Fallout: Beyond Equestria 183: Black Rose (Part 2)

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  1. [2016-06-01 13:13:26] <Kkat> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-06-01 13:16:31] <Kkat> 3Drawn by the atmospheric disturbances caused by the temporal portal, the Enclave Loyalist Remnants have arrived in the Tenochtitlan Basin in a rebuilt Raptor to investigate.  They have begun setting up their operation, and have sent wings of black-armored pegasi to meet with the zebra air pirates.
  3. [2016-06-01 13:19:15] <Kkat> 3The group is currently hidden in plain sight aboard the spirit-stealthed Shadowbolt.  A short time ago, they caught an encoded burst transmission from an unknown source on a frequency used by New Roam.  It seems certain that there are Imperial scouts or spies in the area, and that New Roam now knows of the Enclave's presence.  
  4. [2016-06-01 13:21:28] <Kkat> 3Expectations have been high that the Imperials would be drawn here by the same disturbances that brought the Enclave.  Now, it seems just as likely that the presence of a Raptor will prompt the Imperials to gather a more significant military force before arriving.  At least, this means they have some time.  Probably.
  5. [2016-06-01 13:22:22] <Kkat> 3Shatara has noticed at least one familiar and friendly pony amongst the pegasi: Star Dust.
  6. [2016-06-01 13:22:35] <Kkat> 3...
  7. [2016-06-01 13:23:48] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Three: Black Rose (Part 2)
  8. [2016-06-01 13:23:53] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  9. [2016-06-01 13:26:40] * Get_Lost is stil checking frequencies, but not transmitting, even if her radio is open on receiving
  10. [2016-06-01 13:28:15] <Kkat> 5>> Nothing that the locals can bring to bear poses a threat, but the New Cumulus is not capable of taking on a Leviathan.  Please advise. <<
  11. [2016-06-01 13:31:08] <Kkat> 5>> Acknowledged.  The General's Council has received your transmission and are conferring.  Please continue original operations until further notice. <<
  12. [2016-06-01 13:32:50] * CopyCat bites her lip, then looks at her friends. "We should probably try meeting them in person. Our transmissions won't be intercepted and it's our best chance of getting through this without needless bloodshed."
  13. [2016-06-01 13:36:09] * CopyCat then adds, "Plus, if we are worried about Enclave officers already being changelings, I can at least check those we meet."
  14. [2016-06-01 13:36:59] * Mitzi gives a snort but says nothing. She had reason not to like pegasus ponies; ample reason, but she at least knew better than to let anger make her stupid.
  15. [2016-06-01 13:37:55] * Get_Lost "they could decide to arrest us if they recognize us... i'm not too happy to make them mad"
  16. [2016-06-01 13:38:15] * Noble_Heart frowns and nods her head. "We are concerned that they may be uninterested in a meeting. They did not seem particularly receptive to Our presence when last We met."
  17. [2016-06-01 13:40:32] * Get_Lost "also, they didn't ask us to show up, and didn't really look upset by the fact that some sort of military irship hailed them and gave them a friendly warning... i'd let things like this..."
  18. [2016-06-01 13:46:11] * Bookwright "Maybe we could work out some kind of deal? Help us help you help yourselves kinda thing? Oh... but I don't know what they even /want/ out here besides to investigate the portal, and that's... over. I mean, they asked us if the zebras were threatening pegasi. Do you think they'd believe us if we told them Roam intended to assassinate Fluttershy?"
  19. [2016-06-01 13:48:19] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side. "No. But they might believe that Roam intends to invade Equestria. Which they doubtless do." She scowled at the prospect. "For now, We recommend leaving. It is best if We allow these two forces to deal with their own problems. The pirates, now that their chance to flee is gone, would likely be more receptive to assisting Us in fighting Roam."
  20. [2016-06-01 13:49:46] * Get_Lost "or we just hanga around these parts and keep an eye open" giggles and pats her visor "or whatever"
  21. [2016-06-01 13:51:10] * Bookwright "Before we go, it would be a really good idea to establish some kind of line of communication with the Enclave, if we can."
  22. [2016-06-01 13:53:33] * Get_Lost "you mean, a way to call them if we need help?"
  23. [2016-06-01 13:54:11] * Bookwright "Uh, yeah. Or just a way to tell them about something really bad happening that they should be aware of."
  24. [2016-06-01 13:57:30] * Get_Lost "okay, but consider this: that tank is probably carrying a radio, they could try to triangulate us and every time we open frequencies to communicate, that risk gets higher"
  25. [2016-06-01 13:58:20] * Get_Lost "this is why i'm keeping the raio on listening"
  26. [2016-06-01 13:59:12] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright. "Will dey not let yu speak tu dere alpha?"
  27. [2016-06-01 13:59:37] * Bookwright "More like they haven't heard anything they want to hear, I think."
  28. [2016-06-01 14:00:00] * Noble_Heart frowns at that. "They might not. Leaders rarely suffer the presence of those they consider inferior."
  29. [2016-06-01 14:02:14] * Get_Lost laughs "preposterous! i endure your presence all the time"
  30. [2016-06-01 14:02:25] * CopyCat turns to their catbirb pilot. "Shatara, was that Star Dust you saw escorting their vehicle?"
  31. [2016-06-01 14:02:34] * Get_Lost "ah... i'll go back listening to the radio, yeah..."
  32. [2016-06-01 14:02:52] * CopyCat can't help but smirk at Get_Lost's joke.
  33. [2016-06-01 14:02:56] * Golden_Dream  slumps over on the side of the /Shadowbolt/, folding her legs. She doesn't like any part of this situation.
  34. [2016-06-01 14:02:57] * Mitzi blinks at Get_Lost and Noble_Heart. "How dey lead any un acteen like dat?"
  35. [2016-06-01 14:03:27] * Shatara nodshrugs a bit. "I guess so?"
  36. [2016-06-01 14:04:27] * Noble_Heart ruffles her wings. "Most of them lead by having a position administered to them. Or by force of arms. Or popular consensus." She shook her head. "Foreign relations are not a problem Equestria has had for a very long time. And given history, not one we have ever been particularly great at."
  37. [2016-06-01 14:04:39] * Get_Lost "with a broom up their plot, i guess? depends on how far you are up on the command chain. at some point the screams of the troop doesn't really gets to you"
  38. [2016-06-01 14:06:05] * Get_Lost "they become numbers and on the big picture it is better that they die for the good of many, or few, or for your own good, or just because it was easier that way... i don't really kno"
  39. [2016-06-01 14:07:27] * Bookwright "Maybe it's time for one of those numbers to sit up and bite them on the posterior."
  40. [2016-06-01 14:09:53] * Mitzi shakes her head disapprovingly. "Alpha does not treat the pack as inferior. Pack needs alpha, but alpha with no pack eez wurse den pack with no alpha."
  41. [2016-06-01 14:11:02] * Get_Lost "that works on a squad level chain of command. you get a bigger army, it becomes just natural." thinks about it "well, unless you are celestia, i guess? but tht made her abdicate"
  42. [2016-06-01 14:11:21] * Bookwright "Careerist Enclave officers aren't as honorable as the pack leaders you know of, Mitzi. These ponies are only interested in their own advancement."
  43. [2016-06-01 14:12:26] * Get_Lost "shatara, can we gain altitude? i mean, like, a lot of altitude... i'd like to see if there's movement from above. we should see a large fleet before we will hear it"
  44. [2016-06-01 14:13:06] * Get_Lost "those giant balloons aren't subtle at all"
  45. [2016-06-01 14:15:16] * Mitzi snorts and shakes her head. "Alpha must make dere pack loyal, but must also make pack see wisdom. However, Alpha does well not tu ignore wisdom dey not tink uv."
  46. [2016-06-01 14:19:49] * Bookwright "Alphas look out for their own. Careerist officers don't care about the little ponies."
  47. [2016-06-01 14:25:15] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow. "Den why dey let dem be in charge?"
  48. [2016-06-01 14:26:56] * Bookwright rolls his eyes. "Why indeed? Because the officers concerned with the little ponies get stepped on by the ones concerned with climbing the career ladder. It's much easier to get promoted if you're spending time sucking up and being visible than it is at a desk or dealing with real problems."
  49. [2016-06-01 14:27:49] <Kkat> 3As the group debates, the pegasi begin setting up a base camp on the shore of the lake.
  50. [2016-06-01 14:28:05] * Golden_Dream  just sort of watches. "... You know we're about t' be attacked, right?"
  51. [2016-06-01 14:29:02] <Kkat> 3One of the sky wagons lands, and pegasi start pulling familiar pylons out of the back.
  52. [2016-06-01 14:30:18] * Noble_Heart frowns, "Mr. Shatara! Take us away from the lake. Keep us steady and at altitude. We do not wish to be caught out!"
  53. [2016-06-01 14:34:00] * Get_Lost asks again "shatara, can we gain altitude now?"
  54. [2016-06-01 14:35:06] * Shatara revs up them engines and climbs
  55. [2016-06-01 14:36:17] * Bookwright "We already transmitted to them... They know we're here. It wouldn't exactly be a surprise. But yeah, I think it's best if we kept our invisibility for the moment.
  56. [2016-06-01 14:40:06] * Get_Lost "sweet. catbird will get a hug." pauses, changing station again "so. will somepony keep an eye on the horizon, checking for moving airships? a large one, or a large enough strike fleet shoul be easy to spot"
  57. [2016-06-01 14:40:41] <Kkat> 3The pirate airships are departing, scattering in different directions.  All except two.  The /Skullcrusher/ and the /Cutlass/ remain anchored, with Enclave troops aboard.
  58. [2016-06-01 14:41:29] <Kkat> 3The Shadowbolt rises above the New Cumulus, lifting up into the stormclouds above.
  59. [2016-06-01 14:42:46] * Get_Lost "copy, i'd like to detatch parlay from your plot and send her to check on what is going on down there, or at least give us video feed on the situation from below the cloud curtain"
  60. [2016-06-01 14:44:43] * Bookwright "I'm pretty sure you don't need her permission to send your own robot where you want..."
  61. [2016-06-01 14:45:06] * CopyCat nods. "Okay Get_Lost, I'll slip out of your special armor which will free Parlay up."
  62. [2016-06-01 14:45:25] * Get_Lost "parlay is mostly her own robot. still, without parlay, using that power armor becomes more than a problem"
  63. [2016-06-01 14:47:39] <Kkat> 3The jungle below disappears as stormclouds envelop the Umbra-class airship.
  64. [2016-06-01 14:50:29] * CopyCat removes her armor, with the aid of Get_Lost and Parlay, and is soon as naked as ponies usually are. She curtsies to Parlay. "Thank you for helping me with the Princess Battle Suit. I believe your mommy has a mission for you."
  65. [2016-06-01 14:52:10] * Get_Lost "parlay, i have to ask you to perform a risky task. if you don'tr want, don't do it." pauses and then explains "i'd like you to stay right below the clouds and keep your eye on what is going on down below"
  66. [2016-06-01 15:04:50] <Kkat> 3Parlay beeps and begins to fly off.
  67. [2016-06-01 15:05:27] <Kkat> 13Pinki-E ums, "Maybe... I should follow him?  You know, to keep him safe?"  
  68. [2016-06-01 15:05:45] <Kkat> 13The pink spritebot zips off over the railing, following Parlay.
  69. [2016-06-01 15:07:04] * Golden_Dream  shrugs. She ran her hoof on the floor boards. "So, assumin' we find a leviathan, what's th' plan?"
  70. [2016-06-01 15:07:36] * Bookwright stares after Pink-E. "Uh... this is just a hunch... does Pink-E /have a crush/ on Parley!?"
  71. [2016-06-01 15:10:04] * Noble_Heart looks down to Golden_Dream. "Then we add another Leviathan to our conquests."
  72. [2016-06-01 15:10:05] * CopyCat blinks, watching Pink-E fly off quickly after Parlay. "Huh... I'm pretty sure Parlay is a girl..." CopyCat gasps and rubs her hooves together. "Hee! That just makes it cuter!"
  73. [2016-06-01 15:12:22] * Golden_Dream  gives Noble a look. The lookiest of looks. "... I mean th' plan t' take it down or whatever."
  74. [2016-06-01 15:13:05] * Noble_Heart waves a forehoof. "We suppose We shall just have to wing it." She spread her wings with a slight chuckle.
  75. [2016-06-01 15:13:42] * CopyCat snrrks.
  76. [2016-06-01 15:15:10] <Kkat> 3The Shadowbolt pushes up through the storm into the dazzling sunlight above.  Up here, the Basin is hidden away under a gleaming blanket of fluffy white.
  77. [2016-06-01 15:16:15] * Bookwright "Okay, so now they can't find us, but we can't see /anything./ Hopefully Parley gets us some good intel, we're kinda blind up here."
  78. [2016-06-01 15:16:35] * Mitzi looks more than a little green in the gills after passing up through the storm
  79. [2016-06-01 15:21:24] * Get_Lost shtugs "robots shenanigans... oh well, if parlay wants to be a he, i'm okay with it... i would have made his beeps a little lower, if i knew"
  80. [2016-06-01 15:26:57] <Kkat> 3Shatara spots something in the sky with them... barely more than a speck quite some distance north.
  81. [2016-06-01 15:30:28] * Shatara squints at the strange speck. "Possible contact...?"
  82. [2016-06-01 15:34:31] * CopyCat was too busy thinking about robot relations to spot anything. "Oooh, where, Shatara?"
  83. [2016-06-01 15:44:11] * Bookwright "
  84. [2016-06-01 15:44:21] * Bookwright "What do you see with your special eyes, Shatara?"
  85. [2016-06-01 16:08:35] * Shatara looks at it harder. With a scope.
  86. [2016-06-01 16:09:32] * Get_Lost is not sure if using scope is considered doping
  87. [2016-06-01 16:25:19] <Kkat> 3Through the scope, Shatara sees a hovering robot.  The thing has a dish and several relay antenna, as well as plasma weapons mounted on a rotating belt.  The design, as well as the paint job, suggests it is an Enclave device.
  88. [2016-06-01 16:38:42] <Kkat> 3Shatara quickly realizes that the robot is a communications relay, probably one of several between here and the top of the world, allowing the Raptor to communicate with the Enclave's Thunderhead home base.  (He also suspects it is a good thing that he didn't try flying too close to get a better look.  It clearly has automated defenses.
  89. [2016-06-01 16:45:37] * Mitzi wobbles to her feet. She looks up and out rather than down. "Uh'll admit, da view eez nice, but uh can't take much more uv dis flyeen."
  90. [2016-06-01 16:46:40] * Noble_Heart frowns. "Well it seems we have found their communication routes. Which is troubling if the zebras can find them as well."
  91. [2016-06-01 16:47:17] * Bookwright leans over the railing, but quickly withdraws. "It's not so bad. You can't see the ground, so just think of the clouds as... uh... un-solid dirt?"
  92. [2016-06-01 16:52:00] * Mitzi frowns at Bookwright. "Earth eez solid. Dat's wut makes eet earth."
  93. [2016-06-01 16:53:23] * Bookwright "Yeah, but if I cast a cloudwalking spell on you, you would find clouds as solid as any ground. Just think of it as exceedingly well aerated loam, if it helps. In fact, I bet you could even dig through it."
  94. [2016-06-01 16:56:06] * Shatara hmms softly. "Looks like a floaty ball of commo. Probably a whole trail back to their base..."
  95. [2016-06-01 16:56:07] <Kkat> 3Through the scope, Shatara sees a shimmer in the air near the robot.  A zebra mini-blimp robot decloaks, floating close to the Enclave relay.  
  96. [2016-06-01 16:56:16] * Noble_Heart takes a deep breath of cloud stuff, blowing a little cloud ring, which is only vagually recognizeable as being denser than the surrounding cloud stuff. "You can trust Us. Clouds are not your enemies. Though We would recommend avoiding trying to stand on them without magical help."
  97. [2016-06-01 16:56:31] <Shatara> "...and it seems we're not the only ones who've found it."
  98. [2016-06-01 16:56:51] * Bookwright "What do you mean?"
  99. [2016-06-01 16:57:08] * Mitzi shakes her head at Noble_Heart. "Clouds belong abuv yur head eef yu dun have wings."
  100. [2016-06-01 16:57:25] <Kkat> 3The twin plasma guns of the Enclave machine spin around, locking on the zebra bot.  They fire twice -- lines of brilliant green energy flash in the air.
  101. [2016-06-01 16:57:26] * Bookwright "I can fix that for you too, Mitzi."
  102. [2016-06-01 16:57:47] * Mitzi blinks at Bookwright. "Fix wut?"
  103. [2016-06-01 16:57:54] * Bookwright "I can give you wings."
  104. [2016-06-01 16:58:09] <Kkat> 4>> KA-BOOOM! <<
  105. [2016-06-01 16:58:20] * Mitzi blinks in surprise. "Um... Uh nevur cunsidered not haveen wings to be bro-" She immediately turns to the noise
  106. [2016-06-01 16:58:23] <Shatara> "The floaty ball of Enclave commo just zotted a tiny stripeyblimp"
  107. [2016-06-01 16:58:48] * Bookwright "That was /some noise/ it made. I bet it was using hydrogen as a lift gas."
  108. [2016-06-01 16:59:58] <Kkat> 3The zebra robot explodes with far greater force than anyone would anticipate -- the aerial equivalent of a depth charge -- tearing apart the Enclave relay robot with the blast.
  109. [2016-06-01 17:00:16] * Noble_Heart frowns. "Concerning. Both from the standpoint that the Enclave has such heavy armaments despite their pressed state, and that the zebras were able to get so close."
  110. [2016-06-01 17:00:58] <Kkat> 3Below the clouds, the comms officer aboard the New Cumulus watches as screens turn to static and all communication with home base is lost.
  111. [2016-06-01 17:01:18] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  112. [2016-06-01 17:01:45] * Shatara blinkblinks into his scope. "Check that: stripey suicide blimp just killed the Enclave's commo."
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