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Jul 31st, 2011
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  4. ajollynerd
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  7. Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 10:04 pm | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  9. First, to the Devil’s Towelboy and Raimondo, thanks for jumping in here. You’ve really contributed to the discussion (that’s sarcasm, look it up).
  10. Well, don’t I feel like the guy who stumbled into a circle jerk dressed like a slice of bread. You can see that that’s what this thread (and maybe even this site) is, right? You’re all so busy frantically massaging your own genitalia that you don’t understand that all the rest of the world sees is a bunch of dicks spouting off.
  11. Oh, and Raimondo, accusing me of having no class after calling me “Jollyturd”, an ironic masterpiece. Bravo.
  12. Hey, whoever runs this blog. Feel free to kick me out. For some reason, WordPress has got it in their head that I *want* to listen to this stream of inanity you call “freethought” (though there seems to be a lot of “me too”-ing going on from your followers) and I can’t seem to be able to unsubscribe.
  13. Otherwise, I’ll just be sitting here in my flameproof suit.
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  15. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  17. ajollynerd
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  21. Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 2:16 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  23. “Jolly, do you actually have anything of substance to add”
  24. I could ask you the same question: Do you have anything of substance to say? All I hear from you is a lot of wind noise.
  25. “And it’s nice of you to troll along pretending you’re not one of the pwned too -
  27. Yay! You can use Google! I’ll have to move my estimation of your intelligence up a notch.
  28. “Quote you: “All I can say say is: well done, Rebecca. You have a sympathetic male ear here.”
  29. burp I’m done with you peabrain.”
  30. Right, because you can’t be a man without putting women in their place. Good luck on your next elevator encounter.
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  32. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  34. ajollynerd
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  38. Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 1:35 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  40. “Sorry for the misunderstanding then.”
  41. No, I don’t think you are.
  42. “You say all this with the Watsonesque conviction that you matter or someone cares.”
  43. As opposed to you, who say all of this with the douchebaggy conviction that YOU matter.
  44. “Pretty sad if you have to waste time in potholes like mine just so you can set up an indignant, final word hissy fit.”
  45. That’s not what I posted here for, you just brought it down to that level. Congrats!
  46. “That’s the problem with you new, new atheist neo-puritans – all gas, no substance. Should have spotted you straightaway by your incapacity to follow a basic article that no one else seems to have any trouble understanding. You must be a Pharyngulite I guess.”
  47. That’s the problem with you… let’s see… I’m going to go with sociopathic pedants: you whine and piss and moan, waiting for a dissenting voice to pipe up, then you engage your monkey brain and fling shit at them until they leave. As the Pythons would say: “I came here for a good argument.” “No you didn’t; no, you came here for an argument.”
  48. Speaking of gas, no one here better light a match. This place has so much gas Exxon is probably asking for fracking rights. You know what, you can frack yourself. BTW, just because no one else here hasn’t pointed out the fallacies in your arguments doesn’t make them valid. It just means you’ve collected a nice little clutch of zombie followers. Good for you.
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  50. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  52. ajollynerd
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  56. Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 12:44 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  58. @franc: Oh, believe me, the adjective I’d use to describe your writing style would definitely not be “subtle”. You’re about as subtle as a pound of C4.
  59. One thing I have noticed about your writing style is its similarity to a couple of other people’s, like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.
  60. So I figured I’d humour you and read the posts leading up to this point (so you wouldn’t have to change the level of stupid you regularly write at). I’ve noticed a profound lack of one thing in your posts: factual information. You love to go off on these rants, yet you post no facts (except for web metrics, which say precisely nothing relevant). You set up straw men (straw people?) one after another, and only end up sounding like a right-wing nut job.
  61. I especially like the part where you play the “poor, persecuted white guy” card. Why is it so hard for you (and your entourage) to accept the fact that, in this one instance, this woman might have actually felt a negative emotion? More importantly, why is it so hard for you to a) accept that it was her right to feel whatever she felt, b) accept that it was her right to blog about it, and c) let it fucking go?
  62. Instead, you call her a fembot (what’s the matter, Rush? Don’t have the balls to call her a feminazi?), and cast aspersions on the intelligence of those who disagree with you ON THIS ISSUE. I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t read all of your work (there aren’t enough hours in the day). I have a feeling I would have a problem with your overall rhetorical style, given the examples in the posts I’ve read recently, but I can’t say anything about your intelligence because I DON’T KNOW YOU.
  63. I’m sure you have something valid to say, you just need to consider how it will sound to your audience.
  64. BTW, if you have it in your power, I’d love it if you could kick me out of this conversation. WordPress won’t let me unsubscribe from these comments. Plus, you’ll get a nice little endorphin rush.
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  66. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  68. ajollynerd
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  72. Submitted on 2011/07/28 at 9:31 pm | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  74. @Franc: “‘Tardbook”? I can’t imagine how the average atheist might have picked up the asshole stereotype.
  75. I wasn’t expecting anyone to hold my fucking hand, but would it kill you to post a fucking link or two?
  76. You all seem like such fucking pedagogues, trying to teach each other who’s right and wrong, I figured you’d want to bring people to your side or something.
  77. There’s a little tidbit called the “Don’t Be A Dick” doctrine, maybe you should check it out. Your rhetoric would seem a lot more convincing without all the piss and vinegar.
  78. “No, misogyny isn’t rampant in the atheist and skeptic community. I wish those fucking bitches would stop complaining.” it’s not exactly what you’re saying, but it’s how it comes across.
  79. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. So in closing, regarding the “warm” reception I received here: Fuck you, Mr. Hoggle. Fuck you very much.
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  81. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  83. ajollynerd
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  87. Submitted on 2011/07/28 at 2:56 pm | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  89. @Phil: Whatever. You’ve obviously made your mind up not only about Elevatorgate, but about my position. I was just trying to point out that to a relative outsider this all seems like trivial shit.
  90. @Franc: Not everyone has been following this allegedly “deliberate, coordinated campaign” as long as you have, apparently. I was responding to this particular issue.
  91. BTW: When someone is new to a discussion, and you point out the existence of a history, then call the person ignorant for not knowing it, you portray yourself as an elitist, stubborn douchebag. If you feel I am ill- or mis-informed, you might be better served by posting one or two links to bring a person up to speed (as the saying goes).
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  93. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  95. ajollynerd
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  99. Submitted on 2011/07/28 at 3:54 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  101. @Phil
  102. Nice, with the name-calling. Who, exactly, did *I* insult? Was it my comment that the original poster sounded like a guy who’s been shot down? That’s not an insult, it’s an observation.
  103. The only rude behaviour here seems to be coming (unsurprisingly) from people who support the notion of some kind of misandryst conspiracy on RW’s part.
  104. Do I agree with everything RW has ever said? No. Do I think she is incapable of contradicting herself? Nope. Do I support her right to feel creeped-out by an unsolicited proposition in a hotel elevator at (I’m led to believe) 4AM? Absolutely.
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  106. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  108. ajollynerd
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  111. Submitted on 2011/07/28 at 2:00 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.
  113. I found as much information as I needed to make what I thought was a clean judgment on the issue. If this isn’t about “EG and RW’s feelings about the encounter”, just what is it about?
  114. As for my last sentence, it was not intended in a “There are worse things happening, so shut up because your points are not valid” sense. It was meant in a “Seriously? We’re still talking about this relatively trivial issue?” sense.
  115. I’m not aware of this “dick move” (mainly because I lost interest a few days after the original event surfaced; maybe you should elaborate), and I really don’t care. What this whole thing boils down to is that RW feels men shouldn’t proposition women while alone in a hotel elevator. I don’t think that’s out of the question, and I’m a man.
  116. Essentially, this is an editorial comment blown WAAAAY out of proportion for WAAAAY too long.
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  118. Rebecca Watson and Skepchick: The Roaring Chihuahas
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  120. ajollynerd
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  124. Submitted on 2011/07/27 at 10:46 pm
  126. Really? Hey, were you the guy in the elevator? Because you sound like a guy with poor social skills who tried to hit on a woman and got shot down.
  127. I really don’t get why this is still an ongoing issue. I’m a guy, and even I can understand the creepiness of getting unwanted attention in an elevator in a foreign country in the wee small hours of the morning. Did Watson overreact? Possibly. Does that justify the wave of misogyny that has arisen since? Absolutely not.
  128. Seriously, people, there are FAR more important things we could be dealing with right now. #facepalm
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