Anon - Marron

Apr 10th, 2014
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  1. >be a little moth pony colt named Marron
  2. >today is sunny, the wind is nice and breezy, the ground was soft and warm
  3. >it just made you
  4. >really... really
  5. >you struggle to keep your mouth closed, but your efforts are futile
  6. >from your mouth comes out a great big yawn that catches the attention of all the other fillies and colts on the play ground
  7. >sleepy...
  8. >scratching your head you mutter an apology, while you attempt your eyes to stay open for awhile longer
  9. >your eyes half-lidded, you scan the playground for just the right spot for an afternoon nap
  10. >you spy the sandbox
  11. >your legs instantly swivel over in that direction
  12. >memories of you loving the feeling of the hot sand caressing your fur
  13. >hot summer days on the beach
  14. >the cool ocean water
  15. >halfway there you stop yourself when your tired mind registers it's current inhabitants
  16. >it's the yellow moth colt and the green moth colt
  17. >you don't mind the company of the yellow, nerdy moth
  18. >he's quiet and really smart, you sometimes ask him for help in math
  19. >no it's not him
  20. >it's the green colt
  21. >while yellow over there is playing with his truck
  22. >green guy showed up with his fancy new toy backhoe and started shoveling sand over yellow
  23. >you could hear yellow's crying and green's laughing
  24. >you wouldn't wanna be in the middle of that
  25. >grunting you look elsewhere for your napping spot
  27. >you see the house-thingy
  28. >you like the house-thingy
  29. >nice and quiet, far enough to be secluded near enough that you can hear the bell
  30. >perfect
  31. >you reach it and start making yourself comfortable for your nap
  32. >you spin around in a little circle and lie dow-
  33. Hey dummy! Get out!
  34. >you feel a pulling sensation on your bum and next thing you know you're on your rump outside your house-thingy
  35. B-but I
  36. >orange boops you on the nose
  37. >your eyes tear up a bit cuz it hurt
  38. I don't care! I got here first so I can tell you to leave!
  39. >a feeling of indignation sprung up from the emotional wells of your heart, righteous fury burning through your flames!
  40. H-hey! I-
  41. >he boops you again
  42. I. Got. Here. First. Leave. Got it?
  43. >were instantly extinguished
  44. >you nod, tears in your eyes, you trudge over to the stump on the edge of the playground
  45. >huffing you curl up next to it, resting your head on the big root
  46. >breathing out, you try to relax
  47. >just as the feeling of sleep overcame you...
  50. >you whimper and cover your head with your hooves
  51. >you just wanted to sleep
  52. >why is that so hard
  53. >the Big Three seems to have chosen the area near you for their games
  54. >Celestia knows how loud and rowdy they get
  55. >you shudder about how you heard they tied up Ms. Sepia and almost...
  56. >uuhhhh what's the word? Tour-should... her with sticks and stuff
  57. >and Dad always said that sticks and stones stuff, about them breaking bones
  58. >you remember him talking about something else about that not hurting
  59. >Dad was always able to not mind getting hurt
  60. >you remember seeing him wrestling with the mare down the street in his bedroom
  61. >and they say wrestling was a dangerous profession
  62. >and when something is dangerous that means it hurts a lot
  63. >right?
  64. >anyway you broke your leg once, that hurt really bad
  65. >you don't wanna feel that ever again
  66. >you curl yourself up tighter to block-out the noise of their playing
  67. >you just wanted to slee-e-eeeeeep ;-;
  68. >you curl yourself up even tighter, so tight you could almost pass for a ball
  69. >until you feel a pair of forelegs wrap around your form
  70. >you could only squeak at this sudden sensation
  72. >whoever was doing this started tickling you! the ba- no bad! That's a bad word and dad said you can't ever use that word ever again
  73. >or at least when you're 15, so he said
  74. >then you felt some tongue on the back of your neck and ear
  77. >they didn't
  78. >after awhile they did let up, lettign you look at your assailant
  79. >it's Orange Pop, one of the Big Three
  80. >catching your breathe and fully awake you were gonna get up to ask her why when she said
  81. Well, you looked kinda sad, soooooo I tickled you! Is that okay?
  82. >nodding, you dust yourself and shake your booty, tryign to get the dirt and cut grass off of your little butt
  83. So... wanna play with us? You seemed kinda lonely there.
  84. >you raised your hoof up as make a point about you being sleepy and wanting your nap
  85. >but you're not sleepy anymore
  86. Meeeeeh, why not.
  87. >Orange Pop grinned at you
  88. Okay then! You're it!
  89. >just as fast as she came she ran back, squeaking and squeeling with Flower Tart and Dandelion
  90. >shaking your head you give chase
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