. >Fungoid swings at me again, somehow entirely missing
  30. >Cherenkov bucks a rock at it, Knocks it into the chasm
  31. >See something shining of the chasm
  32. >It's a life-size, rose crystal statue of a stallion
  33. >I get close, and it begins to glow
  34. >Turns out it's a crystal golem
  35. >looks at me, I back away
  36. >Hidden swings at it with her sword, bounces off
  37. >Recon bucks a rock at it, chipping it
  38. >Lucyne attempts and fails a spell
  39. >It somehow charges up electricity, shocking all of us
  40. >Swing at it with my pickaxe and miss
  41. >Quickly swing again, driving my pickaxe into it's side
  42. >A large crack forms across it's side
  43. >Pull pickaxe out and move aside
  44. >Cherenkov ties his pickaxe to a rope, swinging it around in the air before smashing it into the golem
  45. >It shatters
  46. >We all pick up several pieces, and decide to head back to FourCannon, while trying to figure out the new mystery presented to us
  47. >We head straight for the inn
  48. >GreenHoof buys us all a round to celebrate
  49. >Night falls, head to my bed in the Inn to write in journal and sleep
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