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Aug 19th, 2016
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  1. >You are Midnight Delight and you’re on your way to the Thieve’s guild where a certain mare you happen to like very much resides currently
  2. >Because she got herself known as the leader of said guild out of her sheer stupidity when she wanted to get back at a human
  3. >You sigh, if it was one of your students doing anything like that you’d be giving them a firm spanking on the bottom
  4. >Maybe you should give one to Daylily...you have a feeling she’d like that~
  5. >Talking of the sweet mare you have been without some intimacy with her for some time now, you’re already feeling the withdrawal symptoms of not getting some love into your system
  6. >Not that you’re a Changeling, just a simple mare in love
  7. >You’re not sure as to why exactly you became to feel this way towards the mare, sure you’ve had a stallion, mare or two as a past relationship, but you feel like you’ve really fallen for Daylily
  8. >Which is why it is so vexing because she’s still so unsure of herself or where her sexuality is
  9. >You shudder when you think about Daylily being younger than you are, yet wearing the fictional pants of the relationship most of the time
  10. >Getting all jittery and blushing when you think of her sweet her mane smelled when the two of you slept in the same bed
  11. >At least she is working towards being able to move around in public so you won’t have to be all sneaky about visiting her
  12. >Good thing too, Tulip has been spending a lot of time in here as well now that Daylily lives there, and this environment is not the best for a little filly even if it is Tulip
  13. >Good thing she’s made firm friends with a young filly and a young colt, the same ones that she knew from back when you ran the orphanage instead of a small school
  14. >Entering the guild you find Daylily doing something at the table with some Thieve’s guild ponies around her
  15. >You decide to sneak behind her and run your hoof down along her back, making her let out a cute startled sound
  16. >”Midnight? What are you doing here?”
  17. >Daylily is holding some sort of a...thing, made out of scrap and junk in her hooves
  18. “Just decided to come and see how you’re doing, we haven’t seen each other in a while without the little one being in the way of...things~
  19. >Daylily blushes and one of the stallions is doing the best he can to hide his now growing boner
  20. >Truth be told you’re not after anything raunchy or involving bodily fluids, just a bit of tender cuddling and quality time
  21. >”Midnight not in front of the guild!”
  22. >You point at the thing in daylily’s hooves
  23. “What’s that?”
  24. >Daylily averts her eyes from yours which is weird
  25. “It’s...”
  26. >One of the stallions, one of the two who did not start covering their crotch area shamefully, you haven’t learned their names since it should not be a long partnership Daylily ahs with these ponies, speaks up before Daylily can say anything
  27. >”Oh that right there is the crown we’ve been working on”
  28. >The other non-boner ones joins in now
  29. >”Yeah out boss and we thought the queen of thieves needs to have a crown so we’ve been trying to put one together all night”
  30. >You now look at Daylily with a much more stern look on your face
  31. “...why are you making a crown?”
  32. >She’s not thinking about staying in this business for the rest of her life is she? With these dangerous...
  33. >The one who popped a woody managed to poke a fork into his hoof and now with teary eyes asked Daylily to pull it out, who did and gave the stallion a kiss on the forehead to make the pain go away
  34. >And then the three stallions started to fight amongst each other because they got jealous of the hurt one
  35. >...Ok maybe not so dangerous but still, she’s supposed to be thinking of ways to fix this and not about making a crown for herself because she is leading the Thieve’s guild
  36. >”I’m just...bored?”
  37. >Daylily offers you a really bad poker face and you roll your eyes
  38. >”But look how cool it looks”
  39. >Daylily places her heap of junk on her head and pushes her chest out proudly while you roll your eyes
  40. “You look like a mare wearing junk on her head”
  41. >Daylily takes her so called crown off of her head and puts it onto the table while the three wrestling stallions keep inching more and more towards a random room as they tussle all over the floor
  42. >Daylily glances at you again
  43. >”I’m sorry, I must be annoying you a lot because I do these things”
  44. >Your expression softens
  45. “No it’s not that, it’s just that I really want to get you from this permanent place and move you permanently into mine”
  46. >Daylily blushes
  47. >”That’s very nice of you Midnight”
  48. >You on the other hand wrap your wing around Daylily
  49. “Oh it is something completely different than niceness hon”
  50. >You can feel the warmth radiating off of Daylily’s body
  51. >”Muh!”
  52. >You have no idea what that random yell from one of the stallions meant but you redirect Daylily from the table and towards what is used as her bedchambers
  53. “You seem a bit tired, how about we go over to your room and relax~”
  54. >Daylily yawns
  55. >”That sounds nice, if it is real relaxation you’re talking about”
  56. >You hide your mouth behind your hoof and giggle
  57. “I wonder”
  58. >And then you blow some warm air into Daylily’s ear, making her shudder and shoot you a little glare because you did it when the other ponies were looking
  59. >You’ve said a lot of things but you’re here to cuddle with her, just cuddling
  60. >And after the two of you had made your way to Daylily’s chamber you somehow managed to throw her on the bed, probably because she allowed you to, to humor you, since she’s strong enough to stand her ground instead of getting thrown...wait that has nothing to do with strength but with bodily weight! Anyway you quickly joined her on the bed and snuggled up to her
  61. >After breathing in a hefty amount of her scent you let out a content sigh while your hoof starts to explore around a little
  62. >She feels as pleasant against your body as you remember her feeling
  63. >”Ah~”
  64. >Seems like you just caressed one of her sweet spots, you start to feel a bit mischievous
  65. “Did I touch someplace nice perhaps?”
  66. >you fiddle with that area a little bit more, making Daylily squirm a little
  67. >”Yeah, stop touching that, the other ponies will hear us if we start to-Ahn~”
  68. >You’re about to comment on that yelp but a husky breathing makes you glance at a corner of the room where you find a wide eyes stallion, one of the three that were supposed to be outside the room, staring at you two and panting
  69. >You jump off of Daylily and let out a screech, which spooks the stallion as well and makes him screech as well and daylily cover up her ears
  70. >”Sneak what are you doing in here!”
  71. >You shield yourself with Daylily’s covers while the stallion clears his throat
  72. >”Well boss I was thinking of impressing you with how good my sneaking skills have become by sneaking into this room with the two of you, but then you two started to get busy and I could not help myself and kept watching. Please carry on”
  73. “Absolutely not!”
  74. >”No, shoo”
  75. >Sneak the stallion hangs his head in a depressed manner and sheds a single tear
  76. >”And here this good for nothing’s heart started to warm up by the thought of something good happening to him...”
  77. >But then the door gets busted open by another stallion, this one with Tulip in his hooves tossing around
  78. >”Boss your kid came over and we can’t handle her-wait is Sneak getting a private show!?”
  79. >Then the last one of the three pops his head in
  80. >”What that’s so unfair!”
  81. >Tulip uses this chance to free herself and jumps onto the bed, landing on Daylily’s stomach and knocking the air out of her lungs
  82. >”Hi mommy hi Midnight are you having sex?”
  83. >You snort out some air
  84. “No...”
  85. >The three stallions are currently wrestling all over the bedroom floor and arguing about who gets to see you and Daylily, quote, muffdive the living horse-shit out of each other
  86. >Tulip is now flying in a circle above the bed and shouting about muffdiving while Daylily is shouting at her to stop
  87. >You let out a sigh and roll your eyes before suddenly grabbing Daylily’s head and giving her a wet sloppy French kiss that makes Tulip stop flying around and stare in awe with a blush on her face
  88. >After breaking the kiss and wiping your mouth from Daylily’s saliva you regard the now wide eyes mare with bedroom ones
  89. “Come to my house this morning”
  90. >You then look at Tulip
  91. “You’re staying over at your friend this day and having a sleepover”
  92. >Tulip is about to resist but then suddenly seems to realize that she actually wants to do that more than stay at your place so she smiles happily and nods vigorously
  93. >”Yup!”
  94. >You climb out of the bed and sway your ass out of the room, leaving Daylily and everything else in it behind as you head on back home and start to arrange for Tulip to stay over at her friends house
  97. >You are Peach Screech, but most ponies only know you as that one shy filly...
  98. >That’s ok, you are shy after all, it’s better to be a wallflower than to stand out
  99. >your appearance is not important, not like anypony would want to know anyway, it’s nothing special...
  100. >And your friend Tulip came over for a sleepover, which makes you happy
  101. >Tulip is a fun friend, she’s the opposite of shy so it is kind of weird she wanted to be friends with you but it sort of just happened
  102. >And you’re not complaining, when she’s not drawing attention to the two of you...she can be a bit loud at times and makes everypony look in her direction, even if she always tells you she’s good at hiding
  103. >”So Peachy do you have a colt you like?”
  104. >You choke on your juice while Tulip stares at you with a naughty smirk on her face
  105. “T-tulip what? I haven’t really thought about any of that and I don’t know anypony...”
  106. >Your voice trails off into mumbling as you blush in embarrassment, wait did she just give you a nickname?
  107. >”So you like other fillies then eh?”
  108. >Now you drop the whole plastic cup
  109. “N-no I didn’t mean that...I never...”
  110. >Your voice trails off into a high pitched meep as you fumble with random words you are not sure what they even are anymore this is so awkward and makes you feel uncomfortable and your face must be completely red and soon she’ll think you’re a weirdo and...
  111. >”So you haven’t kissed anypony?”
  112. >Tulip has moved her face closer to yours which is making you a bit uncomfortable-did she just glance at your lips?
  113. “N-no”
  114. >”Wanna practice?”
  115. >Your mouth falls open while Tulip flutters her eyes at you
  116. “N-no-what I-w-what?”
  117. >”Come on Peachy~ you don’t want to be bad at it if you ever get to kiss a colt do you?”
  118. >You avoid looking at her while stuttering
  119. “I d-don’t think we should do that we-re both f-fillies Tulip!”
  120. >Tulip grabs your waist, making you jolt, and pulls you towards her
  121. >”Come on it doesn’t count if we’re practicing...”
  122. “B-but...”
  123. >”Come on~”
  124. >You quickly glance at Tulip’s lips
  125. “N-no that’s...”
  126. >”Come on~”
  127. >”T-tulip I-“
  128. >Her lips press against yours and you freeze
  129. >Soft, warm, wet, that’s all you can think about while your heart jumps to your throat as you’re-you’re actually kissing Tulip!
  130. >Well she’s kissing you b-but...
  131. >Tulip grabs your head and suddenly there’s a tongue inside your mouth THERE’SA TONGUE INSICDAS YOAU MOUHG!!!
  132. >You feel very hot and panicked while you just stay perfectly still and let Tulip move her tongue inside your mouth, tickling the inside of it
  133. >Tulip soon breaks the kiss and you’re left gasping for breath while trying to calm down
  134. >”Aww you were not kissing back at all, that’s not how you do it”
  135. >You hide your face behind your hooves
  136. “B-b-but it’s too soon, I c-can’t just...”
  137. >Your hooves get pried open and as your mouth falls open in shock Tulip once again pushes her lips against yours while holding onto your hooves
  138. >And kisses you again, making your eyes tear up
  139. >This is not right, two fillies should not be doing this at all!
  140. >But why is it making you f-feel...warm...
  141. >Tulip breaks the kiss again and now in between breaths whispers something to you with her voice as husky as her breathing
  142. >”You do it too already”
  143. >And being as submissive as you are, that’s exactly what you do as the kiss resumes
  144. >You know you must be doing a bad job at it but she told you to do it so you’re doing it
  145. >You feel so troubled by this, you know you suck at it you just know, why must you keep doing this?
  146. >But Tulip does not break the kiss, in fact she keeps kissing you back and i-it’s starting to feel really good...
  147. >And then she stops and you two are left gasping for breath
  148. >And as that hazy thought of how you didn’t want it to end leaves your mind you’re left with the sudden realization of what just happened
  149. >You let out a silent scree while blushing redder than physically possible while Tulip wipes her mouth
  150. >”I like your moves”
  151. “I d-don’t have any moves!”
  152. >Tulip suddenly presses her body against yours, making you freeze beyond freezing
  153. >”I have some other moves I could show you...if you want to”
  154. >Overfreeze freezes beyond what can be frozen as her hoof brushes the side of your face and down your neck, and onto your chest area
  155. >Y-y-y-you have to push her off!
  156. >You try to but you do it too weakly in all of your...all the things that’s happening
  157. >And that’s when you feel even more awkward when you find out how soft her coat feels like
  158. >Is that just how the coats of other ponies feel? You haven’t touched many other young ponies, or adult ones, you’re too shy for doing any contact outside your family!
  159. >You have completely frozen up again and instead of pushing her you’re just holding your hooves against Tulip’s coat while she runs her hooves here and there, in places no other pony s-should be touching!
  160. >”Hey...want to do something more?”
  161. >You look into Tulip’s eyes that appear to be sparkling for some reason
  162. “M-more?”
  163. >”You know...touching~”
  164. >Tulip’s hoof travels a bit low VERY VERY LOW as she says that
  165. “N-no I don’t I’m j-just a filly, I don’t know about those things!”
  166. >”Yes you do~”
  167. “N-no...”
  168. >Your hooves are trembling and your heart is pounding
  169. >And you’re...kind of...
  170. >Would her coat feel as good against your whole body as it does against your hooves?
  171. >Suddenly the sound of the door opening shakes both of you back into reality and with speed faster than the speed of love the two of you jump away from each other and put some distance between one another as your mom opens up the door and peaks into your room
  172. >”Dinner’s ready you two”
  173. >Tulip puts on a very bad poker face
  174. >”G-good to know Peachy’s mom!”
  175. >Your mom raises an eyebrow
  176. >”Ok...everything ok in here Peach?”
  177. >She looks at you and you just let out an eep, go red faced and fall over due to fumbling around
  178. >”Yeah that’s normal. Come down you two before it gets cold”
  179. >Your mom leaves and Tulip looks at you, smirking
  180. >”Let’s continue when we go to bed”
  181. “C-continue?”
  182. >Tulip just smirks wider and exits your room
  183. >”Coming!”
  184. >S-she’s just kidding right?
  187. >You’re Peach Screech, or now it seems aka Peachy due to your closest friend Tulip giving you a nick name
  188. >And you’re fiddling nervously with one of your plaits nervously
  189. >You put your long mane into two plaits every morning for the day when you sleep, it’s easier to have it that way instead of being all over the place
  190. >surprisingly it does not make it curly at all, you’ve always had a straight mane and tail no matter what you do
  191. >But this is not about your mane, but about your friend that is going to be sleeping in the same room as you
  192. >Your friend who kissed you in a very naughty way
  193. >Speak of the devil she walks into your room, having done brushing her teeth’s and doing whatever else she needs to do before heading off to bed
  194. >Tulip’s mane and tail are as messy as ever as she walks into your room and you shield your body with your blanket
  195. “P-please don’t rape me...”
  196. >Tulip seems confused and scratches her head
  197. >”Wha?”
  198. >But then her expression changes like she just remembered something
  199. >”Oh yeah right, continuing”
  200. >And just like that she puts on a lewd face again and pounces you on the bed, trying to wrestle you out of your blanket covered sanctuary
  201. “Tulip no I don’t want to continue!”
  202. >”Come on you’ll love it!”
  203. >Suddenly the door swings open and your mom peeks in
  204. >”What are you two doing? Shouldn’t you two be going to sleep now, the sun is already up”
  205. >You quickly squirm out form beneath Tulip and rush to your mom
  206. “Help she’s going to rape me!”
  207. >Your mom has a very unamused look on her face
  208. >”Honey I know you can be a little sensitive but your friend is not trying to rape you”
  209. >Your mom looks at Tulip who feigns innocence
  210. >”We were just having a pillow fight”
  211. >Your mom sighs and pushes you back to Tulip who grabs a hold of you firmly, making you eep
  212. >”Honey, just...don’t be weird ok?”
  213. >And with that your mom is gone and Tulip caresses your behind, making you tense up
  214. >”I know just what we can do!”
  215. >Before you know it you’re bend over Tulip’s lap, which is kind of awkward since the two of you are both small fillies, but somehow it works
  216. >And suddenly a spank has made contact with your behind, making you draw a sharp breath
  217. >And then another one, and more after it
  218. >Tears start to well up in your eyes, why is Tulip hurting you? You thought you two were friends...
  219. >silent sobs turn into vocal ones and Tulip stops spanking you
  220. >”Peachy? Are you crying?”
  221. >You sniff loudly and wipe your eyes
  222. “N-no...”
  223. >Tulip lets go of you and you climb off of her and nurse your sore behind while swallowing a few tears
  224. >”I’m sorry, I thought you might like it...”
  225. >Maybe it’s the pain but you feel brave enough to actually ask her something in return instead of just crawling under your blanket and hiding
  226. “Who would like getting spanked? That’s just...c-crazy”
  227. >Tulip blushes and her ears go a bit flat as she scratches her head
  228. >”I kind of do...so I thought you’d like it too”
  229. >You open up your mouth but then close it while blushing and feeling embarrassed enough to not look at Tulip
  230. >She’s a p-pervert! That must be it!
  231. >You need to glance at her to...
  232. >Your mind breezes for a second as you glance at Tulip and find her behind pointing at you with her tail raised
  233. “T-tulip! W-w-w-what are you doing!”
  234. >Tulip wiggles her butt at you
  235. >”I’m sorry, I was being bad. You can spank me if you want to”
  236. “B-but I don’t want to!”
  237. >You don’t want to hit anypony, especially a friend...
  238. >Tulip backs up and her butt comes closer to you
  239. >”Come on, it’ll make you feel better, that way we’re even”
  240. >You back away a little bit so you don’t get a face full of Tulip butt
  241. “N-no, especially not with you looking like t-that!”
  242. >Tulip’s face is flushed and she’s panting with a dreamy look in her eyes, and she keeps switching her weight from one hoof to the other like her hooves were weak
  243. >”Come on I was a bad filly, punish me~”
  244. >She wiggles her butt at you again and as you must want to get to sleep now and process all of this a bit more better and in peace you decide to quickly give her a little slap on her behind so you can stop her from moving her butt towards you
  245. >”Ohn~”
  246. >You...didn’t know that a butt would jiggle like that when struck
  247. >And you’re confused, Tulip really does look like she enjoyed it...but why? It hurts and...maybe you didn’t do it hard enough?
  248. >Yeah, you should slap her butt harder, so then she won’t think it feels good and she’ll know just how much it hurt
  249. >You rear your hoof back and Tulips eyes go wide from anticipation as she notices it
  250. >As Tulip pushes her butt out as much as she can, desperately waiting for your hoof to make contact with it, you keep thinking if you should really be doing this
  251. >”Do it!”
  252. “Eeep!”
  253. >You bring your hoof down as hard as you can, slapping Tulip’s behind very loudly
  254. >She jolts and clenches her teeths together tightly, that must have hurt he-
  255. >You can see her...h-her private place quiver and t-twitch...
  256. >And the expression on her face is one of bliss...
  257. >N-no wait you just struck another pony! You out of all ponies!
  258. >You’ve never been brave enough to do anything like that...and you don’t really like it at all, you shouldn’t be hitting other ponies at all!
  259. >”C-come on don’t stop now...”
  260. >You pull your hoof away and shake your head
  261. “Tulip I think we should stop, even if it’s not hurting you we s-shouldn’t be-“
  262. >Suddenly you’re pushed to the bed by Tulip, panting huskily with a fire in her eyes
  263. >”Yes we should and we will!”
  264. >And with that Tulip pushes her crotch against yours, making you tense up as she starts to spread her warm wetness all over your p-private parts!
  265. >A-and it feels good...
  266. >You try your hardest to not move or let out any kind of a sound
  267. >But at the same time, you’re not pulling away either, even if Tulip is not holding you down in any way
  268. >You’re not really sure what else happened as your mind goes blank and things just kind of...happen, but before you know it you are panting on your bed, with Tulip lying on top of you and breathing as rapidly as you are
  269. >And there’s now a very wet spot on the bed
  270. >you two did a naughty thing...t-together...
  271. >And it makes you want to grab a pillow and hide your face behind it, especially since you enjoyed it
  272. >And keep enjoying how Tulip feels on top of you...
  273. >You grab the blanket and pull it over yourself and Tulip while she gives you a little love bite on your neck
  274. >It’s a...very good feeling...
  277. >You are Tulip, and boy do you feel good
  278. >You’re happily skipping forward as you wander about in Hollow Shades, your spirits very lifted by what you did with Peach Screech yesterday
  279. >When all of this began you were still a bit unsure how to feel about your lewder side that had surfaced, but with enough practice you accepted it pretty fast, and now you’re happy that a door like that was opened before you
  280. >You have to wonder why all ponies don’t do these adult things a lot al the time, it’s weird, especially since it feels good for the both of ponies who are doing it
  281. >You soon spot Peachy and happily make your way to her, maybe she wants to do it again sometime in the future? Not today though, you’re going to visit Daylily today
  282. >Should you do something with your mom? Depends on her mood you guess, she and Midnight Delight have been doing things together a lot lately
  283. >You turn around and decide to head over to the Thieve’s guild fi-
  284. >”Umm...Tulip?”
  285. >You turn around and find Peachy behind you, looking slightly embarrassed and blushing
  286. >Then again when isn’t she?
  287. “Hi Peachy, what are you up to?”
  288. >Peach Screech glances at you and fidgets
  289. >”W-well, looking for you...”
  290. >That’s interesting, what might she want?
  291. “Well I’m here, what do you want? Some...you know?”
  292. >You wiggle your eyebrows at Peachy and her blush reddens for a split second
  293. >”N-no I was just thinking that now that we’re...y-you know, special ponies to one another, we should hang out more I guess?”
  294. >You tilt your head in confusion
  295. “Special ponies?”
  296. >Peachy lowers her head so that her eyes are hidden by her bangs
  297. >”L-lovers...since we did naughty stuff together...”
  298. >You freeze up
  299. >wait, Peachy thinks...
  300. >”Since you know, you don’t just do that with anypony...”
  301. >W-well, yeah you don’t but...
  302. >”You don’t do that do you?”
  303. >For some reason you’re feeling extremely guilty right now as Peachy keeps glancing at you
  304. “...no, of course not, nu-uh not me nope!”
  305. >”So I...umm...t-this is too embarrassing bye!”
  306. >Peach Screech runs off, no wait she turns around and runs back to you and gives you a peck on the cheek, before flying away very fast
  307. >What just happened?
  308. >You guess Peachy is now your special somepony?
  309. >No wait, that means that you get to do a lot of naughty things with her, that’s not so bad, no not bad at all!
  310. >Yes yes, this is a good thing...a good thing...
  311. >But still it bothers you!
  312. >You let out a groan and fly after Peachy, and soon enough you reach her, she’s not the fastest flier around
  313. “Peachy!”
  314. >Peach Screech glances behind her and panics a bit as she finds you rushing towards her, and you manage to catch her and knock her to the ground as she falters with her wings
  315. >Thankfully there was a random mattress on the ground below the two of you so the landing was soft
  316. >Removing your head from between Peachy’s legs, and your mouth from her peach, which is why she’s staring at you wide eyed, you start talking
  317. “I’m sorry but it wasn’t because of that, I was just feeling horny and did not have any special feelings towards you!”
  318. >An adult pony walking past the two of you shakes his head and mutters something about things being very wrong with this generation
  319. >Peachy goes red in her face...again...you’d think that is her natural face color
  320. >”O-oh...Of course, that’s...”
  321. >Now her eyes start to get wet and you start to worry that she might start crying
  322. >”I just thought that we...I’m sorry”
  323. >You quickly shake your head
  324. “No I’m sorry”
  325. >Peachy seems confused and you quickly add something to it
  326. “You know, for satisfying my lust with your body...”
  327. >Peach Screech quickly shakes her head
  328. >”No I am sorrier, for thinking things were something they were not...I always end up doing that...and you must think I am weird and gross and stupid”
  329. >You scratch your head
  330. “No not really...when you said you’d be my special somepony I was kind of happy”
  331. >”You were? But it’s me, who’d be happy to have me as their special somepony?”
  332. >You grin cheekily
  333. “I would. But only if we do a bunch of indecent things together”
  334. >Peachy gasps and hides her face behind her hooves coyly
  335. >”Does it h-have to be indecent? What about romance and l-love and stuff?”
  336. >...Oh yeah, two ponies in a relationship have that too
  337. “I don’t really know, I haven’t had much romance and love...”
  338. >”Oh...so you just want to do lewd things?”
  339. “Pretty much I guess?”
  340. >Now both of you are kind of standing around awkwardly
  341. >”I-I’ll think about it ok? N-not making any promises but I’ll think and...g-goodbye!”
  342. >Peach Screech takes off again and you’re left thinking
  343. >How exactly does a special somepony work in the end? You need to ask this of the two ponies you know, hence you head off into a hidden entrance to the Thieve’s guild that Sneak, some random stallion from said guild, showed you
  344. >It does not take you long to find Daylily and Midnight Delight talking about something so you unceremonically fly and flop down on top of Daylily’s back
  345. “Hi mom, what is love like?”
  346. >Daylily stops talking and her ears flick a few times
  347. >”What? Why are you asking this Tulip?”
  348. “No reason”
  349. >Midnight Delight grabs you and lifts you off of Daylily
  350. >”U-huh no reason huh”
  351. >You grin internally and decide to be a bit naughty, and put on your best innocent face and tilt your head to the side
  352. “You two are in love right?”
  353. >Midnight’s expression softens and Daylily scrunches her mouth
  354. >”Well we...”
  355. >Daylily turns to look at Midnight who is too busy looking all dreamy and weird to say anything
  356. >”Yeah we kind of are, more or less, I don’t really know for sure”
  357. “That sounds confusing”
  358. >Daylily shrugs
  359. >”Love is confusing. But you’re too young...I was going to ay innocent as well but we both know that’s not the case”
  360. >You snicker a little
  361. >”I’m not complementing you. Anyway are you in love with anypony since you’re suddenly asking?”
  362. >That takes you by surprise
  363. “Well I love you-“
  364. >”The other kind of love”
  365. “Well you know~”
  366. >”That’s horniness, that’s not love. Well, it sort of is but not in this case and not that kind of love, romantic love”
  367. >You shrug
  368. “I guess I have not been, I don’t know”
  369. >Daylily smiles
  370. >”You’d know if you would have felt it, so until that day comes just stay as the innoc...well as a filly none the less. But I’m kind of busy with something so I’ll play with you later ok?”
  371. “Sure”
  372. >Daylily proceeds to go and poke Midnight Delight back from her fantasies and babbling about wedding dresses and stuff
  373. >And you still have no idea what love is but if it’s something that you’ll know when it happens then you’ll just have to wait for it to happen
  374. >And this means you need to talk with Peachy again, she’s shy and you don’t want to hurt your friend on accident so you guess you have to say no to being lovers with her?
  375. >...but if you did say yes you’d get to do a lot of lewd things with her...but even if sex would be great and all, you’d rather keep her as a friend than hump her for days and hurt her feelings
  376. >And yours in the process, be how much you might feel lewd and naughty every now and then you still appreciate your friends
  377. >Just a little bit lacking on self control maybe...if you end up in a situation where things just kind of happen
  378. >You pass by one of the Thieve’s guild stallions as you’re leaving, and you stop before him
  379. >He stops polishing what looks like silverware and looks at you quizzically
  380. >”Yeah?”
  381. “What is love?”
  382. >”Baby don’t hurt me”
  383. >You stare at the stallion with confusion on your face
  384. “What?”
  385. >”Don’t hurt me”
  386. “I’m not hurting you?”
  387. >”No more”
  388. >He gets up and starts walking off somewhere while doing something weird with his head
  389. >That was weird but whatever, time to go find Peachy
  390. >After a damp brick lined corridor and crawling out of a trap door inside a bush you’re back in the streets of Hollow Shades, a place very familiar to you
  391. >You did live on the streets before you gained your mom, Daylily
  392. >For a while at least, it was actually kind of fun, like a big game of hide and seek
  393. >But not so much fun when you started to run out of things to eat
  394. >You knock on a familiar door and after asking for Peachy she peeks out of the door
  395. >”Oh, Tulip, hi...”
  396. “Hi Peachy, I want to talk to you about something, can we go to your room?”
  397. >A short climbing of stairs later, not flying since Peachy’s mom does not like flying inside the house for some reason, you two arrive in peach Screech’s room
  398. >After making sure the door is closed tightly you turn around and find Peachy fidgeting about like she needed to pee
  399. >She does not need to, it’s just her being shy and stuff
  400. >”U-umm I wanted to talk to you about stuff too but you can go first”
  401. >Peachy squees and smiles awkwardly and you start to feel like messing her a little
  402. >With her, you mean with her...not...messing her up, on the...bed...
  403. >You shake your head
  404. “No, you go first”
  405. >You signal for her to go first with your wing and Peachy seems troubled
  406. >”Oh...Ok then, I’ll go first”
  407. >Peachy breathes deeply a few times to gather or calm herself, you think it’s to calm herself and make sure she does not run out of air in the middle of the sentence, that makes her very red and apologize a lot
  408. >You think it’s kinda cute but she does not share your opinion
  409. >”Ithinkweshouldjustbefriendsafterall!”
  410. >Peachy covers her mouth with her hooves as you chuckle at her for managing to burst the whole sentence out as a single word
  411. >”I mean I’d like if we could j-just be friends after all instead of that...n-not that I would not like to with you but...”
  412. “But...you still don’t want to be lovers with me?”
  413. >”W-well it’s so adult and thinking about it makes me feel all panicked and-“
  414. >You silence Peachy by planting a quick kiss on her lips
  415. “There, no need to think and just act”
  416. >”T-tulip!”
  417. >You giggle as Peach Screech wipes her mouth in her hooves, blushing furiously with her ears in a very submissive pose
  418. “But I was thinking about stuff too and if you want to not be, you know, like that, I’m fine with it too”
  419. >”...but you just kissed me?”
  420. >You just show her your tongue while making lewd eyes at her
  421. >”S-stop...”
  422. >You’re about to apologize when Peachy suddenly continues
  423. >”But well...i-if you really, really want to do stuff like that, I m-might...”
  424. >Peachy seems to be too uncomfortable with you looking at her as she sits on the floor so she turns around
  425. >”S-since you like to do stuff like that and I want to make my friend happy I...”
  426. >Peachy glances over her shoulder while blushing, which is really making her look rather alluring, her little butt softly squished against the floor
  427. >”I’m not completely against it...I mean you can do just a little bit of stuff like that if you really want to”
  428. >Now you’re getting a little bit of a blush on your cheeks for some reason
  429. “Oh...I was kind of thinking we would not need to do stuff like that since you don’t want to”
  430. >Peachy gulps
  431. >”W-well I mean if you really must w-we could”
  432. >You shake your head
  433. “Nah it’s fine”
  434. >Peachy whimpers and goes so red you are not sure if it is healthy anymore
  435. >”I mean that it felt...might have felt, you know...sorta...good and stuff and...I might want to try doing something like that again...just maybe! Not right now but maybe in the future...”
  436. >Peach Screech is now sweating and blushing loudly while finding it hard to stay still
  437. >You on the other hand put on a toothy gleeful grin
  438. “Sure if you’re feeling tingly down there I’ll help you!”
  439. >Peach Screech quickly dashes to you and covers your mouth with her hooves
  440. >”I’m not tingly down there!”
  441. “How about now?”
  442. >You boop her on her crotch, which earns you a scrunchy face from Peachy
  443. >”C-come on stop joking!”
  444. >But instead you wrap your hooves around Peachy and pull her against you for a hug
  445. >Peachy goes completely stiff
  446. “I’m glad you’re my friend”
  447. >Peach Screech manages to mumble an ok in response as you let her go
  448. >Other fillies would not probably be as understanding as she is about this, you feel really lucky to have made a friend like her
  449. >Not to mention she’s kind of fun to tease a little bit!
  450. >You brush the tip of your wing along her back suddenly, making her let out a little yelp and jumping away from you
  451. “Let’s do something fun”
  452. >Peach Sreech shields her backside with her tail
  453. “Not that kind of fun, but the other kind of fun”
  454. >”Oh, right”
  455. >Peachy un-shields her backside and offers you an embarrassed smile
  456. >Yeah, you’ve suddenly developed the feeling of needing to hold off the fun naughty things with her, you don’t want to make her angry with you and dislike you
  457. >At least for now you feel that way, who knows how you’ll feel when you start to get bothered down there again
  458. >But that’s something you’ll think about when that time comes, for now the two of you will play your favorite game, hide and seek
  459. >Which had to be cut short because Peachy started to cry after not being able to find you and thought you had abandoned her
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