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  1. Birth Name : zachary temple
  2. Stage Name : zachary
  3. Position :
  4. Birthday : july 25, 1997
  5. Hometown : sydney, australia
  6. Nationality : korean - australian
  7. Height : 177 cm.
  8. Nicknames :
  9. + zac (a shortened form of his name)
  10. Facts :
  11. + he often expresses his feelings in english
  12. + he lives together alongside his father since his mother died a long time ago
  13. + he was accepted as a trainee in his first audition
  14. + he enjoys surfing the net for memes
  15. + he was mentored by his own father with vocal lessons and he is his inspiration on becoming an idol
  16. + he gets annoyed when someone mispronounces his last name. ("it's temple, pronounced as tem-ple! not tempel!")
  17. + thinks his charm point is his hyperactivity and his eyes
  18. + an absolute fan of mukbang and asmr channels
  19. + he was homeschooling since he moved back to korea with his father
  20. + he has a habit of clapping his hands while laughing
  21. Personal Fandom Name : royalties
  22. Personal Fandom Color : gold, silver and red
  23. Ideal Type : "someone patient and would stick with me throughout it all."
  24. Instagram : @templeof.zac
  25. love interest : heejin loona
  26. Back up love interest : sally gugudan (i just realised she is always the backup love interest-)
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