random pasazer

LazySenpai Nov 24th, 2019 75 Never
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  1. import random
  2. import names
  4. for i in range(40):
  5.     kod='INSERT INTO "DBA"."Pasazer" ("ID_PASAZERA","IMIE","NAZWISKO","PESEL") VALUES('+str(i+21)+','
  6.     kod+='\''+names.get_first_name()+'\''+','
  7.     kod+='\''+names.get_last_name()+'\''+','
  8.     pesel=""
  9.     for i in range(11):
  10.         pesel+=str(random.randint(0,9))
  11.     kod+='\''+pesel+'\''+');'
  12.     print(kod)
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