GreentextSavant - A Hot Meal

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. Title: A Hot Meal.
  3. >BE ANONYMOUS THE ANON (but don't drop this just yet)
  4. >Average looking guy in school, kind of an outsider, you know, the cliché kind.
  5. >Quiet guy, thoughtful and has opinions different than most people. Probably relatable, idk, just picture a generic protag or something. But with muscles because that'll be part of the plot later.
  6. >The hot girls at school never seemed to care about you, they just sort of talk to you when it's necessary and that's about it.
  7. >It's hard trying to get them to really like you. They all like Flash or something instead. Like in the movies or whatever.
  8. >But that all changes after something happens. (omg!)
  9. >All of your other clothes are being washed.
  10. >Nothing to wear but whatever is in the deepest corners of your closet. Filled with nothing but clothes you haven't worn in years.
  11. >Gotta catch that damn bus. No time to wait for shit to dry. You slap on the first shirt and pair of pants you can get your hands on.
  12. >Rush out, catch the bus.
  13. >You look down after noticing something different.
  14. >Everything's so tight, and you only just now put it together in your head that clothes from a long time ago are too small to fit you properly.
  15. >There's no turning back now, and you silently sit still in the bus seat all the way to school and hesitantly step off.
  16. >As soon as you walk in the main doors, all eyes are on you. Well, mostly the eyes of the girls.
  17. >Just scurry through the hallway and get into your homeroom class and then analyze the situation. What you find is something that makes you feel conflicted about the current circumstances.
  18. >Your shredded body struggles to break through from underneath the tiny t-shirt you have on, but you notice something that would probably get the girls' eyes on you a little more.
  19. >Your lap bears the most prominent looking bulge you've ever seen on yourself.
  20. >It's so tight that you can even see the crease separating the head of your dick from the shaft.
  21. >It doesn't help that you're a rather large-sized man. (gee, what were the odds?)
  22. >You just have to deal with this until one of the teachers calls you out for violating the school dress code with your massive schlong.
  23. >It's surprising how none of them say a word the entire day. You're basically a walking porn flick right now.
  24. >These clothes might as well be a coat of paint.
  25. >You can hardly move around; hardly escape everyone's line of sight when they start to stare.
  26. >...
  27. >After school.
  28. >You missed the bus home because of course you did.
  29. >Text a buddy of yours to come pick you up since you don't have your car with you.
  30. >He's busy with stuff and can't come by for another hour, but you'll take it.
  31. >Walk around with a weird feeling that there are people waiting for you. Out to get you somehow.
  32. >As thought you're being stalked by a predator.
  33. >Go around a corner.
  34. >"Hey, Anon~" Pinkie Pie's voice catches you by surprise.
  35. "Oh, uh, hi?"
  36. >You cross your arms in front of you, but you know it's no use.
  37. >Your arms are thick, but not thick enough to cover all of those bulging muscles under your clothes.
  38. >Pinkie Pie sits on some nearby bleachers with a couple of her friends; Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy.
  39. >Spike isn't there because NOPE.
  40. >"Wat'cha doin'?" Applejack smiles at you.
  41. >You instantly pick up on the collective bedroom eyes they're giving you.
  42. >Staring at you know exactly where.
  43. >They look so... thirsty. No, hungry.
  44. "I was just passing by."
  45. >"Really, now..." Rarity was closest to you, and starts to walk towards you as though you're pulling her in with a gravitational pull.
  46. >Her friends follow.
  47. "Hey, now. I don't want any trouble." You start to shake in your boots as they move faster than your speed and slowly surround you.
  48. >With those same glazed gazes locked onto your body. You're being thoroughly ogled right now.
  49. >They know what they want.
  50. >You know what they want.
  51. "I just wanted to..."
  52. >"That's a nice outfit you've go there." Fluttershy steps in front of you.
  53. >"Why don'cha come sit with us?" Applejack puts her hands on your shoulders.
  54. "Um, well... my buddy is going to pick me up in a little bit."
  55. >"Oh? How long, darling?" Rarity almost whispers into your ear.
  56. "In an... hour." You tell her the truth because of course you do.
  57. >You actually did all of this stuff today on purpose because you secretly wanted this to happen.
  58. >They think you're so scared right now.
  59. >"Well we can hang out until then." Pinkie tells you.
  60. >"I've missed you a lot since last week." Fluttershy sighs, before gently pulling you in for a hug.
  61. >It's a cushioned hug; this girl's got some knockers on her.
  62. "Oh, heh."
  63. >Your heart rate speeds up, and you feel Pinkie Pie hug you from behind.
  64. >"I missed you too, Nonny."
  65. >From where Rarity and Applejack's eyes go, you know exactly what they're trying to do.
  66. >The other two girls' eyes go right to your crotch, which is starting to become an even tighter space right now.
  67. >It's clear they can see your bulge growing. Enchanting them and making them hopelessly moist.
  68. >They herd you over to the bleachers and sit you down.
  69. >Pretend to try and stand back up, but they push you back onto your ass.
  70. >Rarity bites her lip as she looks behind you and watches your lower back slide out from underneath.
  71. >They're soon starting to have you lean back.
  72. >"No need to go anywhere else, Anon." Applejack tells you. "Just stay riiiight here with us."
  73. >Can't stand up again; you're held back down upon attempting to do so.
  74. >"Riiiight here." Applejack repeats, quieter and more breathy this time.
  75. >Fluttershy positions your arm around her and hugs you from the side, feeling up your toned torso.
  76. >"So how are you feeling, darling?" Rarity sits herself onto your knees.
  77. "I dunno."
  78. >Pinkie Pie slides onto the other side of you while Applejack massages your shoulders from behind.
  79. >It's not long before they start tugging at the waistline of your pants.
  80. >It's too tight for just one of them to get the pants to go anywhere.
  81. >But they work together and manage, not even bothering to undo the button or unzip your fly.
  82. >You're easily at full mast now, and it's very apparent to them. That member is dying to come out.
  83. >And these friendly girls here want to help you out.
  84. >Their breathing against your neck quickens as they get the pants halfway down your hips.
  85. >The very sight of it is forcing Pinkie Pie's face to turn bright red; and the others aren't blushing any less.
  86. >You can literally hear them breathing as they tug harder, getting almost desperate for to meat that's underneath.
  87. >All four of them crowd around you and hold you down. Working your tight pants off.
  88. >Not allowing you to leave until they get what they want so badly from you.
  89. >The pants are finally pulled far down enough for your ass to be completely out.
  90. >Applejack wedges herself under you and starts to feel around your glutes. Breathing down your neck with a few quiet sighs.
  91. >All four of the girls start to gasp lewdly as they watch the base of your cock appear, and slowly get unveiled as they all pull your pants down your meaty thighs.
  92. >You can swear that they're starting to drool as they completely free the erect member and fling it to bounce off of your stomach.
  93. >Pinkie hungrily grabs your shaft and begins stroking. Fluttershy reaches in and sneaks her fingers to your balls.
  94. >Applejack keeps pulling your pants down with your ass in her lap.
  95. >Rarity leans in and plays with your head with the tip of her tongue.
  96. >All of which makes you heat up like CHS is located near the fucking equator or something.
  97. >Your junk is lovingly assaulted and fondled by these young ladies.
  98. >It's not clear whether or not they've had practice before, you know know they're definitely into it now.
  99. >Prompting you to cum.
  100. >Rarity catches the pre-cum with her tongue, and as soon as she tastes enough of it in her mouth, she starts to share it with Applejack over your shoulder.
  101. >Soon offering some to Pinkie and Fluttershy as well.
  102. >They stimulate you more and more until you can no longer hold back.
  103. >You feel yourself climax with the force of 1,001.5 suns.
  104. >Here comes the load; Rarity and Fluttershy eagerly lean their faces in with their mouths open.
  105. >Not sure if they're more hungry or thirsty.
  106. >Your load shoots out; spaghetti and meatballs. (because I need to make something different happen)
  107. >Rarity and Fluttershy's faces are coated in noodles and tomato sauce, all warmed up from your body heat.
  108. >The meatballs start hitting them in the face, but they catch as many as they can and PASSIONATELY chew them.
  109. >"Mmmmmmmmmm~"
  110. >They share it with Pinkie Pie and Applejack, getting saucy stains everywhere with the exquisite cuisine.
  111. >They got a hot meal now. No need to eat dinner later; they will be full for a while.
  112. >...
  113. >You finish cumming, and the girls wash everything down with their breast milk.
  114. >Finally get picked up by your buddy, Norman the normal person.
  115. >"Duuude, why are you covered in Ragu Sauce?"
  116. "Just drive, man."
  117. The End.
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