Pokemon Quest Summary

Jan 4th, 2014
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  1. Pokemon Quest
  3. Archive: https://archive.moe/_/search/username/Gobble/tripcode/!!5e7vwvXe%2F3r/type/op/
  4. or
  5. https://archive.foolz.us/_/search/username/Gobble/tripcode/!!5e7vwvXe%2F3r/type/op/
  6. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GobbleQM
  7. Pokemon, items, and summary: http://pastebin.com/tSNKt0Wm
  8. FAQ and general concepts: http://pastebin.com/Ht1Q5E1p
  9. All guides, player knowledge, and smutty stories: http://pastebin.com/u/Gobblepokemon
  11. Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y-ad_74T08
  12. Nice playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kJ9wp-mog8&feature=share&list=PL361E683BA95898C0
  14. General rules:
  16. There is a 10 minute voting period after each post. Non-contradictory votes will be combined as best as possible. There are occasional roles to keep things organic, but mostly it goes by voters choice. Unless specified otherwise, the best of 3 rolls is the result, and rolling high is good.
  18. Write-ins for all votes or always welcome and encouraged. Put your own spin on it, suggest dialogue, add an addendum, or anything else. Just because some options specify to write in, doesn't mean that they aren't welcome for anything else. They may not all make it into the post or be altered to fit in, but I'll do my best to at least try to address the spirit of the write-in.
  20. Very important or contentious votes may be redone in a stricter voting system as it comes up.
  22. Combat currently works just like dialogue and other options. Add flair, do tricks with moves, mess with terrain, be creative!
  24. Badges: 10
  26. Pokemon on you:
  27. Devon (Houndoom)
  28. Leviathan (Gyarados)
  29. Zappy Dan (Magnezone)
  30. Destiny (Kingdra)
  31. Aria (Meloetta)
  32. Raistlin (Alakazam)
  34. Not In Party:
  35. Trunks (Trevenant)
  36. Fel (Butterfree)
  37. Vlad (Crobat)
  38. Oberon (Garchomp)
  39. Nibbles (Tyrantrum)
  41. --------------------------
  42. Traveling Companion(s):
  43. Robin http://pastebin.com/VNiifuf8
  44. Vance http://pastebin.com/H77kiB0e
  45. Jeanine: http://pastebin.com/Q6iTHtYx
  46. Clair: http://pastebin.com/6iXFJAax
  48. --------------------------
  49. Current Inventory:
  50. - Large backpack
  51. - An old scratched up Pokedex from Professor Fir. It seems to only work about half the time.
  52. - Tiny mirror
  53. - 4 Antidotes
  54. - 13 Pokeballs
  55. - 3 Great Balls
  56. - 4 Paralyze heals
  57. - 6 Burn heal
  58. - 6 Ice Heals
  59. - Persim Berry Jam (Cures Confusion)
  60. - 3 Potions
  61. - 3 Awakenings
  62. - 4 Repels
  63. - 2 Revives
  64. - A unique and ancient flute (Found in the desert ruins outside Sandorp)
  65. - A Water stone
  66. - A Fire stone
  67. - A Dragon Scale
  68. - A trainer ID/debit card with an massive amount of money on it.
  69. - Informational pamphlets
  70. - One half bottles of alcohol
  71. - A decent sleeping bag
  72. - Good traveling boots
  73. - Sexy lingerie
  74. - A bikini
  75. - Matches
  76. - Good Pokemon food
  77. - Grit and wits
  78. - An IOU for one major favor from Eddie
  79. - Sunscreen
  80. - Wide brimmed hat
  81. - A scroll with a song on it
  82. - Easy-Deploy, Lightweight, Hyper-Mansion Tent by Devon Corp
  83. - An adjustable saddle to ride your larger Pokemon easily with
  84. - A state-of-the-art Pokeball. It’s not a Masterball, but it’s the closest thing available to the public
  85. - High quality, versatile practical travel clothes. Lots of buttons, zippers, and layers for all sorts of conditions
  86. - Customized punk clothes for making a statement
  87. - Some kinky items for sexy times
  89. --------------------------
  90. Pokemon:
  91. Devon. Your first Pokemon! You caught him by using the flute to lull him to sleep. Robin tells you he was specifically bred. He seems to really like you, and he loves your flute playing. You have a strong connection with him. He's now a Houndoom capable of transforming into a Mega-Houndoom
  93. Ability: Early Bird
  95. Confirmed Moves:
  96. >Roar
  97. >Ember
  98. >Flamethrower
  99. >Dark Pulse
  100. >Counter
  101. >Bite
  102. >Thunder Fang
  103. >Rest
  104. >Sunny Day
  105. >Solar Beam
  106. >Nasty Plot
  107. >Sludge Bomb
  109. Can mega-evolve very easily. Improved Speed, Excessively Increased Special Attack. Critical hit mitigation training.
  110. ==============
  111. Zappy Dan. A Magnezone. It was the only one to stick around after Devon scared the others off when you caught it, although it may have just been knocked out in the bush when that happened. His attitude is usually mellow. He's very easy going
  113. Ability: Analytic
  115. Confirmed Moves:
  116. >Thundershock
  117. >Sonic Boom
  118. >Thunderwave
  119. >Supersonic
  120. >Thunderbolt
  121. >Explosion
  122. >Mirror Shot
  123. >Magnet Rise
  124. >Sparkle Cannon (A one-hit KO move. 30% accuracy. Steel Type)
  125. >Lock On
  126. >Electric Terrain
  127. >Magic coat
  128. >Gyro Ball
  129. >Flash
  130. >Light Screen
  131. >Hyper Beam
  132. >Flash Cannon
  133. >Magnet Bomb
  134. >Mirror Coat
  136. Training: Moderately improved defense, special defense and strongly improved special attack.
  138. Can automatically use Lock On, but at the cost lowering his offensive and defensive power. Will fail if he's not hit with an attack as well. Critical hit mitigation training.
  139. ==============
  140. Vlad. A Crobat. You caught him in a cave. He's fast and doesn't like to be touched. He's a bit of a dick towards Destiny. He's a rebel and a troublemaker in general, but is very loyal towards you. He likes to fly off on his own a lot.
  142. Ability: Infiltrator
  144. Confirmed Moves;
  145. >Wing Attack
  146. >Supersonic
  147. >Leech Life
  148. >Bite
  149. >Swift
  150. >Confuse Ray
  151. >Poison Fang
  152. >Brave Bird (untested)
  153. >U-Turn (mostly)
  154. >Toxic
  155. >Cross Poison
  156. >Double Team
  157. >Roost
  158. >Astonish
  159. >Flame Path (A fire type move with 80 power. It lowers the opponent's accuracy for a turn by throwing them off balance. Has a chance to burn. Can physically drag Pokemon around with the back-draft)
  161. Able to use two moves at once at the cost of power. Critical hit mitigation training.
  163. ==============
  164. Destiny, a Kingdra. You've been training to improve her mobility on land. She seems to annoy easily, but her moves are powerful. She doesn't get along with Pokemon as well as she does with people. She sprays bubbles when happy.
  166. Ability: Swift Swim, Sniper, Damp (Can switch at will. Defaults to Swift Swim)
  168. Confirmed Moves:
  169. >Water Gun
  170. >Smokescreen
  171. >Bubble
  172. >Outrage
  173. >Scald
  174. >Signal Beam
  175. >Ice Beam
  176. >Rain Dance
  177. >Hydro Pump
  178. >Dragon Pulse (untested)
  179. >Agility
  180. >Shell Smash
  181. >Whirlpool
  183. Training: Amazing evasiveness and agility. Slightly improved Special Attack. Roll 1d10 and dodge on a 6+ (except for moves that always hit, after Lock On, etc). Critical hit mitigation training.
  185. ==============
  186. Trunks, a Trevenant. He's a quick learner and eager to please. He's almost too dependent on your approval. Since evolving, he's taken on a terrifying sinister side. He never displays it to you though.
  188. Ability: Natural Cure
  190. Confirmed Moves:
  192. >Tackle
  193. >Confuse Ray
  194. >Astonish
  195. >Growth
  196. >Feint Attack
  197. >Leech Seed
  198. >Horn Leech
  199. >Will-O-Wisp
  200. >Phantom Force
  201. >Reflect? Some sort of new move that summons a small barrier. It acts like Protect, but doesn't fade unless hit and only covers a small area. Can be used as a reaction
  202. >Destiny Bond
  204. Training: Zen-like calmness keeps him from being easily startled or scared. Doesn't mind fainting. Increased defense and special defence. Critical hit mitigation training. Trunks has passive health recovery. It drains his PP quickly and doesn't last forever though, but that shouldn't be a problem unless he's used for a long time without rest.
  205. ==============
  206. Raistlin, your Alakazam. You won him at a casino. He doesn't say or do much, but he listens to your commands with extreme precision.
  208. Ability: Synchronise
  210. Confirmed Moves:
  212. >Teleport (Very experienced. Can combine with other moves)
  213. >Confusion
  214. >Energy Ball
  215. >Hidden Power Fire
  216. >Psychic
  217. >Focus Blast
  218. >Dazzling Gleam
  219. >Psych up
  220. >Shadow Ball
  221. >Miracle Eye
  222. >Recover
  223. >Psyshock
  225. Training: Special Attack increased an excessive amount. Speed increased a lot. Can teleport at will. Can grab and teleport beings his size or smaller. Can mega evolve. Critical hit mitigation training.
  226. ==============
  227. Leviathan, your Gyarados. It attacked the ship you were on. It's a pussycat when scratched on the head. At least for Prof Fir. She isn't violent towards you. She likes to intimidate anyone she sees as 'weak', but also will do anything to prove herself.
  229. Ability: Intimidate
  231. Confirmed Moves:
  232. >Bounce
  233. >Bite
  234. >Dragon Rage
  235. >Dragon Dance (Very skilled. Highly evasive when using it)
  236. >Waterfall
  237. >Aqua Tail
  238. >Hyper Beam
  239. >Earthquake
  240. >Dark Pulse
  241. >Outrage
  242. >Crunch
  243. >Avalanche
  244. >Stone Edge
  246. Can mega evolve. Very Increased defence and attack, moderately increase everything else. Good at grappling/wrestling. Critical hit mitigation training.
  247. ==============
  248. Nibbles, a Tyrantrum. He has a sibling rivalry with Vance's Rampardos. He's playful and a little proud. He looks up to Levi and to a lesser extent Devon
  250. Ability: Strong Jaw
  252. >Bite
  253. >Roar
  254. >Stealth Rock
  255. >Stomp
  256. >Charm
  257. >Dragon Dance
  258. >Crunch
  259. >Thunder Fang
  260. >Poison Fang
  261. >Earthquake
  262. >Rock Slide
  263. >Fire Fang
  264. >Protect
  265. >Dragon Claw
  266. >Superpower
  268. Training: Buffed Special Defence
  269. Special training: All Bite attacks have a +15% chance to flinch on top of any flinch chance they already have.
  270. Stompy: Resistant to battlefield hazards, but lowered speed. Critical hit mitigation training.
  272. ==============
  273. Aria. A Meloetta. Very powerful, but easily distracted and doesn't put in a lot of effort typically. Meloetta loves being the center of attention, and becomes fascinated with almost any item you hand her. She loves juice
  275. Ability: Serene Grace
  277. >Sing
  278. >Wake-up Slap
  279. >Perish Song
  280. >Close Combat
  281. >Hyper Voice
  282. >Quick Attack
  283. >Psybeam
  284. >Echoed Voice
  285. >Psychic
  286. >Role Play
  287. >Round
  288. >Confusion
  289. >Teeter Dance
  290. >Relic Song
  291. >Power-Up punch
  292. >Wonder Room
  293. >Low Kick
  294. >Zen Headbutt
  295. >Giga Impact
  296. >Drain Punch
  297. >Thunderwave
  298. >Dazzling Gleam
  301. Can change forms with Relic Song
  302. Training: General stat training all around. Some dodging when in Piroutte form. Bonus damage and flexibility on sound based moves. Critical hit mitigation training.
  303. ==============
  304. Fel. A Butterfree. He was a Metapod you used as an improvised weapon. You kept him as a club for awhile before formally catching him. He makes a lot more powder than the average Buttefree, and seems to have some trouble containing it all.
  306. Ability: Compoundeyes
  308. >String Shot
  309. >Harden
  310. >Tackle
  311. >Poison Powder
  312. >Sleep Powder
  313. >Stun Spore
  314. >Powder
  315. >Psych up
  316. >Energy Ball
  317. >Quiver Dance
  318. >Bug Buzz
  319. >Gust
  320. >Safeguard
  321. >Tailwind
  323. Possible other moves
  325. Can use more than one powder move at once. Critical hit mitigation training. Increased stats with extra focus on speed.
  327. ==============
  329. Oberon, a Garchomp. Before you caught him, he was the proud king of his area of the jungle. Susceptible to mind games, but not as proud or arrogant as Leviathan. Pragmatic, crafty, and vicious. He's afraid of Robin and confused by you, but he knows he can learn a lot.
  331. Ability: Sand Veil
  333. >Sandstorm
  334. >Dual Chop
  335. >Slash
  336. >Dragon Rush
  337. >Dragon Rage
  338. >Fire Fang
  339. >Take Down
  340. >Sand Tomb
  341. >Dragon Claw
  342. >Dig
  343. >Crunch
  344. >Double Team
  345. >Earthquake
  346. >Facade (untested)
  348. Very Expanded critical hit range. Critical hit mitigation training. Increased speed and attack.
  350. --------------------------
  351. Rough Story Summary:
  353. You are a girl. Your name isn't important. You're currently using the fake name 'Kat'.
  355. You're an orphan and troublemaker. You spent more time on the streets than in the orphanage and it shows from your attitude, street smarts, nimble fingers, and hard expression. When you weren't in the streets, you were hanging in the woods waiting for the heat to die down, just getting away from it all, or relaxing at your own pace
  357. The lab you were supposed to get your starter at never received the shipment it was expecting. Rather than let this deter you, you went and caught your own Pokemon by yourself in an abandoned factory. There you caught Devon, your houndour. You also briefly met Eevee, but let him go to save a girl from a swarm of magnemites, one of which you caught and named Zappy Dan. Her name is Robin, and she was chasing after her Eevee. After determining that she didn't hurt Eevee, you agreed to help her find him, waiting until after you're done to name your price.
  359. You returned Eevee to Robin, who was incredibly grateful. She gave you a fire stone, bought you and herself new practical traveling clothes (which you modified for maximum sexiness) and treated you to lunch. After devouring an absurd about of pancakes, you were bumped into by a young trainer. You decided to settle your dispute with a Pokemon battle that you barely won using Zappy Dan.
  361. After the battle, you pressured an apology out of the kid, and made sure he went to the Pokemon center with you to get his Piplup healed up. You picked up some useful pamphlets, learned a bit about how Pokemon centers worked, and got to know Junior a bit before giving him some advice. After that, you decided to be a bit naughty, and invite him to take a shower with you. Then you turned the joke on Robin, who was even more flustered. Finally, you and her had a conversation in the shower about what you're doing next. You're both going to travel to Kindletown together.
  363. You decided to study Pokemon and types, and learn about the local area. After that, you and Robin went down to a nearby cave where you caught a Zubat and named it Vlad. You came across some sort of illegal mining operation and stole some booze and stones. When you met up with Robin, she had caught a Geodude. Celebrations and alcohol were had. After some drunken topless flirting, you learned more about her relationship with her dad, and confessed that you gave her a fake name, and are a bit of a thief. She gave you the nickname Kat. She'll still call you Robin when you're alone, as an in-joke.
  365. Setting off to the local bodies of water, you decided to let destiny determine what Pokemon you were going to find next. Your rolls determined that you found a Horsea. Vlad fought valiantly and despite Horsea's surprise powerful move, that you weren't able to identify, it was caught. Unfortunately the Pokeball fell under water. You dove after it and managed to retrieve it, but were struck in the arm with sharp spikes by a Corsella. As you made it back to shore, you passed out next to Robin.
  367. You had a vision quest while you were out. Details are too many to get into right now, but you learned a lot about yourself and your view on the world.
  369. You awoke in a small shack on the beach under a blanket. After some questioning of the young (but most likely a little older than you) man who was tending to you, you found out that you were out for a whole night. Robin stayed by your side. She was found asleep, burning breakfast.
  371. You decided that you're going to check out the spooky mansion you read about before. You agreed to take Vance with you, since he's heading to Kindletown anyway, and he feels obligated to keep his word to Robin that he'd make sure you were OK. Robin's overly positive attitude to Vance has bothered you slightly.
  373. Your group set off to a spooky mansion that you learned about earlier. It's supposedly haunted. On the way over, you let Robin know that you're a little jealous of her and Vance.
  375. You battled a Gollet at the mansion using Devon. After some fighting, Devon used Roar to scare it off. A little more searching led you to being ambushed by a Phantump. Using Devon's ember, you caught Phantump and named it Trunks. Rather than staying the night at the spooky mansion, you decided to try to close as much distance as possible to Kindletown before nightfall.
  377. You got some decent distance before making camp. Despite how tired you were, you helped out a little by making the campfire. Robin agreed to let you share her tent for the night, where surprisingly, nothing lewd happened. As she slept, you reflected on your relationship with her, and decided that she's a great friend, and that's all you need right now.
  379. The next morning, you woke up early and got some training in. Devon was quick to show his ability to use Dark Pulse, but Destiny's training was much more difficult. You were trying to help her learn how to move on land so she isn't such an easy target. Vance suggested using Zappy Dan to hurt and scare her into learning how to dodge. Instead, you had Vlad annoy her until she chased him, and set some obstacles in the way to help her learn agility (not the move). After a long morning of chasing, she's become much faster on land, although it remains to be seen if that will be enough.
  381. You and Robin had a double battle against two trainers, and barely one. After that, you arrived in Kindleville, took a shower, and got some free grub. You agreed to help train Vance, in exchange for him doing everything you say, and paying for food. He also agreed to battle you, once both of you reach your goals. You picked up some Pokemon supplies, then went to the local museum with Robin after giving Vance the task of finding a new Pokemon. When approached by a scientist, she hid for reasons unclear to you, and you agreed to follow him to the back rooms. There, you paid him almost all of your money in exchange for him reviving your Skull Fossil, which would get you a Cranidos. On your way out, you stole something.
  383. Once you met back up with Robin, she explained that the museum doesn't charge for reviving fossils. Before you dealt with that though, you decided to head over to the the Kindletown gym. You encouraged her to stand up for herself. Robin and her dad got in a heated argument, and you decided not to challenge him after all. There are other gyms you can go to. You spent some talk talking to her and encouraging her to make up her own mind about what she wants to do.
  385. Vance hadn't returned for the night, and you opted not to look for him. In the morning, you and Robin went to the museum. There you confronted Dr. Hornbeam about charging you in front of an assistant. You also snuck your stolen Jaw fossil back in, which protected you from his claims of theft and exposed him for smuggling fossils. He panicked and ran, using his Magnezone to blow cover his escape. After a brief moment of chasing, you decided to call it off after he displayed a total willingness to fire thunderbolts at people.
  387. Robin ask you about stealing the fossil, and you confessed to her that you did it. She got mad at you for lying to her about it earlier (by omission), and stormed off back to the Pokemon center. You followed, only to be temporaraly slowed down by the crowds surrounding Vance, as he walked into town with an Ursarang in a headlock. You tossed him a Pokeball and pursued Robin some more. She told you to leave her alone, which you did.
  389. You had a bit of an introspective time with Devon and played your flute. You considered your options and went back to Robin to apologize. She accepted your apology, and you both hugged for a nice, long time. Finally, you chose to continue your journey by going to Chloroville.
  391. Before heading out, you went shopping with Vance and Robin. You bought Vance a cape and Robin a very fancy choker necklace. You bought yourself some good travel boots and a decent sleeping bag. On the way out of town you ran into a jogger whom you challenged to a fight. You won using Vlad and Destiny against his Onix and Drilbur.
  393. Your party set up camp not long after. You bonded a bit with Vance and encouraged him to try to become friends with Ursaring. When you were alone with Vance, he asked about your relationship status with Robin. You said nothing and left him to guess.
  395. You and Vance had a training session and made a little progress with his Ursaring. His Machop interfered before anything major could be accomplished. You then trained Trunks and Zappy Dan. After that, you encountered a Joltik, which Robin captured, and you used as a training exercise for Vance to observe. Your group decided to head over to Harmony Lake as a slight detour to check out the beach, despite not having enough money for a boat tour.
  397. At the beach, you encountered some hippies around a bonfire and decided to join in. You put on a very impressive coordination display, and symbolically burnt your old clothes and the stolen Silph Co ID. After that you joined a group of musicians in a jam circle.
  399. Vance got hit on by girls, and you left him to make up his own mind on how he wants to handle that. You and Robin discussed her Houndour and mom a bit before going to sleep. In the morning, you awoke to see the hippies camp getting sprayed down by security guards. You grilled Vance about how he didn't get with the beach babes before helping the hippies out by sabotaging the security truck. You were chased through the brush and came out with some bruising and scratches, but ultimately safe. Not being the type to slow down, you decided to look for more Pokemon on your way to Chloroville.
  401. You found a Stunfisk and encouraged Vance to fight it with Ursaring. He was able to catch it and only spend half his time wrestling Ursaring, which seems like a slight improvement. You asked Vance and Robin about Chloroville, and learned a little about the gym leader there.
  403. You finally arrived in Chloroville and went straight for the Pokemon center showers. Robin apologized for being judgmental, and you promised not lie to her, and not to steal unless it's from a bad person or a desperate situation.
  405. While you're Pokemon are being treated at the Pokemon Center, you decided to head over to the casino to kill some time. You won big at the blackjack table and slots. The casino offered you a free suite and 'suggested' you do something other than continue gambling. With your prize money, you bought an Abra. You also decided to head to the Karaoke lounge after.
  407. With your leftover money, you, Vance, and Robin pitched it to get Robin a Dratini under the pretense that it was for all of you, but she's the one stuck raising it.
  409. You headed off to the karaoke lounge and sang a few crowd pleasers. Suddenly uniformed thugs from Team Imperium's used a Jigglypuff to sing everyone asleep and start stealing their Pokemon and valuables. Thanks to Abra, you managed to stay awake. With Vance and Robin's help, you thwarted them and recovered all the Pokemon. Only one of the four Team Imperium members got away.
  411. A talent scout from Devon Corporation came and gave you, Robin, and Vance business cards. He gave you a bad vibe and you wanted to reject his outright, but you decided to just pocket it for now. He said you'd need at least five badges before he officially sponsor you as a trainer.
  413. After getting your Pokemon and heading back to the hotel, the three of you played drunken truth or dare in the hot tub. You told Vance your real name, your flirted with Robin some more.
  415. You woke up with fuzzy memory of the night before and quickly evacuated the hotel before they tried to charge you for an extra day. You, Robin, and Vance got breakfast and decided to head down to the gym. On the way, you ran into Junior, the mouthy little twerp you fought back in Novum. You told him you'd battle him after your gym challenge, and invited him to tag along.
  417. You beat the Gym leader Master Sato, having only gotten Houndour knocked out in a surprisingly powerful move from his Lombre. You regretted letting Houndour faint, but Sato told you that it's only natural in a battle, and you have nothing to be ashamed about. As is tradition, you planted a tree to commemorate your victory. A strong oak to reflect your personality.
  419. Robin was fired up from watching, and you encouraged her to battle Sato as well. During the match, you gave Vance plenty of pointers and lessons about battling. Robin won her battle using her Houndours power. You helped Robin plant her Apicot tree next to yours so they'd grow together.
  421. You pushed Vance to challenge Sato's gym. He hesitated, but you let him know he doesn't have to win, just learn from the experience. Vance agreed. Master Sato was out of low level Pokemon at the moment, and gave you the choice of challenging a higher level team, or coming back later that day. You decided that later that day was fine.
  423. After you left, Junior demanded his battle. You gave him and won in a three on three battle against his Fletchling, Venonat, and Prinplub. Zappy Dan mastered his Thunderbolt in that fight. Junior surrendered when it was clear he was losing, and ran off in a fit. You caught up to him and gave him some pointers and a stern talking to on how to handle defeat.
  425. At the Pokemon Center, you and Robin decided to help Vance catch a third Pokemon for his upcoming gym battle. You went out and Vance caught a Stunky! Back at the Pokemon center, a woman informed you of a spray that removes the stink of Stunky. You declined because of the hefty price.
  427. You encouraged Vance before his match against Master Sato. You made sure he understood that his main goal is to learn, not to win. Vance did well until his Ursaring refused to listen to him. Sato called off the match at that point. Instead of fighting the ruling, you let Vance decide how he wanted to handle it. Sato told Vance that he has to be confident in himself instead of putting on a fake persona. You consoled Vance with a tickle fight. You, Robin, and Vance are now a little closer.
  429. Back at the Pokemon center, the three of you planned out where to go next. You learned more about the surrounding area, and decided to head to Aquapolis. The fastest way where is be ferry across Harmony Lake.
  431. You quickly bought some new traveling cloths as well as a bikini and some sexy lingerie. You trained Raistlin for a bit before it was time to go. You and your friends made good progress and were able to camp just short of the ferry docks. You tried to seduce Robin, but it backfired when she panicked and brought down your tent after seeing you in your lingerie.
  433. You trained Trunks and Devon, expanding their move pools. You caught the ferry with ease and agreed to share a cabin with Vance and Robin, since their money was tight. While waiting for the ferry to leave, you killed some time by playing poker in the ships casino. After a few rounds you ended up winning an obscene amount of money with combined luck and skill.
  435. To relax, you decided to find a battle on the deck. You met a trainer named Eddie whom you defeated in a two on two battle. After the battle, Vlad evolved into a Golbat, and displayed that he knows Bite. You took your friends and Pokemon to the spa and everyone got pampered. You also helped Vance bond with Ursaring some more.
  437. When you returned to the buffet, there was a commotion outside. You and your friends investigated and found that Magikarp were using Bounce to get on the deck. You fought as many as you could with Raistlin, gaining a tonne of experience. After awhile though, two of them were able to take advantage of using Bounce to evolve into Gyarados.
  439. You fought one while Vance fought the other with Eddie backing him up. Zappy Dan and Trunks were able to weaken it to the point where you could capture it, but it took all of your Pokeballs to do so.
  441. The captain had Robin detained for breaking into the security lockers. He openly acknowledged that she didn't do anything wrong, but as a matter of principle you demanded he take you too. He also detained Vance and Eddie.
  443. You met an admitted con-man named Antonio. He told you about how he was trying to get into the safe of a woman on board named Jessilina. He told you that her and her husband are cruel to Pokemon, and that the safe contained some sort of amazing Pokeball. You traded words with him and decided not to get involved in whatever con he was playing at.
  445. You joined the captain at dinner and talked with Jessilina, mentioning Antonio was on board. She gave a clear reaction to that. You decided not to press any further, and to retire for the night to your new cabin.
  447. You and Robin discussed her fear of Gyarados and you gave her your Magikarp as something she can train to try to get over it. You spent the night watching a cheesy horror movie series.
  449. In the morning you learned the ship would be docking early. You decided to walk the rest of the way to Aquapolis instead of taking the provided shuttles. On the way up, Robin battled a Torkoal and you battled a Vulpix. Robin ended up catching the Vulpix for you to prevent Destiny from hitting it while it was weak, since Destiny was still under the influence of Outrage. Vance caught Destiny and with your help, held on before anything really bad could happen.
  451. You arrived at Aquapolis and went straight to the Pokemon Center. Robin asked about your plans for what to do with your extra Pokemon. You decided to call Professor Fir, who agreed to take on any extra Pokemon you caught, and is eager to run some tests on the ones that know moves they wouldn't normally learn.
  453. You decided to give your Vulpix to Robin. She took a little convincing, since she thought it was because of her fire gym background. You got some shopping done and went to find a nice hotel to spend the night at.
  455. It took a long while since the town is so packed right now, but you found a hotel that had vacancy. You felt that something wasn't right, so you went snooping around and saw the owner spying on rooms from a broom closet. He claimed it was to catch a ghost, and showed you proof in the form of a blurry tape. After some debate, you decided to help him out for a price. You and Robin played as bait to lure it out. It turned out to be a Pokemon, Sneezel. You cornered it in the bathroom and sent Vance after it. He wrestled and caught it with your assistance.
  457. The owner agreed to give you free room and board for life. The next morning Robin and Vance went to work around town to earn some extra money, but you instead spent the day training your Pokemon. You had time with each of them and taught each one a move, and did some bonding. You later met up with Robin and Vance after work. They made a lot of money, but Robin was fired for slapping a customer that tried to grope her. You told her you were proud that she stood up for herself, and decided not to interfere.
  459. Mr O'Telier upgraded your suite and brought you free dinner and wine. You used the opportunity to get to know Vance better. He revealed that he has some issues living up to his sister, a Psychic gym leader and child prodigy.
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