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  1. #gamergate
  3. Over the last month we have seen a protracted revolt within the gaming community due to the actions of an number of journalists who have behaved very poorly. Ultimately, we have lost trust with these writers, as we believe they represent outside interests that are not agreeable with the gaming community as a whole while misrepresenting many gamers.
  5. In the interests of rebuilding the gaming community as a whole, once the appropriate parties have been held responsible for this conflict, we declare these the goals of #gamergate. The following is a list of general goals and interests and may or may not represent every individual of the #gamergate movement.
  7. Everybody is free to express his criticism, disagreement or his own personal views concerning this list. The following points are suggestions in order push the #gamergate movement in a positive direction:
  9. 1. We expect to be treated with respect by gaming websites. Name-calling and broadstroaking are not acceptable. You are professionals your name is part of your job, actions on social media should be held accountable, attacks and slander taint your professional image and that of the community you work for.
  11. 2. All prior personal involvement or relationships with review subjects should be noted and disclaimed, personal relationships and living arrangements, financial involvements like patreon/kickstarter should be noted when reviewing material. Possible conflicts of interest should be delegated to a neutral journalist.
  13. 3. Collusion and forceful influence on the journalistic output of other media outlets will not be tolerated. Mailing-lists are not to be used as a tool to suppress the flow of relevant information.
  15. 4. Censorship is not acceptable. We expect to be able to discuss our grievances within the gaming community openly, so long as the conversation is polite, civil and respectful.
  17. 5. News articles concerning people should have more than one source, articles about the personal lives of those in the industry need to be covered by more than one party with at least two sources or people interviewed and must represent both sides of the conflict.
  19. 6. Personal opinions of political or ideological nature should not sway the coverage of videogames or what videogames are chosen for coverage. Reviews should strive for objectivity, no longer write reviews that lack nuance or use heavy handed wording to propagate a personal political agenda at the sacrifice of context, gameplay, mechanics or facts about a game. If you have personal views on a subject make an editorial section.
  21. 7. Blacklisting of certain parties is not acceptable. We affirm that all stories should be treated equally, and that we will engage in business with your competitors if we discover that a story has not been appropriately covered.
  23. 8. We stand against harassment, but openly welcome valid concerns, criticism and diversity of opinion. Furthermore we refuse to be defined by our gender, ethnicity or color. As gamers, our love for our hobby is the one common denominator.
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