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  1. options:
  2.  prefix: &bSTATE
  4. on first join:
  5.               add 1 to {Join}
  6.               execute console command "manuadd %player% c"
  7.               execute console command "eco set %player% 200"
  8.               execute console command "nte player %player% prefix &8[&8C&8] &7"
  9.               broadcast "&8&m-----------&b&lState&8&m------------"
  10.               broadcast "&7"
  11.               broadcast "&c%player% &9Velkommen til &b&lState"
  12.               broadcast "&7"
  13.               broadcast "&3Du er nummer &8(&6%{Join}%&8)"
  14.               broadcast "&7"
  15.               broadcast "&7"
  16.               broadcast "&8&m----------&b&lState&8&m-------------"
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