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  1. tasing hat in time 101
  3. first, you need to downpatch to DLC1.5 (manifest id 8061143192026666389)
  4. there's a guide here:
  5. basically the thing you type in the console is: download_depot 253230 253232 8061143192026666389
  7. then, you need the tas tools. its a standalone exe, reading .htas replay files and playing them back in game
  8. get the exe here:
  9. decently recent source is at (note x360 branch), can compile if you want to
  10. you should also read the readme at above link for a general idea of how input files are structured
  11. speedruntools mod is also recommended for restartil, you can find it in boop troop discord
  13. there are also some sample movies here, not all of them work with the newest version though:
  14. read them and note the comments for settings; these will likely need to be followed to avoid desyncs, especially for longer ones
  16. final note: if the program crashes when parsing, make sure the length in the header is set to above or equal to the last frame in the body
  18. -- yours truly, pepega
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