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Apr 8th, 2014
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  1. \opt{swcodec}{
  2. \section{Frequency}\index{Frequency}
  3. This option sets output samplerate of the decoder. The default is
  4. 44.1 kHz which is what most people need. In case most of your digital
  5. library is encoded with 48 kHz sampling rate You may be interested
  6. to change the default to avoid unnecessary resampling during decode.
  7. \note{It is worth stressing that this option doesn't affect whether
  8. file will be played or not. It affects whether output from decoder
  9. will be resampled or not. If it is unclear for You that means
  10. You probably don't need to tweak this setting.}
  11. }%\opt{swcodec}
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