May 20th, 2019
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  1. It's been a pretty eventful day at Team Retro Craze. We had some good streams and some good game content, unfortunately it was over shadowed by an unfortunate issue.
  3. As you all know, Retro Craze has always done its best to promote gaming related content. We do have a certain set of rules in place that we did our best to make sure the content was mainly game related. Nowadays Twitch is simply more than gaming, it's also a place where people fully express themselves regardless what it's about. It's an environment where people feel the need to be safe and we at Retro Craze truly believed that the goal was to focus on gaming content for exactly that, that it would be an environment where people didn't need to talk about the things that aches them the most in life, because IRL is hard as it is and it would be an escape.
  5. While that may have been the case for many, it created an unfair/unsafe/unacceptable environment for others and to anyone affected, I apologize on behalf of everyone at Retro Craze for that. There are A LOT of good people that got hurt today, there are a lot of good people who are doing their best to get through this. There are a lot of Good people who put effort in this team. There are a lot of good people who might not be aware of the gravity of what transpired today.
  7. There are also a lot of people who will use this incident to shame Retro Craze, it's admins/members/supporters. There are people who will leave Retro Craze in fear of their image/reputation. There are people who will leave Hurt, emotionally damaged.
  9. There might be people who supported Retro Craze for what it was, and we hope this home will still be yours at the end of it.
  11. It's however becoming apparent to me that this team can not function in the long term with current admins in place, whether it was their direct fault or not I will leave up to you, but I will see that Chambers and I have worked EXTREMELY HARD, 12-16 hours days trying to get this team on the rails. We surrounded ourselves with those who did their best to help as well, thank you to everyone who has stepped in to help the process. Thank you to everyone who just remain themselves and supported the team it's very appreciated.
  13. It's with a heavy heart that I leave Team Retro Craze today. Failure, disappointment, heartbroken are a few of the many ways that I feel today. I think the honorable thing to do is face the music. I was an admin and part of many of the decisions that transpired during the few months that I have been here so I feel 100% responsible for everything it has led to. I want to apologize to CLChambers for us not be able to make this work. We made a great team despite the noise and I really did my best to focus on what we had but it was becoming too much of a hard task to maintain, emotionally mainly.
  15. I met some fantastic people and streamers and for that I am grateful. I've also said some very difficult goodbyes today to people I respect a lot that it was simply better that we didn't drag them into the mess.
  17. That being said, the damage is done but I will remain in the team environment(for as long as I am permitted to) to answer any questions you might have for me. I'll do my best to answer. I will also do my best to answer through any form of social media.
  19. - Mannix86
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